[Guide] Overall PvE Duelist

  • Written by: philx495


    I. Basics of DPSing

    II. SubClass

    III. Distributing ATK/DEF Points

    IV. Duelist Skills/Rotation

    V. Masteries

    VI. Envoy Path

    VII. Eidolons

    VIII. Equipment

    IX. Food/Drink

    X. Examples

    XI. Videos

    I. Basics of DPSing

    Not going to go into much detail here and just post a few links.

    II. Subclass

    My opinions on what each subclass has to offer.

    • Bard: Provides the highest impact damage and self healing. I feel that keeping tunes of march up with ballad is inconvenient for a duelist compared to other classes. You hit harder but I feel that the dps is lower in comparison to a subclass that offers a high amount of SPD. If you're in a party with a gunslinger or bow buff, then I'd choose bard sub.

    • Brawler: Blits for an instant gap closer with a stun, Electrocution if you want a third gap closer, Sparks and Flame for a large aoe if combined with the +5 meters from secret stone, Swift Strike for a flat -DEF, and a CRIT/DMG buff. The level 60 Sky Tower crafted katars give a high amount of HP and a +35% C. DMG proc.

    • Grenadier: CRIT buff, combo skills, ranged stun, -DEF skill, and ranged aoe freeze. The healing crystal has too long of a cooldown to consider being useful in regular dungeon runs. I prefer this sub more in PvP than in PvE.

    • Guardian: 2k+ DEF buff, combo skills, -% DEF with sword slash mastery, and windfury is all this class really has to offer. I wouldn't recommend this as a sub.

    • Gunslinger: Still the best sub overall in my opinion. The class buff gives an insane amount of SPD. You get combo skills and traps. Dark Flare Trap is a strong DoT with a small aoe range, and it can inrease your movement speed by 5/7% if you use the mastery. Frost Trap is a very beneficial to the party and increases the chance for the target to take a critical hit. -% DEF if you use the bombardment mastery. Gunslinger sub is mainly for the SPD buff to help cap or get near cap SPD.

    • NecromancerFrozen Tomb aoe freeze and a weak SPD buff. Terrible sub for any class except maybe Sorcerer or Ronin for combo skills.

    • Ranger: Just like gunslinger you get a nice SPD buff, but weaker by about 1000. The main reason you'd choose ranger over gunslinger is for Blessing of the Winds, 30% chance to do extra damage. It's also convenient to have a ranger buff since there are already so many sub gunslingers these days. A bonus for being ranger sub is that you get 2 aoe skills that are pretty strong when fully charged and more flat -DEF.

    • Ravager: Ravager sub has a very strong combo skill, Violent Bombardment, that is stronger than your regular skill rotation. It also gives a large crit buff for 10 seconds(only when it doesn't kill the target). This sub provides another gap closer, Soaring Slash, and some extra aoe. Round and Round's damage is taken from your duelist weapon's damage, but still doesn't do much without a full rage bar. The rage bar is pretty much useless now that it decays so fast with the recent nerf.

    • Ronin: CRIT buff, stun, and dashes. I don't recommend this as a subclass.

    • Sorcerer: Cleanse, Nightmare Totem, and Soul Draw. Good subclass for soloing or if you want to help support your party for smoother runs.

    • Wizard: +20% CRIT DMG buff, aoe stun Instant Thunder, and aoe freeze Ice Storm.

    Any subclass will work. Just choose one you like and make it work for you. If you want the highest possible DPS, then there are obvious choices.

    III. Distributing ATK/DEF Points

    • DMG - All your extra ATK points will go into DMG

    • CRIT - Spend enough points into CRIT until you have at least 60% unbuffed CRIT

    • SPD - When using either Lethal Beast or Sniper bottom setI, invest enough points into SPD until you have 47% self buffed. If you're using the Lions Roar set don't invest any points into SPD.

