[Lv.S5] TeleTubbie's (in depth) late game guide to utility-support bard

  • 1. Introduction

    2. Pros - Cons

    3. FAQ

    4. About the build - Heal mechanic

    5. Sub Class

    6. Envoy - Masteries - Weapon Masteries

    7. Build (armors/trophies/accessories/emblems/costumes)

    8. Gear enchantments - Secret Stone Rerolls

    9. Mount - Eidolon

    1). Introduction

    Hellos~ I am Tubbs (aka TeleTubbie/BARBlE in game),I'm a 24y.o. nub bard/churiki main from Phoenix Olympus server and this is my guide on Utility/Support Bard. Bard was my original "main" class when I started playing the game, back at lv85 cap, before I switched to shuriken a year ago. This is gonna be a late game guide so don't expect me to answer any questions about how to get there, pass awakening etc. Also, please keep in mind that this guide and build are not good for PvP nor am I gonna include a PvP build in this guide since I don't know much about the mechanics around PvP (only did pvp for my royal rank and with a build a friend of mine told me to follow [Love you much Carp, come back plox:AK6:]). So yeah, if you want a PvP Bard guide start spamming fatass Zepthys for one :AK19: and when it comes to DPS build there's Cookie's guide which although a bit outdated is a solid guide overall.

    2). Pros - Cons of playing Support Bard


    -Low skillcap playstyle which revolves mostly around permaspamming ballad and using a healing/damaging spell every now and then.

    -Doesn't get punished too hard, for positioning/ spell rotation mistakes comparing to other classes, due to tankiness.

    -Gets rewarded by doing pretty much nothing in a dungeon run.

    -Tank builds remain relevant for longer comparing to DPS ones which significantly reduces their maintenance cost, meaning that upgrading your gear whenever new gear comes out isn't a must.


    -Lower gold income

    -Highly dependent on other people

    -Same gearing cost as DPS gear

    -Not needed in parties most of the times

    -Not suitable for new players with little knowledge around MMORPG games

    3). FAQ

    -Should I play Bard?


    -Do you plan on staying F2P or don't mind spending some irl money to gear up?
    -Do you have a potato PC?
    -Are you a solo or a team player?
    -Do you have a group of friends to play with whenever you wanna run dungeons/Is it easy for you to make new friends?

    By choosing to follow a support build means that even simple tasks like doing daily quests, clearing low level dungeons, completing storyline and leveling up will be taking you x2-x10 as much time to complete comparing to any other player that has built DPS. You will also be highly dependent on others when it comes to late game dungeons since you will not be able to clear them on your own, which can have a great toll on the amount of gold you make per day if you can't find people to run with you. Keep in mind that if you have a low spec PC like I do you'll be missing on some boss loot as well since most people just rush to the boss and don't wait for others regardless of if they can keep up or not, which again means less gold income from your runs.

    Having 2 separate gear sets, DPS and Support, (if you wanna clear some dungeons on your own) and staying completely f2p is literally impossible, unless you no-life the game, so this option is out of the window as well plus you'll also need a PvP gear at some point (if let's say you wanna get royal rank somewhen), so yeah good luck with that. xD

    In my personal opinion, playing bard is pretty much a waste of time, unless you're just playing for fun and you don't care as much about achievements, gold making etc, or you don't mind cashing a bit (It supports the game and keeps it alive, don't forget ^v^). Even with a good DPS build the class still struggles to clear dungeons fast comparing to other classes, and the recent Class Revamp Patch did more harm than good tbh, since Storm Song's animation can no longer be cancelled with Shuriken Toss, which leads to a huge DPS loss. Support is also barely needed in late game parties anymore and mostly for the 9% MS buff from Song of Winds. So yeah, you've been warned.

    -Should I go Hybrid instead of fully committing to either support or DPS?

    For the love of god, NO! This is the worst bard build someone can possibly go for. By going hybrid you have to sacrifice both tankiness and damage and on top of that this build is pretty bad for both playstyles. For example, if you play hybrid "support" bard with left weapon mastery your DPS output drops off a cliff. On the other hand by playing with right weapon mastery your heal cast time is the same as any other class' with bard sub and at that point anyone at the party with bard sub can be the "healer".

