Wizard/Elementalista Guide

  • I. Foreword

    I've realized as i browse on the internet that there aren't that many guide on wizard, even if there is the content still around lvl 60 or 70. So with this i'd like to try make a guide for others so you can get the to know what a wizard is about.

    As the title said this is guide of ICE WIZARD so if you are looking for fire build wizard or storm build shuriken, i'm sorry but you are on the wrong ship tongue.png.

    Well let's get started.

    II. Skills

    Fireball - a good skill with higher damage than the ice one with mastery give stun and knockback effect.

    Icy Curse - one of your primary skills. althou this skill have lower damage than fireball but this skill give additional -30% mspd and with mastery also give DoT damage

    Elemental Burst - Activate Etch to get you buffed up!

    Ice Storm - this is your primary skills. immobilize your enemy in moderate area for 3 sec.

    Rejuvenating Prayer - the best skill only wizard have. this skill give you +25% damage to element (except dark and holy), healing over time, and also dispel of one debuff.

    Storm Curse - another good skill with good damage, this skill damage all enemies in line and with mastery also give -def debuff

    Fire Meteorite - this is your main mobbing skill. this skill have good damage and with secret stone this skill will even have bigger AoE.

    Instant Thunder - wizard stun skill. make your character move instantly to the enemies and stunning all enemies nearby.

    Energy Conflux - buff skill, give party member and yourself +20% crit damage.


    This one is the main selling point of wizard. Whenever you use wizard skills you will have a chance to get random elemental etch which you can activate with Elemental Burst skill. Each etch will give you different buff.

    Flame Etch - 8% damage boost and 10% fire skill damage.

    Storm Etch - 15% reduce cooldown and attack speed (yes it is also affect zeal chance!) and 12% storm skill damage.

    Lightning Etch - increase crit 5% (flat) and 8% crit dmg, and 15% thunder skill damage.

    Ice Etch - reduce enemy damage by 3% also ~1k def stack 5 times and 20% ice skill damage (<<<<<<<<<<< best buff ever).

    III. Envoy Path & Masteries & Weapon Mastery



    note for special skills mastery: for newbie this one is the one that always make confuse. Actually this is pretty simple, main priority is your DEF. So if your def have not get close to 75% then pick The Best Defense, if your def already capped then you can go with Capoeira (more eva give more survival chance) or Deep Blue (give you bonus dmg detail and reduce malice when mobbing).


    go left mastery for ice wizard!!! nothing to said. What do you get :

    - Elemental Magic Light - attack your enemy for a good amount of damage and knocking them back (not really powerful though)
    - Energy Conversion - this is why ice wizard exist. Whenever you use ice storm skill you will create an icy field over the area and deal a high damage for 6 sec. This icy field also treated as area skill not DoT, so of course this is affected by zeal effect. And the other is Enhance Rejuvenating Prayer skill, reduce its cooldown by 20% and give you -12% dmg received buff. Normally rejuv prayer cooldown at 50% spd is 15 sec and the duration is 12 sec, and with this skill the cooldown goes to 9 sec. So you can keep rejuv buff on yourself for as long as you want and rekt those elemental monster.
    - Energy Barrier - give you -6% dmg received.
    For point allocation, you can put the one in the red box to other stats of your liking. If you lack crit put it in crit, if you lack speed put it in speed, and so on.

    IV. Pros and Cons, also Subs

    For every class there are always they pros and cons. As for wizard:

    Pros :
    - Range
    - Have good AoE skills
    - Good damage
    - Magical! xD

    Cons :
    - Weapon durability wither really fast
    - Somehow expensive class (is it?)

    As for subclass i can't really give a good suggestion as i personally get Shuriken to my sub weapon. Because no matter what your sub, you will use your wizard skills much often than your sub. So i can only suggest get sub that can give you buff rather than action skills. But still i will cover what subclass that can goes with wizard.

    -movement speed buff 10%!
    -dmg detail buff 12% (also healing over time!)
    -healing skill for more survive chance

    -Spd and Acc buff! for more zeal
    -Zeal buff!!

    -Much Spd buff! moar zeal
    -Trap can combine with instant thunder


    -Sleep totem
    -Dispel debuff!!
    -DoT skill

    -Self heal
    -Lotus Strike!
    -DoT Heal

    -Crit and Eva buff
    -Tusk skill (hmm)

    -Crit buff
    -Heart crystal

    -Minions (papoy)
    -Bone armor

    Holy Sword
    -Crit and Crit dmg buff
    -Huge cleaveeeee~
    -Bouncing thunder

    -Blender attack
    -Rage bar

    -20% mspd and high crit buff!
    -roll your way out of danger
    -good -def debuff skill

