Need help with awakening quest

  • Yahallo!

    So I'm trying to complete the awakening quest but I'm stuck at the first boss and I don't seem to be doing alot of damage while taking alot of damages from the boss's skills. I also have applied food and potion buffs but the furthest I could go is halfway though the boss's health. Can anyone please help me with the quest or improving my gear?

    Here is my gear:

    Main Weapon(Pistol) - Fell Nalani's Avian Heart +29 with lava secret stone and lvl 80 DEF enchant card 5star

    Second Weapon(Katar) - Eagle Nalani's Tyrant Fist +20 with lava secret stone and lvl 80 SPD enchant card 5star

    Armour - Magic Sundering Set +20 with damage focused secret stones and damage reduction focused enchant cards 2star

    Accessories - Zanotas Set +20 with damage reduction focused enchant cards

    Trophies - Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings +20, Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption +20

    Mount with +30% damage of storm skills and a Gaia Emblem IV with +6% storm skill damage and -1% damage reduction

    For Masteries I've been using Precision Bombardment(orange), Zeal(orange), Pitfall(orange), Extreme Speed(orange), Break Defense(green) and The Best Defense(green). I'm using the left mastery with points put on damage, move speed, elemental resistance and crit damage up.

    For Eidolons, i have a four star Alucard, Cerberus and Nidhogg and some three star eidos (Hades,Hermes,Quingniao,)

    My envoy path is damage focused with move speed and the sonic bomb mastery.

    I have all atk points in damage and some in crit. And all def points in HP and some in def

    I know my gear isn't great but that's because i went blind in upgrading my gear and didn't look at guides before hand.

    Thanks in advance!

  • get full 90 magic cards. card stats dont matter, just go for 46 pen. (and use ANY class potion for 3 more pen)
    also, try using a -150% critdmg eidolon. should work.

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  • Unlike players, PVE sources usually trend to have to have rather low crit damage. The three bosses in this particular instance have 150% crit damage, so reducing it more than 50% is wasteful. Either way, I wouldn't recommend devoting an eidolon to that, when you can use it for more damage instead. Anything with attack speed and 45% storm skills would be good, else use Eligos, Yarnaros, Yumikaze, or Cleopawtra (all have the same default first three star buffs).

    As per gear, while the Katar class offers heals, consider picking something to give you a source of nocturnal somewhere, as you have none.

    Magic Sundering is worse than Holy Spirit (full) from the levels of 90 to 99. That being said, Magic Sundering bottom set is good after Awakening, and the difference isn't drastic before then, so the bottom set is fine, but the top set is not recommended. You should be able to make do with both though, and just change the top set after Awakening.

    Change Zanatos out for the Wild Howl Set.

    Drop Delfonia's and try and get the level 95 storm elemental trophy (Rainbow Feather). Dabaka's is fine to stay with if you're not devoted to swapping (and it's a fine compliment in that case anyway).

    While you could make do with some changes, you shouldn't be struggling as much with full level 90+ stuffs at full +20 and nearly a +30 main weapon. That should give you enough HP to survive the first boss's heavy attack, and deal enough damage to sustain throughout.

    Make sure your speed is at 50% (the instance applies a rather heavy debuff) and put points into accuracy for the quest. As said, class potions are good, not just for the penetration but also for the primary weapon damage boost.

    Edit: As a ranged class, likely without all the extra boss damage from eidolon archive, and no Guzigla, care for that stat too.

  • Thanks for the help!

    get full 90 magic cards. card stats dont matter, just go for 46 pen. (and use ANY class potion for 3 more pen)
    also, try using a -150% critdmg eidolon. should work.

    Guess I should focus on more pen then, I’ve already got 41% so the potion should help. As for the eidos... most are 1 star so I cant do that X<

    Welp none of my storm eidos are 3 star so I’ll have to go with Eligos.

    I guess i’ll make a new katar with nocturnal since I did have trouble with healing but idk if making my pistols destroyer is worth it since its +29...

    I got the Magic Sundering from the support cube since its my first character so I knew it wasn’t the best gear. I was thinking on getting the top Holy Spirt set if nothing else seems to work.

    As for the accessories set, I have next to no scrolls to upgrade it so the max I could get it to would be +9 but I’ll still try that.

