Wizard Guide and explanation

  • Written by: paladin871002


    Hi, I am IllyaYuki from Phoenix (formally Siren), This wizard explanation is more general to popular subs than specific sub. Myself is currently a wiz/bard

    A. Wizards

    B. Subclass choices

    C. Damage mechanics

    D. Stats

    E. Envoy

    F. Masteries

    G. Secret Stones

    H. Eidolons

    I. Gear pairing

    J. Game play


    - I am not a good wiz, at least from gear POV (I m lazy)

    - Special effects are more valuable than raw damage, you can have +0 but set effect must be there, with decent survivability.

    - This TW guide provide useful information about wizards, you can take it as reference if you know Chinese. :D

    - If there are something missing or incorrect info, please tell me, thanks in advance.

    A. Wizards

    The wizards is a ranged DPS who are expert in crowd control. You have your spammable ice storm medium AOE immobilize, your slowing icy curse, stunning instant thunder and elemental burst against 4 elements. Their main strength are ranged AOE, free 25% elemental dmg and CC.

    However as a wizard, you should prepared your mind that you are squishy, therefore, positioning skills for wizard are far more important and other class. To be frank, your DPS rate would not even reach level of LancerGOD and shuriGOD with similar gear, we are only middle tier, maybe upper middle.

    B. Subclass choices

    C. Damage mechanics

    Defensively, there are a few points to tell here

    - Elemental armor is important in PVE when you have problem on fortification budget, 25% dmg reduction from elemental skills, either get +9 elemental set or 5star +15-20 armor with dark element. For PVP, violent is best.

    - dmg taken SS are DR1 against player is not useful at least for wizards

    - Cap DEF is a must, safe to aim 18k DEF in combat DEF @LV65 and 21k DEF for LV75+

    Offensively, there are 6 criteria to determine your efficient damage, zeal, skill rotations, elemental damage, detail damage, raw stats, debuffs

    1. Detail dmg

    (in dark blue)

    - Highlighted sentence are from detailed DMG%, THEY ARE IMPORTANT when you dealt with higher end dungeons like dragons and h_ell mode which is 90% reduction.

    - example of detail dmg source - DMG+2 SS, sniper set, boss dmg from devourer set, ambusher set.

    - There are different set of dungeon damage reduction, but the two that really concern your PVE game play are sky tower 70% and dragon/pryoclastic/temperous/he ll dungeons 90%.

    Example of a PVE boss in dragons (90% reduction), ignoring other parameters (like element, DEF)

    Say you deal 20k dmg with 10% boss dmg, my dmg is (1-0.9+0.1)x20k = 4k dmg

    If i hit the same boss with 12k dmg with 30% boss dmg, my dmg is (1-0.9+0.3) x 12k = 4.8k dmg

    From above example, you can see, even i have inferior raw dmg (12k vs 20k), but my boss dmg is high, i dealt more ACTUAL DMG than you.

    2. Elemental dmg

    (In red)

    - elemental dmg starts having better effect especially when your boss dmg pass about 60%. Also boss dmg have diminishing effect as u stack more and more.

    - Source are LV 65 elemental trophies from fishing, LV 65/85 elemental acc set from DP and drops

    - Often they taking slot with detail dmg like subweapon and head costume card so consideration must be made.

    So, how to choose? say it is elemental subweapon 30% or 10% boss dmg subweapon, say i m in 90% reduction dungeon

    If existing i got 10% element, 20% boss dmg

    if i wield 30% element, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.2)x(1.4) = 0.42

    if i wield 10% boss dmg, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.3)x (1.1) = 0.44 (better)

    If existing i got 10% element, 60% boss dmg

    if i wield 30% element, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.6)x(1.4) = 0.98 (better)

    if i wield 10% boss dmg, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.7)x (1.1) = 0.88

    If existing i got 50% element, 20% boss dmg

    if i wield 30% element, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.2)x(1.8 ) = 0.54

    if i wield 10% boss dmg, my dmg will be (1-0.9+0.3)x (1.5) = 0.60 (better)

    Further reading for boss dmg and elemental dmg: Lionstaring chart

    3. Zeal

    - Zeal counted as x% of your DMG dealt, counted crit dmg, so better your total output by all factors, stronger your zeal, and each zeal proc act independent of other zeal proc, only dependent on your DMG dealt and RNGesus. Please note that even u use AOE, it seems the zeal proc are on individual target, not collectively zeal to all.

    - Example of zeal is evil eagle scythe, staff of stars, flokja set, dual drive weapon cards

    4. skill rotations

    - Enough SPD is important for wizards to perform their strongest skills rotation efficiently, also how you chain the skills in the GCD and jump casting

    - Skills rotations shall be discussed in Section J, game play, so i only include a little on AA speed here. This cap is not written in anywhere.

