[Guide] Sorcerer End Game Guide (Level 90-95)

  • Class: 35?cb=20160721101847 Sorcerer

    Element: dark.jpgDark

    Level Range: 90-95

    DPS: 3,0/5,0(Compared to god tier classes)

    Support: 5,0/5,0

    Difficulty: Average

    Build Type: End Game

    Pros: High DPS.Great Support.

    Cons: Very expensive.Not for beginners.

    Guide Type: Dont cover up basic game mechanics like

    [Guide] Optimizing PvE DPS  [Info] Basics of Elementals                       

    Lets go <3 And sorry for my weird english...its my 4th language and i never use it

    Main Weapon


    Nalani's Book of Kala

    Element: dark.jpg Dark

    Core Type: Nocturnal

    Secret Stone: lava_secret_stone.png Lava

    Enchantment Card(Support): MoveSpeed + Increase DMG to surrounding Party members.

    Alternative Card(DPS): MoveSpeed + PEN + Dual Drive

    Envoy Path: http://bit.ly/2sErPFy

    Sub Weapon


    Nalani's Pure Lotus Shadow

    Element: storm.png Storm

    Core Type: Destroyer

    Secret Stone: lava_secret_stone.pngLava
    Enchantment Card(Support): MoveSpeed + Increase 15% CRT DMG to surrounding Party Members.

    Alternative Card(DPS): MoveSpeed + PEN + Dual Drive

    Envoy Path: http://bit.ly/2sErPFy

    Reason for Shuriken Sub:

    Crippling Wind

    E30384.jpg Targets DMG Taken +3% *6 = 18% + 15% Sorcerer Envoy = 33% DMG Taken


    Fiend Totem


    Skill Rotation



    =Stack Divine Whisper + Aleatoric Curse + Other Envoy Stuff very fast.sorcery.png

    Other Subs than Shuriken

    (1)Holy Sword


    Nalani's Golden Sword

    Element: light.jpg Holy

    Core: Destroyer

    Secret Stone: lava_secret_stone.pngLava

    Reason: High Burst,DMG 15% Taken Debuff(Smiters Edge),Another Flat def shred(Dry Bones)

    Pros: High DMG

    Enchantment Card: MoveSpeed + PEN + Dual Drive

    Cons: -

    Envoy Path: http://bit.ly/2sErPFy



    Nalani's Harp

    Element: storm.png Storm

    Core: Destroyer

    Secret Stone: lava_secret_stone.png Lava

    Reason: Provide 19% MoveSpeed to your Party(Rhapsody+Song of Winds MoveSpeed Ultimate),12% Detailed DMG to you/r Party if you Ballad,Storm Song apply % DEF Debuff

    Pros: Time Frames, MoveSpeed , Detailed DMG, High survivability

    Enchantment Card: MoveSpeed + PEN + Dual Drive

    Cons: -

    Envoy Path: http://bit.ly/2BHgpUy

    Trophys from Level 70-94

    Trophy 1

    I00090.jpg Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth

    Core: Imperial

    DMG dealt to Boss Monsters +6% Damage dealt +5%

    Reason: DMG/Meta

    Trophy 2

    I00807.jpgTheory Time Travel Code

    Core: Imperial

    DMG to Boss Monsters +7%

    Your attacks have an 8% chance of obtaining(...)increases all stats by +3%, stacks up to 3 times, and lasts for 12 sec

    Reason: DMG/Meta

    At Level 95 Change Guzigla's Bloodied ToothI00090.jpg <-To->I00205.jpgDelfonia's Exquisite Earrings

    Trophy 3

    I00205.jpgDelfonia's Exquisite Earrings

    DMG +5%

    Your critical strikes have a 10% chance to trigger(...)increasing the DMG of your next attack by 35%. Effective for 15 seconds.

    Reason: DMG/Meta

    Alternative Trophys(Not so Meta)

    Trophy A

    I00188.jpgDivine Wind Spirit Feathers

    Core: Imperial

    Reason: Flat Def Shred

    DMG +5% to Boss Monsters

    Your attacks have a 6% chance(...)decreasing the target's DEF by 2608 for 12 sec.