    -Mirrored shield and phalanx buff!
    -Roar (i guess not)

    as i stated above that i can't really give a good suggestion for subclass because no matter what you choose, you are gonna use your wizard skill much often than subs. So if you're gonna become Nuker-wiz get warbow/guns, if you want to clear dungeon faster get holy sword/shuri, if you want more chance to survive get bard, and if you only want some fun get the other.:D

    V. Stats, Card, and Secret Stones


    Offensive :

    DMG : 99 (absolute must)
    CRIT : (put some here if you lack crit)
    SPD : (if you have ~80% crit)

    Defensive :

    HP : put 99 here if your def already capped (75% def)
    DEF : look at HP, overcapped def give extra HP too but don't prioritized it, just get 75% def
    EVA : never put anything here, uuuhh

    Other :
    Crit Dmg : make sure you get 300%++ (capped at 400%) on boss (look at detailed offensive)

    Card (Costume)

    Helmet : Atk on boss 10% or damage to element (look for explanation below)
    Facewear : Ice storm +5
    Costume : Crit Dmg to boss +25%
    Back : Mspd +5%
    Weapon : Rejuvenating prayer +5

    Secret Stones

    Helmet : Conditional, but try to get 2% dmg

    Armor : Conditional, also try to get 2% dmg

    Waist : Conditional, 2% dmg

    Gloves : Indigo Fire Meteor, +5 meter Fire Meteor AoE, get 2% dmg too

    Boots : Azure Ice Storm, 10% cooldown, 2% dmg

    Staff : Lava/ Magma (7% dmg/2% crit)

    Sub : Lava / Magma(7% dmg/2% crit)


    - Lancer/Bard Level 87 - AuraKingdomES server.

    - Guild CastleBlack

    - Just PvE (Maybe PvP in future!)

    * I gonna freeze you, to take your soul !!8):thumbup:

  • VI. Gear


    get green weapon with ICE element.

    Core : get Destroyer/Deadly other than that is for star sacrifice.

    Nocturnal/Vampiríco note: as for nocturnal core you can use it either on your main weapon or sub weapon, depend on how you like to play. If you like to play many char with same sub then use it for sub weapon, you'll save a lot of money.



    [Highly recommended] this armor set give you a BIG bonus damage, pretty nice.


    [Not really recommended] if you like to get always 100% crit get this armor set.


    [Highly recommended] give you extra speed for more zeal!!

    [Recommended] if you can't afford Arcane set or you think your zeal proc is enough, go for this. Give you a nice dmg too.



    give you a large bonus damage to boss


    give you very large stats boost

    Core : you want to get as much bonus dmg from core so if you can afford it go full Bestial, if you are short on kaching, you can mix it with Impala.


    or DAMAGE AGAINST ELEMENTAL (explanation below) or 6% DMG

    VII. Elemental Output

    Wizard is elemental master (except holy and dark T_T) and wizard get most of their damage from their damage against element. With Rejuvenating Prayer skills you already get +25% damage to flame, ice, storm, and lightning target. And with left mastery the cooldown for rejuv prayer goes to 9 sec with 12 sec duration,so unless you forgot to spam it, you can pretty much keep this skill on as long as you want. With this already big boost damage to element, why don't we increase it more? Yes, that is the idea.

    Holy Chest
    See a box icon between "Sell" icon and Gold value? That is what called Holy Chest. If you put a gold quality weapon with certain fortify level, you will get bonus to your stats. As for maximizing your elemental output you want to put 3 Ifrit/Zaahir weapon or 3 Leviatã/Nazrudin weapon there. To get all three bonus to activate you must fortify those weapon to +15, and once you did you'll get bonus to flame or ice target for 51%!

    VIII. Skill Rotation

    Ice Storm >> Fire Meteor >> Ice Storm >> .....

    >Boss Fight<
    Ice Storm >> Storm Curse >> Icy Curse >> Ice Storm >> .....

    IX. Eidolon
    For beginner :

    -Gilgamesh/Eligos : 25% normal aspd, 24% dmg, -def debuff

    -Garuda/Yarnaros : 25% normal aspd, 24% dmg, stun skill, +dmg buff

    -Shiva/Bel-Chandra : 25% normal aspd, 15% crit, additional crit and crit dmg buff skill

    Other choice :

    -Lilith/Endora : crit 5%, dmg 24%, stun and +dmg buff

    -Cleopatra/Cleopawtra : 25% normal aspd, 24% dmg, mspd buff

    -Ifrit/Zaahir : 25% normal aspd, 15% crit, stun skill and +dmg buff

    Recommended :

    -Alice (rebuff) : try to get 25% aspd/8%dmg/20%cmdg and 45% ice skills damage, also acc give -8% def on enemy, and also have -def skill

    -Chiyome/Tsubaki (rebuff) : same like alice acc give -8% def on enemy, have nocturnal skill for more survival.