    A little section for Auto Atk Speed (AA)

    AA is good for most class who jump cast (maybe except bow which difficult to jump cast), the formula is (weapon spd, in wiz case is 2.2s)(1-AA%) which cap at 0.5 (2 hit per sec). for wiz case, it is 78%, the AA% is count by SPD + AA spd from SS, envoy, eido buff, etc), so, cap it or not? Normally cap SPD + 25% AA spd eido like Eligos/ yarnaros/ bel chan is enough.

    5. Raw stats

    - Offensive raw stats, SPD, CRIT are important, choosing your gear without severely handicap your stats is a must to dish out good dmg.

    - SPD is to maintain your skill rotation smoothness, yes or no you should have minimum SPD

    - CRIT is important to dish out crit dmg, at least 60% since you doesnt have traps eveytime (unless you are gun sub)

    - low crit high crit dmg or vice versa is not efficient, you must have high enough crit dmg also, at least 200%

    - after having kind amount of SPD CRIT and crit dmg, then you can up ur raw DMG without sacrificing item 1-4 above.

    5. Debuffs

    - For cap for -DEF% reduction, many players stated that it observed to be caps at -50% (like white and leon senpai), u can get from break defense, storm curse mastery, etc

    - However, flat DEF debuff, like ice elemental burst are not boundary found, therefore use your ice elemental burst wisely if important. Our ice elemental burst is best flat -DEF in game, come with problem of RNG and boss animation toooooooooo freaking long

    Note: debuffs are highly class/subclass specific so in gearing section, you couldnt consider them.

    Dummy verison: work for boss dmg at least 60% (more is better), then work for elemental dmg (at least you have to get elemental trophy), if you have spare gold, go for zeal. While doing so, dun get your crit below 50% (70% is recommended) and cap SPD when you are LV 70+ in dungeon.

    D. Stats

    The stats points are in the char window (C), the stats points are meant for you to add on your stats AFTER your gear, they are neither ratio or anything, jus top up after you considered your gear and buff. There are a lot of consideration about it since your party members are varied, unless you are in permanent static party.

    (sorry for putting an old pic but it doesnt matter anyway)

    DMG - attack stat, it is your raw damage, multiplied with your skill modifier (with level modifier) would be your basic damage in section C.

    CRIT - crit rate, since most wizards are going for SPD route, recommend to add here after SPD, if you can get 70%+ (counted envoy path), u can choose to invest on DMG because crit will have diminishing effect once you have high crit. it capped at 100%

    SPD - it affect cooldown of your skills, which it is important in AK wizards, dun get below 25% when you LV 60+. It will boosted to more SPD as you get them. it capped at 50%

    Dummy version: cap SPD (with buffs/food), crit 70%+, the rest raw DMG

    HP - HP amount reach 0 = death, it is recommended that you get HP after u get your DEF

    DEF - important stat, normally it should be about 60%+ for LV 60ish, get at least75% (or 21k DEF after LV 75), and cap it wherever you can, with buff food and everything. it capped at 80%.

    EVA - evasion is largely useless for wizard, you are too squishy to make EVA any good as current content. It capped at 95%, also, the boss bonus accuracy enough to make your EVA splat and rekt.

    Dummy version: cap DEF (26k at LV 75+) with food whatever, the rest HP, EVA is largely useless other than PVP. Remember you move speed at least 140% unbuff, recommended 190%+ with swapping move speed gear like imperial blinding and imperial noripan leaf and no bard buff

    CRIT DMG - it capped at 400% (exclusively for wizard), with counted bonus crit dmg, crit dmg reduction, main hand crit dmg bonus, so player who playing PVP either have low crit or having overcap CRIT DMG. in PVE, you should able to get 330-350 total cdmg against boss with DPS gear without much effort.

    HEAL - technically they are not very useful for wizards, only useful for bards.

    ACC - accuracy are mainly for PVP, recommended to get at least 40-50+ if you wanna PVP, it capped at 75%

    Move spd - very good in any case, if can, at least 140%+ in dungeon, it improve your ability to move away from danger or rush targets , it is recommended to pass 180% unbuff when u running LV 75+ dungeon with high geared players, in many times i abbr it as "mspd" (all mspd i stated are without buff and food)

    Offensive/ defensive tab

    - detail dmg and elemental dmg already explained in section C

    - for dmg reduction, read the DR1-5 part in section C

    - Personally thinks dmg reduction is optional as current content since you have more stuff like DMG and elemental DMG to work with.

    Dummy version, get dmg bonus against boss at least 60%+, and as much as respective elemental DMG as possible.

