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    Hello, and welcome to my guide on Aura Kingdom's Wizard class! This guide will attempt to cover everything pertaining to playing and gearing the Wizard class. It may be a bit lengthier than most, but this is meant to be comprehensive and directed at both new and leveling as well as veteran players. Still, I will presume you have basic knowledge about things like jump-casting, positioning and understanding that backstrikes will increase your damage (by 50%), and the various other fundamentals of damage in Aura Kingdom, so I won't cover that here.

    Guide Contents

    This guide will be broken down into three main focus sections. The first will discuss the class and it's skills, as well as cover a couple of subclass options to round it out. The second and heaviest part will cover gearing, which will be broken down into covering weapons, armor, emblems, mounts, costumes, enchant cards, secret stones, and food and drinks. The final section will cover rounding out your Wizard with stat distribution after the gearing is done by addressing how to set your envoy, weapon specialization, and masteries, and what eidolons you may want as well as what stats you want from them.

    To jump to a section, simply highlight and then find the text using your browser's method of doing so.

    I. About the Wizard class

    II. Class Mechanics

    III. Skills

    IV. Subclass

    V. Gearing

    - Equipment

    - Emblems and Mounts

    - Secret Stones

    - Enchantment Cards

    - Costumes

    - Foods and Drinks

    VI. Masteries

    VII. Envoy

    VIII. Weapon Specialization

    IX. Character Stats Allocation

    X. Eidolons

    XI. Conclusion and Credits

    Foreword and about me:

    I started playing Aura Kingdom in mid 2014, and have played the Wizard class on the Chimera server for the vast majority of that time. I've played a Wizard which kept pace to the level cap since back in 2015 shortly after the level cap was raised to level 80. I've also leveled at least three separate Wizards worth mentioning (don't ask). I've seen this class through ups and downs, going from perhaps one of the weakest DPS classes in the game to one of the better ones, and I feel like I grew slowly with it. I went through highs and lows in both PVE and PVP and felt I learned enough and performed well enough to be at least good at both. While I was never the most geared Wizard nor the best skilled player at the game, I feel like I've accomplished and learned enough by the end of my time playing to put together a decent and in-depth guide to help others, so here's my way of giving back, albeit late (sorry, I've been sitting on this for nearly half a year), since I for all intents retired long ago and may be an even more unknown name to any newer players.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • I. About the Wizard class:

    While the Wizard isn't the strongest class, I've seen too many players give it far less credit than it deserves and even give up on the class. While the Wizard might not require the most micro-management, it definitely does require more than most to play to it's potential (more so with certain subclasses like Bard). If only it saw damage increases that matched this extra work. It includes more utility than most give credit for mattering, a lot of crowd control, and a lot of AOE. A Wizard is often valuable to almost any party, and is even great in Sky Towers in some niche ways that some might not expect. It has excellent mob clearing while still being good against single target bosses.

    If you're looking to play something not too overpowered or simple but still very capable, this can be a very fun class to explore! It can take a bit more to play to it's potential compared to some of the stronger, newer, and/or more simplistic classes, and if you want that, this isn't isn't the class for you. Along with this extra effort, it is also probably one of the classes that takes a little more understanding, funding, and gearing before you see it pay off as much.

    Here's the summarized pros and cons of the Wizard class in my opinion.

    + High-moderate damage.

    + Ranged damage (although this requires understanding that if you want to maximize back-strike potential you'll generally want to be near or in melee range anyway, but being able to additionally attack from range is still an advantage, although all ranged classes lack the 15% free boss damage that melee classes get).

    + Moderate support and offensive utility in the form of cleanse (can be used on self and allies) and defense shred (when stacked, currently the absolute highest flat defense shred of any class in the game).

    + High crowd control. The Wizard has access to slows, knockbacks, stuns, AND freezes. It pretty much has everything except for a sleep.

    + High AOE.

    + 25% damage against the four primary elemental types (flame, ice, lightning, and storm).

    - Requires a bit of micro-management to play optimally.

    - Requires further funding before it starts to pay off as much as some of the stronger or simpler classes may for a newer and still gearing player. Specifically, a lot of this has to do with requiring 400% crit damage to reach all of the Wizard's potential power budget whereas most other classes get theirs with 300% normally or a little more (this is why I am confused when I see others claim the Wizard is advantaged by having a high crit damage ceiling when that's just as much if not more so a bad thing).

    - Somewhat fragile, which is mostly an issue again only when you're newer and still gearing.

    II. Class Mechanics:

    Each class has it's own unique function or feature, and for the Wizard that is the etch mechanic. It is an often under-looked part of the Wizard, and yet it is where a good part of the Wizard's strength lies. What this is, is every time you cast a skill (occurring on skill cast, not skill hit), there is a chance to generate one of four etches, which will highlight on your etch bar. Unfortunately, it's RNG, so sometimes you get a whole slew of useful etches, and other times you may seem to get so few. Once generated, these etches last for 15 seconds (longer with the right path). You will need to use the skill "Elemental Burst" to consume the etch and gain a buff, that lasts for 15 seconds. These do the following (please note that the text tool tip of Elemental Burst itself doesn't seem match the text of the buff itself it grants you, so I am listing the latter):

    Storm: Increases the damage of storm skills by 12%, and increases your speed and regular attack speed by 15%.

    Flame: Increases the damage of flame skills by 10%, and increases your damage stat by 8%.

    Lightning: Increases the damage of lightning skills by 15%, and increases your crit rate by 5% and crit damage by 8%.

    Ice: Increases the damage of ice skills by 20%, and causes all of your attacks to apply a debuff to the target that both reduce the target's damage by 3% AND reduces the target's defense by a flat amount (depending on your own level), and can stack up to five times (the increased damage of ice skills dealt doesn't stack).

    As these last for 15 seconds, try and time the use of your Elemental Burst to grant you useful buffs before boss fights. Since some have lengthy "cutescenes", you can try and time when the etch was generated and use it before the 15 seconds elapse, when it would disappear, or start the boss early while you still clear mobs. As the buff itself then lasts 15 seconds, you can sometimes still get some use of these buffs during all but the longest bosses.

    The ice etch is the most useful by far, as it not only buffs the element that comprises of over half of your damage, but if also includes the largest flat defense shred of any class when fully stacked. The flame etch is probably the next most useful for now, as it gives a damage stat increase which is overall, and the extra flame damage will help your mobbing a bit. The other two aren't stellar but still nice. The lightning etch is rather minor for now, although after Awakening the extra crit damage may be slightly nicer, and the Storm etch will grant you some extra speed for extra overcap translating to extra zeal chance (the increase to Storm damage is nice, although not as much as before when Wizard's were still using that skill far more in rotation).

