Date the staff - Story

  • IGN: Caejea

    Server: Phoenix

    My love story: 'Lost'


    In the city of Nevae, a beautifully fountain at the far corner resides. The water shines at day, and it's full of light at night. People say that if you get near it for a long period of time, You'd be "lost". No person is able to stay around the fountain for far too long. They're afraid. Afraid to be lost.

    A city girl, Cea, straight, black hair, skin's as white as snow and eyes drowning in sea, loved the fountain, despite the bad rumors surrounding it. While Cea sits at the side, Jae, a city boy, approaches her. A tall, handsome young man with a short, brown hair.

    "You like it here?" says Jae

    The girl look at him for a second and says;

    "Yes. It keeps me…warm." says Cea with a bright smile.

    "I see. I'm very fond of the fountain, too. I don't believe such omens. Your eyes and the fountain are alike. Beautifully alike."

    Cea looks at Jae as if he's a strawberry on top of a cake.

    "I see, thank you." says Cea

    And both smiled.

    They met at the fountain everyday. Time after time, they would talk, play around, even dance.

    One day, Jae didn't come.

    "Oh, maybe tomorrow then." She thought.

    But Jae didn't come for 15 more days.

    Cea was worried. Worried that Jae got "lost".

    An evening came and Cea went to the fountain.

    Staring at the fountain, she says:

    "I thought we could just sit here, talking for hours. About the things I couldn't say to you."

    As the fountain lights went on;

    "Me too."

    A familiar voice. Confused, she looked around.

    And there, at the other side, Jae is standing.

    Tears fell, her sea-like eyes becomes ever so beautiful. Cea rushed to him and jumped into his arms.

    "Where have you been? I've been waiting here for you!" says Cea while looking up to him.

    "I'm sorry." says Jae.

    "I thought you got 'lost'!"

    "Well... I DID got 'lost'."

    Cae just stared at him

    "I believe in it now." He added.

    "Believe in what?" Cae was dazed.

    "That this fountain, surrounding it for too long, will get you lost."

    "What makes you say that?" Cae asked

    "Because I certainly got lost. I got 'lost' in your eyes." Jae smiled.

    Cae pouted, pushed him back gently and said:

    "You mean you didn't show up for days, weeks even, just to set up that corny pick-up line?"

    "Well, uhm, yeah." says Jae.

    Cea stared at him for a few seconds.

    "You might be the one who got lost. But you're the one who appeared before me. I'm dumbfounded." Cea replied.

    As the words goes by, Jae and Cea smiles, beside the colorful fountain.

    Concurrently, they both said, "So what is you wanted to say you couldn't?"

    They gazed at each other for a second, their foreheads joined and both smiled.

    And the two of them got "lost" to each other, ever after.

  • Character name: Dark_Ming

    Server: Chimera

    My love story: Guardian Knight


    “C-can you help me?”

    Ren hear a slow voice coming from his back. Turn around and there a short blond hair girl looking so shyly. “Yes little miss, do you need anything?”

    “Um, I have a quest to do but I don't know how… It said here to invite someone for this quest, so can you help me?”

    “Okey, what quest you need my help? Tell me.”

    “I need to do guardian knight invitation. So, can you help me with this?”

    Ren look at that girl with a little shock and confuse on his face. “Miss, do you means you want me as your guardian knight…?” “Ah, but you don't know this quest right? So that means you don't know too about guardian knight.”

    “That... just part of the quest right?”

    Ren smiling. For him, that is the first time someone asking help from him and on top of that, being a guardian knight. He do not remember when the last time someone ask to party with him. People are just avoiding him, as he is not talkative. Therefore, he been soloing for a long time. Having someone need help really make it a pleasure to lend a help, but being ask for guardian knight really was unexpected.

    With a smiling face, Ren say, “Miss, a guardian knight is someone who vowed to protect their partner, this also refer to being partner as a lover.”

    Hearing the answer make the girl blushing.

    - Cute -

    Only that word come to his mind.

    “I-I’m sorry to ask a stranger s-something like this so sudden. I don't know that my quest was to be a p-partner.”

    “I-I’m really sorry, I’ll take m-my leave now” say that girl while she turn around to leave. Can see from back, she blushing even till her ear look red.

    To avoid her from leaving, Ren grab her hand. Having someone grabbed her make her face even redden.

    Ren realize his action and letting her hand go. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. But if you have free time maybe… do you want to go hunting t-together?”

    “B-but, I still new adventure. I’ll drag you during hunting.”

    “Its ok, I’m promise to protect you. So let get you stronger and we can do hunting on much higher level monster.”

    “Ah, t-thank you very much! I’m Marionette Bellum. Nice to meet you.”

    “Me too Mari-chan. You can call me…. Ren”

    From a short encounter, they slowly become a friend and going adventure together. For Marionette, it is hard to keep up, however as promised, Ren always protect her from danger. She getting stronger day by days, and she even can fight next to Ren.

    Then one when they strolling near waterfall at Viridian Steppe, Marionette look deep into Ren eyes. Ren notice that Marionette keep stare at him and ask “is there something wrong on my face, Mari?”

    Marionette pauses, and only look at his eyes.

    Its been long time since their first meeting. Yes, such long time…. It all begin with her quest to get a guardian knight… only then, Marionette speak…

    “Ren… will you be my guardian knight…. forever?”