    There are 2 unwritten caps in AK

    - auto atk (AA) spd capped at 2 hit per sec, or 78% for wizards, it is (SPD %+ addition atk spd%),

    - the -DEF debuff caps at 50%. overcapped DEF will cover the debuff first, but net -DEF is 50%, however, the flat -DEF still works after 50% cap reached

    E. Envoy

    There are only a few envoy path you recommended to take (not in sequence)

    - flame shock and ice shock (DPS proc, it actually procs alot)

    - fleet foot

    - patch up the rest with dmg and crit/crit dmg envoy

    - ice storm (if you have extra points, especially if you are left path user)

    You might need to modify envoy path for Astrology if u r dedicated right path mastery player. (Sample of envoy path below are for left mastery user only, also i not very recommend using right path since left path is more superior in current meta)

    You can manipulate your envoy to suit your own use but basic stuff from above should be included. basically you wouldnt able to use combo skill that much.

    Wiz envoy (general wizard envoy)

    wiz envoy

    Wiz/sorc envoy

    Thanks to convenient envoy arrangement, you can pick some combo skills between


    F. Masteries

    General skills - Bard and gun sub should use their respective -DEF mastery (storm song and bombardment), probably dragon slash DOT for holy sword sub (since you gonna use it for -DEF), for others, suit anything you like

    attack spec - zeal offer best return among others, stronger your attack ability, more powerful they are

    advanced skills - storm curse -DEF mastery, -DEF debuff is a good stuff.

    Defense spec - extreme speed for dungeons (run and dodge), no need to explain much since EVA cannot help you evade, but move speed works in most AOE

    Tactical spec - ideally it should be discussed among party members, priority should be sabotage (-DMG%) and break defense (-DEF%)

    Special skills - the best defense, get orange best defense from encyclopedia with 70k DP and 60 VV medals, it is the best mastery for wizard ATM. If you can cap DEF without best defense, go for deep blue, for the detail dmg or capo for EVA wizard (but first thing is you must cap DEF without best defense).

    G. Secret Stones

    For type of Secret stones (abbr as SS) for armor, other than meteor shot SS (glove, SS on left in above picture) which you need to be indigo type (+radius of meteor AOE) and ice storm for head slot, the rest you can be messed up, as long as you get the desired stats.

    For weapon SS, no doubt lava SS (crit +2% DMG) + 7% stones is the best but it is expensive now. If you cannot afford it, use zephyr (DMG+5%) as your alternate choice. For the rest, you can use them as upgrade mats safely. For PVP, you can consider tempest SS (HP 10, dmg tkn 2).

    For stat inside the SS, there are 2 stats that can be randomized. ONE OF THE STATS has to be DMG+2%, explanation see "damage mechanics" at section C. For the other stats, personally i choose elemental dmg (i swear i m not lazy to roll again), reason see section C too. Another good choice is SPD+2% (give AA SPD +1%) or regular SPD +2% for cap AA build (but only need 3% AA SPD for wiz).

    Further reading: secret stones guide

    H. Eidolons

    For starter, it doesnt matter much but if u insist on the best. you should get Alessa (this pony has good star buff, 3 star is 25% Auto atk spd and 15% to double attack aka zeal).

    For first time player, eidolon you could work for is bel chandra (3 star 25% AA spd 15% crit), Eligos (3 star buff 24% dmg 25% auto atk spd) or Yarnaros (3 star buff 24% dmg 25% auto atk spd), with Eligos are superior in late game

    If you rich enough for Hel 3 star with re-rolled stat (AA spd 25%, 45 ice dmg), she is good. If you are rich, you can reroll into 45 ice skill dmg + 25 AA spd or elemental dmg + 25 AA spd, if not, you can use Eligos original buff

    Also, get a HP leech Eido ready, especially in some boss like Twilight Forest 1st boss, example of recommended HP leech eido are kotonoha, Tsubaki and Vermillion (others HP leech is not AOE)

    Remember feed them with crest to get star buffs.

    For eidolon prayer, clear as much as you can, it give creepy flat stat at first but when it accumulate enough, it gives you a lot of stats, practically have a free set of armor for every char in your account

    I. Gear pairing

    Gear switch are beneficial as you going into higher end dungeon (example like elemental trophy), therefore, do not hesitate to get multiple pieces on same slot which benefits you. As I said in section C, you need balance between possible stats instead of blindly stack up one stats.

    In any case, armor should be minimum +9, and main weapon is your priority to fortify beyond +9 (of course, you need at least +9 main weapon first), highly recommend to +15 your main weapon, for subweapon, it is optional since you rarely use it.

    1. Weapons

    Pre-LV 60

    Pretty much use anything that come to you, that period is very fast. After you complete the harvey old man quest at dem mine (abt LV 45), dun leave just yet, go Navea (687, 313) phantom scavenger, buy 32 pieces and go Analisa or any forging NPC to star evolve it to 5 star cheap weap. For blue nocturnal weapon, go Helonia coast weapon merchant, buy subweapon and roll for nocturnal, it helps you in the long run.