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • III. Skills:

    The following will list the skills of the Wizard and some of their effects and uses. I'm going to skip covering the weapon specialization skills, since I personally do not see the use of them for normal rotation or play. Here's another source with some extra information about skills.

    Elemental Burst: Elemental Burst is not a direct offensive skill, and therefore many Wizards tend to be not fully aware of it and neglect it, when it is a large potential part of your damage. All it does is consume all stored elemental etches, which is your class mechanic feature. For each etch consumed, you are granted a buff (depending on the buff; see prior section) for 15 seconds.

    Rejuvenation Prayer: Rejuvenating Prayer is a small heal over time that also grants a cleanse to one random debuff (if any). This can be cast on allies for these effects.

    The other, and often overlooked part to this skill (which can not be cast onto allies), is that it grants a buff to yourself which offers 25% increased damage against the four primary elements of fire, ice, storm, and lightning (not for dark or holy, sadly). Like with Elemental Burst, part of the Wizard's power budget has been allocated here, so do not overlook this! With the left path weapon specialization granting reduced cooldown to your skills, this buff can be kept up indefinitely with that path, and I would advise doing so at least against targets of those four elements. Against the other two elements, and violent, you don't need to worry about upkeep of this.

    Fireball: Fireball is a long range, single target skill. It can be augmented with a mastery to either stun the target, or knock it back. Generally, this skill will not be in your rotation, or perhaps even skill bar for regular play, but some players may elect to use it to have a secondary ranged stun on hand, and it does have some nice niche uses with the knock back effect from the mastery that provides for some utility (the weapon specialization skill with a knock back is not worth using instead as it has a much longer cooldown and a higher GCD too, and with mastery upgrades Fireball can knock the target back further). For example, in Sky Tower, on floor 9, you can push the mobs around the edge of the room closer to the pool, shortening the time to complete the floor. The same can be done on floor 26, pushing all of the shielded elites together near Ashe so it doesn't have to run from one to another. Pairing it with the basic secret stone which extend the range of this skill by 8 meters (!) in a separate staff solely for this role gives the Wizard a nice utility benefit for a few (albeit very limited) scenarios. The last time I did this on floor 9 the group thought the mobs were glitched because they were moving, so I'm guessing not many know about this, and I wouldn't have either unless someone told me.

    Meteor Shot: Meteor Shot is a long range, very large AOE skill, which can be extended by a secret stone. In a later update, the AOE becomes even greater (!). It's cooldown can be further lowered to 1.8 seconds with an envoy tile. It is your highest damage value skill, but because of the GCD and animation time, it's damage per second is not the best. Due to the AOE, it's still one of your best skills to use against groups of mobs and when running from boss to boss. It also has a small chance on cast (with the appropriate envoy tile) to grant a buff to boost all Wizard class skills damage by 20% damage while active, so it's additionally worth using when running from boss to boss in an attempt to get this extra buff (Instant Thunder has a chance to as well). However, you should refrain from using this on single targets, like against bosses, if you want to do the most DPS you can.

    Icy Curse: Icy Curse is a long range, single target skill. It slows the target's move speed by 35% for 6 seconds. It can be augmented with a mastery to add a damage over time boost. The skill itself isn't very useful on it's own, nor is it's mastery, but it's going to be worth using once weapon specialization is level 60 or above for the buff it grants to Ice Storm's Frost Territory, and unless you're using a subclass that offers something better or you want the stun for Fireball m,astery, you'll probably end up using the mastery for this simply because you'll regularly be using the skill anyway. This skill is honestly useful enough to use ONLY for the debuff it applies to the target that weapon specialization post level 60 grants to this skill, which makes the Frost Territory of your Ice Storm do 20% more damage each tick (the text claims the debuff will make the target simply take 20% more damage, which would be great... but alas that's not what actually happens). Unfortunately, that debuff doesn't last very long, so you will usually end up having to use it rather regularly against single targets you want to do the most damage to.

    Ice Storm: Ice Storm is a medium range, small AOE skill. It freezes the target(s) for 3 seconds. With the appropriate envoy tile, all of your attacks have a chance to generate a buff, which will cause the next Ice Storm or Icy Curse to deal 20% additional damage, and this is detail damage. Once weapon specialization is acquired at level 60, with the left path, this skill generates a small pool of ice known as Frost Territory under the target that lasts for x seconds. This is your bread and butter skill. You will be wanting to be using this skill as often as possible, which will be every other skill. Read that last sentence again, and then a third time. Every other skill you cast, you ideally want to be Ice Storm! Therefore, try and cast your "upkeep skills", such as Icy Curse (post level 60 in weapon specialization), Rejuvenation Prayer, Elemental Burst, Ballad (if applicable), or basically any other skill, between Ice Storms. If you have to disrupt your DPS skills for a skill that isn't directly a DPS skill, try and make it something other than this skill. I can't stress this; you ideally want every other skill cast to be Ice Storm, preferably as often as it's off cooldown. Due to the Frost Territory it generates, which inflicts about as much damage as the initial skill, an extra four times (!), it's your primary skill for dealing damage, despite not being the most powerful itself in base skill damage. You will also want to boost your ice skills damage as much as you can because of this, as the Wizard is probably one of the best examples of a class that benefits the most from stacking skills damage as opposed to raw stats damage.

    Storm Curse: Storm Curse is a long range, slow moving, narrow line AOE skill. Once cast, it will will head a straight direction from it's cast position towards the target position (and beyond). Since it is slow moving, it can be unreliable, and I'd recommend really to only cast it from a relative close range, or if the target is stationary. With the appropriate envoy tile, all of your attacks have a chance to generate a buff, which will cause the next Storm Curse to deal 20% additional damage, and this is detail damage. Since it's your second strongest skill (behind Ice Storm itself) that will fit between the case time of two Ice Storm skills (Meteor Shot does not fulfill that second part), this will generally be the fall back skill you alternate between Ice Storm's when you aren't casting upkeep skills (including Icy Curse, which basically almost entirely replaces this due to how short it's debuff lasts).

    Instant Thunder: Instant Thunder is a long range, gap closing skill. It will teleport you to the target's location, damaging and stunning targets within the area for 3 seconds. While the Wizard is a ranged class, this teleport forcing you into melee distance is beneficial, because the target becomes stunned, and you can easily position yourself behind the target for back-strikes while it is stunned. It also has a small chance on cast (with the appropriate envoy tile) to grant a buff to boost all Wizard class skills damage by 20% damage while active, so it's additionally worth using when running from boss to boss in an attempt to get this extra buff.