    Trophy B

    I00480.jpgZahr-Kazaal's Icy Spine

    Reason: Flat Def Shred

    Your attacks have a 4% chance(...)inflicting DEF -2428 on the target for 15 sec.

    Reason to use these Trophys: Too much money.Fun.Being "Special".


    These tophys providing flat def shred and are easy to stack.But they dont provide the DPS from Trophy 1-3.On top of that reducing flat def is not really working anymore in high level dungeons(and future ones).

    Soul Draw from Void Paradox

    Decreases target's DEF by a fixed value. Lasts 10 seconds.(It is over 5000 flat DEF shred at Level 90)

    Voidparadox-skillicon.png -> Voidsouldraw-skillicon.png <-> Razorwind-skillicon.png + fiendtotem-skill.png proc -> I00188.jpg + I00480.jpg

    Possible Flat Shred debuff: 2608+2428+5000(+)= Around 10K or more DEF flat shred debuff.

    Not to Forget how easy it is to stack another 50% DEF debuff.

    Lets go to your other setup



    Canine Conqueror Champion Set (3/3)

    Core: Imperial

    Enchantment Card: DMG+PEN

    Reason: DMG

    Full Set Effect:

    Damage Dealt to Elite Monsters +25%

    Top Armor


    Holy Chant Set (2/2)

    Core: Imperial

    Enchantment Card: DMG+PEN

    Secret Stones: 2% DMG + % DMG to Dark Element

    Armor Element: dark.jpgDark

    Full Set Effect:

    Damage Dealt +12%

    CRIT DMG to Boss is increased by 35%


    Make sure to use the Secret Stones that fit your class(Sorcerer/Shuriken) and increase certain DMG of certain skills.

    Like Soul Draw.Thanks.


    Bottom Armor


    Holy Anthem Set (3/3)

    Secret Stones: 2% DMG + % DMG to Dark Element

    Enchantment Card: DMG+PEN

    Core: Imperial

    Set Bonus:

    DMG +12%

    CRIT DMG to Bosses +40%

    Weapon Spec: Left Path (Fiendish Envoy), dark.jpg Dark Path



    Because dark.jpg Dark Element is the best for Sorcerer.Main Skills of Sorcerer are dark.jpg Dark Element on a low Cooldown with high amplifiers.

    Souldraw-skillicon.png Soul Draw is dark.jpgDark Element and one of the best lifesteal skill(UpIcon Absorb 10% of DMG dealt to recover your HP)


    Increasing +12% to Soul Draw

    Target affected by Shadow Bolt will take 20% increased DMG by dark.jpg Dark Skills

    Not to Forget(From Envoy)



    envoydark.jpg (2x Because the nodes Exist each 2 times = DMG of Shadow Bolt +20%, DMG of Soul Draw +10%)

    Soul Draw and Shadow Bolt a are your main DPS source.

    Soul Draw Amplifier(135%) -> DMG * 35% + Skill DMG * 35% + * dark.jpg (-30% VPENV)+(-27% VP AMP)

    Shadow Bolt Amplifier(120%) -> DMG * 20% + Skill DMG * 20% + * dark.jpg (-30% VPENV)+(-48% VP AMP)

    *dark.jpg See "Void Paradox" DMG +30%" Dark DMG Burst* and calculate yourself.Substract the base Amplifier from Void Paradox Envoy(VPENV) and the base Amplifier from Void Paradox Skills(VP AMP)

    Hope it make sense and everything is right i was never good in math >.<*

    The DMG Formular >.>

    Damage =[ Damage * (100% - "Defense %") * (100% - "Reduction %" + "Damage to %") * ( 100% - "Damage Taken From %") * (100% + "Main Hand DMG%") * (100% + "Skill DMG %") * ( 100% - "Elemental Reduction %" + "Skill Ele Damage % Increase" + "Weapon Element (+20%)") * ( 100% + "Damage To Certain Element %") *(100% +Pen% - Pen Shield%)]

    And from Weapon Spec


    dark.jpgVoid Paradox" DMG +30%dark.jpgDark DMG Burstdark.jpg

    Skill Amplifier from Void Paradox for Soul Draw(162%) -> (1)62% +30% = (1)92% + 45% Eidolon + 0-30% Weapon Bonus + 30% Mount+10%+(*1)

