[Guide] Gloomy Ridge Oddities

  • After weeks, finally, I found the free time and motivation.

    Norro (X: 690, Y: 665)

    - Talk to him to get the Power Clip

    - Right click on the Power Clip to auto-route

    - Select a Waves Sarpa and use the Power Clip on it (right click) to receive the Fantastic Fish Scale

    - Continue doing this until you have 3x scales

    - Go back to Norro and hand the scales over

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Eva (X: 711, Y: 515)

    - Talk to her to get Fresh Flowers

    - Talk to Dott (X: 691, Y: 594) so Nannan the dog will appear

    - Try to pet Nannan to get Saliva-covered Flowers. Be quick tho, it disappears very quickly

    - Go back to Eva and choose the second option

    Lily (X: 781, Y: 549)

    - Talk to her to receive a Treasure Map.

    - It will say "Follow the sounds of the singing sarpa. Don't be afraid of swimming against the current." That basically refers to an area with Sarpas and a strong current (waterfalls)

    - Go to X: 440, Y: 80 to find an Insconspicuous Teasure Chest (Run around that area till it appears)

    - Attack the chest to turn it into an Ill-Tempered Treasure Chest

    - Kill it to finish

    Trembling Grass Sprite (X: 611, Y: 762)VD9vmF1.png

    - Talk to it and choose the first option

    - You will receive a buff along with an observation skill

    - Deselect the sprite (if you have him selected) and use the skill within 15 seconds

    - Finish the cutscene to complete

    - After that, talk to it again and choose the second option to get a Mountain Root

    - Keep the Mountain Root in your inventory for now

    Strange Horn (X: 500, Y: 260)

    - Pick up the Strange Horn

    - Go to X: 94, Y: 169 and talk to Marge

    - Follow him and let the cutscene finish

    Collar (X: 460, Y: 413)OBwdise.png

    - Pick up the Collar

    - Give it to Lassey (X: 688, Y: 584) to get the Super Beef Jerky

    - Lassey will tell you about places with water

    - Visit X: 353, Y: 657 to find the Greedy Dog Lydon

    (Note: Super Beef Jerky must be in your inventory for him to appear)

    - Talk to Lydon and feed the jerky

    - Go back to Lassey and talk to him to finish the quest

    Lorna (X: 714, Y: 204)

    - You will need a radish from the Trembling Grass Sprite (X: 611, Y: 762; You should have this already)

    - Pick up a wild mushroom at X: 236, Y: 146

    - Go to Lorna and hand over the ingredients

    Big Brother Mountain God (X: 204, Y: 86)

    - Talk to the Big Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - Talk to Middle Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - Talk to Little Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - If you get it all right, you'll get a completed Mountain God Stone

    - Right click on the stone to automatically autopath to your next location

    - Talk to the Stone Tablet and finish the cutscene

    Confused Soldiers Simone (X: 146, Y: 507)

    - Talk to him to get the Old Necklace

    - Go to X: 165, Y: 714 and a Tombstone will appear

    - Talk to it and put the necklace on it

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish the oddity

    Mysterious Man Laster (X: 201, Y: 721)

    - Talk to Laster to get the Old, Broken Sword

    - Enter Dawn Passage solo and right click the sword in the following coordinates:

    > X: 520, Y: 329 (Storm)

    > X: 536, Y: 376 (Flame)

    > X: 517, Y: 685 (Lightning)

    - An earthquake will occur after which will make the chest at X: 480, Y: 822 accessible

    - Destroy the chest to get the Heroic Soul Blade

    - Go back to X: 676, Y: 430 where Mara used to spawn and right click the Heroic Soul Blade

    - Defeat the Ancient Brave Spirit that will appear

    - Go outside and talk to Laster

    - Choose the second option to finish the oddity

    Credits: AKDB & Ichiyo for the moral support :AK19:

  • A small correction in the last oddity:

    the coordinates for the storm one is
    X: 520 Y: 329



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