Your very first in-game screenshot

  • Let's do this! Dig a bit into your AK's folder and post the first screenshot you took in-game! Add the date if you want :P


    Look at that noob duelist of me.

    The picture was taken on September 28, 2015.


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  • I lost lots of pictures due to a HDD crash..

    Here the oldest I still have tho :AK10: (in 2015 or smth)


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  • My first ss was a player report (harassment) , want me to share uglyyyy

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  • I'm sad I don't have anything at all from 2014, despite having played since the middle of that year, but I guess I didn't take many screenshots early on. The first I have is this, which was from April 1st according to the name on it, which would have been the April Fool day event from 2015.


    I miss when the game was still so active in the time zones it was actually intended for.

    I still hadn't even joined a guild by that point (would later join Peace, which died and moved to Hysteria, which then did the same and moved to Sinister, before I went where I am now to Catalyst after a very short re-visit to the somewhat revived Peace under Halcyon; the memories!).

    This might surprise some people but this wasn't even my original character although it became my main and perhaps most known. My originals were pretty much a few random unknown names (a Bard and then Tachi were my classes before the Wizard) of me fumbling about as I learned the game and still decided on trying to find a class to stay with long-term. Neither of my original characters remain as I had a habit of deleting a character I decided I didn't like when I went to start a new class, for whatever reason, but I later made another Bard and Tachi anyway, as well as additional Wizards even, haha (today only my Wizard and Tachi remain).

    LEVEL 71


    Oh! One of my old guilds! Sinister wasn't until 2016. Teeeechnically it was 2015 but it was literally the last days of 2015 that Hysteria moved there, and I was in both guilds before moving on from Sinister after being there for some weeks and I don't remember anyone named "She", so I'm presuming this was early to mid 2016 or later if it gives you a better range of time. I miss the old times! I wish I took more screenshots of those times, or even any at all from 2014. I have many hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots but they didn't start until 2015, and really the majority of them is from "just" 2016 and later. Since I felt I quit between late 2016/early 2017, I feel like I didn't capture nearly half of my Aura Kingdom experiences. D:

  • So since I apparently never took screenshots using steam when i played on there I had to check old discord dms so I cant find ones that go too far back :(


    Here we can see how happy I was with my new costume(s) and I had to show it off


    "And here we see a desperate me hugging an obtained pussy"


    "I can't stop looking at my cute date"


    "Doing the dirty"



    "Why let the bots play the game if u can trap them"