Patch Notes (2016)

  • Patch Notes, February 20th

    by GS Doge


    Patch notes are out!

    New content, new challenges, new gear? Oh my! Be ready for next week's maintenance!

    Additional things:

    - 80 Weapons are also being released.

    - Kills in the PvP channel do not count towards the Lethal Medal.

    - Fragment cap has been increased to 30,000.

    - Golden Dragon Points do not count towards the Monthly DP Reward.

    **The 3 star ability of Shirayuki is : CRIT DMG +40%

    ** The chance of 'Zeal' effect from overcapping speed DOES NOT increase the same rate.

    (IE: 58% overcap speed will have less than an 8% chance of proccing)

  • Patch Notes, March 23rd

    by GS Doge


    Another patch already? Boy they're really putting their noses to the grindstone aren't they.

    Short Summary

    - Character Salon compensation: Trade them in at an NPC in Navea

    - New Eidolon Alice

    - Duelists' Temple: Daily Card dungeon

    - New Dungeon modes for Twilight Forest, Avarice Abyss, Otherworld: Emerald Marsh

    - Item Mall Costume Archive: New button in the backpack UI

    - In-Game Easter Event

    - Aura Chronicle System (includes new level 80 trophies)

    - New items

    Check out the full notes here!

  • Patch Notes, May 3rd

    by GS Doge


    Notes. Are. UP!

    Click me for notes!

    While April showers bring May flowers, our Patch brings you the long-awaited Housing System along with the fixed Star Fusion system! A quick overview:


    • Hall of the Thunder Baroness
    • Gaia Sanctuary Trial


    • Ayako
    • Quelkulan 3★

    Housing System

    Other Features

    • Secret Stone Improvements
    • Hidden Players Adjustment
    • Auction House Categories
    • Cleopawtra Drops added
    • Star Fusion System Fixed
    • Easter Event Removal
    • New PvP Arena Schedule (ง︡’-‘︠)ง
  • Patch Notes, June 22nd

    by GM Marlo


    Notes. Are. UP!

    Click me for notes!

    We’re kicking off summer with a blast! Be it delving into the frigid depths of a new dungeon,

    or gazing at Alucard’s hot new evolution, there’s something for all Envoys to enjoy in this new update.

    Without further ado, we present the long­-awaited Patch Notes!

    A quick overview:


    • Frozen Ruins of Zahr-­Kazaal
    • Otherworld Titan's Root / Cadilla Felwood


    • Eternia
    • Yumikaze
    • Alucard 3★
    • Gaia Chronicle Update


    • 80 Gear
    • Cheaper 70 Gear

    Housing System

    • New Ranks
    • New Furniture

    Other Features

    • Dragon Boat Festival Event
    • Inventory Item Lock
    • Costume Enchantment Transfer
    • Archaeology Map Pricing Adjustment
    • Material Optimization

    Big thanks to <GS>Doge!

  • Patch 28, October 12th

    by GM Mechium


    Come discover Aura Kingdom with these new updates!

    Far from being exhaustive or perfect, these patch notes are subject to change dependent on your feedback and comments on the forum.

    Hello Envoys of Gaia!

    Shrill screams fill the crisp fall air, those of fright and those of delight. We hope it will be more of the latter with the unveiling of yet more exciting new additions to Aura Kingdom. Today’s update is filled with treats, everything from a new Eidolon, updates to most classes, and long-awaited bug fixes. No tricks, we swear! (Hehehe.)

    New Eidolon: Faust- Knight of Darkness

    Did that shadow just move, or is it the knight of darkness himself? Clad in a hooded cowl and dark armor, Faust’s presence sets a chill in the bones. Faust holds many secrets under that cape of his, a rumored gift from the Devil himself that strengthens his esoteric arcane abilities. It is said that he can predict the future by simply reading the stars.

    Total 3-Star Buff: Movement Speed +5%, Chance to suffer a critical hit -75%

    Tomb of the Ancients: New Dungeon Modes

    • Located at Tanglevine Cascades, X: 85, Y: 208
    • Entries: Hell: 1/1; Solo (Hard Mode): 1/1
    • Reset Time: Hell: Every 2 hours
    • Reset Time: Solo (Hard Mode): Every 2 hours
    • Must have access to the Tanglevine Cascades and be Level 75 or higher.
    • Drops Lv85 Gold weapons/trophies
    • Amaterasu/Uriel may spawn at the end of Hell Mode!

