Help with level 90 gearing up and progress

  • Hi there could anyone give me a guide on what to do after i finished all my main quest. I feel like im not doing progress and I need a procedure on how to become geared up. Also What dungeons should I run? I feel like im missing some that are important.

  • You're going to get a different answer from everyone as to what you need for Awakening, until it inevitably turns into a contest about who can do it with less gear, which will not be helpful to you at all, a first time player who may not be as fluent with the game. That's been my observation every time this gets asked.

    That being said, I feel recommending something like full level 90 armors (Holy Spirit top, Holy Spirit bottom for Wizard/Magic Sundering for every other class), full level 95 accessories, Guzigla (crafted level 70) and the level 95 elemental trophy (element depending on your class), with level 90 weapons, as a good start. You'll probably want to be at, or close to, full +20 fortification as well as five star fusion. You can get by on less, but it will absolutely not serve you well to be going into Awakening your first time around with so little gearing if you're already struggling with the quest itself.

    The other important check marks are to make sure you have a fair bit of penetration stat and accuracy. Bard subclass (due to heals) helps with survivability, even if you only use it for this quest. If you can survive the first (?) boss one nuke skill, you can generally complete Awakening; it's just a matter of how long it takes you to defeat them based upon the damage (and accuracy) you have.

    Edit: My apologies, your question was broader and not about just Awakening. That's your next goal, though. To get to that point, it's a process of doing the highest level/hardest dungeons/content you can, and/or to go places to get those things you need. Without knowing specifically where you're at and what you're after, it's hard to be more specific without essentially writing a guide.

  • It could come handy for you a boost on earned XP (I left my feedback about doing XP boost every week or more often). In the week boost we had, I managed to get up to level 99 and unlock Awakening. So I suggest you to ask for it here, on Facebook, Discord, Twitter... The more, the highest chances for it!

    That said, as Sylver_Aura said, your best options are: Run dungeons, do the daily quests (blue exclamation mark (!) Quests), Mirabelle's Quests (try to do those with lucky flowers/cactus/stones, because they give extra XP (if you get 20 Mirabelle's blessings, it's a huge extra!)), Dimension Hall 85...

    One important thing you should keep in mind: XP boosters. You have XP cards, superior XP cards. They give +20% and +40%, it's a total of +60%! And yes! You can use both at once!

    Also, add Poseidon Crystal, and Ancient Amber (not sure if it's the correct name) that also gives a nice boost. Don't forget the Crystal XP (1day) and week Crystal XP (7days) that can also be used both at once!

    You can also use the Gaia Sprites (those do stack only time; if you use Sprite 1 day and Sprite 3 days, you get the effect of one for 4 days)

    Don't forget the Quest Books! They give extra XP when you turn in quests, and yes! They are affected by the boosters! So take the chance to use them all while your boosters are still on!

    Sorry if it's a bit mixing, but it's a way to get there faster. You can stack up a Max of +500% XP in boosters, x5 of XP per kill or turning Quests (hard to do, but if you want or can afford it, go ahead)

    Good luck! :AK4:

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  • Thank you so much for all the response. Im using them as my guide. Also another question, what lvl 95 trophies should i get to maximize my over all dps? And staring equipment give hp right?

  • Star fusion on armors gives HP, and star fusion on weapons gives damage.

    I don't know what class you are nor do I know your stats, so I'd have to recommend something blindly for your question about trophies.

    For the short answer, for your case as a new player, get Guzigla's Bloody Tooth and the level 95 trophy that matches your main skill element for your class. You can then use this until at least S.level 5, or even S.level 10 until the new trophies come, where you'll swap Guzigla's Bloody Tooth out (for Fatima's Thunder Boost at S.level 5, and the new trophy yet to come in that case of waiting until S.level 10), but retain the level 95 elemental trophy.

    For the long answer, and I'm including this so I can reference it when asked "what trophies" since I've been getting asked this a lot lately, and for the most part it's a condensed version of what I have in my Wizard guide (but you can skip this and simply follow the short answer above unless you want more information, to min-max, etc.)...

    The "best" and ideal thing to do is to use all 6 elemental trophies, using the one that matches your main skill element in your bottom trophy slot (so, in the case of Ravager, the flame trophy, in the case of Shuriken and Tachi, the storm trophy, etc.). You would then swap the top slot trophy depending on the element of the target your are facing. This would leave whatever element that matches your bottom slot trophy, and violent, missing. For that, you have a bit of choice. You can use the "damage" trophy options for level 95/S.level 5 by using Delphonia's Exquisite Earrings/Fatima's Thunder Boost (to be honest I'd skip the former and just retain Guzigla's over it, but if you already have Delphonia's it works), and Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption can be a good supplement (or replacement), as it'd work well also while simultaneously serving as a utility trophy. If you reallllly want to optimize further, in the case of matching elements (that is, facing a target that equals the element of your class main skill/bottom slot trophy), and ONLY in this case, you can use the level 65 elemental trophy in tandem with the level 95 equivalent, although this is only something I'd recommend if you really don't mind fortifying such a trophy for just this purpose.

