Patch Notes (2014)

  • Patch Notes - January 6th

    by GM TenRing


    Aura Kingdom Patch Notes 1/6/2014

    Open Beta is here!

    Updates and Bug Fixes

    Level cap increased to 75.

    Content cap increased to 60. Note, there are some quests that have objectives in zones that are not yet released.

    Three new zones: Demarech Mines, Triatio Highlands, and Candeo Marsh

    New Dungeons: Miner's Steppe, Deep's Cavern, and Candeo Cove

    Fight Club has been added in Navea 520 303.

    NPC Analisa and gear refining has been implemented in Navea 815 430.

    Potions can be crafted in Navea 800 470.

    Eleven additional dance moves have been added.

    Quest dialogue with NPC Nate no longer displays Nate instead of the player character.

    Chat settings save so they don't have to be reset upon log-in.

    Undiscovered Eidolons no longer appear partially rendered.

    Mail returned to sender with attached items no longer appear in returners inbox.

    NPC names have spaces in the map drop down menus.

    Various localization fixes.

    Demarech Mines

    Traitio Highlands

    Candeo Marsh

    Known Issues and Features Not Yet Implemented

    Alchemy Tab in Item Mall is not yet implemented.

    Lv10. Introduction to the Item Mall quest is not fully implemented.

    Several Eidolons displayed in the Eidolon window have not been implemented.

    Eidolon Cleopawtra does not have a silhouette if undiscovered.

    Fishing has not been implemented. Fishing icons may appear on the map but cannot be interacted with.

    Gear for the Katar class may drop. This class is unreleased at this time.

    Rankings are not implemented.

    Check the events calendar for our full schedule of events!

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  • Patch Notes, January 7th

    by GM TenRing


    Aura Kingdom Patch Notes 1/7/2014

    Updates and Bug Fixes

    Lv10. Introduction to the Item Mall quest has been removed due to a quest progression issue. Players experiencing this bug should have the main quest reapplied upon logging in.

    Fixed a graphical issue with the new dance emotes when costumes are worn.

    Server stability fixes have been implemented.

    Check the events calendar for our full schedule of events!

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  • Patch Notes, January 14th

    by GM TenRing


    Aura Kingdom Patch Notes 1/14/2014

    Updates and Bug Fixes

    Missing characters have been returned with 1000 Loyalty Points and an experience boost item.

    Missing characters are back with their original names! If another user made a character with the same name when this was available, he/she will be prompted to choose a new name for this character upon logging in.

    Missing guilds have been restored with level, experience, and warehouse items at the time of the last back up.

    New map: Ventos Prairie.

    New Dungeon: Infernal Abyss.

    Issues Under Review

    Recovering missing Eidolons.

    Auto-pathing through the Ventos Prairie portal does not work. Please manually move through the portal.

  • Patch Notes, January 21st

    by GM TenRing


    Missing Eidolons resulting from the Siren server crash have been recovered. If you're still experiencing problems please submit a ticket

    Ventos Prairie Achievements can now be obtained.

    Dimensional Belt quest text no longer appears outside of margins.

    Descriptions of all Dance emotes display correctly.

    A pop up message appears indicating the servers are down for maintenance when we are working on the servers.

    Eidolons that have yet to be obtained no longer appear fully rendered in Eidolon stable.

    Greet function does not work when special symbols are used in custom greeting.

    Some players are not having their daily quests reset.

    Duelist Envoy's Path, Dream State, does not activate when stunned.

    Auto-pathing through the Ventos Prairie portal does not work. Please manually move through the portal.

  • Patch Notes, January 28th

    by GM TenRing


    Server stability has been improved

    Many localization fixes have been implemented.

    Some Secret Stone buffs including SPD and DEF are not applying bonuses.

    Greet function does not work when special symbols are used in custom greeting.

    Some players are not having their daily quests reset.

    Duelist Envoy's Path, Dream State, does not activate when stunned.

    Auto-pathing through the Ventos Prairie portal does not work. Please manually move through the portal.

  • Patch Notes, February 11th

    by GM TenRing


    Check out this player made Aura Kingdom music video!