    LV 60-70

    A little slow from precedence leveling but still relatively fast, hence i just recommend for easier setup, craft them if got time, if not, just use green staff is fine. Most likely you wouldnt do much dungeon other than solo dungeons which have lower demand of quality weapon

    Arcane staff + nocturnal blue weapon should be sufficient for this level

    LV 70-80

    Still relatively fast compare to higher levels, however, you should not spend too much gold here, an ample staff is sufficient for this level. You only need to start picky for LV 80+ weapon

    1. Forbidden Crystal staff + Elemental blue subweapon

    2. Forbidden Crystal staff + LV 70 crafted weapon

    Option 1 is better in offensive ability, if you can get your boss dmg at least 60 up without boss dmg subweapon. However keep in mind it is tedious to keep (as your inventory might burst). Keep in mind either your blue subweapon or arcane staff must be nocturnal. Just a downside is keeping elemental dmg subweapon less desired in LV 75+ H e l l mode

    Option 2 are simple and straight forward. However you will lose a bit on elemental dmg. but gained some stats and also stability of the gear.

    Core pairing

    For option 2, you need to pair with cores, there are 2 options, and yes nocturnal is a HUGE BONUS.

    A. noct staff + destroyer/protector subweapon - you can play switch according to your team and habit. it is flexible, you can even swap with IA/WA subweapons for 50% elemental dmg, but also risking more gold for high % noct staff.

    B. destroyer or protector staff + noct subweapon - you only need to spend once for noct core book, your staff is cheaper to seek for high %. however, your option and flexiblity are limited.

    In any case, no shocking or breaking core please, they will disrupt mob gathering and boss time stun (especially for less firepower party)

    P/S: alternatively, you can use bet on RNG with orange reroll to reroll the stats and %, but only valid for LV 80+ weapons, use those reroll in lower weapons is kinda waste.

    Weapon swapping

    Some subs are having good offhand which provide nocturnal yellow, which it gives additional options to swap when you in need of leech HP.

    - Turin Excecutioners (Gun sub) - Yellow LV 45 gun with nocturnal

    - Nazrudin Shimmering scale pistol (Gun sub) - Nazrudin gun with nocturnal and fire element dmg bonus

    - Audy's passion (Necro sub) - Yellow LV 45 scythe with zeal + nocturnal

    LV 80+

    No doubt, double crafted Ghoodoon weapon, because PEN stats. no discussion when it comes to end game dungeon especially H E L L mode in future. Core pairing choice are in LV 70-80 section

    - Ghoodoon staff + Ghoodoon subweapon (Destroyer or protector + nocturnal pairing)

    When you reach LV 85, you will have choice between below two

    - Ghoodoon staff + Ghoodoon subweapon (Destroyer or protector + nocturnal pairing)

    - Ice Death's door staff + nocturnal ghoodoon subweapon

    Option 1 are inherited from LV 80, easier to access for most players due to more supply for green staff and core production than a good ice death door staff, and difference between option 1 and 2 is rather small.

    Option 2 has better boost in ice storm orientated skill rotation, you might need to invest some cost for good weapon and star fort them, it is better if your party -DEF is sufficient already without the help of destroyer core.

    Flame element still dominates for wizard staff if you use the right path often (meteor spam). However if you consistently going for left path (where most wiz gonna follow this path), ice staff is better mainly due to frost territory.

    What card to use? i recommend you prioritise Move spd card then dual drive (zeal) card since phoenix gonna be running kingdom~ (idk about chimera, but in phoenix most parties are 140% is basic, 170% is normal, some parties you only can barely catch behind even you have 190%)

    2. Armors

    Pre-LV 60

    Pretty much use anything that come to you, that period is very fast, save gold is your priority.

    LV 60-70

    1 ~ Full devourer set

    Already explained boss dmg in section C, other choice are inferior to this, you should make some effort to fortify armor and star evolve them to get decent survivability.

    If you are totally new player without carry, i would say you use titan top devourer bottom before you grow enough to live with full devourer.


    1 ~ Full sniper (detail dmg + 20, boss crit dmg 60)

    Good stuff here is you can get nice stats from fort and their bonus, However you need to star evolve them to get good chunk of HP, also they are detail DMG to all units instead of solely to boss. Downside is expensive like h~ell. they give all round stats but a little behind in detail dmg. You should able to use elemental acc/ subweapon without prob since you should have enough speed for it by this.

    2 ~ Top devourer bottom sniper (boss dmg 15, detail dmg 12, boss crit dmg 30)

    This is somewhat intermediate between setup 1 and 2, I just view this as intermediate, neither good or bad. More like transition when you get sniper btm first


    The problem with this region is Lordwrath set is very expensive, therefore while full sniper is still pretty much can cater for your needs, work for weapon first before turn eyes on armor set.