    • Located at Sunhunter's Vale, X: 562, Y: 692
    • Entries: Hell: 1/1; Solo (Hard Mode): 1/1
    • Reset Time: Hell: Every 2 hours
    • Reset Time: Solo (Hard Mode): Every 2 hours
    • Must have access to the Tanglevine Cascades and be Level 75 or higher.
    • Drops Lv85 Gold weapons/trophies
    • Amaterasu/Uriel may spawn at the end of Hell Mode!


    • [Shield of Retribution] Attacks on you have a 20% chance to enrage you, triggering DMG dealt +10%, and an additional +40% to bosses and elites. Lasts for 4 sec. Cooldown: 8 sec
    • [Intimidating Shout] When you are attacked the DMG is reduced by 10% for 10 seconds for nearby enemies
    • [Brute Force] Increases DMG by 75% of DEF.
    • [Taunt] Every attack generates a huge amount of Malice. Your attacks inflict DEF -5% to nearby enemies.
    • [Sharpened Senses] Triggers Received CRIT -10% after evading an attack successfully. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts for 6 sec.


    • [Frenzied Blades] Your attacks have a 10% chance to increase DMG +20% of the main weapon and 100% for double strike. Lasts for 6 sec. Cooldown: 12 sec
    • [Swift Assassination] Swift Somersault triggers DMG +70% for your next attack.
    • [Horn of Reprisal] Your successful evasions have a 20% chance to trigger DMG +20%, DMG taken -25%, and ACC +20%. Lasts for 4 sec.


    • [Rage] When attacked, you have a 30% chance to increase CRIT DMG cap +5%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts for 6 sec.


    • [Flame and Lightning] Every attack has a 10% chance to trigger a powerful burst of Flame or Lightning that deals damage. Meteor Shot and Instant Thunder have a 20% chance to trigger Staff DMG +20% for 10 sec.
    • [Snowman] Crit Rate of Ice skills +10%

      Your attacks have a 10% chance to trigger DMG +20% the next time you cast Icy Curse or Ice Storm.

    • [Stormcaller] Storm-Elemental skills' DMG +10%.

      Your attacks have a 10% chance to trigger DMG +20% the next time you cast Icy Curse.


    • [Lash Out] Being attacked grants a 30% chance of gaining Damage Taken -20% and Crit rate + 20%. Lasts for 8 seconds.
    • [Revolver of Doom] When attacked 30% chance to trigger Doom Bullet for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Bullet types: Dual Pistols DMG +15%; max CRIT DMG +20%; CRIT +20%; DMG taken -10%. Only one Doom Bullet type can exist at a time.
    • [Gale Runner] + 10% Crit Rate for Storm skills. Attacks have a 10% chance that the next Sonic Bomb will cause 20% more damage.


    • [Precision Shooter] Grants Accuracy +10%, Damage to Boss monsters +15%, and Maximum Crit Damage +20%.
    • [Electromagnetism] +10% Crit rate to Lightning skills.

      Plasma Cannon has a 10% chance to cause 15% more damage and stun the target for 3 seconds.

    • [Precision Mortar] DMG dealt +15%. A 20% chance to trigger Rapid Bombardment, granting ATK SPD +80% for 6 sec. Cooldown: 12 sec


    • [Sorcery] Crit Rate of Dark skills +10%. Your attacks have a 10% chance to trigger DMG +20% the next time you cast Shadow Bolt or Soul Draw.
    • [Counterattack] Being attacked grants you a 20% chance of DMG +20% for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
    • [Arcane Shield] Conjure a shield that negates 25% of damage taken up to 3 times. Cooldown: 15 seconds.


    • [Child of the Sun] Damage of Holy skills +10%. Your attacks have a 20% chance to trigger DMG +50% the next time you cast Blissful Harmony.
    • [Sound Barrier] By performing a skill, you gain an aura that blesses nearby teammates with and -10% chance to suffer a critical hit as well as Damage taken -5%. This effect stacks 3 times.

      Note: This will not affect the caster.

    • [Angelic Melody] Triggers CRIT DMG +15% for nearby allies for 4 sec.


    • [Ride the Winds] By performing an attack, you have 10% chance to boost your next Swift Strike attack by Damage +30%.
    • [Truth Seeker] 50% chance of curing one abnormal status when evading. When you evade an attack, 50% chance to trigger all stats +10% and CRIT DMG +20% for 6 sec.
    • [Secret Techniques] Your CRITS trigger DMG +10% and Katar DMG +10% for 10 sec.