    Once you are level 95 or above, and this applies all the way up to S.level 10 (and will STILL apply at S.level 15 even after the new content/gear comes), this becomes the best thing to do for trophies.

    For those that don't want to rely on swapping (or just don't want to invest that much extra gold in fortifying many extra trophies), use the level 95 elemental trophy that matches your main skill element skill, and just use... whatever honestly in the other slot. It depends on a few factors. Namely, Guzigla's Bloody Tooth is the go-to unless you know you have good boss damage, but if your boss damage is okay then Fatima's Thunder Boost and Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption are options.

  • i play as a tachi and also some said i should buy delfonia the trophy that gives dual drive if im not mistaking. also dabakas or delfonia cuz im confused to which of them are viable in the long run especially facing awakening for the first time, and I want to deal as much as damage as possible like those tachi that I have played with. as always thank you so much for the responses, its hard to play the game and lacking important information.

    Also I have a question between two trophies , the delfonia and dabakas. Seems like a majority of players prefer using delfonia over dabakas, so i would like to know all about delfonia that makes it more special than the others 😊

  • I personally wouldn't recommend Delphonia's. While it wouldn't be an absolutely awful choice to use in select circumstances if you already have it already, the thing is that Guzigla's Bloody Tooth, which you are given for free, will work at least as good, if not a bit better. Guzigla's also has a much longer level span of relevancy.

    It's not a zeal per se; rather it's like the effect from the Flokja and Gainey accessory sets, and the Titan's Flaming Soul and pair of Malodnak trophies. What happens is when it procs, you get a buff that causes your next attack to an extra xx% damage dealt (in this case, a mere 35%). The buff is then consumed. There could possibly be confusion by some mistakenly thinking the benefit lasts for 15 seconds, but it does not; the 15 seconds refers to the time span you have once you get the buff, to use it for your next attack to benefit from before it expires (pay attention to your buff bar and it becomes easier to understand). Anyway, it's not a zeal, but it's a boost in damage dealt (detail damage), and while 35% detail damage is a lot, a 35% detail damage boost on a 10% chance can be averaged to a 3.5% detail damage boost, but unless you have cap crit (since the proc chance only occurs from crit hits), it could be even less.

    So let's break that down. Guzigla and Delphonia both give 5% detail damage. Guzigla gives an additional 6% more detail damage (although exclusive to bosses only). Delphonia has a 3.5% at absolute best detail damage boost. It does give some higher flat stats since it's 25 levels higher. Guzigla is given to you free at level 70. Unless you're really overly concerned with character stat screen "paper stats", or the fact that Guzigla's "extra" detail damage applies to bosses only and not everything like the... ~3% averaged boost from Delphonia does... then there's just no point to pay to replace it with a side-grade or slight downgrade. Even if the game didn't give you Guzigla for free I'd still be recommending it to be honest.

    When it came out, Delphonia was always a replacement/slight upgrade for those using Theory Time Travel Code and/or an "against violent bosses" trophy for those swapping the at-the-time level 65 elemental trophies (which, yes, even those were better than Delphonia... if only slightly).

    As for Dabaka's, it is more of a utility trophy. It lowers the targets defense. There's not much to say about it; it's a good supplemental trophy to have. Comparing defense lowering sources to others becomes a bit more involved and variable, but I'd probably say it's a much better trophy than Delphonia overall. I have a Delphonia trophy that I got back in.... was it 2017? Anyway, if you gave me a Dabaka's trophy and a transfer scroll guaranteed not to lose levels, I'd absolutely rid myself of the Delphonia for it.

  • So lets say i would get dabakas as a utility trophy then i decided to also get an elemental trophy that corresponds to my caracter element which it tachi. now for throphy swapping should it be guzigla or dabakas to be swapped with the elemental trophy.

    As always thank you so much for the help.

  • You are welcome! I am glad it is helping!

    Ideally, the Storm relic trophy would be the one you main. The primary reason to stay with Guzigla as a main would be if you lack detail/boss damage, and perhaps additionally (for older players, mainly) it was already highly fortified. Both those reasons apply to me in the case of my Wizard, so I'm riding it out until the S10 content/trophies come (those trophies are more attractive for Wizards than anyone else though; other classes who don't need crit damage are still going to be best served with level 95 trophies). On my Tachi, I main the storm relic, and swap the other elemental trophies in the top slot. Delphonia finds its only use here when against storm and violent targets, and I'd love to rid myself of it for Dabakas, but I'm done crafting/fortifying anything until S10 content comes. Not worth it with the loss of transfer scrolls.

    What you do with the other trophy depends on the extent you want to go with swapping.

    If you don't want to swap on the regular, Dabaka's would actually be a good second trophy to main. I'd personally use it over things like Delphonia's Exquisite Earrings and Fatima's Thunder Boost, but that's me.

    If you're okay with collecting, fortifying, and swapping them all, then as I said before, you would then swap the other 5 elemental trophies depending on the element of the target you are facing, and pretty much be done with it. You'll still have storm (missing since you are maining it) and violent to answer for, but Dabaka's is good for that while also being a side-option in general for when you want to provide utility for the entire group at a small, temporary cost of your own damage.