[Suggestion] Change Keres world boss rewards

  • So with server channel amount changing to just 4 channels, even if Merit chest rewards on Goat bosses chest change, it still hurts a bit to have 8 possible spawns instead of previous 16. So, maybe, you could give Keres in Viridian some lp as well , I mean ppl that go to Goats are in lvl range and with the population on goats I don’t see any problem with killing Keres as well . We get additional 4 chances to get lp , and Keres won’t be staying as unneded world boss, just floating in Viridian all day. Not to mention ppl wont be crying because of bursters , since Keres is tougher than Goats. :/

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  • Now those Aeria exclusive GM bosses on the other hand...

    These bosses' rewards should be revamped instead into something rewarding for both new and old players so people would actually put in effort into killing them (possibly better results now that the servers merged). Let me complete my 500x achievement per boss :|