    Energy Conflux: Energy Conflux is the Wizard's party buff. It grants 20% crit damage for 20 minutes. Later, this is changed to gain "crit damage cap +10%" as well. While it's not exactly the most useful party buff to other classes right now, since they should be capping crit damage to bosses, it's NOT entirely useless to them unless they are also cap against elites AND general targets. Also, some classes can go beyond the default 300% crit damage cap with procs, especially if a Bard is present (!), and this skill will be immensely useful to them then. Once it gets the change to raise the crit damage cap later, it will be more useful for your party as well (and at that point, the only other party buff you should prioritize over this is the Bard's Rhapsody). Unfortunately, most Wizards will need to rely on this, and if you do and you're a Bard subclass, this puts you in a tough spot when another Bard class or subclass isn't present. For now, it's often better to forgot capping by a bit to simply speed up the run with Rhapsody, especially if you're in a very strong party.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • IV. Subclasses:

    While some subclasses are better than others, I think it's more important to explore and play what's appealing and fun to you and then optimize within that, rather than picking something because it's the best. That being said, for the sake of the guide and for those interested in the best options, the first two I list are probably the only ideal options I'd recommend as a subclass for Wizard for the current content, but I'll list a rather niche but workable third. You do not have to limit your choices to these though!

    Shuriken: The main benefits of this class are the damage of the Storm Arts skill, 10% detail damage, and masteries which can either reduce defense or increase the damage taken of the target. The weapon itself also offers 25% crit damage against bosses, as well as crit damage from fortification bonuses, making it great for players who can benefit from that, especially Wizards who have a 400% crit damage cap to build for. You will want a higher attack bonus, and higher fortified, higher star fusion sub-weapon to get the most out of this as a subclass (making the already expensive Wizard even more so) since the damage of one it's skills is the main reason you are choosing it. It offers a party buff which grants speed and crit, which is nice but not stellar.

    Note: After Awakening, the weapon for this class no longer grants crit damage to bosses!

    Bard: The main benefits of this as a subclass are 12% detail damage, and the broad range of utility it offers, those being move speed, heals atop of better defensive stats (HP and reduced damage taken from elites and bosses), a combo skill which makes you immune to damage, and masteries which can increase your damage stat and reduce the defense of a target. With the increased burden of more things to upkeep, as well as the game getting lazier and making easier solutions available, this one fell out of favor a bit because keeping up Ballad became too much (and even I tend to be bad at doing so), but it's still not a bad choice. It doesn't have as much solo boss damage potential, but there's an argument to be made for move speed reducing clear times as well. Unfortunately, like the above, you want to fortify your sub-weapon to get the most of that move speed utility since a lot of it comes from fortification bonuses of the weapon, but part of it does come in the form of a party buff which grants 10% to your entire party, and in a day and age of Shuriken and Holy Sword subclasses everywhere, this may make you more valuable to your party.

    Holy Sword: The main benefits of the Holy Sword as a subclass are the defense shred on top of a high defense shred capable class (this can have variable effectiveness depending on the bosses defense), although there are definitely some other perks like more AOE and some gap closers, which might seem minor, but Wizards are perhaps among the slower end of the classes so it's nice. While it may seem a bit awkward and somewhat niche, it... can and does work nice, and the important thing is that post Awakening, those who were relying on the Shuriken for it's crit damage may find this a nice replacement, as this weapon will offer it. It also offers a party buff which grants some flat crit amount depending on the level of the buff, as well as 15% crit damage. Compared to your own buff, you get 5% less crit damage, but some crit. While the Wizard class in particular can use crit more than some others, I probably wouldn't use this over your own class buff. Even post Awakening, your own class buff eventually gets changed to grant a higher crit damage cap of 10% innate, so I'd stay with your own party buff over this one unless you have an excess of crit damage and the extra crit will push the ceiling of your crit damage cap that you are hitting, a tiny bit higher.

    V. Gearing:

    Gearing entails everything you equip, from your weapons and armors to the enchant cards you enchant them with and the secret stones you inlay unto them. Oh, and you also need to dress pretty and eat and drink a lot or you'll starve and dehydrate or... some such, I heard.

    Before continuing, I'm personally going to recommend that anything and everything you craft should ideally be imperial. Wizard as a class especially needs the move speed. Yes, it is expensive, and as a new and gearing player, yes it is fine to craft something with a random core to start with, but especially for your armors, which you will be crafting multiple cores for because of the needs of star fusion, you have little excuse (outside of really horrid luck) to not use imperial.

    However, and as an exception, an alternative would be to use a second set of cheap gear on a second tab for move speed. Namely, I would only recommend this more as a min-max thing for players who know what they're doing to get around the fact that a pair of perfect move speed 9%/dual drive/penetration weapon cards are hard and expensive to come by, and by doing this you stand to gain at least 18% move speed at the cost of the extra gear set and any lost stats (namely, defense and HP) while you are using this set. If you are doing this, I suppose it doesn't matter if your actual armor set is imperial or not, but as bestial will make next to zero real difference on bosses besides more eye candy stats, I would still strive to make your actual crafted armor imperial if you can rather than use it as an excuse for bestial. If you're doing this though, I guess it doesn't matter what it is. I will cover making a move speed-dedicated set at the very bottom of the next post.

    - Equipment

    While I wouldn't begin to start worrying about truly gearing until level 80 and beyond, since you won't just instantly sprout a full set of ideal level 80 gear, and trying to farm what you need in level 75 and above dungeons can be a bit tough for new and ungeared players, I'll cover level 70 gearing as well since this is intended for new players too. Just don't invest too much level 70 gearing. You can run the level 66 and level 70 dungeons (non otherworlds) for the level 70 armor drops to try and get Sniper as well as craft a random level 70 weapon, but it's just to get you by so you can have something while you start farming for your level 80 stuffs.

    Levels 40 and up:

    Why am I mentioning something at such a low and early level when I said not to worry about gearing until levels 70 or 80? The absolute best ever piece of equipment in the history of ever is right here! You need to craft this with an imperial core, however! The good news is, if you have guild tokens or collectors tokens (I recommend the latter), you can exchange them for level 40 crafting materials and simply make trophy cores until you get your own. This will remain relevant pretty much, if not literally, forever. You will swap to this and likely have it equipped for more time than any other trophy, so what are you waiting for?

    There's one other thing to do shortly after level 40 (to be more exact, when you finish the Demarech Mines map story and return to Navea to choose your subclass). Go to Helonia Coast or any low level map, and purchase a for your subclass from the weapon NPC until you get one with "Nocturnal" in the title, and use this until you replace it with a crafted equivalent. What this will do is take a portion of the damage you deal (it does not subtract from your damage), and return it to you in the form oh HP. It's absolutely essential in sustaining yourself in this game, and it's why the meta exists as simply building entirely glass cannon on all classes (including Guardians and Bards, even).