    • HP - All the extra points after DEF will go into HP

    • DEF - Spend enough points into DEF until you have 75%.

    • EVA - Any extra points left after HP will go into EVA

    *You could also aim for at least 80k HP and put the rest of your points into EVA if you can

    IV. Duelist Skills/Rotation

    Boss Rotation:

    Slash Cut>Cross Slash>Deadly Wink

    *skip Slash Cut until you need to recast the debuff

    You can do Snowflower+Deadly Wink in one jump. You should only do it if you are confident in your jump casting. If you're too slow you'll end up failing and getting stuck in Deadly Wink's animation.

    Rotation for regular mobs:

    Slash Cut>Snowflower>Deadly Wink

    *Slash Cut has a 2-meter aoe and is good for reducin DEF on multiple stacked mobs. Snowflower to give yourself more C. DMG for Deadly Wink. Throw in a Dancing Balisong if you need some extra aoe and Deadly Wink is on cool down or if you need an emergency heal. If you have 50% or close to 50% SPD you can spam Deadly Wink during Purple Lightning to clear out mobs more quickly. Make sure to position yourself well and be careful how, when, and if you should jump cast Deadly Wink. When a bunch of mobs are hitting you and you're trying to jump cast, you slightly get hit up higher and that can cause you to fail cast. Fail cast meaning your skill doesn't do damage resulting in no life leeched and probably death.

    Be sure to have Somersault and Dancing Balisong ready in case you need to change your rotation to adapt to situations where you're in danger of dying. Though I don't have Balisong on my key bindings anymore, it is still a good skill for an emergency heal in a crowd of mobs.

    If you are not jump casting your skills, leave Snowflower out of your rotation. When you do jump cast Snowflower there is no need to jump cast Deadly Wink since the animation for Snowflower is very short and you can cast Deadly Wink before landing. You should jump cast all your skills, because it will allow you to sneak in auto-attacks in between casting your skills increasing your dps. You should also remember to back stab as much as you can unless you pull aggro, then allow your party members to back stab instead.

    It is possible to cancel Deadly Wink's animation and cast auto attacks without jumping. I prefer not to do it this way, but you can do it by holding W while casting Deadly Wink. I'd just stick to Jump>Snowflower>Deadly Wink. When jump casting Slash Cut, Cross Slash, and Snowflower you have to do it quickly. If you do it too slow even by a little bit, you will fail cast and do no damage. If you can't do it fast enough because of delays, then wait until you're at the peak of the jump. For Deadly Wink just instantly cast it right after Snowflower. Wait until the peak of your jump if you're casting Deadly Wink without Snowflower combo.

    Slash Cut: A great opening skill for reducing the target's DEF. Paired with the Crackling Slash mastery you get an extra DoT. This skill also as a small AoE range of 2 meters.

    Cross Slash: One of your highest damaging skills with a powerful DoT. Be sure to maintain 3 stacks of this skill's DoT on bosses.

    Somersault: A great mobility skill used to dodge any incoming attacks. With the right timing you can solo most if not all bosses with ease. What you'll mostly be using this skill for is to move through dungeons faster. Combine it with other gap closers and high move speed you faster than players with even more move speed than you. Somersault also gives a nice 8% flat boost to your EVA and 10% DMG, but it only lasts 5 seconds.

    Snowflower: A quick nuking skill. It has one of the shortest skill animations in the game. You can pair Snowflower with another skill in one jump while still sneaking in auto attacks. This is also a great skill to use if you lack crit damage for regular mobs with its +75% crit dmg to your next attack.

    Purple Lightning: Increases your CRIT by about 7%, move speed by 20%, and -20% damage taken. You can equip The Soulless and Sorrow blades while casting Purple Lightning to increase its duration by 10 seconds(the -20% damage taken duration will not be increased). The 20% move speed is the best part about this skill, so trying to keep Purple Lightning up most of the time is good.

    Whirling Dance: This is your gap closer. There's not much use for it except for helping you move through dungeons faster by using it on any mob ahead of you, and using it to bring you straight to the boss.

    Deadly Wink: The hardest hitting and best AoE skill you have. Sadly Deadly Wink is a frontal AoE skill. While Purple Lightning is up Deadly Wink gets a decrease in its cool down and a DoT. This Cross Slash and Deadly Wink will be your two most common attacks.

    Dancing Balisong: A great AoE that heals you for a fixed amount per target hit. You'll always heal to full in a crowd of mobs using this skill. It's a great AoE skill, but you shouldn't use it too often as it can leave you vulnerable with its long animation. This skill is your biggest AoE and it isn't limited to being a frontal AoE like Deadly Wink is.

    V. Masteries

    General Skills: Crackling Slash or a stun/-def mastery for sub skill.

    Attack Spec: Zeal is the best dps attack mastery.

    Advanced Skills: Lightning Strike to clear mobs quicker. From the Shadows for bosses and if your party can clear mobs fast enough.

    Defense Spec: Extreme Speed

    Tactical Spec: Break Defense or Organized Sabotage. Break Defense is useless in the 3 dragon dungeons.

    Special Skills: The Best Defense

    VI. Envoy Path

    Important envoys

    Frenzy: 25% chance to deal 50% bonus damage. A must have for DPS.

    Bat Fang: Absorb 3% of damage dealt to restore your own HP. Another must have.

    Born of Desperation: You gain +30% flat EVA for 8 seconds when your HP drops below 40%. This is a great envoy for when you're doing b2b. EVA helps boost your survivability by a lot and this envoy gives you 30%!

    Caustic Venom: 10% chance to inflict the target with a 3 second DoT with a burst of damage at the end. The DoT ticks for a total of 11/16 times. The last tick is about 3-4x stronger than the other ticks. The weaker ticks tick at a rate of .3 seconds and .2 seconds with 34%+ SPD.

    Here's a post more focused on how Caustic Venom works by LeonmitchelliGD

    This envoy requires you to be at least level 63. Take whatever envoys you want/need for combo skills, more evasion, more hp, or cross slash aoe to help better your play style.

    Some example envoys you could use at level 75

    No combo skills



    A lot of people seem to think Caustic Venom isn't a great envoy and prefer to take Cross Slash envoys. What most people don't know about Caustic Venom is that it ticks for a total of 15 times within 3 seconds, then there's a burst of damage after. I prefer Caustic Venom over the two Cross Slash envoys. The +2 meter AoE is too small to be that effective and the 6% damage increase is too small. If you want AoE, you can take the two Deadly Wink envoys and spam Deadly Wink while Purple Lightning is up. With the envoys, Purple Lightning, and enough speed you should be able to cast Deadly Wink as soon as the GCD is down.

    One more thing, do not take Dream State. It doesn't work very well in pve, and does not work in pvp.



    Bel-Chandra: +25% normal attack speed, +5% flat crit, +10% flat crit

    Yarnaros: +25% normal attack speed, +8% dmg, +16% dmg

    Eligos: +25% normal attack speed, +8% dmg, +16% dmg

    Zaahir: +25% normal attack speed, +5% flat crit, +10% flat crit


    Serif: -50% crit dmg taken, +10% HP, +20% HP

    Aelius: +5% movespeed, +5% flat eva, +10% flat eva

    Kotonoha: +5% movespeed, +5% flat eva, +10% flat eva

    VIII. Equipment

    Lvl 1-49: Choose any gear you wish to wear it doesn't really matter.

    Lvl50-59: For armor you can either choose to use top requiem and bottom aria or the full aria set.

    Lvl 60+:


    You'll want a weapon with either holy or ice element. Ice element is best if you are focused on single target. Holy element to increase your AoE damage.

    The Soulless and Sorrow

    Base Damage : 20406

    Base Crit : 572

    Base Speed : 552

    Base Evasion : 821

    CRIT +3% Duration of Purple Lightning +10 seconds Every attack has an 8% chance to channel Evil Spirits, which deals bonus Damage

    Just get any pair of these blades. Their use will be to swap to them before buffing Purple Lightning to add 10 seconds to its duration, then swap back to your main blades. You don't need to get one with high stats and/or fortify it.

    Demonic Blades

    Base Damage: 19208

    Base Crit: 572

    Base Speed: 552

    Base Evasion: 821

    SPD +3%

    Damage against bosses +10%

    Every attack has an 8% chance to deal bonus damage

    These will be your blades from level 60-69. Provides 10% boss damage, a bonus damage proc(70% or 80% I forgot), and can be crafted with a destroyer core. There's no point in going for 65 weapons.

    Chillblood Dual Blades

    Base Damage: 25616

    Base Crit: 871

    Base Speed: 679

    Base Evasion: 1239

    CRIT DMG against Boss Monsters +25%

    DMG dealt to Boss Monsters +10%

    One of the best blades available. More affordable to get and 5-star than 75 blades. Craft with a destroyer core.

    Dual Blades: Razors of the Demonic Abyss

    Base Damage : 27025

    Base Crit : 929

    Base Speed : 726

    Base Evasion : 1319

    DMG +3% for Dual Blades Weapon

    "Deadly Wink" DMG +20%

    These are the best blades in game. It boosts your strongest skill's damage by +20% and adds 3% dmg to your primary weapon damage(works the same as your Duelist Mastery in envoy path). I don't recommend these blades unless you can get a 137%+ and 5-star it. In 90% reductions(pretty much all hell modes) both the 70 blades and 75 OW blades are pretty equal. Here's a comparison between the two while soloing Reinhardt in hell mode.

    Reinhardt Solo w/ 70 weapon and Reinhardt Solo w/ 75 weapon. Both have destroyers so they're on equal terms. The 70 blades came out slightly faster, but that's just a difference of a zeal proc. Both blades are 130% and 140% 5-star.

    Subclass Weapons

    Just choose any sub weapon with 10/12% boss damage.

    Also go get yourself a full set of elemental subs. It doesn't take much gold to roll them at the weapon merchant in guild hall. Since you're a duelist you can get away with not having a nocturnal sub making it easier to find yourself elemental subs. But if you want destroyer, then you'll have to invest quite a lot in rolling or buying them from others.












    Armors (top set)

    If you can't at least +15 your devourer I suggest you use this set. Titan tops provides -15% damage taken from bosses, -5% general damage taken, and a great amount of HP and defense.

    This is the best top set for dealing damage to bosses until you get your full sniper set. Don't be fooled by stats given by revelations and most of the yellow 65 armors. The 15% boss damage allows Devourer to outdps all other top sets except Ambusher and sniper tops paired with sniper bottoms.

    Sniper tops is the best top set for dps when paired with sniper bottoms. Don't go for this set yet until you have your bottom set.

    Armors (bottom set)

    To start off at level 60 you should use this set for the 15% boss damage.

    The bottom sniper set is the best dps bottom set in the game. Provides 12% detailed damage which applies to all types of enemies and +30% crit damage to bosses. Has a huge amount of DEF, DMG, SPD, and CRIT. The recipes can be quite expensive, but it'll be worth it. Make sure to craft with imperial cores. You can craft 1 imperial of each and use them. Over time you can use orange restructuring solutions to reroll the stats. If you +18/20 you won't need high % DEF rolls to cap DEF. The DMG, CRIT, and SPD stats would matter more, but doesn't mean you can't have both.


    Talamund's Infernal Whisper, Gekasso's Eye of Insanity, Saint Hale's Divine Band

    Total set stats:

    Base Damage : 1698

    Base Speed : 598

    Base HP : 2470

    Damage +9%

    Crit Damage +12%

    A good and cheap set to start off with.

