[Guide] PVE Warbow

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    Konnichiwa senpais! >///<

    I'm Cath and I play the strings class, lol jk xD I mean Warbow.

    btw I'm also a cute grill in Chimera, or am i ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ~ <3

    ;3; I don't see a lot of pweple who play bows, so I wanted to share my build nyan! >//w//<

    I'm lvl 95 and started ak aboout uhm... a year ago I think, so pwease dun bully mi ;;3;;
    The animation for light bow is super suggoooi xP so I use that build.
    de wings animation is suppppah pweatty and the class is tanoshii naaa~ :AK13::AK13:

    but you kno', if you feelin emo or smthing you can do the dark build. hmpff
    I have a videos UwU but only for boss kills and swuff, check this one out if you want

    i'm doin a doomgion Kyaa <3

    >///> not like I want you to or anything....



    To navigate tru the guide just search your desired things to know and scroll to that part, i made them shiny for you! and press the spoiler buttons to show contents!


    okie imaa need to be a lil' serious here :< it's a bit complicated

    bow is a unique class, unlike other class, bow can do chargies for their skills! :AK9:

    all bow skills has unique extra effects when they are fully charged (except for Blessing of the Wind)

    half charging a skill will give it extra 50% dmg while fully charging a skill will give extra 120% dmg and some additional effect :AK2:

    First of all let us all see what skill our lovely bow have! <3

    CHARGIES! <3 >////<

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    CHARGIES! <3 >////<

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    CHARGIES! <3 >////<

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    CHARGIES! <3 >////<

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  • Chaaaargies........ proc proc pops pops

    100/10 Top guide >////<

    AKUS Chimera server | Catalyst guild

    Jin - Level 95 Ronin | Chocolatier - Level 99 Gunslinger

    Discord: Jin#3365

  • this has got to be the most aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous guide on the entire old and new forums. Alas its too cute for me and I'm dark build. But hella good job anyway :)rudecat3

    EDIT: Your video tho, bloody hell, seeing bow dish out HS burst made me weak inside with glee.