    Levels 65 and up:

    A lot of others would probably want to say they are obsolete (not me, not ever!). These are the level 65 elemental trophies; Ancient Mask of the Dark Occultist, Ancient Mask of the Wind Spirit, Ancient Fang of the Fire Dragon, Ancient Frozen Skull, Ancient Thunder God's Soul Crystal, and Ancient Templar's Medal of Honor. Each of these trophies adds 20% free damage against the target.

    While the worthiness of fortifying them this late into the game is a valid point against them, the matter also remains that they are often easy to find and relatively cheap for what they offer, and until you are geared and fortified at these much later levels, these are a major bonus of damage for newer and gearing players with low elemental damage. The effects of elemental damage are far greater the less you have, and new players are those least likely to have elixirs, mounts, higher tier emblems, hats, holy chest, points to spare in weapon specialization, etc., so for possibly less than one thousand gold for the whole set, I'd say it's absolutely worth it. Also, if you're really, really rich, these are still the absolute best trophies, yes, even compared to Delphonia (even if it's not by much), and later level 95 improved versions of these come along that you can transfer them too, so either way these are not a waste and still worth mentioning.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • Levels 70 and up:

    At level 70 and above, start by collecting the full Sniper set for armor (Vengeful Sniper top set and Ruthless Sniper bottom set). It will give you a lot detail damage and crit damage to bosses, which will be a major offensive upgrade from the Green and Blue gears you've likely been using while questing until now. Pair it with a level 70 weapon for more boss damage/boss crit damage. Don't worry about the level 70 crafted accessories, as they are worth skipping by this point. However, if you find the level 75 Fatal Toxin accessory set, of which are Spider King's Fang, Gainey's Gastrolith, and Nemeon's Cloak, it's very worth it, as it's usually cheap, doesn't require recipes or crafting, and is actually somewhat comparable to the level 80 accessory sets (sans that you can't enchant them with level 80 cards which have penetration, but at this point they will be fine until you can get better).

    The other thing you can start working on is something that you will retain for a long time, pretty much until Awakening (level 100+) comes much later, so it's worth investing into it despite it being a level 70 trophy, and that is Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth.

    Levels 80 and up:

    The very first priority now should be getting level 80 weapons for both your main and subclass. One should be Destroyer (yes, defense shred has variable effectiveness now but it's still the best, even over Deadly which is otherwise enticing to crit damage needy Wizards) and the other should be Nocturnal. This will give you a good portion of the possible penetration stat you can get for now to deal with dungeons which have this damage reduction layer, but you'll also now have 20% boss damage and more boss crit damage. Generally, try and make the subweapon nocturnal but it works the same either way. Your staff should be of the ice element, and your subweapon should be of an element that would be most appropriate for what skills you may use of your subclass (storm for Shuriken, Llightning for Bard, etc.).

    Work to replace Sniper with a crafted set of Lordswrath set of armors. Work on the top set first since it's one less piece to do, and also makes the biggest difference. Factoring in the bottom Sniper set proc, the Lordswrath bottom actually isn't too much of an upgrade, but it does give more crit damage to bosses (making it a bit more attractive for Wizards), defense and HP, and some speed, so it's still better when you can do it. A word on crafted armor is that it can be crafted with an element, which will make you take 25% reduced damage from attacks of that element. The popular choice is to craft using a Dark element armor.

    Keep Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth, but you can now try and craft a Theory Time Travel Code. It doesn't really matter too much what core this trophy has, as you'll only swap to it against bosses (and only violent ones if you're supplementing with elemental trophies).

    For accessories, you have two choices. Perfect War grants a fair bit more damage stat, as well as damage against elites, whereas Arcane Frost offers more speed stat, and is slightly better against bosses because of this. Because the advantage of the latter is small whereas the extra elite damage of the former is larger, I personally prefer the former, but the latter is typically much cheaper, and is also easier to work with in Time Library, a very end game dungeon with massive stat reductions. Either one of them is fine, but for newer players with lower funds and prayer stats, Arcane Frost might be easier to work with, and it isn't worse where it matters most, either.

    Levels 85 and up:

    The only thing you might do here, if you can find one, is pick up an Ice Death's Door. You will lose out on the crit damage to bosses a crafted weapon would provide, however. If you can make the crit damage up though (and maybe even if you can't), this weapon would be a huge upgrade.

    Levels 90 and up:

    For the most part, you just replace your weapons, armors, and accessories with the level 90 equivalents. The better level 90 DPS set is typically the Holy Spirit set, especially for the top set. The Magic Sundering Top set gives 2k crit instead of useless evasion, but you also lose 4% detail damage, so it's not worth it now, and still not worth it still after Awakening (The level 100 set top is better then anyway). For the bottom set, you technically can use either the Holy Spirit set or the Magic Sundering set instead if you wish, but the only situation in which the latter makes sense is if you are capping crit damage to bosses WITHOUT the proc on the latter, and this will probably not be the case for any wizards. Otherwise, you're just giving the detail damage of Holy Spirit up. If cost is a concern, I'd honestly suggest staying with Lordswrath bottom because it's not worth losing the crit damage to bosses for a bit higher base stats in my opinion.

    For accessories, the level 90 crafted sets are more or less higher stat equivalents of the level 80 sets, so make your pick as before.

    Yes, you keep using Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth. Yes, you would even keep using the level 65 elemental trophies (only if you have them and they are at an equal fortification level to your other trophies, of course, otherwise don't bother). Yes, you keep using Theory Time Travel Code for now. The only other trophy I would look at is maybe Divine Wind Spirit Feathers, but keep in mind that certain bosses or even dungeons have very high defenses, and the effectiveness of this will therefore vary (close to useless in OW SFL/TOA), so I would maybe add this as a supplement for when you know you'll see the returns from it rather than something to replace anything with full time. I can't speak personally of this as I kept using elemental trophies.

    Levels 95 and up:

    There's a few things you might want to do here, and so much for people saying "there's no benefit to be cap level". The level 95 staff is much better, again, if you can afford to be without the crit damage against bosses that a crafted weapon would provide (if not, it's still probably almost equal on bosses and better on mobs).

    Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings will replace Theory Time Travel Code, as it's slightly better than it.

    There's currently two level 95 accessory sets, but only one of them is really decent, and that is the Feyna's set. However, unless you already have that, I would just skip on these as a better level 95 accessory set comes soon (name will be edit in once it releases), and that would be the one to go for.