    Paragon Table has been added and can be accessed by pressing the "i" key. Check out the guide

    Brawler class has been released.

    The Sky Tower 40 person raid dungeon is now available.

    Two new zones: Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert along with Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple dungeons.

    Four level 60 Otherworld dungeons: Alabastren Temple, Gydaie Glen, Miner's Steppe, Helonia Coast.

    The Valentines event has been added. Speak to Astra and the cauldron next to her in Helonia Coast at 352 160.

    The Lunar New Years event has been added. Speak to Erwin in Helonia Coast at 501 158 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fireworks can be improved by speaking to the NPC at 466 151.

    A second Lunar New Years event has been added at the Mirabelle's Bulletin Board in Candeo Marsh. It's available Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

    Fishing feature has been added.

    The Beautiful Scarf has been added to the Item Mall allowing the completion of the quest Beautiful Scarf.

    Ranking Award item lists are incorrect in the Ranking Screens. The payout you receive is correct. We will post the correct awards as soon as possible.

    When doing Ghostweep cave after killing Malodnak, be sure to WAIT for NPC Tobin to spawn at 884 137 to turn in Lv55. Ghostweep Cavern BEFORE killing the next boss, Talen. Killing Talen before turning in Lv55. Ghostweep Cavern will not allow you to take the next quest, "The Heart of Darkness".

    World Chat / Recruitment channels may not be functioning correctly for all players.

    Characters over level 10 prior to the patch may be taken to a Halloween dungeon when doing the Lunar New Year bulletin board quest in Candeo Marsh instead of the Lunar New Year village dungeon.

    Fireworks Formula Merchant in Helonia Coast at 466 151 does not have a name.

    The Valentine's quest NPC, Astra contains some unlocalized dialogue.

    Some fishing interface buttons contain unlocalized text.

  • Patch Notes, February 18th

    by GM TenRing


    Hiding the UI while fishing no longer causes the character to become stuck.

    Sparkling Kero Companion is back to its original color.

    Characters can now auto-path into Ventos Prairie.

    Several localization fixes.

    • Sever upgrades to improve stability.

    Broadcasting from the Party Recruitment menu does not work.

    Items with letter combinations that are filtered cannot be sent through COD.

    Achievements become stuck in the Quest Tracker if another character attempts to complete the same Achievement simultaneously.

    Megaphones cannot be used.

  • Patch Notes, March 11th

    by GM TenRing




    Ranger class has been released.

    Lament of the Thunder Dragon King dungeon is available in Crescent Hill (895 649).

    Whirlpool Abyss dungeon has been added in Helonia Coast (371 318). Nazrudin Keys and Key Fragments can be obtained here. It is open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    NPC Dyer in Helonia Coast (363 273) has been added. He sells Fusion Formulas for Lv 65 yellow Nazrudin weapons.

    Sky Tower levels 11-15 can be completed.

    50 vs 50 Centurion Battlefield has been added. It is open Monday through Friday at 4pm and 8pm EST.

    New Envoy's Path skills have been added to all classes. Some are duplicates and stack. This is intentional. Envoy's Paths have been reset for all characters.


    NPC Tobin now consistently spawns in the correct area of Ghostweep Cavern.

    The Ruby Coin cap of 9999 some characters were experiencing has been fixed.

    Quest items Drunken Flower Beetle Glands can be obtained by abandoning the quest and retaking it.

    Fireworks merchant NPC in Helonia Coast has been localized.

    The Fishing Assistant in Cactakara displays correctly in the dialogue frames.

    NPC Donna's dialogue has been localized.

    Numerous localization fixes.


    Female Rangers have incorrect attack animation.

    Some crafting recipes sold by NPC Analisa have not been localized.

    Character's movement animation becomes frozen after completing Lv18 An Inescapable Net.

    Talamund Soul does not increase DEF as stated.

    Achievement Tracker can become stuck in UI.

    Some Secret Stones are not applying bonuses.