    1 ~ Top lordwrath bottom sniper

    Since Lordwrath is expensive, so in any case, just work for top set first. Although lordwrath btm do improve your stat, but the actual gain is small compare to cost.

    2 ~ Full sniper

    More or less a poor player choice, since 60k gold per lordwrath piece is very high (June 2016 phoenix price), not mention the cost of crafting and RNG/ core.

    3 ~ Full lordwrath

    Choice of the rich, it provide best performance out of 3 with costliest option. Just additional stats and 2 detail dmg, 5 boss crit dmg compare to full sniper. Your choice.

    Regardless of those options, try to get imperial core if you using crafted sets, sole reason is server gonna be running man~ also remember to get them as a set to enjoy their benefits

    3. accessories and trophies

    Pre-LV 60

    Pretty much use anything that come to you, that period is very fast

    LV 60-65

    I would recommend to use "Gekasso's eye of insanity, Saint Hale's divine band and Talamud's infernal whisper" set (abbr as GST set). Sole reason is they are DPS accessory.

    For trophies, double madolnak claw (green and orange), the procs are directly add to DETAIL DAMAGE % (bonus dmg against boss/player/elite) which if you crit on those dmg, your output is improved when it proc'ed.

    LV 65-70

    There are a few choices for accessory set

    1 ~ Soaring king set (i call it flokja SPD set), it gives around 10% SPD even for LV 72, and included with a zeal proc. If you unable to afford or lazy to farm, i recommend use option 1 and wait for LV 70 blinding. It is worthwhile in PVP though.

    2 ~ Elemental acc rotation, for this, you not only need IA fire set, also WA, taloc, ST........for all sets, or at least prominent dark, lightning and storm set. It also an inventory burst option. It works better than other option but provided you can use them without SPD problem.

    For trophies, there are several choice as well

    1~ double madolnak claw (green and orange), still easiest option,

    2 ~ madolnak green/orange switch + elemental trophies, boosting elemental dmg and madolnak proc, this is better setup than option 1

    LV 70-80

    1 ~ Blinding reflection set LV70 / Paragon set LV 80

    This set is very good when go against elite units, as well as provide you a space for imperial core. They are very good in running dungeon (can put imperial core), with elite dmg which good against mobs, however, still inferior to elemental acc set when against elemental boss.

    2 ~ Soaring king set (i call it flokja SPD set), ok, keep it if u have them. Also still good against violent boss and PVP.

    3 ~ Elemental acc rotation, hmm same reason as LV 65-70, you must have decent SPD (like get SPD buff from others or sniper set SPD)(better choice if you could cope with SPD)

    For trophies,

    Guzigla's bloodied tooth (orange) + elemental trophies, I think this is better setup because both trophies benefits all your attacks in form of detail dmg and elemental damage.

    Fenrir dog tag/ Guzigla green is works fine (slightly better than titan and madolnak orange especially in short fight or proc-less condition) for violent targets

    LV 80+

    1 ~ Blinding reflection set LV70 / Paragon set LV 80

    This set is very good when go against elite units, as well as provide you a space for imperial core. Paragon set is an upgrade of Blinding set but cost also an upgrade They are very good in running dungeon (can put imperial core), with elite dmg which good against mobs, however, still inferior to elemental acc set when against elemental boss.

    2 ~ Elemental acc rotation, hmm same reason as LV 65-70, you must have decent SPD (like get SPD buff from others or sniper set SPD)(better choice if you could cope with SPD)

    Note: Arcane frost set worth or not? for now, paragon/blinding set are more superior, but in future, there are flat stat deduction dungeon exist, which if you does not get enough stats points from your gear, you will experience severe problem in those dungeons, if your stats is generally low, arcane frost can help compensate SPD problem without lacking too much CRIT, so worth or not? I couldnt give definite answer for this now.

    For trophies,

    Guzigla's bloodied tooth (orange) + elemental trophies, I think this is better setup because both trophies benefits all your attacks in form of detail dmg and elemental damage.

    You can use Fenrir dog tag/ Guzigla green for violent targets, Time travel code for violent boss

    My lazeh skillbar

    Dark/ storm/ lighting/ ice/ fire/ holy/ violent/ run run zoom zoom

    Regardless of what level you are, you should keep an imperial noripan leaf trophy (LV 40 trophy with total 8% move speed if imperial version) for swapping (same slot as ele trophy) since some parties are running man~

    Also try to get imperial version whenever is possible, since running kingdom rules applies~

    4. costumes and enchant cards

    My recommendation for current costumes and enchant cards are as below (get respective bonus/reduction against player card if you are doing PVP)

    Head: HP + 2 costume, adv vitality (HP) card, boss dmg +10% card

    (unless you achieve 60-70% without boss dmg card, you can go for elemental +18% card switch, or elite +10% card for switching (although elite monster are so little anyway))

    Face: DMG+2 costume, adv atk (DMG) card, ice storm card, when weapon specialization comes, this ice storm has increasingly importance.