    Otherwise... the rest stays the same. Yes, keep using Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth. Until Awakening comes and you reach beyond level 99 and we get new trophies later on, this will remain the case. You can collect this now if you want, as it becomes good after that point, but right now don't use it. The only trophy better than all of these is the little magical leaf!

    - Move Speed Set

    As mentioned earlier, we were lucky to get a custom feature for our server, namely the equipment swap hotkeys. This can potentially save you a few hotkey spaces that can be dedicated to other equips since you can instantly swap between your main DPS set and this set with just a single keybind. Thanks to paragon, non-DD Move Speed 9% cards are fairly cheap. I'll get straight to the point with equips.

    Weapons: Grab 2 of the cheapest Move Speed 9% cards you can find, any buff, and slot them into a lv70+ green or orange crafted weapon. If you want to be on the safer side and you have the funds / an extra Nocturnal core laying around, go ahead and make a Nocturnal weapon and then the second can be anything else.

    *If you are Bard subclass, the Lv80 and Lv90 harps give Move Speed if you fortify them to +20 or +30 so I recommend making a spare of either one as an eventual endgame goal. Plus, since more damage = stronger heals, you may want to craft a higher level harp to put your card anyways in case you need to throw out a quick Holy Notes to save yourself as you run.

    *If you are Shuriken subclass, you can choose to use PVP shurikens instead of 9ms cards because they grant Move Speed by default (Lv90 12%, Lv80 10%). If you have the funds or a spare weapon from a previous alt, the lv75 gold Crystal Shadow fortified at +20 or higher also grants Move Speed (3% at +20, and another 3% at +30) so if you are focused on maxing out, this + 9% MS card will give the same or more than the Lv90 PVP shuriken.

    Armors+Accessories: You have a few choices here; if you have a spare lower level crafted Imperial set, don't throw it away or transfer it, it can lend its use here! If not, you can roll white/blue pieces at an Armor Merchant until you get the Imperial prefix; based on experience, it'll be about ~120g for 5 Imperial armor pieces and another 50g for the 3 accessories. However, be advised that you will be very squishy with unfortified blue/white equips, so take caution and try to avoid running straight into mob attacks. +20ing accessory sets will also give an extra 2% MS each for a total of 6% extra MS, but please don't break your wallet just to fortify MS accessories UNLESS you have an old already-fortified accessory set lying around, or you are already done with your main gears, Eidolons, etc.

    Trophies: Imperial Noripan's Emerald Leaf is an absolute must, then your 2nd trophy can be anything else with Imperial prefix or Noripan's Miracle Seed that also gives 3% MS. Personally, I crafted an Imperial Malodnak's Dark Claw using materials bought with Gathering tokens just for a chance of proccing its detailed damage boost before boss, but if you're not picky, choose anything else; even crafted defense trophies are fine if you just want more survivability.

    Secret Stones: If you think you have enough HP and DEF to survive most instances, you technically don't need any stones, but if you have spares lying around and/or want extra padding, get a set of cheap HP2% stones with any other stat, doesn't have to be Wizard stones, and slot them in. For weapon stones, Thunderous (purple or green) in both slots with any stats.

    Emblem: Tier 3 11% or Tier 4 14% Move Speed, pretty straightforward.

    Mount: Several choices here, if you don't have a Nocturnal weapon then you can use a Blood-Sucking mount that gives similar leeching effect, or you can use a HP+ or a DEF mount if you want more survivability. Otherwise, put any gold mount here. Again, no need to break your wallet buying these, this is really just if you have old mounts you can fuse or reroll.

    Eidolon: I'll go into more detail about Eidolons later below, but basically have an Eidolon that has Move Speed star buffs and/or have Tigerius, Cleopawtra or Ayako in your party for their +20% Move Speed buff that you can swap between B2Bs. If you can't reroll star buffs, some Eidolons such as Kotonoha and Aelius have 5% Move Speed on their one-star buff that you can feed crests to get.

    Also, don't forget the Moonlight Rabbit buff that you can pick up the quest for in Crescent Hill on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! The quest tells you to deliver a rice cake to 5 NPCs, and the resulting buff will give you an extra +10% Move Speed that lasts until midnight of the next day (that being said, try to avoid using it when it's very close to 12:00 AM or else that buff will be very short lived for you).

    That's all for the Move Speed set!

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • - Emblems and Mounts


    Depending on what tier of emblems you can use depends on the ceiling of these stats. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about these until you have at least a 900k eidolon score and can use tier III emblems. Tier IV emblems, which have a sizeable raw stat increase, require a score of 1.5 million, and later tier V emblems which don't have as much of a raw stat increase (relatively) will require 3 million. So, try and get tier III emblems as a minimum, but tier IV emblems should be the goal.

    For emblems, I would try and get a set of two that you will swap to start, one being an offering with move speed (11% for tier III, 14% for tier IV) for default, and another for doing damage, that being either damage dealt (6% for tier III, 8% for tier IV) or one that boosts the skills of ice skills damage, and swap between them. Personally I would think damage dealt would edge out ice skills damage a bit here (?), but I do not know if this is true. As is the trend, later you will want to supplement these with offerings that grant bonus damage to elemental targets.

    I myself skipped on elemental target damage for this one only because I had an emblem that had both damage 8% and ice skills damage 11% in a single emblem. If you can find something good like that, you can "main" it (besides your move speed swap emblem). Otherwise, you gain more damage from getting a set of emblems for the appropriate element (11% for tier III, 14% for tier IV for all VS elements) and swapping to the matching one. I know people don't like swapping and you don't "have" to do it, but it really does increase your damage a lot.


    For the most part, you follow the same trend as with emblems (only we sadly have no option for move speed here), but there is a potential small difference.

    The absolute best option would likely be a set of mounts with damage against elemental targets 30% once you can afford an entire set. That doesn't change.

    To start with, and as the difference, if you can only afford one mount for now, ice skills damage 30% is possibly the next best thing, as Wizard of one of the classes that relies on one element for so much of its damage. The gap between this and the next mention is larger than before, so I think here ice skills damage is better this time around. Damage dealt 10% is probably just a little bit behind this (the gap will be smaller if you're Shuriken subclass as this emblem will help the damage of Storm Arts). Both would likely be okay though, and I'd certainly use either one over a more expensive but inferior all stats 20% mount. Leave those to the players who want eye candy stats for making videos or being AFK in Navea over actual effectiveness, as that's probably all these mounts are good for outside of PVP. You need to save your gold for other places with this class.

    In short...

    Damage against elemental targets 30% > Ice skills damage 30% (?) > Damage dealt 10% > All stats 20%/Damage 20% > anything else

    - Secret Stones

    For weapon stones, get double Lava stones. Use Zephyr (or even basic ones) as a cheaper alternative until you can afford Lava stones. For the most part, you'll want to try and get the corresponding secret stones for the Wizard class, as all are useful. You can boost the damage of Icy Curse, the damage or cooldown of Ice Storm, the range of Meteor, and the crit damage or damage of Storm Curse. All of these are beneficial.