  • Patch Notes, March 18th

    by GM TenRing


    Envoy's Path has been reset to fix the issue of old skills still working

    Freezing issue some characters have been experiencing has been fixed

    Female bow class characters have had their attack animation fixed

    Crafting recipes sold by NPC Analisa have been localized

    Lv40 A Grand Haul quest now has working auto-pathing

    Many quests and skills have had their text changed to not appear out of the viewable area

    Character's movement animation becomes frozen after completing Lv18 An Inescapable Net.

    Talamund Soul does not increase DEF as stated.

    Achievement Tracker can become stuck in UI.

    Some Secret Stones are not applying bonuses.

  • Patch Notes, June 11th

    by GM Tsukifee


    Hello everyone!

    A minor update will be patched to the server on the Thursday 12th of June, adding some extra content while waiting for the bigger "Tachi" Update.

    Added The Frozen Crown of Glory 10 v 10 PVP Map!

    This new arena will be accessible via the minimap in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

    The objective will be to destroy the opposing team's towers while trying to push back waves of monsters.

    Added 2 new Daily Quests:

    - Nazrudin Fishing Event: help the Penguins from Helonia Coast to catch enough fishes for their feast! You can find them at coordinates X:402 Y: 348

    - Express Delivery: become the fastest gliding Courier of Azuria! To begin this quest, go to Helonia Coast at coordinates X:527 Y: 158

    Participate in Azuria's biggest Quiz Show! Gather all the knowledge you can about the game to get a chance to win cool prizes!

    The Aura Kingdom Quiz will be available daily at the following times: 3:00 PM, 7:30 PM, 10:00 PM.

    - Slide-casting has been fixed.

    - Guild Recruitment list is now able to be sorted by guild name (shortcut G).

    - Uzuriel and Cleopawtra silhouettes are now visible in the eidolon selection (shortcut N).

    - Numerous text corrections and improvements throughout the game.

  • Patch Notes, July 17th

    by GM Tsukifee


    Pics for this post couldn't be recovered.

    Dear Envoys,

    Welcome to the Tachi patch (aka Ronin Class).

    In this patch the following changes will be applied:

    • Hel can now be obtained in Sky Tower.
    • Orange quality soccer costumes (body piece only) now come with animations.
    • Click here for a youtube video of one of the animations, which are activated by 3 Special Skills you gain when equipping the costume.
      *There is a minor glitch that causes your first movement after the animation to look weird. The second movement will return your running animation to normal.
    • New Class, "Ronin"
    • New Sky Tower levels 16 - 20
    • Various localization improvements.

    • The achievement "Not so Elite" has been modified. Envoys are no longer required to defeat monsters that haven't been released yet.

    • The category, "Test" no longer appears in the quest log.

    • You will no longer be able to use Loyalty point Coupons if it will increase your balance above the cap of 9,999 LP.

  • Patch Notes, October 2nd

    by GM skwirl


    Dragon Points Rewards system has been added. Earn rewards throughout the month with this tiered system. The more Dragon Points you collect, the more and better rewards you can receive! This resets monthly. Open your Adventurer's Encyclopedia for more information and to view your progress.

    Memorable Cuisine daily quest has been added. There's someone new in town! Find newcomer Daisy in Port Skandia; she needs your help with a special task. Earn Daisy's Gratitude Medals which you can exchange for stylish items in the Adventurer's Encyclopedia.

    Archaeology is here! Perform excavations all over Azuria. Earn the special currency which you can exchange for various goods at Archaeology vendors or exchange for some fun rewards in the Adventurer's Encyclopedia. Excavation sites change on a daily basis; talk to an Archaeology NPC for the schedule and for further details on how to excavate and earn rewards. GM Rheigah has written a handy guide.

    Custom Ancient Knight's Armor (F) can now be dyed.

    Word wrapping in some eidolon conversations has been optimized so words are no longer split.

    Numerous localization corrections.

    Some of our archaeologists are a little confused. When you first speak to them, they may tell you that their dig site is available on a different day. For the correct days, please speak to any archaeologist and click through to the second dialogue page for the correct schedule.

    The top tier of the Dragon Points Rewards system is displayed as 400 Ruby Coins. The actual reward is 4,000 Ruby Coins. This is a typo which will be corrected ASAP.

  • Patch Notes, June 11th

    by GM skwirl


    A seasonal Halloween quest has been added. 