    Body: DMG+2 costume, adv atk (DMG) card, crit dmg against boss card, when wizard buff patch comes (400% crit dmg cap exclusively for wizards), 25% crit dmg is goood

    Ornament: DMG+2 costume, adv atk (DMG) card, extreme spd card (5% mspd, good to run)

    Weapon: DMG+2 costume, adv atk (DMG) card, reju prayer card

    (it is good if you get a costume, put in Gaia revive HP card, switch when you revive

    someone, especially when in combat)

    5. Gaia emblem

    white - 100k eido points, blue - 300k eido points, green - 900k eido points, orange - 1.5 mil eido points

    The above figures are how much eido points required to able to wield graded emblem. Aim for 900k if you does have heart to being hardcore, if not, 300k doesnt do that bad. how many is 900k eido points? 15 x LV 70 full feed 2 star eido/ or 16.5x LV 60 full feed 2 star eido. When you can farm Temple of Eidolon party mode regularly, go for 900k points is matter of time.

    I would recommend you get 2 sets of emblem, one for maximized DMG (yes it give detail dmg), another for move speed. use the first one when bossing, use the second for running/ b2b. For the first, if you have heart, get maximized DMG + maximized elemental dmg, switch between. for the move speed emblem, just get any other stat, although u might prefer some DMG.

    (pls note that stats below are for green emblem, i not yet check for orange yet)

    6. Food

    Note: this food section are obsolete (valid until LV 80 patch), will update later if i got time

    Best food according to whitekite areTeppanyaki or ice cream with royal jelly tea, They are zeal food

    You can use stardust float derivatives and steak derivatives if your gear is not defensive enough

    J. Game play

    1. Basic sKill set

    Wizard skills

    Fireball- basic wizard flame skill, with stun mastery. but i recommend do not use stun mastery maybe except PVP (this is i have no comment)

    Icy curse - it can be added DOT with mastery, it has slow on target, part of rotation for ice rotation wizard

    Ice storm - You main DPS skill, especially for ice wizards (left path), it is immobilize skill, added DOT Frost territory by left weapon mastery.

    Storm curse - Storm element linear line AOE, it is easier miss than others, please mind your position when you use it. their -DEF mastery is good for solo attempt

    Reju prayer - your single target heal and cleanse, also 25% elemental boost (ice fire thunder storm +25% elemental dmg, too bad no holy and dark boost *cries*) as timed buff. However, in case you really need cleanse, you should save it for cleanse rather than elemental boost.

    Meteor shot - your main DPS skill, especially for fire wizards (right path). large AOE over distance, clean and clear. but it is a risk for miss due to movement of target. Also their 1.2s GCD/animation is abit long for some circumference

    Energy conflux - 20% crit dmg, depends on your team to use buffs

    Elemental Burst - using wiz skills having chance to charge elemental crest, it has different effect as in your crest description. Use it tactically can boost your burst dmg, dun too rely on them since crest charge are random. there are 2 crest which is most useful, the ice - DEF and fire + DMG, use them tactically, especially ice is god, highest flat -DEF in game.

    For detail description of skills, further reading wizard

    2. Weapon mastery

    They consist of 2 path, you can swap between with 10 min CD. Each tree have 50 levels and you can get bonus stats points as the SS shown, it is recommended to make both LV 50. when lvl 30+, you get bonus effect as below shows.

    - Up move speed first (15 points)

    - then up elemental resistance (15 points)

    - then crit dmg (20 points)

    - then the rest is your choice, pick what you lacking, i would recommend crit dmg next, or acc if you PVP often (unless you capped it already)

    Left path: ice storm and reju prayer

    - Unique skill: Demonic radiance, 12 sec base CD, long CD, quite strong but not impressive

    - ice storm produce DOT with frost territory on ground, last 6 sec (0.4 coefficient, do take account on detail/ele dmg, can get nocturnal effect, and frost territory is independent)

    - Reju prayer CD is -10% (yes, u can chain them with cap SPD for free 25% ele dmg for ice fire storm lightning) with -8% dmg taken, will become -12% whn LV 30+

    - Passive buff, dmg taken -4%, will become -6% whn lvl 30+

    Left path often regarded as PVE path due to reju prayer ele dmg and also ice storm DOT makes jump cast ice wizard with shorter GCD makes sense.

    The ice storm frost territory can trigger nocturnal effect (you can leech HP with frost territory), if multiple wizards used this territory on same target, it count as separate frost territory (lets say got 2 wizards used territory, wizard A and wizard B will get ticks as their own dps, as long as target is in area)

    Right path: charge meteor + telekinesis (static instant thunder)

    - Unique skill: Solar detonation, 12 sec base CD, long CD, quite strong but not impressive

    - Charge meteor is akin to warbow, more charge more burst dmg, 50% more half charge, 120% more full charge, 1with downside of jump cast problem, with 4% extra dmg from meteor, become 6% for lvl 30+

    - Static instant thunder, your instant thunder no longer zoom the front, like telekinesis XD.