    * I used Yukime/Shirayuki with 45% DMG Ice Elemental and 20% DMG CRIT. Because unfortunately I do not have Alice and I still tested and I did not find Chiyome/Tsubaki so useful.

    X. Food
    -Aristocratic Fresh Seafood Meal - crit +1838, dmg +2205, 10% chance zeal
    -High-class Caramel Pudding - dmg +3584, spd +1131, 10% chance zeal
    -Royal Jelly Tea - eva +530, 10% chance zeal

    XI. Q & A

    1. Why use icy curse rather than fireball?

    Ice curse give -30% mspd to target, and you want to make your enemy stay inside icy field for as long as you can. and with ice dmg boost the damage will far surpass fireball.

    2. Why make ice wizard?

    Ice field deal a LOT of damage, yeah a LOT. with 2.4 sec cd (with SS) you can get atleast 2 icy field within 6 sec. and those icy field also get affected from zeal effect from weapon card, food, mastery, etc.

    3. Why you said NO for ravager, duelist, or guardian sub? They are good

    As for me ravager, duelist, or guardian as sub is not really a good choice. the main reason? they ridiculously long skill cooldown. for rav their tornado slash cd goes to 10 sec and with no full rage the damage output also trim down. for duelist, duelist is one of the melee class that don't have long range skill (Snowflower range is still close) so they main selling point as sub is Purple Shadow which give high Crit buff and 20% mspd for 20 sec, but as a sub the cooldown goes to 1 min, not that worthy imo. and lasty guardian, guardian buffs are amazing, mirror shield, and phalanx are very good buffs, but the problem is also the cooldown, mirror shield and phalanx duration is 30 sec, and the cooldown? 1 min 30 sec. yeah not that good. they are good as main class, probably one of the best, but as sub, i personally don't really like it.

    4. Is jumpcast needed?

    Depend on your play style...and connection. doing jumpcast on shitty connection is not really good idea, as for the skills sometimes got tangled (sometimes skill already entered global cooldown and you can't use the skills and end up dead, lol).

    5. 25% normal aspd or 8% dmg for eidolon?

    I can said this is continual from question above, if you are a pro jumpcast it is better to get 25% normal aspd. but if you are lazy or have shitty connection, get 8% dmg or 20% DMG CRIT.

    XII. End word

    There are still many missing point in this guide so for any wizards or non-wizards who have better knowledge, feel free to comment and point out the missing/wrong point as i will make this guide much better in the future. Thank you for reading, and hope you can be the best wizard! :love::thumbup:


    - Lancer/Bard Level 87 - AuraKingdomES server.

    - Guild CastleBlack

    - Just PvE (Maybe PvP in future!)

    * I gonna freeze you, to take your soul !!8):thumbup:

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  • Thank you very much for the guide~ It's quite detailed and well explained :O

    Tho it seems you arent from the officially US server, some names a quite not what they are for us~

    under aurakingdom-db.com you can check for the english version names :3

    and also no red font please rudecat4.

    ▪️ Muffin lvl [S2] Lancer | Immortals Guild ▪️

    ▪️ Cookie lvl [S3] DPS-Bardo | Ethereal Guild ▪️

    ▪️ AK US PHOENIX ▪️

  • Sure, i m not from the US Server, i play in the ES Server.

    I tried to make a blended guide for both servers, now that the forum is basically unified. I'll edit some things.

    Thank you very much for the guide~ It's quite detailed and well explained :O

    Tho it seems you arent from the officially US server, some names a quite not what they are for us~

    under aurakingdom-db.com you can check for the english version names :3

    and also no red font please rudecat4.


    - Lancer/Bard Level 87 - AuraKingdomES server.

    - Guild CastleBlack

    - Just PvE (Maybe PvP in future!)

    * I gonna freeze you, to take your soul !!8):thumbup:

  • That's great~

    Thank you very much for the guide :AK9:

    ▪️ Muffin lvl [S2] Lancer | Immortals Guild ▪️

    ▪️ Cookie lvl [S3] DPS-Bardo | Ethereal Guild ▪️

    ▪️ AK US PHOENIX ▪️

  • jumpcasting and having a 25aspd eido is mandatory, it just adds so much dps. being lazy isnt a good reason either to not jumpcast/not get 25as. as for the shitty connection part, there are some ways around it like using a skill a bit earlier/later during the jump. ofc this doesnt always work but its better to at least try and jumpcast than not jumpcast at all. and when you're lagging so much that you cant use skills at all its honestly better to stop playing until your connection gets better/more stable.

    for subclass, shuri and bard are the only viable ones right now with HS as a far 3rd. shuri only works if you can fort your sub to at least +20, otherwise bard is better.

    HS used to be good because of def shred but with some bosses having too high def(im not entirely sure which ones have alot of def that u cant shred it) it becomes less viable.

    otherwise good guide~:AK20: