[Explanation] Bard mechanic. and jump cast

  • Written by: paladin871002


    Hi, we notice that there are a lot of bards who does not utilize the feature of bard mechanics, the bar which consist of 3 red and green notes on left and right. therefore i wish this explanation will help fellow bards in future

    The bard mechanic

    The top long slender bar is the bard mechanic bar, it has 3 red note on left and green on right. This means you can stack 3 stacks of each note max, more stack on red notes results on more DMG bonus (3 stack are DMG+12% in detailed damage), while more green notes adding the radius of your healing AOE.

    When red note charged, your dmg skills ability increased as "tune of march" shown, and it is added to your detailed damage (your bonus dmg against player/elite/boss), this feature is one of the reason for bard sub to take place. they make the 3 stack of red note to empower their main skill damage, since this note are affect the detailed damage.

    When green note charged, your healing skills improved as "tune of harmony shown", For bards, the most important feature of this is YOUR HEAL BECOME AOE ! (except ballad), when your holy note and heal harmony become AOE, you practically does not need to aim anybody to cast heal, what you need to do is run alongside them and cast. So, you can go DPS bosses, and cast holy note in intervals/when party members in danger, without specifically select a member to heal. When your single target heal become AOE, when you dps boss/mob and "select" boss/mob, the single target heal will automatically cast on yourself, when u run alongside them, the AOE will spread to your party members.

    To charge your "tune of march", you need bard healing skills (ballad, heal tone, heal harmony, holy note), to charge your "tune of harmony", you need bard atk skills (bliss harmony, storm song, ambient drone). due to charge one side will use up one note on the other side, so practically it would be 3 notes total at most (white senpai noticed notes doesnt consume nor generate whn you in melee range, but i not really recommend to do spartan lol)

    The storm song - holy note combo

    After the explanation about notes, here comes the storm song - holy note combo explanation. It is highly recommended to get 43-50% SPD upon in battle. When SPD capped, your holy note to be in 2.8s CD, near capping SPD is important because your holy note is main heal in this combo. You ballad duration is 15s, so you only need to refresh ballad WITHIN 15s is fine.

    Storm song is a very quick CD bard attack with -DEF mastery, the advantage obviously is the -DEF to boss, which improve overall DPS rate of the team, even you are just a bard. Holy note is the only direct heal that without cast bar. When you have cast bar like healing harmony and heal tone, the problem is you must be stand on ground when the cast bar loads, also, within that 1-1.5s (the cast bar is the loading bar like blue bar which loads when you cast above 2 skills), your member probably kiss the floor already, so i not recommend to use heal tone and harmony in dire time, use holy note instead, at least u drag enough HP for them to noct leech and save themselves (if not 1 hit KO). The cast bar is really bad, because you cannot jump cast or move cast.

    So please no, do not ballad - heal tone - spam until they tag you as heal bot, those method are obsolete, you will found yourself in hard way in higher end dungeon, especially dragons (lament, landing, siege) which require more mobility to handle well.

    If your storm song at (1), bliss harmony at (2), holy note at (3), ballad at (4), it could be 444 (3 stack ballad before start combat) then 1213 123 1234 123 123 1234 123 123 1234 - repeat. Of course, in actual you doesnt do perfect 1234 thing like robot, you need to watch over the situation too, but my point is, use bard atk skill to charge heal note, when heal note full, cast heal, then dps again until your holy note CD full, then holy note again.

    If you find yourself out of range, you can always use AD to charge a green note. It does not have any restriction of skills, as long as your objective of charge note is fulfilled.

    The jump casting

    In dungeons, sometimes stand still and heal/attack is dangerous, and in most skills, there are animation time that makes you stationary when animation loaded. It is dangerous in most cases, therefore, you need jump cast skills.

    In practice, jump casting consist of "jump" first then "skills" on mid air. when you able to move when you cast skills that makes you stationary (like ambient drone and holy note), mean your jump cast is success.

    While static jump cast is fine enough, use "A" and "D" to perform side way circle move sometimes better than use "W" and "D", since "D' movement speed is lol. It is fine to being lazy and do not jump cast, but it is recommended to jump evade the AOE.

    For other DPS class, jump casting is for release auto-attack (AA) of your weapons, They using them to skip animation, not only for AA, but also the stand stationary problems. Bards do have AA, but our low weapon dmg makes it just optional to count AA in.

    Thank you for reading and please put some feedback if you found my words are missing something, Afterall my bard is not my main char :D Enjoy your life as a bard.

    Credit: white senpai who explained alot too, AI92_eu who noted some missing points, also to some OP bards in game like minorin.