    Skill Amplifier from Void Paradox for Shadow Bolt(168%) -> (1)68% +30% = (1)98% + 45% Eidolon + 0-30% Weapon Bonus + 30% Mount+20%+(*2)

    (*1) + Flat DMG from Armor Secret Stone + 20% Chance to deal 20% from Envoy + 12% Weapon Spec +20 % Shadow Bolt debuff

    (*2) + Flat DMG from Weapon Secret Stone + 20% Chance to deal 20% from Envoy + 20 % Shadow Bolt debuff

    * (+/-)14 From Emblem

    Really worth to stack the Dark Element.

    Lets not forget

    fiendtotem-skill.png Fiend Totem is a Totem dealing direct DMG and able to apply/proc all stuff.

    Summons a Fiend Totem that continually attacks surrounding enemies.

    DownIcon Target's DMG dealt -5%, and Move SPD -5%. Stacks up to 3 times.

    Time 8.0 sec

    VoidIcon Generates 15 Voidal Energies.

    *Right now that skill is physical.pngViolent.In the future in will be dark.jpg Dark Element aswell.
    The Points you put into your Allocate Mastery
    crit_dmg-up-icon.pngCRT DMG CAP for Sorcerer is 300%.
    move_spd_up-icon.png15 % Points into Move Speed
    30 % Points into DMG
    dark_dmg_up-icon.png20 % Points into "Increase DMG to Dark target"

    Rest points into what ever you want.For more DPS possible into "Increase DMG to X target"

    *Overall you will encounter more dark, fire, ice and lightning bosses.

    Future dungeons will have bosses with high EVA.Consider acc_up-icon.pngAccuracy.

    Skill Rotation

    Usual future proof Skill Rotation(When Fiend Totem becomes Dark Element it will be superior):

    rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png+Shadowbolt-skillicon.png+fiendtotem-skill.png +Razorwind-skillicon.png+Shadowbolt-skillicon.png+Souldraw-skillicon.png+fiendtotem-skill.png+Shadowbolt-skillicon.png+Souldraw-skillicon.png(...)Repeat

    In future class balance updates Fiend Totem fiendtotem-skill.png will bedark.jpg Dark Element(Right now it is Violent )

    Use Souldraw-skillicon.png and Shadowbolt-skillicon.png from Voidparadox-skillicon.png Void Paradox if they are aviable because "Void Paroxysm" DMG +30%.

    To use Void Paradox you have to generate VoidIcon Void Energy by casting skills that generate it.


    You can check the generated VoidIconVoid Energy of every skill here


    The skills casted from Void Paradox have a faster casting animation.


    Dont Forget to use Rejuvenation Mantra if needed to remove debuff and gain the Cursed Seal status(Extra DPS).

    Keep in mind some debuffs cant be removed:AK6:


    HealIcon Remove 1 negative stat effect

    HealIcon Recover XXX HP every second

    UpIcon Gain the Cursed Seal effect while using a Grimoire. Additional XXX DMG per sec while attacking.

    Time 12.0 secs

    VoidIcon Generate 5 Void Energy

    Use Sleep Totem nightmaretotem-skillicon.png to cancel red carpets(AOE Attacks) from bosses.Dont work on all bosses :/

    You can use Shadow Assault to Stun but it will consume Chakra you need for Crippling Wind.


    UpIcon You appear behind the enemy and perform a backstab.

    ShurikenIcon Costs 1 Chakra

    ShurikenIcon When you cast this skill, your Shadow Warrior will cast Shadow Entanglement, stunning your target and nearby enemies for 3 sec.

    One cool trick:

    You can Jump Cast Shadow Bolt Shadowbolt-skillicon.png and before you land Soul Draw Souldraw-skillicon.png + doing AutoAttacks.