    -Is Bard actually needed in parties anymore?

    Thankfully/Sadly, no. Most classes can solo almost every party and hell dungeon up until level 95 with full +20 gear and with half +30 gear every dungeon except a couple (OWToA/SFL for instance) whereas every enchantment level past that point just reduces their clear times. Late game parties kill bosses in like 0.5-3 seconds which means that a bard in the party is only reducing its DPS output and offers 9% extra MS in exchange. Bards are kind of needed for ST's 19th floor, but ST is up only twice per week so yeah idk, if you wanna be needed only twice per week then go for it xD and in undergeared parties, which clear dungeons way slower meaning you'll have a lower gold income by joining those.

    -But building support is cheaper comparing to DPS

    Nope, not at all. Unless you choose to roll with a pretty sloppy and rushed build, full support build's cost is the same as full DPS, more less; (imperial cores, eidolon rerolls, enchantments etc) and you'll have to factor that you'll be making less gold comparing to DPS players overall.

    -But healing spells Zeal!

    Nope, sorry to let you down, they don't. It's been tested multiple times by many bard mains and it's been proven that heals don't Zeal.

    -HEAL is more important than CDMG!

    How about no lol? Even though HEAL has no Hard Cap, meaning you can even have 5.000.000% HEAL it has a pretty low Soft Cap of around 250-280%, since it's a stat that's pretty hard to acquire, whereas Bard's CDMG Hard Caps at 315% but it's way easier to get. 200% HEAL is more than enough and you shouldn't aim to get more than that amount. In part 4 I'll explain why CDMG cap is better than HEAL cap.

    4) About the build - Heal mechanic.

    The main purpose of this build is to maximize the DPS output of our party members by both buffing their stats and debuffing enemy bosses while being able to keep up with the rest of your party in xum xum B2B runs. Stat wise, reaching 100% crit (or at least 80%+ for new players), 200% HEAL and 200-300% CDMG is our goal. DMG should NOT be your No.1 priority if you're relatively new in the game since Bard's base damage is pretty low comparing to other classes and our healing spells have a pretty low %DMG scaling comparing to other DPS spells, for example Healing Harmony has 30% DMG scaling and Holy Notes 13%. The main way of amplifying our heals will be through both CDMG and HEAL. When it comes to HP our main goal should be around 500-800k buffless HP in Vault of Eternity (Party) which should be around 600-900k HP out of dungeons. SPD should be capped in every late game dungeon with no resources invested on it and MOVESPD should be as high as possible.

    The equation behind the way heals in this game work is the following;
    [( {Y Spell's Base Amount + Y Spell's %DMG Scaling + Y Spell's Skill Level} x HEAL) x CDMG] = Y Spell's total healing output.

    What does that mean in a few words is that if let's say your healing harmony shows 200.000 heal when you hover your mouse over the spell it gets doubled from your HEAL if you have 200% HEAL and then doubled/tripled depending on your CDMG, 200-300%, so that 200.000 turns into a 800.000-1.200.000 HP heal providing it crits or 400.000 HP if it doesn't.

    5). Subclass

    When it comes to subclasses for support bard there are not many options available to be completely honest.

    Sorcerer is by far the best (and only option lol) of them since it provides the most utility to your party out of any other subclass. Regular Rejuvenation Mantra and Void Rejuvenation Mantra offer AoE debuff cleanse to your party for 1 or 2 debuffs respectively, Nightmare Totem AoE sleep debuff which is NOT a stun, thus not getting affected by stunblock if the enemies have already been stunned (it does give sleepblock buff to the enemy though after they "recover" from the status), Demon Seal decreases enemy's EVA and increase your party's DMG if they hit the marked by Demon Seal target , which is pretty useful in late game dungeons where bosses have high EVA and of course more damages to your friends :3. Last but not least the most important spell out of them all class combo spell; Song of Winds, which increases nearby party members' EVA and their MS by 9%

    Wizard is pretty much a budget sorcerer sub that kind of offers the same things sorcerer gives but in a shittier version lol (wiz's mantra is single target ability, longer spell animations etc).