    • [Deadly Hunt] When casting a fully-charged Battle Bow skill, you have a 50% chance to receive the following effects: Battle Bow DMG +8% and CRIT DMG +10%. Lasts for 12 sec and stacks up to 5 times.
    • [Shadow Symphony] CRIT DMG +20% for Dark and Holy Light attacks. Your attacks have a 10% chance trigger DMG +30% the next time you cast Dimensional Shot or Arrow of Light.


    • [Selfless Soul] While Soul Blade is active, Tachi DMG +30%.
    • [Megaton Blast] Your CRITS have a 30% chance to trigger CRIT DMG +10%. Lasts for 7 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.


    • [Diabolic Potential]: You gain even more abilities for each Devil you have active. Increase your Scythe damage by 8% for every Devil you have active:

      Lulos: Your attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra DMG;

      Saga: Received CRIT -15%;

      Lapuree: Received CRIT DMG -30%; Your attacks trigger DMG +3%. Stacks up to 5 times; Nyquist: CRIT DMG +20%.

      Alia: Life Steal +1%.

    Holy Sword

    • [Frosty Edge] Your attacks on targets affected by Ice Splitter or Ice Boundary will deal extra damage and freeze them for 3 sec. This effect may occur only once every 8 sec. Also: CRIT DMG +5%. Lasts for 6 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.


    • [Ninjustsu: Destruction] CRIT Rate +10%. Your CRITS have a 20% chance to trigger Shuriken DMG +90% for 1.5 sec. Cooldown: 7 sec

    New Gaia Emblem

    Gaia Emblem IV maximum stats:

    Requires Level 70

    Requires 1,500,000 Eidolon points

    Maximum Skill Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed: 12%

    Max stats - Damage (Detailed): 8%

    Max stats - Damage Taken: 8%

    Max stats - Crit Rate: 8%

    Max stats - Accuracy: 8%

    Max stats - Evasion: 8%

    Max stats - Movement Speed: 14%

    Max stats - DMG against Elements: 14%

    Max stats - Elemental Damage Taken: 14%

    Max stats - Elemental Damage Dealt: 14%

    Newly released: Chapter 3, Allure of Darkness

    What Eidolons lurk within the murky ruins?

    Only the strongest will discover the secrets that lie in these tombs!

    Giant Pyramid: Tigerius Caesar

    Queen’s Oasis: Cleopawtra

    Golden Valley: Ghodroon

    Mausoleum of the Dead: ??

    Volcanic Castle: Zahiir

    Round Megalith Table: Cyril

    Remaining Areas: ??

    In addition, you can earn tokens and redeem them for Faust's Key Fragments!

    They’re big. They’re bad. They’re humongous tough pinatas full of goodies galore. The long-awaited World Bosses have arrived.

    Receive a daily quest from the Jailers of the Elite Monsters

    The new World Bosses spawn here:

    - Wednesday: Port Morton

    - Friday: Candetonn Hill

    - Saturday: Viridian Steppe

    - Sunday: Desolate Valley

    The quest rewards you with an item that you can use to buy various Lucky Packs in the Adventure Encyclopedia. The Lucky Packs contain costumes, Restructuring Solutions and more.

    In addition, other bosses found throughout the game have had hidden bonuses added to their drop lists. Check out the full Patch Notes to find out more!

    New Event: Beebis Race

    This event is located in Crescent Hill X: 452 Y: 686 and can be completed once daily.

    Requirements include completing an introductory quest as well as being level 65.

    Rewards range from free buffs to an exclusive new pet to new Encyclopedia rewards!


    In the spirit of spookiness, Aura Kingdom will be releasing new Halloween events and wallpapers. Keep an eye out for tricks and treats!

    Fixed Bugs

    Annette, the Anglers Anonymous Merchant located in Navea, has the Lv.7 Fishing Cores back in stock. Fishing Items have been re-organized, and the cores will be found under the 4th category.


    Some translations from the patch 27 have been implemented/fixed.

    Some of this patch’s translations have errors and will be fixed later.


    “Greeting” friends no longer awards Loyalty Points. However, your daily login reward will now include 100 Loyalty Points and 3 Megaphones (NT)! Remember to login and press “i” while in-game to claim it daily.

    Download the Patch Notes as PDF

  • Patch 29, November 9th

    by GM Mechium



    • New Eidolon - Harmonia
    • New Instance - Vault of Eternity
    • New Instance - Gaia’s Sanctuary - Trial (Solo)
    • New Features - Navea Farm & Fish Breeding
    • New Feature - Weapon Appearance Transfer
    • Sky Tower and Sky Realm Changes
    • Encyclopedia Changes
    • Adjustments and Optimization
    • Known Issues

    New Eidolon - Harmonia

    Welcome to your team the new stunning beauty, Harmonia! With her lovely music and absolute charm, she will make a great addition to your team. Just look at the SIZE of that harp!