    Possible Debuff you can apply(Void Paradox Included)
    33% DMG Taken on Target

    DMG -15%

    DMG -10%

    DMG -15%

    DEF -10%

    CRT -10%

    ACC -10%

    MoveSpeed -20% - 20% -20% -15% (-20% Trophy A -20 % Trophy B)

    DEF -2428(Trophy A)

    DEF - 2608(Trophy B)

    DEF -5000(+)

    DEF -15 %

    DEF -20%

    EVA - 20000(+/-)

    EVA - 25%

    DMG of dark.jpg Dark Skills +20% against Target affected by Shadow Bolt for 4 Sec(Hello Lancer)

    Possible Buff you can share with your Party in few seconds using this Combo if Your super lucky on procs and Void Paradox:

    fiendtotem-skill.png+Razorwind-skillicon.png+demonseal-skillicon.png+demonseal-skillicon.pngFrom Void Paradox+rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png from Void Paradox(DMG +6% and remove 2 Debuffs)

    DMG + 10%

    DMG + 6%

    DEF + 10%

    CRT + 10%

    ACC + 10%

    Deal 15 % Extra DMG

    Demon Seal: Party Memebers DMG +2000(+) + from Void Paradox another big amount 5000(?)

    Ench. Cards 2000(+) DMG + 15 % CRT DMG


    Make sure you are in range to your party to apply the buffs.

    Good combo on paper.Less DPS than the usual rotation.


    Head: HP % + DMG to Boss Monster

    Face: DMG + Shadow Bolt Skill Level

    Body: DMG + CRT DMG to Elites

    Back: DMG + MoveSpeed

    Weapon: DMG + Soul Draw Skill Level


    General Skills:  

    paragraph2.pngCorrosive Shadow

    Attack Spec:     

    zeal-mastery.pngZeal (Every attack has a chances to cause 50%/70%/90%/110% extra DMG)

    Advanced Skills:
    Razorwind-skillicon.pngCrippling Wind (Targets DMG Taken +3% *6)

    Defense Spec:
    extreme_speed-mastery.pngExtreme Move Speed (EVA +3%/+5%/+7%, Move SPD +5%/+10%/+15%)

    Tactical Spec:
    break_defense-mastery.pngBreak Defense (25% chance to decrease target's DEF by 10%/15%/20% while attacking)

    Special Skills(Low on Def)

    the_best_defense-mastery.pngBest Defense (1%/2%/3% DMG added to DEF)

    Special Skills(High on DEF):
    deep_blue-mastery.pngDeep Blue ( DMG +2%/+3%/+4%, Malice -5%/-8%/-11%)



    (...)12% chance to trigger Double Strike for 3 hours


    (...)10% chance to triple-cast for 6 hours

    If you are low on MoveSpeed use:


    Move SPD +15% for 6 hours.



    dark.jpg Dark Skills DMG +30%



    25% AttackSpeed

    dark.jpg Dark Skills DMG +30%



    MoveSpeed %

    DMG Dealt X % + dark.jpg % Dark Dmg Skills





  • Skill Rotation for Holy Sword / Bard Sub and additional infos

    Sorcerer Holy Sword

    W73001.jpg + WD2701.jpg

    rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png+smitersedge-skillicon.png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+fiendtotem-skill.png +Charge drybones-skillicon.png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+321-souldraw-skillicon-png+fiendtotem-skill.png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+321-souldraw-skillicon-png(...)

    Or Charge smitersedge-skillicon.png with DMG Taken Debuff.Skip drybones-skillicon.png for it.

    Sorcerer Bard

    W73001.jpg + W83301.jpg

    3x DOTs shadowassault-skillicon.png+rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png+demonseal-skillicon.png+bloodseal-skillicon.png+blissfulharmony-skillicon.png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+combo-holysoundblade.jpg+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+fiendtotem-skill.png+321-souldraw-skillicon-png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+321-souldraw-skillicon-png(...)

    -Making use of 5 DOTs(Cursed Seal,Demon Seal,Blood Seal,Blissful Harmony and Corrosive Shadow)

    - Go into Ultimate combo-holysoundblade.jpg and Stun with ambientdrone-skillicon.png -> Do Direct DMG with Dark Skills.

    - While being in combo-holysoundblade.jpg -> you are free to cast any other skill if you cancel the animation.
    * You can aswell skip the DOTs and do direct DMG.You do more dmg with the Direct DMG path.Use shadowassault-skillicon.png+rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png anyway.

