Steam Launcher

  • As much as I would want to tell you what's going on, I fear that's impossible.

    Either way, let's try to find a solution for it.

    Easiest way: close steam completely (task manager) and then launch the game again.

    If this doesn't work, restart your PC.

    If both don't work, please provide us with more info about the crash (do you crash after pressing "start" or before? Etc).


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  • I tried to launch the game from steam but for some reason launcher crashed. I tried to launch the game couple time launcher keep crashing.

    Can you tell me what going on?

    When you run it on steam. try to click Full Scan to refresh/fix the game for any bugs and updates.

    If you can't Open the Launcher itself, go to Desktop shortcut Aura Kingdom Icons > Right click > go to Properties.

    And then find the location of the folder in the steam folder under Drive C:\ . . . (mine is on this location, not sure in your pc.)

    from there you can full scan..


    If the Launcher still not working...

    1. Uninstall it in steam

    2. Close the Steam then Open again. let the steam open.

    3. Go to

    Download the game using your Steam




    After you download the updates of aura Kingdom.

    Linked it to your Steam. so that you can Open it through the steam launcher games.