    Soaring King Set

    A.K.A. the Flokja set. This is the best accessory to use against violent bosses. The proc is every critical hit has a 16% chance to deal 70% bonus damage on the next hit. I recommend you don't waste gold on this set and just get it through dragon points or skip it. the level 70 Blinding Reflection set can be just as good with damage enchantment cards and can be crafted with imperial cores. Downside is that it offers no HP. You should mostly be using elemental accessories anyway if you're not too lazy too to swap.

    Elemental accessories give +30% damage dealt to x element. Also found in the encyclopedia for dragon points.

    Dark Accessories

    Ice Accessories

    Storm Accessories

    Lightning Accessories

    Flame Accessories

    Holy Accessories

    Blinding Reflection Set

    This set is mainly for the move speed. You can craft these accessories with imperial cores for a total of 9% move speed. It's also a good subsitute for Flokja providing some SPD and a lot of CRIT, but no HP. Flokja's zeal is still better for dpsing though. This set can be more viable when accessory fortification comes to our version of Aura Kingdom.


    Malodnak's Sharp Claw

    Use from level 60-69.

    Malodnak's Dark Claw

    Your main trophy until you hit level 70. Craft using an imperial core.

    Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth

    This will be your main trophy at level 70+. Best dps trophy in game. Craft this trophy with an imperial core.

    Elemental trophies can easily be obtained through the encyclopedia with dragons points and Angler's Gold Doubloon from fishing fish kings.

    Flame Trophy

    Ice Trophy

    Dark Trophy

    Storm Trophy

    Holy Trophy

    Lightning Trophy

    Secret Stones

    You should have 2% dmg on all your stones. The second stat can be crit dmg, 1% crit rate, % eva, or % HP.

    To decide whether you should use thunderous or zephyr stones. Thunderous stones if you find it difficult to get more than 80k hp.

    Enchantment Cards

    IX. Food/Drink

    Pop Rocks:

    DEF +1180 and Max HP +10% HP

    Exquisite Honey Nut Drink:

    DEF +2083, Max HP +2692, and Max HP +10%

    Best level 70+ defensive drink. Only for those that lack DEF.

    Sweet Flower Cake:

    DEF +2083, EVA +986, and DMG received -5%

    Best level 70+ defensive food. Only for those that lack DEF.

    Royal Jelly Tea:

    EVA +530 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best DPS drink.

    Filet Mignon:

    DMG +1603 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Multigrain Toast:

    SPD +823 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Condensed Snowdrop Ice Cream:

    DMG +3124, CRIT +986, and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best level 70+ DPS food if you don't need SPD.

    Top-Class Seafood and Greens Teppanyaki:

    SPD +1602, CRIT +986, and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best level 70+ DPS food if you need SPD.

    Fish with Mushroom Sauce:

    CRIT +1180 and +30% CRIT Damage

    Use this food only if you lack crit damage.

    Chef's Special Vanilla Fried Pork Cutlet:

    CRIT +1602, SPD +986 and CRIT Damage +30%

    A better version of the fish fillet. It provides the same amount of crit damage, but more CRIT and it even gives SPD. Use if you lack crit damage.

    X. Examples

    The "Post your Stats!" thread in duelist section

    XI. Videos

    A few videos showing how I deal with both mobs and bosses.

    My YouTube channel

    Otherworlds Party/Hell Solo

    Landing of the Sky Dragon Solo

    Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen Solo

    OW AT Solo with different build having 43% while using elemental accessories

    Duelist/Ravager in full sniper soloing Landing

    Temple of Eidolon(Light Path) Solo Pre 70 Weapons

    Temple of Eidolon(Light Path) Solo Post 70 Weapons

    Temple of Eidolon(Dark Path) Solo

    Shadow Knight Reinhardt Hell Mode Solo ~18 sec

    Frozenlea Plains Hell Mode Full Run

    Otherworld CC/DC Party+Hell Solo