    Usefull Stuff to do with bard Sub:

    3x Ballad(The DMG one) shadowassault-skillicon.png your party members before bosses.Giving the targets at 3 Stacks 12% more detailed DMG.

    Use Song of Winds combo-windcanto.jpg (Conjunction of Song of Winds) to give your party members 9% MoveSpeed.


    Rhapsody-skillicon Rhapsody

    Perform an impassioned rhapsody, rousing the minds of your party members and increasing their Move SPD.

    UpIcon Move SPD +10% for all allies in range.

    = 19% Move Speed for all allies in range.

    Envoy Paths for Sorcerer/Bard:

    Envoy for all 3 Time Frames


    Suboptimal Sub Weapons:



    Pros: Time Frame.Minions.

    Cons: Low DPS Sub

    Envoy: http://bit.ly/2sZs1Qf



    Pros: Time Frame.Look Cute.

    Cons: Low DPS Sub

    Envoy: http://bit.ly/2sVlV3f

    Please dont use Grenadier sub >->

    Something cool you can do with Bard sub.Not very relevant.

    The best sub weapon is and will be in future content Shuriken


    Nothing beats the Crippling Wind combo.The Storm ticks too fast.

    E30384.jpg Targets DMG Taken +3% *6 = 18% + 15% Sorcerer Envoy = 33% DMG Taken


    Dont play the Fire Path aka Right Path aka

    Star Walker


    Alien Enegery


    Skill: Alien Energy

    Element: Violent

    DMG: Bad

    Demon Seal

    demonseal-skillicon.pngSkill Amplifier 95%

    = Low

    Blood Seal

    bloodseal-skillicon.pngSkill Amplifier 100%

    = Low

    Dots= Apply DMG over time.Dots dont apply direct dmg over time which only procs your envoy etc.

    Fiend Totem from Left Mastery is in my opinion more usefull in its mechanic than the whole right path.

    Increase Mastery to level 60 to change an additional effect:

    "Blood Seal" Improvements: DPS +7%, plus DMG +5%.

    "Demon Seal" Improvements: DPS +7%, plus DMG +5%.

    "Flame Shock" Improvements: Small increase in Range, but also small decrease in DMG. Leaves a burning trail.

    "DMG +2% for Flame Shock. Can stack up to 50 times and lasts for 4 sec."

    look good on paper... but its really bad.

    flameimpact-skillicon.jpgSkill Amplifier 135%

    Element: Flame

    Flame Path is aviable at full +30.Or one shot Bosses with Holy Sword Sub <-<

  • Sorcerer PVP Build

    Well i will not loose many words about PVP.Build how you want.Follow the DMG build if you want to deal high DMG.Follow the Tank Path if you want to be tank.Good luck against +30 Holy Sword with the DMG Path ;) Sorcerer is very agile.You can build in many ways.Keep in mind if you +30 the only gear worth is full dmg.

    Lets go <3 And sorry for my weird english...its my 4th language and i never use it

    Class: 35?cb=20160721101847 Sorcerer
    Element: dark.jpgDark

    Level Needed: Level 60-69 + 90-95

    Role of this build: DPS+Support.Crowd Controll.

    Difficulty: Average.

    Build Type: End Game.

    For: Experienced Players.

    Mode: 5vs5 and higher.

    PVP DPS: 2,5/5,0

    PVP Support: 5,0,/50

    General PVP Stats/Caps:

    CRT DMG : 300 (for Sorcerer)

    Detailed DMG against Player : No Cap

    CRT: 100% + Player CRT

    DMG : No Cap

    DMG Taken From player : 75% Cap

    General DMG Reduction : 75% Cap

    Critical Damage Reduction : No Cap

    Good Basic Stats for Sorcerer:

    CRT,CRT DMG,Detailed DMG,MoveSpeed

    Cant be wrong with these

    Pros of this build and PVP Sorcerer in general:

    - Can apply DOT(Damage over time)

    - Can tank at good.Sometimes +30

    - Can apply many debuffs/buffs

    - Fun to play.Team play class.Can support good.

    Cons of this build and PVP Sorcerer in general:

    - Not so high DMG.