    Star Buffs:

    1 Star: Double Down I - + 5% chance of a double attack

    2 Star: Essence of Life I - Max HP + 10%

    3 Star: Double Down II - + 10% chance of a double attack


    Bewitching Melody: Deals DPS; Duration 8 sec; Cooldown 3.8 sec

    Sanguine Melody: Deals DPS; Reduces Targets DEF; Duration 10 sec; Cooldown 9.6 sec

    Epic War Song: Increases surrounding party members DMG; Recovers party members HP/second; Duration 15 sec; Cooldown 28.8 sec

    New Instance - Vault of Eternity

    • After reaching Level 80, players will receive a quest [Lv. 80 Time Library] which will take them to the new instance, home to Eternia.
    • Watch out! This dungeon’s difficult!
    • 1 entry every 24 hours, starting at 6am
    • 6 Stages, each with greater stat reduction upon players.
    • After completion, players have a chance to receive a LV.80 Gold Attack Mastery book, a Lv.80 Unidentified Skill Mastery Book, or a third item, which you can collect enough of to obtain a Lv.80 Gold Skill Mastery with 20000 dragon points.
    • You may also come across Eternia’s Key Fragments!
    • Orange costumes too!
    • Released a new Grand Achievement Medal for the instance

    New Instance - Gaia’s Sanctuary - Trial (Solo)

    • Go to Crescent Hill
    • It’s the same as Gaia’s Sanctuary - Trial (Party), but adjusted for solo playing.
    • Lv.75+ only
    • One entry every 24 hours, starting at 6am
    • Another chance to earn Eidolon Fragments and Evolutionary Beads!

    New Features - Navea Farm & Fish Breeding

    Introducing the newest expansion to your house!

    Navea Farm

    A new area you can access on the housing skillbar. Talk to Anglers Anonymous Agent Nidal discover our brand new fishing mechanic!

    • Players can fish a limited number of new fish each day, which you can open to acquire various items including crafting materials for furniture
    • Players can breed various orange fish
    • Fishing each fish has a chance to give you a respective fry
    • The player will have ten chances to catch the fry before the spot disappears
    • More content to be added in a later patch

    Fish Handbook Released

    • Players can check fishing progress and scores by opening the Inventory's Archive
    • Caught fish will have a weight and size determined by the handbook and added to your score
    • Caught fish can be displayed in your house
    • Players can breed caught fish in the Fish Pool outside of the house
    • New furniture recipes added to the Housing NPC Merchant
    • Base maximum furniture in the house increased from 200 pts to 400 pts

    Fish Breeding

    • Players can buy specific breeds of fish hatchlings from an in-game NPC

    • Fish Kings are breedable, too!
    • Bred Fish Kings will have 3 chances to be caught
    • Players can give up on breedings and start new ones
    • Fish King Fry packs have a high chance to give players of a breeding-exclusive Fish King! (bait can be found in the exclusive orange fish found in Navea Farm, also sold by the new fishing merchant)
    • New Mount available through fish breeding the new Fish King, within the Adventure Encyclopedia

    New Feature - Weapon Appearance Transfer

    Introducing a highly-requested feature! Using a new item, players can transform in-game weapons into costume weapons!

    Which criteria must be met and which costumes are receivable?

    • +20 or higher forted weapons only
    • +20-24 yields a green quality costume item
    • +25-30 yields an orange quality costume item
    • The original weapon will be consumed on use
    • Stat bonuses etc. will be lost. A random costume weapon stat will be applied

    Sky Tower and Sky Realm Changes

    Sky Tower 3F: Lowered the required amount of “Essence of Forest”

    Sky Tower 26F: Adjusted the amount of objects and respawn speed of Trees and Energy Ore

    Sky Tower 31F:Lowered the required amount of “Souls”

    Sky Realm 1F:Lowered the required amount of “Stoneguard Souls”

    Sky Realm 2F:Lowered the required amount of “Beef, Eggs, and Corn”

    Sky Realm 3F: Lowered the required amount of “Fragile Memory” and “Dream Fragments”

    Encyclopedia Changes

    • Lv50-Lv75 gears dragon points costs reduced
    • Lv65-Lv75 Golden gears and Lv70 purple PVP gears can now be claimed
    • LV70 gears and weapon enchantment packs can now be claimed

    Adjustments and Optimization

    Amongst other minor adjustments:

    • Potential client crash fixed
    • Limited item mall items now reset on Wednesdays
    • Paragon Table fixes and adjustments
    • Subterranean Ruins adjusted to be shorter
    • Mail Inbox - New function to select, open and delete all mails (yay!):

    • PvP Schedule Adjustments:

    Known Issues :cry:

    • The Star Evolution System currently can't be used in the Guild Hall. It is still active in Navea.
    • The Message Board in your house was causing players to crash when certain conditions were met. It is temporarily not possible to use the message system. The board itself remains visible.