    - Pssive buff, crit rate +7%, will become 9% whn LV 30+

    Right path are more suit to PVP bcoz of offensive ability and charge meteor burst, also static telekinesis, makes you safer (backstrike or not is different story), but one thing you need to aware is, you can jump cast cancel the charge, which makes your AA still can released

    3. Basic DPS rotation

    Weapon mastery do change the rotation. refer weapon mastery for more information. while right path wizard still major in flame (fireball, meteor), the left path will be ice (ice storm, icy curse)

    Left path wizard, interesting part in this path is the ice storm DoT field, if you intend to use this path, train to revolve around target to maximize their time inside the ice field, the ice field do take your weapon element bonus. basic rotation should be storm curse - ice storm - mix with other skill between

    Right path wizard, since this path empower meteor, your meteor should be major DPS source. Charge meteor deal impressive dmg, but come with cost of lack AA during charge period, but it is possible to cancel charge by using jump, i would say it is up to you to judge is charging have more benefit or does not charge worth more depend on situation. Also, the charging you can hold until your finger tired as long as target have not dead and not out of range. Presume you gonna use flame staff, use meteor - fireball/ storm curse rotation paired with instant thunder when in danger.

    Another important skills you need to use is reju prayer for 4 elemental buffs, use it before start boss if cleanse is not essential to counter lethal debuffs.

    Elemental burst is very important in improving wizard DPS and overall efficiency especially ice and fire crest, see section 4 for more details. You should time them well to maximize their debuff duration and ability.

    Only use storm curse when you need that -DEF% debuff from mastery (like in solo attempt)

    Worried about meteor miss? run in "z" style can reduce the miss.

    4. Back strikes, kiting, Jump cast

    Back strike offer more damage, by1.5x, hence by doing back striking is having more dps output, you can either go behind boss at your own risk or ask the "tanker" (the one who hold aggro other than you, not really meant guardian as for now) turn the boss face. another benefit of this back strike is you hardly being hit by line AOE (most of the boss), when you fight in melee position, you can swap to backside easily by combining with jump cast.

    When kiting, make sure you include icy curse into rotation or having high move speed like 150%+ in dungeon, also run in "z" style to avoid your meteor become empty shells barrage, kiting is useful when overall party are inadequate geared/coordinated, but not useful anymore when your party is bursting.

    Jump casting is for release auto-attack (AA) of your weapons which improve your overall DPS rate, we using jump cast to skip animation, not only for AA, but also the stationary standing problems, since stationary can be dangerous in most cases. Sometimes AA are more prominent in DPS rate than your meteor.

    In practice, jump casting consist of "jump" first then "skills" on beginning or near end of jump arc (by math tutor desp). when you able to move when you cast skills that makes you stationary (like fireball and icy curse), mean your jump cast is success.

    5. Time the stun, cleanse, crowd control and elemental burst

    Fortunately, boss can be stunned; unfortunately, after boss being stunned, they have 30s immunity (same rules applies on immobilize and sleep). Hence, my point here is do not simply stun bosses, only stun when necessary to intercept boss harmful skills (especially for undergeared party). Same rules applies to totem.

    For cleanse, unless it is necessary to keep yourself from harmful debuff, otherwise you just use your prayer for elemental dmg.

    Crowd control is strength of wizard, you have AOE immobilize (ice storm), AOE stun (instant thunder, although u need zap), slow (icy curse). use them well to save yourself.

    Time your elemental burst. Lengthy boss animation time always a trouble to wizzy. There are 2 stuff you can do, carry a batch of mobs and kill them while boss animation is loading, so you have more chance to get crest while killing. Or time the elemental burst as possible. When the "lights" is up, it last 15s, so try to elemental burst it just before it off. You only need 3s to stack all 5 ice crest -DEF debuff, time it well to get 5 stack 3s when it spawn.

    If can, let someone (someone in party or yourself if you have adequate move speed and vitality) run at front to let boss animation load first.

    6. Wiz/Bard game play

    First, you should know about bard mechanic, bard sub is not for self heal only, but the bard mechanic with 12% detail dmg (probably abit jamming to maintain). just 3 heals to stack red note to 3, then maintain it with a single bard heal skill every 12-15s depends on ur timing.

    Use storm song -DEF% mastery, it helps a lot especially in solo swept AND party who doesnt know/ not enough -DEF; also the ambient drone can be a timed self centred stun (1-2s) which might useful sometimes . Due to envoy update in nov 2016, it is hard for wiz/bard to get i frame in form of combo skills without sacrifice.

