• With the recent additions of some dances, such as the eidolon ones, I thought this might be a good time and opportunity to make another one available.

    I don't remember much from when this occurred, but in the past, a dance was apparently made available. I am not sure if this was in error, or intentionally, but if was available for a short time, and then it was gone. However, if you had happened to save the dance to one of your skill bars before its removal from the general skills tab, then you would still be able to use it. Otherwise, it's unavailable, but clearly still in the game.

    This is the dance... (and the title isn't random, it refers to this part of the dance, haha.)


    (Permission was given to use this image.)

    Unless there is some sort of copyright preventing it (which I'm thinking there isn't since it's still in the game, but... I don't know how this works), I would like to suggest to see this be made available again in the future (be it through paragons, LP shop, or whatnot).