    Guardian can also be an option as a subclass but idk honestly. I mean it does offer some good defensive options overall, plus the global loot share through Terrifying Roar skill but Aura Kingdom is a DPS focused MMO and we're long past the "hard dungeons" era anymore.

  • 6). Envoy - Masteries - Weapon Masteries


    Instead of the 3 HP tiles in the middle you can switch to the 3 Crit tiles at the bottom but overall the HP you lose by doing that is more than the crit you get in exchange which is not really worth it in my opinion.

    You can also go for the Holy Sound Wave Combo Spell tile if you think you need the extra immunity frames but it's not my cup of tea nor am I suggesting taking it.

    Efficient Immune System (tile on top right) is one of the most broken envoy tiles in the entire game so don't skip it for something else, even if that means having to waste 1 point on reflect which is an utterly useless stat.

    Heavy Duty aka Most frequently used masteries.


    Callousness over Zeal simply because our Heals DON'T Zeal but they Crit.

    Sad Love Song (DMG +4%) Cause that's what the whole game is about, moar damages ^ω^

    Extremespeed: So you're not a slowpoke and get left behind q_q

    Song of the Winds: Because we don't need Best Defense to cap our def with Tank gear and the 9% MS boost from it is just too good to pass.

    General Masteries


    Storm Song (-14% Def Shred): In regular runs/ if party doesn't reach 50% def shred

    Blissful Harmony (+11% MS): In late game/ xum parties.

    Shadow Bolt (-11% Damage Debuff): Only in really undergeared parties/ or late game parties that already reach 50% Def Shred (not recommended though)

    Tactical Masteries

    JT0Aiyt.png: In almost every dungeon

    ggyNYxm.png: In dungeons with self-healing bosses (Von in SAC and Kanama in DP for example)

    Weapon mastery's points allocation


    So our weapon mastery is pretty straight forward comparing to other classes to be honest.

    20 points on HEAL

    20 points on CDMG

    15 points on MoveSPD

    15 points on resistances

    30 points on HP

    30 points on Crit

    and the remaining 10 points on DMG. That should be 140 points total.

    7). Build

    7.a) Costume enchantments


    Instead of 2% DMG on your Weapon's Costume's Enchantment you can go for 5% CDMG instead, it all comes down to preference. I was just too lazy to reroll it:AK2:

    7.b). Weapons & Armors


    Awakening patch has probably been the only patch when support bardo's gold weapons has been better than the crafted one. Obviously the 24% HEAL boost significantly outshines the 10% we'd get from a restorer core hence why we're choosing the S5 weapon over the S1 one.

    Now, when it comes to the sub weapon I'm not 100% sure. Since my bard isn't s5 lvl yet so I didn't have the chance so far to test the s5 book out so please forgive me about this. The reason why is the book's active skill: Casting Soul Draw grants Bloodthirsty Desire status and converts 10% of received DMG to restore HP. Lasts for 5 seconds. What I am not 100% sure is if this is a typo (not that there are any in this game:AK19:) and means 10% of the DAMAGE YOU DEAL or is the same effect as one of Von's spells that converts some of the incoming damage into HP. Anyways, until I test it and prove it true or false I'll just recommend the crafted S1 book instead.

    TL;DR: As sub build S1 Bloodmoon Tome with Protector Core (Restorer/ Deadly/ Binder Cores being viable options as well).

    Top Set:


    Meteor Set with imperial cores of course (Imperial Core: Move SPD +3%)

    Cheaper alternative to Imperials: Noble Cores (1% Crit and 1% HP [Use till you farm the gold for imperials but don't fort past +9])

    Bot set:


    The reason why we're not upgrading to S1 Meteor Set for our bottom armors comes down to the different active set bonuses the two sets have.


    Mithril Set VS Meteor set

    Other than some base stats increase Meteor doesn't have anything better to offer plus Mithril's Shield by far outshines Meteor's 1k HoT.

    Once again the refining cores should all be Imperials.

    In case you can't afford 3 imperial cores, you can use the lvS5 gold Eternia's Bottom Set instead until you farm the gold for your cores.