    - Misplay=RIP

    But lets go with the Level 90-95 Guide ...

    DMG+Meta Build


    Warlord Bible


    Element: dark.jpg Dark

    Reason: PVP Stats

    Secret Stone:

    I01405.jpg Lava Secret Stone

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone(Bruiser/Tank):

    I01509.jpg Thunderous (10% HP, DMG Taken)

    Reason: HP + DMG Taken

    Sub Weapon

    Warlord Zither


    Reason: PVP Stats, Heal, Time Frame

    Element: -

    Secret Stone:

    I01405.jpg Lava Secret Stone

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone(Bruiser/Tank):

    I01509.jpg Thunderous (10% HP, DMG Taken)

    Reason: HP + DMG Taken

    Trophys Level 90-94

    Trophy 1

    I01654.jpg Twin Hearted Split Personalit

    Reason: DMG Taken

    DMG received -5%.When being attacked, you have an 8% chance(...)reducing damage received by -25% for 12 sec.

    Trophy 2:

    I01656.jpg Keres' Wishlist

    Reason: Heal % + EVA %

    Increases EVA by a number equal to 5% of DMG

    Healing Potency +20%

    At level 95 you change

    Keres' Wishlist I01656.jpg to Eonus' Ancient Stone I00094.jpg

    Eonus' Ancient Stone


    Reason: DMG Taken

    DMG received -8%

    Enemy attacks have a 10% chance to trigger(...)decreasing your DMG received by 15% for 12 sec.




    Warlord Invincible Set (3/3)

    Reason: DMG

    Why not to use Tank Accesoiry: It only give HP(Not even much).

    If you are low on fortification(not all +20) consider the tank Accesoiry.But at this point you should not 90+ PVP at all.




    Warlord Prestige Set (2/2)

    Reason: DMG

    Armor Element: electric.png -> 25% DMG Redcution from Lighting Skills.Helps against Holy Sword.

    Secret Stone: 2% DMG / 2% DMG Taken



    Divine Basic Eye Set (2/2)

    Reason: HP/DEF

    Armor Element: electric.png -> 25% DMG Redcution from Lighting Skills.Helps against Holy Sword.

    Secret Stone:

    6% CRT DMG / 2 % DMG Taken or 2% DMG / 2% DMG Taken or 2% HP / 2% DMG Taken.

    Depend on your stats.

    *Make sure to use Secret Stones that fit Sorcerer/Bard.Like Ambient Drone Range Increse.Soul Draw DMG.Demon Seal etc.*




    Warlord Fearless Set (3/3)

    Reason: DMG

    Secret Stone: 2% DMG / 2% DMG Taken



    *At this point you enter a different path.Building full tank with full purple PVP gear is not recommended.

    What you want to do is stacking Critical DMG Reduction from different sources.I will go into detail later.


    Endless War Set (3/3)

    Reason: Critical DMG Reduction

    You have a 12% chance of triggering(...)being attacked, reducing received CRIT DMG by 150% for 12 sec.

    The DMG Path:

    You Stack Offensive Stats like Flat DMG, CRT and detailed DMG against player.Critical DMG cap. is 300% for Sorcerer.You can easy overcap it in full DMG gear without any Food, Secret stones etc.In full purple 90 gear you also cap. DMG Taken from players(75%).Same for General DMG Taken if you use DMG Reductions from different Sources(Costumes,,Emblem,Secret Stones etc).

    Pro: Very high DMG.Good in 1vs1.

    Cons: Low on HP.Pretty dead after a misplay/Stun against good player xd

    You can build bruiser with Sorcerer aswell.That means:

    Divine Basic Eye Set (2/2)

    Thunderous Secret Stones

    30% HP Eidolon

    30% HP into Allocate Mastery

    +20% All Stats

    -> Now can stack a high amount of HP(160K+)

    The rest setup can be DMG(Warlord Fearless Set (3/3).

    HP will make you really tanky if you dont misplay.

    The Tank Path:

    The only way to build tank in 90 Content is stacking Critical DMG Reduction.Work very well in 5vs5 and higher.

    For this you use:
    Divine Basic Eye Set (2/2) or Warlord Prestige Set (2/2). Divine give you way more HP but only a bit more CRT DMG Reduction.