    7. Wiz/sorc game play

    Double cleanse (prayer + mantra) is useful sometimes to prevent stacks of harmful debuff on yourself. you can maintain your prayer elemental dmg semi-perm and use ur mantra for cleanse purpose.

    Your i frame (frost nova and void storm) is self centred AOE which are one of the best offensive iframe. You can lead the charge with it, you can retaliate in PVP, you can use them gracefully to perform last hit on boss (lol). Use them tactically instead of spam it as your daily skills.

    totem is good in collecting mobs, put it on end of luring will collect large amount of mobs if they not dead yet. also it also can intercept boss deadly skills with precision timing (3s loading duh). Also, this is good in PVP

    8. Wiz/gun game play

    The frost trap give 50% bonus crit when target is in trap so your crit can stay about 50%, and invest points to something else.

    Decoy is useful in undergeared party for 15s or until prey is dead. however, please dun do this when it is not necessary (famous 13F split troll) or party is powerful enough to swept everything in 5s.

    bombardment mastery -DEF% is useful if your team not yet have full 50% -DEF% debuff

    8. Wiz/bow game play

    Basically most prominent skills for this combo is bless of wind, 30% chance for 50% extra dmg for limited time (enough for boss dead) and long CD.

    Corrosive arrow also good in obtain more flat -DEF debuff however it is up to u to cast it or not.

    9. Wiz/necro game play

    Not much benefit other than LV 45 gold zeal + noct weapon "Audy Passion" and SPD/DMG buff. You can time bone shield when your team is in danger, or stack shadow barrage -DMG debuff. other than that, is the weapon swapping and buff.

    9. Wiz/HS game play

    You can use non-charged divine sunderance as substitute for instant thunder, it is faster.

    Dry bones (should be dragon slash, RIP aeria tomato translation) flat -DEF in one charge skills is VERY GOOD to shred target DEF. I would suggest HS sub to use it instead of main class since HS sub might under-fortify their sword, leave Edge-callibur to HS main if they exist.

    For Smitter Edge, if there is another HS sub/main to use it, wait 6s and put it, non-charge is fine since u doesnt require charge to get 10% detail DMG buff to self.

    10. Wiz/Shuri game play

    Your main subweapon skill will be Razor wind, it is OP, can trigger multiple zeals/ debuffs, and it has -target move speed which is handful sometimes. it provide you with firepower

    Shuriken storm can provide detail DMG + 10% for 8s to self upon use. you can use it to open a battle. Shuriken toss flat -def is good (despite it is small amount if not stacked up) but possibly you wouldnt have much chance stack it up due to long CD. This sub can provide you very good momentarily burst.

    The rest pretty much optional


    Thank you for reading and feedback

    Credit: effy, white, lionstaring, abcde, leon, aleph, utohoshi, kyo, desp, and many more for info and discussions.



    I kept this world boss (goat sama) map here in case any newbie need it.

    (Blizzard berg)--------(Vulture vale)

    Phoenix goat sheet

  • It would be great to see 90+ info for the newer trophies/accessories/gear available but I still think this guide still stands well for a starter wiz. Glad to see it got ported over in the forum move!

  • Post both Geared and those for newbie guide.
    For Geared i wan't to know how wiz uses elemental skills with the effect of items, eidolon, costume, elem mount and emblems. etc. :AK2:

    1. there was a guide for beginner in the forum, although it is too old.

    2. "Geared" is not the terminate station.

    2. I am working on changing them.

  • 1. there was a guide for beginner in the forum, although it is too old.

    2. "Geared" is not the terminate station.

    2. I am working on changing them.

    Actually i am not sure on how we measure of a geared character.
    if it's from +20 above with complete gears, Eido, emblem, mount, enchantment, costume, etc... On this point, even though we think we have the items we want and need, we still look into others build / gears and compare our current gears, to look more on what is good and what is effective.

    For beginners.
    I try to imagine a player aiming to get +20 but he is not sure what gears(kind of gears, enchantment, etc.) to make the character class effective for both PVP and PVE.
    This will be the rule of those who post a guide, to help and to share of our experience playing Aura Kingdom Online. :AK1:

  • Well you can "compare" and "look" as much as you want - but in reality there is only one way to build your class and optimizing your DPS.Numbers and math in general dont lie.AK is no exception ^^And not like this game is any hard to understand...well if you see someone with messed up +30 Gear you dont question anymore about "special builds"

  • Well you can "compare" and "look" as much as you want - but in reality there is only one way to build your class and optimizing your DPS.Numbers and math in general dont lie.AK is no exception ^^And not like this game is any hard to understand...well if you see someone with messed up +30 Gear you dont question anymore about "special builds"

    Agree, that's why those with good build that they share on this forum or in any other, are very helpful to those who already have +30 that still not satisfy and to those players aiming for good gears before they make +30.