    Now when it comes to accessories, against popular beliefs we're not building any of the crafted tank sets. Instead, the set I strongly recommends is this one:


    As a Bard our purpose apart from keeping our party alive is also to increase their damage output as much as possible. After 400k+ HP you become pretty much immortal and you're able to facetank every carpet without even getting scratched, so opting for even more tankiness is pretty much pointless in my opinion. On the other hand with this set you increase your party's DPS output. %DMG Taken is the 2nd most important debuff after %Def Shred. Also, the reason why I'm not suggesting the S5 gold set which has the same set bonus is solely because it's a meta set right not and most people will either use that or the level 95 one and since the set debuffs don't stack with each other if many people in the party use the same set, we go for the level 85 one instead.

    7d). Trophies

    Trophies really depend on your preference. There's no "optimal" trophy that is a must to go for as a support bard. Overall there are many options to go for. The ones I recommend are those two;


    Neqzal's is a solid debuffing trophy for late game support build, since not many people use it anymore, with values like EVA and flat Def shred. Delfonia's on the other hand is a neat defensive one that works especially well with our envoy's passive Sound Barrier plus the 6% HP restore is late game parties translates to a 20K-ish HoT on top of your Ballad which is not bad at all~

    Other options could be the lv85 dual heart (split personality), eonus, wishlist, feather, fatima's earring, winston's etc. Like I said this is all about preference. My personal suggestion is the 2 trophies I listed above ^v^.

    7e). Gaia Emblems

    Sadly when it comes to emblems we can't really be picky solely because of how hard and expensive it is to get an emblem with perfect stats of our likings. That being said, the only emblem you're gonna use is gonna be the MS one (+14% MS iirc is the max). Now, in a perfect world, that emblem would be a [V Defensive] one with CDMG/HEAL/HP as its sub stat but it's pretty hard to get one of those so instead just buy the cheapest [V Offensive] with max MS you find, you're not gonna swap emblems as support anyways to be honest.

  • 8). Gear encantments - Secret Stone Rerolls

    8a). Weapons

    Alright, weapon cards, is something that tilts me into oblivion whenever I see other bards' gear and especially new bard mains. Repeat after me: Apart from the two cards bellow any other card is garbage and should just be given for free on trade chat! :) (DDs excluded but we're talking about supp bardo over here). Like I'm getting tilted as I type this, ask yourself this; we're in a DPS focused MMORPG, how on earth does your party benefit from a +500 DEF and 300 EVA buff or a +500 SPD and 500 HoT weapon card?????? \:AK10:/ Like best case scenario that 500 SPD converts into a 0.5% zeal chance from spd overcap and other than that is useless whereas a 2k DMG increase converts into a 10k - 500k increase on a pt member's DPS output depending on their fort levels and the same goes for the CDMG card, especially post awakening where the need for extra CDMG has increased even more comparing to the past.

    TL;DR: Only those 2 cards bellow should be used for support bard builds, nothing else. Lv70 gold ones specifically for the extra MS they give comparing to any other Lv Cards.

    The lack of PEN doesn't matter since we're not dealing damage with this build anyways, with or without PEN.


    8b). Gear Enchantment Cards

    As for our gear cards there are 2 options:


    Either of those 2 is fine and again it all comes down to personal preference. I was using perseverance cards back at level 80 and I later switched to HP cards on my level 90 gear. Overall you'll be taking the same amount of damage no matter which you choose; difference being with HP cards you'll have more HP but you'll be taking more damage and on the other hand with perseverance cards, you'll be taking less damage but you'll also have less HP. I'd say that full HP cards are a little bit better but that's just my opinion.

    8c). Enchantment tools

    For weapons; -DMG + HP

    For armors; -Spd +HP

    For Accessories; +HP

    8d). Secret Stones - Secret Stone Rerolls


    Why Darkthunder SSs over Thunderous? Answer is simple. %Crit!. By going for Darkthunders we're losing 10% HP and 4% DMG Taken and in exchange we get 14% Crit increase. 10% HP is a negligible amount to sacrifice thinking that our gear and envoy already gives us a massive HP boost and 4% DMG Taken doesn't even matter to be completely honest. Crit on the other hand is a resource support bardo really struggles to get access to. Thunderous is more of a PvP Secret Stone than PvE. Also, we can earn that % of HP we lost through SS rerolls from 3 perfect ss rerolls (12% HP [3x4%]) but the same doesn't apply for crit since SS rerolls give Crit Rate which SHOULD NOT be confused with Crit and it's pretty much a useless stat for pve.