    We expect a fix for these two issues by next week.

    • On the French version few players have been crashing when joining a PvP map.

    If you experience this crash, please contact a GS and forward your crash log. X-Legend needs this information to find the cause of this 'random' issue.

    Have a great time!

    You Aura Kingdom Team

  • Patch 30, November 29th

    by GM Mechium



    Christmas Holidays are coming! Find out the new content to celebrate with us.


    • New Eidolon - Muse
    • New 3-Star Form – Bealdor
    • Christmas Event
    • New Christmas Loading Screen
    • Alchemy & Refinery Improvements
    • Known Issues

    New Eidolon - Muse


    Welcome to your team the master of art and music, Muse! With her incredible style and poses, she will remind you of the loveliest idols you’ll ever know. Is Muse a part of the Hello ! Project? If you want the answer, you know what you have to do!

    Waiting for you, she resumes her performances in Navea, cheered by the inhabitants and travelers from around the world.

    It is said that her smile is efficacious. Only one glance and you will be overwhelmed with happiness.

    Muse loves her jewels, especially her precious prism.

    Star Buffs:

    1 Star: Double Down I - + 5% chance of a double attack

    2 Star: Acolyte I – Damage against Dark Targets + 15%

    3 Star: Double Down II - + 10% chance of a double attack


    Amplified Assault: Stuns Target; duration 4 sec; cooldown 8 sec

    Danceable Distraction: Target can't be healed; duration 8 sec; cooldown 9.9 sec

    Glorious March: Party members recover HP by 8% of DMG received; duration 8 sec; cooldown 29.8 sec

    New 3-Star Form – Bealdor

    Brace yourselves, ladies! Bealdor received a new incredible look for his 3-star appearance.


    Fangirling is allowed.

    This form will be unlocked when your eidolon is 3-star evolved.

    Christmas Event

    Christmas is finally here! Come and celebrate with us!


    Discover 2 new Lv.25 daily quests!

    Both are available in Crescent Hill (X:719, Y:494)

    You can obtain a Christmas Tree to place in your House to celebrate Christmas with your friends!

    New Christmas Loading Screen

    To continue the Holidays celebrations, find out our new Christmas loading screen!

    After all, Halloween is long over.

    Alchemy & Refinery Improvement

    We all know, alchemy for the alchemy gold medal takes an arm and a leg to finish.

    As many of you have requested, we adjusted the crafting duration – crafting an item will now take 1 second instead of 3 seconds.

    New World Boss Lucky Packs

    Yes, we have overhauled the World Boss Lucky Packs:

    • 4 (Custom) Costumes in each Lucky Pack
    • 15 x Secret Stone Randomizer (NT)
    • Weapon Appearance Transfer Scroll (NT)
    • Supreme Equipment Restructuring Solution - Gold, Purple, Orange - in both tradable and non-tradable versions
    • 10 x Advanced Weapon Fortification Scroll 3 (NT)
    • 10 x Advanced Armor Fortification Scroll 3 (NT)
    • 5 x Advanced Accessory Fortification Scroll (NT)
    • 10 x Premium Treasure Charm (NT)
    • 5 x Super Treasure Charm (NT)
    • 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 9,000 Loyalty Points
    • Lv80 Unidentified Formulas
    • Lv70 Legendary Enchantment Boxes

    The World Boss Facemask Lucky Pack will remain in-game for a while, though the vouchers are not receivable any more. If you still have a World Boss Facemask Voucher, don't forget to redeem the Facemask Lucky Pack soon!

    Please note: The Lucky Packs are missing their names currently, but they work as intended!

    Known Issues

    • The server time has changed due to new location of the servers. The PvP schedule etc. will be adjusted.
    • Starting the launcher for the first time after the virtualization causes a false "Maintenance" pop-up to appear. Restarting the launcher will solve this issue. If however you use Steam:
    • open AK's folder, open the file 'connect.ini' and change the IP to: (Example: Server=,6545)

    Finally, we thank you all for your patience during the long maintenance! Today's maintenance also replaces tomorrow's maintenance. The next weekly maintenance is scheduled for 7th December 2016.