Date the staff! <3

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    NOTE: Due to all the changes, the event will be extended. We apologize for the entries that got lost.

    February, 14th is a special day for most of the people in Azuria. It’s Valentinesday!

    We also celebrate Valentine's Day, but unfortunately none of us has a date yet! Will you be our Valentine?

    This event is split into 5 minor events. There will be one winner for each part of the event:

    1.Create a video…

    Maximum duration: 2min

    2. Submit a screenshot…

    Screenshots can be edited

    3. Write a story…

    Maximum 200-300 words

    4. Write a letter

    Maximum 200-300 words

    5. Send us a photo of something you prepared in real life…

    … to convince us that you’re the perfect date for us!


    The winners will be able to date their GMs (Anubis, Roshi, Lottus). They will have a special valentines gift for you.


    Our PMs Bardock and Sericaia are also looking for a date!

    You will have the chance to win a date with one of them on Valentines Day!

    The event will end on 25th February! We are looking forward to see all your entries!

    Please post your entries in the following sub-threads:

    Love Letter




    Stuff in RL