    Once again, Secret Stone reroll stats are pretty random and rerolling secret stones costs a lot of gold. The stats you should aim for when rerolling your secret stones should be 4% HP, 4% HEAL (If you haven't reached 200% yet), 8% CDMG and 4% DMG Taken but it really depend on your needs, I can't really tell you "Go for 8% CDMG + 4% HP + 4% HEAL". Keep in mind that all the stats listed above count as "perfect stats" and are less common to land on all 3 at the same time, let alone the max %, whereas Damage vs X element, EVA and ACC being the most commons, at least one of them is what you'll end up getting on each reroll.

    In my opinion you should leave the rerolling part last, after you're done with the rest of your gear, since it's the trickiest and most gold consuming thing when it comes to gear.

    9). Mount - Eidolon

    Last but not least the mount and eidolon stats. Once again, this is something I can't really suggest a superior stat to go for, comparing to any others. It's all about what your stats are, your achievement score, your eidolon wishes stats boost and the extra stats from card fortifications.

    For mounts there are many solid options like;

    -CDMG +40%

    -HEAL +20%

    -Endurance: +20% All resistances

    -Almighty: +20% All Stats

    -HP +20%

    My two favourites are endurance and CDMG mounts but that's just me xD. If you're sitting on 180% heal for example maybe you wanna go for that HEAL mount, or if you feel that 300% CDMG is a bit overkill you might wanna go for an almighty instead instead of a CDMG mount, or perhaps your HP is around 700k and you feel like you don't need more than that so Endurance suites you better. It's up to you to decide.

    Same thing applies to eidolon Star Bonus Stats but with a small exception. In late game parties you'll need MS boost as 2 of your eido's star bonuses so you can keep up with others. That being said, depending on how much gold you're willing to spend you'll have to decide which Eidolon(s) is/are gonna be your companion(s).

    If you don't wanna spend a lot of gold, then you should pick an eidolon with one ability that gives AoE MS boost, like Tigerius, Cleopawtra, Ayako etc. 2 of that eidos stars should be rerolled into MoveSPD and the other 2 according on your needs since it will be the only eidolon you'll be using.

    If you don't mind spending some extra gold and you wanna switch eidolons during a dungeon run (B2B and Boss fights) then you'll need 2 eidolons.

    The first one should be one of those mentioned before with the ones that are less common being more important than tigerius for example. Reason being that like other similar buffs and debuffs same thing applies to eidolon buffs meaning they don't stack with each other, so if someone in the party already has a tigerius, by using his ms boost skill you'll only be refreshing its duration every time one of you uses that skill. On the other hand if you have let's say ayako and someone else in the party has tigerius you will be getting separate MS buffs (20+20=40%). The star bonus stats for that eidolon should be x2 MoveSPD and 2 randoms since you'll only be needing this eido just to get to each boss as fast as possible.

    The second eido should be your battle eido aka the one you'll be using during boss fights. This eido must have the role of enchanter/debuffer meaning its spells should either buff your party members (with useful stats like DMG, CDMG etc, not garbage stats like EVA and Def :AK10: ) or debuff the enemy (with %Def shred, Flat Def Shred, DMG Taken, etc). And once again you should aim for an eidolon that not many people use like let's say Hades or Yumikaze for example. Like I mentioned before the reason being that eidolons' buffs and debuffs don't stack if many people in the party use the same eidolon. Its star bonuses once again are all about your preference and needs with 1 additional stat this time being Normal AttackSPD. Regular attacks have a chance of procing debuffs as well so we need our attackspd capped in order to have higher chances of procing our Accessories' set bonus (DMG Taken debuff). So yeah, 1st or 2nd star being 25% Attack SPD and the remaining 3 stars for you to decide between HP,CDMG,HEAL, [For the record though, my Alice keeps refusing to reroll into attackspd after cap gold+ spent on 2 star rerolls :AK10: ].