    Secret stone requirements are one of the reasons this class is so expensive. Like any other class, you need something with damage 2% on it. Like any other class, you probably ideally want damage 2%/crit damage 6% as your balanced overall end game option. Like any other class, damage 2%/damage 7% against elemental targets is the absolute ideal option, and yes, this is actually even true for Wizards not capping crit damage! So, if it's "like any other class" in almost every regard, why is this an expensive burden for the Wizard? It goes back to the Wizard needing to build for a 400% crit damage ceiling or it doesn't get everything that was allocated to its power budget by X-Legends. While it's not the absolute best option, unless you're switching secret stones between dungeons or bosses, damage 2%/crit damage 6% applies to everything not just one element while being nearly as good, so it is the next best thing and therefore the most ideal, especially for Wizards who probably won't have a lot of wasted crit damage overcap. So try and get every secret stone with that.

    A small mention is that the Wizards need somewhere just above 77% to technically cap attack speed. If you want to use a single secret stone with "regular attack speed 2%" to achieve this you can. I personally did, as I had the secret stone from forever ago, but in reality, this probably doesn't do much if anything and I wouldn't recommend actively trying to get one to do this, as most of the skills a modern Wizard will use have low GCDs and missing the attack speed cap but such a small amount probably won't hurt your auto attack damage. The bigger reason is that you'd also just be taking away from one potential place you'd have to get crit damage from on a class that really needs it.

    - Enchantment Cards

    I wouldn't worry too much about enchantment cards until level 80 and above. Ideally, you want enchantment cards that have penetration on them, which requires level 80+ equipment, and that is why. Penetration, penetration, penetration! That is always your priority! Almost always, if not always, should you take ANYTHING with penetration on it, over the otherwise perfect alternative that does not have it.

    For armors, damage xxx/damage x%/penetration 1% are your ideal option. Those are usually expensive for the higher grade ones (damage/damage 4%/penetration 1%), so you can choose anything xxx/damage x%/penetration 1% or even anything/penetration 1% as the next best thing.

    For weapons, move speed/dual drive/penetration 2% is perhaps the holy grail, but these would be very expensive, especially when the move speed or dual drive chance is higher and/or penetration is present. The next best thing would probably be anything/dual drive/penetration 2%, but the older, lower level 70 cards with move speed/dual drive (no penetration) is still okay too. Yes, you do lose some actual damage (penetration is THAT important!), but again, move speed can speed up runs too, and unless you find the ideal card I listed to replace it with, then it's fine if you already have it, but don't go spending a lot for it if you already don't have it. As a note, if you stack two cards like this on both of your weapons, try and get ones that have differing speed values. For example, the card may be Blue and say “SPD + 697 with a 5% chance of Dual Drive”, and if you use a Green card with the same 697 speed, they will NOT stack! However, there is an exception; any Gold card can have the same SPD value paired with any non-Gold card since they technically have different effect IDs. To be safe, it's best to just try and get cards with different speed values.

    - Costumes

    For costumes, try and get damage 2% on everything except for the hat, only because it can not possibly get that so get HP 2% instead. Costumes can have cards that add effects (or stats) enchanted to them, but the cards with stats can can instead be enchanted onto the cards that add effects, which can then be enchanted onto the costume, granting it both of the cards stacked.

    For hats, to start with, get something like this...

    WqSmYy6.png VE3n9JI.png

    You can either swap between them throughout the run, or simple just use the one against bosses throughout the entire run, and then swap to the one against elites after the last boss is defeated when all of the mobs are rushing in at the end. Later on, you can... you guessed it, supplement these with a set giving 18% damage against each of the elemental targets.

    The same exact scenario applies with the costume (only you can't get damage to elemental targets from them). With such a high crit damage cap to build for, most Wizards will likely want (or even need) one with crit damage against bosses to cap against them, whereas many other classes just main a crit damage against elites costume. Like with the hat, still get one to swap to at the end of runs, and if you're reaching 400% without the costume then you can forgo this swap as well.

    OEq3eGM.png nn0VTwY.png

    For the other three, which are face mask, ornament, and costume weapon, you can just use these as static. Some may prefer to use the Rejuvenation Prayer skill level +5 effect card for the costume weapon, but all it does is increase the heal over time portion of the skill, which is negligible, so I just used the one I did instead. In this day and age where so few people use Bard subclass, it's nice to revive with that extra HP.

    SCBHVcA.png lVXZtVp.png DfYazKq.png

    That's it for costumes.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

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  • - Food and Drinks

    For the most part, starting at level 40, you can start using Royal Jelly Tea for the drink, which will essentially remain the best drink until level 80 and perhaps beyond when you at least get another option. At that level, I felt Golden Latte was better, and with my stats the numbers seemed to support this. Regardless of how convinced you are of the ideology that anything with a zeal is always better than anything without, or that boss damage has seriously diminishing returns beyond xx%, I still believe this is the better drink (unless it truly is crazy high or something then maybe I don't know, but even at boss damage values of 120% without the drink, I still found adding this atop that to be better than the average damage of the zeal drink).

    For food, at level 80 everything is currently outdone by Dreamy Heaven. There's also Ancient Beef Noodles which is used for the 15% move speed, and the only alternative I'd consider. You lose some stats and more importantly a zeal, but make up a lot of move speed, and there's an argument to that helping clear times, so take a pick of either (I was personally using Dreamy Heaven in dungeons when I played).

    - Miscellaneous

    I'll sneak a few extra mentions in here.

    As you may have noticed, there's a balancing act to maintain, and often, using elemental boosting stuffs is the worthwhile way to go, because simply using the DPS gear and weapons at higher levels takes care of your detail/boss damage enough, so the emblems/hats/trophies/etc. which offer those are still good for violent bosses, but outdone by elemental offerings when against that element.

    The important thing I will say is this. Do not let someone tell you something like "boss damage is bad after 90%" or "elemental damage is bad after 60%" or... whatever such values they use. There is no "magical" value for any stat that something becomes worse because every comparison gains you something, and loses you something, and you have to compare it! I did comparisons on my own stats with elemental damage up to values of way, way above 100% and still found making further trade-offs to add more elemental damage sometimes still raised my damage! I also did comparisons before and found the boss damage costume hat to offer almost as much damage half of the elemental offerings would have, so I elected to not swap for the really small gain. Once I gained more detail damage as I upgraded my gear and changed my drink, suddenly the trade-off became more worthwhile because the boss damage hat's detail damage was worth less now, as I had more of it. So, please, don't listen to the "xxx stat is bad above yy% value" because there's no such absolute values! The value changes depending on what your stats already are!

