Good memories but it's time to say Goodbye <gs>MiraCrystal

  • Hello, it hasn't been long since I joined the gs Team but I guess this is all Im able to handle. I chose a bad time to become a GS but the little experience I got is enough for me to tackle most situation I might meet upon in real life ^^

    The time I had with the team was fun. They were funny but I felt too shy to approach them and might be a slight reason for my resignition. The team does alot for the game and try their best to please players, and I respect that. They can work thru the pressure given to them. That is something I have to work on.

    I liked helping players in need even tho I didnt do much. With the little time of mine as a gs, I think I might have learned so much that is useful to me in the real world.

    I will ofc be playing the game and help players out, but not as a gs ofc.

    So thanks to all the people that accepted me as a gs and have secretly been supporting me.

    Duelist/Bard LvL 99 - MiraCrystal