Happy Halloween - Sale 2019

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    Happy Halloween Sale on Aura Kingdom!

    Enjoy our special offers for a limited time! We have a Quadruple Overlap, a new Eidolon release and fortification insanity for you!


    October Tiered Spender - NOW until 2019-11-01

    November Tiered Spender - NOW until 2019-12-01

    Tsukuyomi Tiered Spender - NOW until 2019-11-04

    Halloween Rewards Tiered Spender - NOW until 2019-11-01

    Purchase TODAY Items from the shop and get on 4 different Tiered Spenders rewards on TOP!



    Tsukuyomi controls the Land of Midnight Snacks. This rare beauty with the power of the moonlight descends upon earth amidst the twinkling of the stars.

    You can get her now on:

    Mysterybox - Normal / Triple

    Tsukuyomi - Tiered Spender 


    Enjoy 24h Fortification Insanity WITH the blessing scrolls 20-30!


    It's the best day for purchasing the Eidolon of your dreams and strengthen your character with the fortification insanity! On top, you will get from 4 different tiered spender special rewards on each tier!

    Use your chance NOW!