    Use your own stats and compare, and you can use this to calculate which is better for you.

    The other thing I will add to the above is that elixirs (potions that add 10%, 15%, or 20% damage against elemental targets) are another great source of damage! If you can afford or craft them, as are the class potions for the Wizard.

    Finally, another source of elemental damage is the holy chest. Craft any three Nazrudin and any three Zaahir weapons, fortify them all to +15, and put either set in your holy chest when against the appropriate element for an extra 51% (!) elemental damage.

    - Stats Distribution

    After gearing, setting your stat points is done in three steps. I recommend to reset envoy, reset weapon specialization, and reset all offensive and defensive stat points. Then, proceed to set them in the same, following order. This is the proper way to do it! Too many new players ask for an absolute answer to "how many points should I have here" when instead the real answer depends on your existing stats that the gearing steps above give you. If you're ungeared and still leveling and have to ask though, however, the most probably ideal is that you'll want to just put all offensive points into speed and all defensive points into defense.

    But we need to cover masteries before that, as what you choose for one of them will effect that.

    VI. Masteries:


    The two in dark Green are non-negotiable; do not ever use anything else for PVE (the lone exception I can think of is maybe like a desperation case of Iron Wall in Time Library or something but really these two have no alternative options).

    The two in light Green are are slightly more situation dependent, but usually you will be using Break Defense by default, and either The Best Defense or Deep Blue, depending on whether you need the former or not. If you feel like your defense is fine without The Best Defense, then get more damage.

    The final two are dependent on some factors like subclass and preference.

    For your general skills mastery, you'll probably be using Piercing Ice simply because it becomes a rather regular part of your rotation, even if the mastery isn't all that stellar, as there's not much else that's worth using. If you want to have a secondary and ranged stun option at hand, then that is a fine option too. There are some other options here, like Song of the Full Moon for those using Bard subclass or Bombardment for any still holding out with Gunslinger subclass, but I found regularly fitting Storm Song into my rotation regularly a bit constricting, especially in more current dungeons where the effectiveness of defense shred is so variable, so I was simply using Piercing Ice before I quit.

    For your advanced skills mastery, as far as the Wizard's own masteries go, the only one that would be enticing is fortifying Storm Curse to have a percentage-based defense reduction. Back when Storm Curse was a regular part of the rotation and defense shred effectiveness wasn't as variable as it was now, that was the one to choose. As Storm Curse has fallen more and more out of the Wizard's rotation, and as the effectiveness of defense shred is so variable curently, use your own discretion here. For those with Bard subclass, I've personally elected to use the Ballad damage mastery, and it may be less effective sometimes, but is never zero effective. Later on, Storm Curse becomes more default again once we get past the high defense meta, but for now it's like half and half. If you're using Shuriken subclass, ideally you want to communicate with party members who are also Shuriken main or sub and ask what mastery they are using, but the general idea in most cases is that for non-high DEF solo modes you’ll typically run –DEF% Shadow Wind, and for high DEF modes / party runs you might switch to +Damage Taken Crippling Wind. Either way, you'll most likely be wanting to use one of those as well instead of one of the Wizard's own masteries here.

    VII. Envoy:

    For the envoy, you're going to want to start by having what are the essential tiles. For the most part, this can be listed as all of the Grey nodes except for Astrology (preference) and Stormcaller (same, though if you're using Shuriken subclass then definitely take it because it can boost tornado damage), the two Ice Storm tiles, the move speed tile, and the primary weapon damage tiles.

    A note about the Storm and Ice tile; it also has a zeal-like damage proc it doesn't mention, which is more or less why it's essential (otherwise it'd really only be attractive for PVP).

    Also, Astrology for Meteor's cooldown is optional, because you normally shouldn't even be using it in your rotation against bosses (outside a few select situations) as it decreases your DPS to a given target, so it's purely for groups/mobbing. However, if you do have the tile to spare, it's not a terrible idea to take it and endlessly spam Meteor between bosses for a much greater chance at proccing the 20% staff damage before a boss. I'd even say in some players' cases, it's worth trading a 2% damage or 5% crit damage tile for this.

    That gives you something like this for what I'd consider absolute essential tiles regardless of anything else.


    For the most part, how you connect them is rather straightforward but depends on bit on subclass, as well as if you want combo skills, the Stormcaller tile, the Astrology tile, and so on. I'll list two sets of envoys (with two each, depending on whether you want the Astrology tile) I'd consider more or less ideal; one for the Shuriken (serves as a general set) subclass and one for the Bard subclass (when opting for a combo skill, otherwise you can follow the general one). Yes, you can a combo skill and the Astrology tile as a Bard subclass, it's not impossible!



    Prior to level 60 on weapon specialization and/or still using Storm Curse on the regular? This is an old one which is still a safe bet if so.

    Once your envoy is done, proceed to the following...

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

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  • VIII. Weapon Specialization:

    You should use the left path for weapon specialization. It offers major boosts to Ice Storm, which is the main reason the path is chosen, but it also offers lower cooldowns to everything, including a lower cooldown to Rejuvenation Prayer itself too, which allows you keep the buff from it up indefinitely and use your cleanse much more often.

    To begin, where you set stats depends on what you need. The three in dark Green boxes should be invested into with priority with as many points as you can. After Awakening comes, I'll edit to update this with an additional section, as you will also want to invest fully into crit after that point, as overcap crit will then grant extra crit damage cap.

    After that, you would ideally just like to spend the rest of your points on the light Green boxes with damage to elemental targets. Dark should be the priority, and for current end game dungeons, ice, and then lightning and flame in roughly that order are next. Storm and holy are nearly non-existent outside of Sky Tower, Avarice Abyss, and Twilight Forest. The next dungeons to come will be heavy on dark and ice.

    However, if you're still gearing, fortifying, low on achievement, prayer, and eidolon story stats, etc., then you may instead need to invest some into the Yellow boxes to cap stats and/or ensure they don't drop heavily in dungeons with debuffs. A word about defense is that after 75%, the requirements drastically go up, so I would not recommend using weapon specialization or stat points beyond 75%. Use The Best Defense or fortification to go beyond that.


    That's it, and please, please, please don't let me see HP points or evasion points or whatever (defense is okay if you're really starting out and still need it to reach 75% but only then). I don't care how many 400k HP holy swords you see or what your friend told you to do, you should not be investing in something that will make near zero difference at the cost of damage. At the least, the elemental resistance probably does more per point but even that shouldn't be needed.