    Endless War Set (3/3)

    Emblem with - X % CRT DMG Taken

    Food with -20% CRT DMG Taken

    Preemptive Strike -20% CRT DMG on Target (Tactical Spec)

    Eidolon with -150% CRT DMG Taken(Like Quelkan)

    Costume -13% CRT DMG Taken

    *Classes that work better with the tank path are:



    2.Scythe (Highest CRT DMG Redcution possible thanks to it pets)


    *Sorted by the rank of : being tank <> usefull to a party.



    Emblem : DMG % Dealt(Detailed DMG)

    Emblem 1: - X % DMG Taken

    Emblem 2: - X % Critical DMG Taken


    Head: HP % + DMG to Player

    Face: DMG + Mantra Skill Level

    Body : - X % DMG Taken + CRT DMG to player Player
    Back: DMG or HP + MoveSpeed

    Weapon: Accuracy + Soul Draw Skill Level


    Up to you.MoveSpeed.Detail DMG.Critical DMG.Zeal.Up to you.How you play.How you build.Who you face.



    DMG %

    25% AttackSpeed+ dark.jpg Dark Skills DMG +30%


    DMG %

    25% AttackSpeed+ 24% DMG


    HP %

    5 % DMG Taken + 30% HP Eidolon


    Critical DMG Reduction Eidolon

    -150 % Critical DMG Taken


    Offensive: Dark DMG +30%

    Defensive: All Stats +20%,10% DMG Taken,20% Resistence

    Envoy Paths:

    DMG : http://bit.ly/2BHgpUy

    3 Time Frame : http://bit.ly/2oukTpb

    Another one: http://bit.ly/2sZzhvt

    Tank Envoy: http://bit.ly/2sZzhvt

    Its up to you how you build your envoy.You can aswell use +1 Second to 320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png Shadow Bolt making it a 5 second Immobilize.

    Allocate Points:

    Depend on your Stats.Usually the PVP stuff like:


    It all depend how good your stats already are.

    A must have for sorcerer in my opinion are:

    ACC,Heal,MoveSpeed,Elemental Res,HP

    Skill Rotations:

    Typical Sorcerer stuff.Many combos possible.I can show you one of them.

    3x DOTs shadowassault-skillicon.png+rejuvenationmantra-skillicon.png+demonseal-skillicon.png+bloodseal-skillicon.png+blissfulharmony-skillicon.png+320-shadowbolt-skillicon-png+-> Now you applied 5 Dots and a Immbolize allowing you to go to your target and

    nightmaretotem-skillicon.png Sleep Totem Them for 6 Seconds.Now the DOTs do their work while the target is asleep.Here you either wait unitl the Sleep Totem expire and you target wakes up or you go straigth into:

    combo-holysoundblade.jpg+ambientdrone-skillicon.png -> Ultimate DMG +Stun for 3 Seconds followed by direct DMG


    This is for 1vs1...there are many ways to play.

    You can aswell use the Right Path and play more around with DOTs.


    Who you face.What your Gear Score is.Sorcerer is very flexible.

    The Level 60-69 PVP Build(Tank/Bruiser)

    Use the usual Purple PVP DMG gear+Secret Stones etc. for Level 60-69

    You can use all Purple Level 60 PVP DMG Gear ...

    But your Bottom Set will be


    Survive and Adapt Set (3/3)

    Suffering a critical hit will make you a Survivor, which causes subsequent critical hits to deal 100% less damage for 15 seconds

    - Now you stack Critical DMG Taken as seen in the *Tank Path

    = Level 60 PVP is low on CRT DMG.People will have hard times to deal any crt dmg to you.Sure people can try to stack a big amount against you...but leave themself very vulnerable to a Sorcerer^^

    *Keep in mind that it comes all down to fortification.Someone with way higher and a really good fortification opzimized build+gameplay will always erase you in 60 PVP unless you build a tank class with full tank gear.

    One thing i have left to say: PVP is not so alive than it used to be.Many if not all main PVP player left over the time making it really difficult to start PVP events.The reason is because +30 Holy Sword exist ending up one shotting everyone.The main mode which still start(5vs5 Arena) is most of the time very unbalanced.