    Some solid options for non common eidolons are the following:


    (Keep in mind that these are only suggestions, there are many more eidolons in the game to choose from, so don't just blindly pick one of the above just because you saw them here ^v^)

  • I can't speak for how correct this is, as my time with a Bard has been limited to playing it as DPS (even in PVP), and that was only for a short time duration during the level 80 times before the class had any guides for it, but it's nice to see guides that seem to have time and effort put into them being made for this game in 2019 (almost 2020). With as far as this game has fallen off the cliff in the last two or three years, and with how overwhelmed the game has become, and with how unintuitive most of it is, stuff like this is needed.

    A couple of comments for the sake of it, sort of...

    Per the enchant cards, it might be because some players can't readily or immediately get the preferred cards? It's probably not as hard nor expensive as it is for DPS to get perfect weapon cards (which would be something like level 90 cards with move speed and dual drive, in my opinion), but even then, in this day and age and meta, I'd argue the "effect" part is the luxury you can skip on, but the primary part (the move speed, namely) is more detrimental to be without.

    Also on the topic of enchant cards, if not needing penetration for weapon cards, then why would this not also apply to armors? The only real difference to the higher level cards is that the base stats are a bit higher, and they add more penetration.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot! Now to answer your questions;

    Per the enchant cards, it might be because some players can't readily or immediately get the preferred cards?

    Although I do agree with this, mostly because the gold lv.70s are indeed pretty hard weap cards to aquire (only available through para and really rare ST/Realm? drops iirc), I can't really justify someone using any other party buff than those two, since there are other level/color enchantment cards available on auction 24/7 almost always and orange lv70 ones being available with GDP from encyclopedia (although a bit random on what you're gonna get out of the chest), which offer the same party boosts with only difference being different card type (HP,Def,MS,Spd etc) or less MS value than the 70 gold cards.
    Opting for a different enchant is pretty much a waste of gold and is the same as having a weapon without an enchantment card attached imo since their effect is literally useless in today's meta.

    This goes mostly to "veteran" bard mains of the game (if there are any pve ones left lol) who honestly can't have an excuse as to why they are using wrong enchants on their gear. As for new players I guess it's kind of justified (we've all been there and went through the struggle of making gold) but again instead of using a garbage weapon card, you can save the gold instead for something else, that being a fort scroll perhaps or the actual card that you'd need.

    Also on the topic of enchant cards, if not needing penetration for weapon cards, then why would this not also apply to armors? The only real difference to the higher level cards is that the base stats are a bit higher, and they add more penetration.

    This one's mb really, I posted orange level 90s because of the additional 1% HP and 1% DMG Taken HP and Perseverance cards offer respectively comparing to either their green counterparts or lower level cards offer but I completely forgot that orange lv80s give the same % stats as orange 90s. Of course though, since this is a "late game guide" I can hide my goofiness behind the fact that I'm supposed to recommend the best upgrades available :AK19: but yes, overall, orange level 80 cards should do the trick as well, since their deviation from 90s should be around 100 flat HP, more less, and obviously they are way easier to get comparing to orange 90s.

  • Well, yeah, I meant more to the players who are still gearing. I know this is intended for late game players, but there's still a difference between that, and the "already done with everything and sitting on a lot of gold but yet doesn't have everything perfect", which is probably a sliver of a sliver of players. If you want to keep the guide intended for end game so as to cut the majority of the "basic fluff" of a typical guide out, that is okay, but others (those who are still gearing, or are relatively geared but not perfectly geared) will still find it helpful and use it, so I think maybe listing "this is the preferred ideal goal, but this is the important part and is why it's ideal, so this other option that might be less than half the cost, almost as good, and way more available is a suitable alternative if/until you upgrade". I tried to use that approach in my guide as much as I could. Enchant cards themselves very much are an end game luxury, more so for weapons, considering the cost of a single piece of gear (especially now that transfer scrolls are gone).

    And yeah, as far as I know, the level 80 and 90 (and even upcoming S.Level 1) enchant cards share the same values of the % they offer as long as they are the same tier. The only difference is the base stats might be slightly higher (which is so little it's pure luxury), and they offer more penetration (which is the difference that forces DPS players to want the highest tier, but wouldn't matter here). They only went up from level 70 to level 80, and then stopped, maybe because X-Legends had a once in a Blue moon realization that runaway power creep is bad.