    I do have a Guzigla trophy but its only +5 and i tried it with Delphonia but there was not much difference compared with Dabaka + Delfonia. As for the Rainbow Feather, I don’t have much gold so that will take a while to get.

    The main reason I keep failing is probably my survivability cause I have close to 20K HP but every time he does the red homing skill or the dash It takes away half of my HP. If I could survive it then maybe I could just circle tank and chip away his HP.

    I didn’t know speed was a important stat for this boss but I had about 45% speed in the instance. I’ve been trying to buy the gun harming potion but if the pen is more important then I guess any harming potions would do.

  • 41% penetration is plenty for the quest. At the time the quest released, higher level weapons, level 90 enchant cards, and the extra from eidolon archive wasn't available, so something like 36% (before class potions) was the typical maximum. With double level 90+ weapons, a simple set of level 80 enchant potions, and the class potion, you have enough. The penetration of the class potions are good, but they also grant primary weapon damage. Try and get the highest tier one you can.

    Do eidolon sanctuaries every day and farm the Starry Night path; Yumikaze has a very drop rate, so charm her and try and 3 star her.

    Guzigla is a much better trophy than Delphonia, especially for those who are newer and lack all of the extra boss damage sources. You should have replaced it with Guzigla, not Dabakas. Delphonia's doesn't fit in with the current trophy roster released now; I wouldn't ever recommend to use it to anyone who doesn't already have it from when it was new. Personally, I'm still using Guzigla myself, until S.Level 10 gear comes. My Delphopnia's sits unused.

    Presuming you are saying you have close to 200k HP, that's enough for the quest, so long as you're sustaining enough (by doing enough damage and keeping your own HP up through nocturnal).

    Speed is important because it let's you keep attack speed (jump-casting), and when it's low enough, it can mess with your rotation. I don't know if a mere 5% drop will hurt a gunslinger, especially with their low attack speed cap, but it sounds like you don't have 25% from an eidolon anyway.

  • Thanks for the advice!

    I'll take some superior harming potions then. Yumikaze would take a while to 3 star but I'm close to 2 staring her so that will take a while.

    Some guides said that delfonia was good but they where old so I guess I'll fort the Guzigla trophy and use it with with Dabaka.

    I'll definatly get the nocturnal katar since that would help me surviving, I though i didn't have enough boss damage reduction or something since I only have 12% general and 2% boss.

    IDK if a reduce in speed would mess with my attacks since my pc is aleady old and lagging XD but i'll try to get some higher speed tonic if I'm having trouble with it.

  • At its introduction like two years ago, Delphonia was decent as a replacement for Theory Time Travel Code for those who weren't swapping, but even the level 65 (not kidding) elemental trophies are/were better than it. That being said, at that point, almost nobody could and/or wanted to fortify half a dozen outdated trophies to +20 (which was the fortification cap at the time, and would have been expensive), so it was an okay all around trophy... if you were at the required level cap (at the time) of 95, which also few people were.

    That being said, while Guzigla would have been a much better option to begin with, if you already have Delphonia's trophy at +20, it's probably not worth fortifying a Guzigla at this point unless you really see yourself playing a lot of alternate characters to high (beyond Awakening) levels going forward to make use of doing so. Otherwise, just get the Storm trophy and pair it with Dabaka's trophy.

  • I finished the quest! Now I am at Awakened! Thank you for your help!

    I got the nocturnal Katar and the wild howl set while using dakaba + guzigla and that was enough for me to survive and defeat the bosses. Had to use 4 star Alucard though.

  • Have you considered switching to a subclass like shuri to increase your burst, even just for this one instance. Or even bard to increase your heals, along with a nocturnal core as others have me tioned above.

    You could also swap out extreme speed for courage just for a bit of extra hp.

    For those extra stats to keep you going (spd, acc, etc), switch around your weapon mastery points. It'll be cheaper than crafting new gear for now

  • I did try to switch to shuriken/bard but since i don't have a nalani weapon for those classes I didn't do much damage (and idk how to use them). Also I'm sticking to brawler cause I'm copying a character ;)

    I did try switching masteries around but found extreme speed to be more useful for the boss since courage didn't do much against reducing the damage while with extreme speed i can dodge the attacks more quickly. Don't need HP if you can evade everything :D I'm more of a dodger than a tanker

    I never really tried changing mastery points alot so I'll try that.