    How PVP used to be alive(Like Centurion in 2014)

    Really epic matches back than :D

  • Glad someone else did it cause too lazy, fiend totem is gonna be n a s t y on dark element rudecat15 Do you have your own stats to post that I can compare to or is some of this just theoretical what you should get. I only had time to skim read but seems about right

    Sorc/Shuri | Rav/Shuri | GS/Shuri

    AKUS Chimera | Nyx Guild Master

    :AK3: Youtube | Discord-ID: ChronoBean #3711 :AK3:

  • Glad someone else did it cause too lazy, fiend totem is gonna be n a s t y on dark element rudecat15 Do you have your own stats to post that I can compare to or is some of this just theoretical what you should get. I only had time to skim read but seems about right

    Sorry Chorono i dont play AK that much anymore.

    But i know you have a YouTube Channel...may link it here?

    So people know how Sorcerer look in Action!


    Edit: OH sorry i saw you already linked you videos in your signature!

    Everyone visit this channel to see Sorcerer in Action(Official Server)


  • Could be useful if you add a short table of contents at the start so that people know what's coming up and when, and where to look for specific things :) Otherwise, nice guide

    Yes GS Tsuruga already mentioned that and other stuff i did not cover up!

    I will add that in the next days right now i am short on time :)


  • oh it's not a problem ahaha, I just wanted to compare what the dmg would look like if someone had upgraded to all that top level 90 gear and you're fine to share the youtube link, I'm just not all that great yet me thinks rudecat17

    Sorc/Shuri | Rav/Shuri | GS/Shuri

    AKUS Chimera | Nyx Guild Master

    :AK3: Youtube | Discord-ID: ChronoBean #3711 :AK3:

  • i just read your blog and i find most of the info useful i love the sorcerer class so much but i was wondering are there other eidolons you can use besides the one you suggested

  • i just read your blog and i find most of the info useful i love the sorcerer class so much but i was wondering are there other eidolons you can use besides the one you suggested

    It can be any eidolon as long as it has the 25% atk speed and 45% dark damage stat reroll. People usually pick those Eidolons have advantageous skills like stun, nocturnal, def shred, etc. Since sorc naturally has no stun, it may be best to get an eidolon that has it and since Soul Draw is broken enough, having a nocturnal eidolon isn't as necessary, but those are my preferences. I usually run with someone who already has a nocturnal eidolon and can time it better than I do.

    At the end of the day, it's up to your preference as long as you can get the 25% atk spd and 45% dark skill dmg star buffs. Eidolons like Zephyrine and Muramasa naturally have 45% dark skill dmg star buffs so all you need to do is to reroll the 25% atk spd.

  • Okay so, this post may be old, im stuck at Frigga Peak so i came here. And a lot of facts changed, and i think we need either a new guide or an update to this guide.

    Updated version has=

    Flame Impact has the highest amplificator. Flame Impact with Breath Of Ashura has the highest DoT alongside Corrosive Shadow. So both DoT and DMG combined = Flame Impact (BoA) > Shadow Bolt (CS) > Soul Draw. (Soul Draw has higher damage than Shadow Bolt but lack the DoT).

    Alien Energy's element is Flame. And its damage is not "bad". I can literally kill normal monsters in just 1 second of holding, its a great aoe tbh, the only downside being you have to stand still.

    Also i dont know if this is new but "If your target has both Demon Seal and Blood Seal, Flame Impact, Shadow Bolt, Soul Draw and Alien Energy deal additional damage." This means every attack you have get dmg bonus, not just dark skills (although it doesnt say how much). You can stack 4 DoTs (Corrosive Shadow, Breath Of Ashura, Blood and Demon Seal), which are good health drainers.

    Also why not go grenadier as sub? I've never tried it, but why not?

    On a note, the reasons given are really bad. Why is this bad? "bad dps". Why is this good? "meta". I dont know if this guide was written by blindly following what a random sorcerer main said, or actually is thought in and out. There is not enough evidence to back up what you say.

    I think this post needs an update. Also solid reasons why this is bad and that is good, and which one to pick.