    There's a new, very orange, visitor hanging around outside Lunarin. Go say hi and see what shenanigans he's up to!

    A new daily quest has been added. 

    Passing through Lunarin, you hear the sound of soft sobs. It is a young citizen in distress! Do your civic duty and see what you can do to help out.

    Localization updates. 

    Various text corrections and improvements have been made throughout the game.

  • Patch Notes, September 4th

    by GM skwirl



    Two new eidolons have been added to the game! Bealdor and Kusanagi will be honored to join you on the battlefield.

    Certain eidolons can now be evolved to their 3-star form: Serif, Merrilee, Grimm, Alessa, Uzuriel, Yarnaros, Zaahir, and Kotonoha.

    The chance to receive key fragments from eidolon linking has been increased.

    Costumes for 2-star eidolons and some 1-star eidolons have been added.


    The new guild party system has been added! This can be activated at certain times of the day by the guild's leader or vice leader only. This is available for guilds level 5 or higher via a new NPC in your guild hall.

    Level 70 dungeon Otherworld: Crescent Hill has been added to Cactakara Forest. It is accessible from the portal at 250, 650.

    Level 65 dungeon Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen has been added to Demarech Mines. It is accessible from the portal at 565, 775.

    A new Solo Hard mode has been added to most dungeons.

    Sky Tower progress should now reset daily instead of weekly.

    Systems and Miscellaneous:

    A refining NPC has been added to the guild hall (the nameless NPC will receive a name in a future update).

    The fishing system has been optimized. This includes changes to drops, experience gains, quest adjustments, and other miscellaneous changes.

    A tutorial has been added to the crafting system.

    A gameplay tutorial has been added to help new players.

    Auction house fees are limited to 10 gold per listing.

    The number pad keys can now be bound.

    The minimum level for trading and for sending mail has been increased to 35.

    The fishing event near the Whirlpool Abyss in Helonia Coast has been removed until further notice, as it was being abused by bots.

    World and Recruitment channels have been fixed.

    Potential points would occasionally be reset for some players after server resets. This has been fixed.

    Boosts to elemental damage will now show up on your Detailed List Offensive stats.

    Numerous localization fixes.

  • Patch Notes, December 11th

    by GM Rheigah


    Hello everyone!

    We know you all have been waiting for this for a while, and even though that may be an understatement for some of you, we're also really happy to say that indeed, today is the day.

    At last, it has arrived! The Necromancer is here! And so are a few other features, so lets take a look at what's new.

    Content additions:

    • New playable class: 

      The Necromancer. Highly awaited, this new class will enable you to fight with a new weapon type, the Scythe.

      Of course, with this new class comes with new Secret Stones and Enchantment cards to boost up your Necromancer's spells as well as his 6 minions.

    • New Guild Instance system: 

      A new feature has been added for all the guilds out there to try out. It includes both Solo and Group battles which will enable you to obtain Guild Contribution points.

      The more battles you participate in and complete, the more points you get. Obtaining a certain amount of these will unlock rewards, such as Cyril's Key Fragments!

      Note: Players will have to have been in a guild for at least 24h beforehand to be able to participate.

    • New Eidolons: 

      Athena and Cyril are two new Eidolons that have now been implemented in the game.

    • New Eidolon 3-Star evolutions: 

      Aelius and Vayu can now be evolved into their third form.

    • New Gear Type: 

      Gaia Emblems. You can now equip this new type of gear onto your character. Gaia emblems can only be obtained if you have a certain score of Eidolon Points and can be purchased in Navea from the <Senior Eidolon Researcher> at coordinates X:804 Y:605.

    • Christmas Events:

      Two new Christmas daily event quests have been added. Here are the locations of the NPCs for these quests:

      Port Skandia: coordinates X:278 Y:608

      Candeo Marsh: coordinates X:196 Y:245

    • New items:

      New mounts, new back/weapon/head/body costumes, as well as new costume Fusion Scrolls have been added to the game database.

    Content Changes:

    • EXP Curve: adjustments have been implemented for a more optimised leveling experience.

    • New Item Mall Daily Reward: log in everyday and receive 10 Loyalty Points for free for doing so!