    IX. Character Stats Allocation:

    Remember the days before 99 points in damage and HP? No? You're too new, then.

    In all seriousness, once you have your gear on, your envoy set, and weapon specialization set, it's finally time to do this. If you're capped on speed, defense, and have high crit (I'd be aiming for 85%+), and this will remain the case in dungeons with their stat debuffs, then sure, do the ideal end-game goal and put everything in damage and HP.

    If you are NOT capped on speed, defense, and have high crit, then do NOT put all your points in damage and HP. Instead you should prioritize your offense points until speed remains capped, crit remains high (75%+ minimum), and only then put remaining points in damage.

    For defense, as I mentioned above, it is only worth investing stat points in until 75%, and then after that HP becomes more efficient on returns per point. So the simple thing here is, is your defense above 75%? If so, put all points in HP and the remainder in defense. If not, put points in defense UNTIL it is at 75%, and then put the rest into HP. You can ignore evasion.


    In this example, if I had such stats when playing, I would want to be investing points into speed until it was 50%, and then the rest into crit, and then points into defense until it was 75%, and the rest into HP. Investing 99 points into damage and HP if you're not capping the priority stats with gear and other stuffs is a bad idea; do not do it! Of course, there's dungeon stat debuffs would make these fall so you need to ensure you remain at the desired stats while in dungeons!

    X. Eidolons:

    There's a vast assortment of eidolons and accessories (with effects) that can make choosing an eidolon seem like a daunting task. Personally, I never really stayed atop that, and instead just worried about the star buffs they grant, as that is generally the more important part. The former really only matters if you're looking to min-max to the absolute farthest extent. So, for the most part, I'm only going to recommend as far as eidolon star buffs go, but I will make a few mentions, since some are good for starting players, and some unreleased eidolons are potentially so much better later on.

    These are the star buffs you will want:

    That being said, it's very simple. You want an eidolon with 25% attack speed, 15% ice skills damage, and 30% ice skills damage. With four star buffs now being released, the ideal addition would be 40% crit damage, and if you don't need crit damage from an eidolon to cap, then 16% damage. If you're using the Shuriken as a subclass, 30% storm skills damage is beneficial as an easier thing to attain than 16% damage, but I personally wouldn't willingly choose this and rather go with it only as an alternative if the former seems to rare and pricey to obtain. Keep in mind that later on (after Awakening), the Shuriken subclass will no longer grant you crit damage to bosses on the weapon, so if you're relying on that to cap, you'll want 40% crit damage over it.

    These are some good eidolons to use:

    Bel Chandra or Zaahir are excellent eidolons for starting Wizards due to already having attack speed 25% and therefore being easier to reconfigure their star buss (attack speed is relatively rare and potentially pricy to get, whereas damage of ice skills is one of the more common to get), as well as having a 20% crit damage boost from one of their skills. The 15% crit likely won't be totally wasteful on newer players in the meantime, either.

    Two other good eidolons to consider, if you can afford them, would be Eirene and the future alternative holiday version of Ayako. Both are good for Wizards, but in different ways that means you will have to consider the advantages and drawbacks. Eirene has a skill that inflicts a target with a debuff that makes it suffer 30% additional damage from skills/effects that deal ice damage. This is, more or less, a 30% boost to damage. The drawback is that it inflicts a stun, but the worse part about this is because of that, if a target has a stun block (which occurs once a target is stunned, and lasts 30 seconds), the entire portion of the effect can not be applied! On the other hand, the future holiday variant of Ayako does not have this drawback, but instead of making the target suffer 30% additional damage from skills/effects which deal ice damage, it grants a buff to you and your nearby party which boosts your ice skills damage dealt by 20%, and not only is it less, but since this is additive with your existing sources of ice skills damage, the effect becomes diminished (albeit only somewhat) as opposed to Eirene which is more of a 30% on it's own buff.

    The short version is, Eirene is more initial damage in shorter fights, but forces you to stun the target to obtain the damage boost (and it can't be obtained at all if the target has stun block), and then once the buff wears off, it's sort of gone for over half a minute. On the other hand, the future version of Ayako is a little less damage initially, but more over time, as well as more safe/consistent.

    I would also try and get an eidolon for swap with 5% move speed and 10% move speed (for 15% move speed total) and/or even just a Tigerius, Cleopawtra or Ayako to use their 20% move speed buff skill because faster players are also doing this, and a Wizard needs move speed. Swap to this outside of dungeons or when running between bosses, and then swap to your damage oriented eidolon at bosses.

    XII. Conclusion and Credits:

    I hope this is even in the small way helpful to even one person! Sorry it was a bit lengthy, but I wanted to to be thorough enough for new players too. If so, it was worth the time making it, as while I no longer have the passion that I once had, I still love the community (mostly...). I am not all knowing, I am prone to mistakes, and some stuff involves preference, so I am open to corrections and feedback! I do not want to give false guidance as that goes against the goal of this.

    Thank you to <GS>Tsuruga for some additions, especially the part about using a second gear tab for move speed. That wasn't really a thing when I was playing, but due to 9% gold move speed cards existing and the rarity and cost of a perfect one with zeal and penetration, there's a reason to consider that now if you want to min-max everything. Thank you to Zessen for correcting me on a rather major oversight due to a mistake. I didn't want to be giving bad advice that led to people wasting gold. D:

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

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  • thanks for teaching me everything I could ever possibly need to know about woozurd

    10/10 would seek guidance again

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    Hydra Phoenix

  • Great Guide, everything well explained specially the gearing and stats part! there is honestly alot of people around doing 99dmg 99hp without even capping spd or getting a good amount of crit/def and end up doing alot less dmg/dying more than they shouldve.

    quick question tho, i thought sundering bottom gave elite cdmg instead of boss cdmg?

  • quick question tho, i thought sundering bottom gave elite cdmg instead of boss cdmg?

    *fox flops*

    You're right! I guess that's what happens when I haven't really played in forever and go to finish/update a mostly finished guide I started long ago and then don't double check everything. I noticed that it was 5% less crit damage on the value but I never even thought to think it'd be for elites only so I presumed it was to bosses.

    I'll have to rewrite that part a bit as that sort of takes Magic Sundering out of recommendation entirely, but as Tsuruga provided the bit about the move speed gear tab swap, it pushed that post over the limit so I can't edit it myself at the moment and will have to wait for her to do it. What I currently have written about that set becoming better later is actually still more appropriate for most other classes who can still cap crit damage to bosses without Holy Spirit bottom, but that's probably not the case for Wizards.

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  • its ok sylvie, its only a minor mistake and its still a viable bot set for shuri subs. still an awesome guide!

    I use Magic Sundering bot set as a wiz like shown in the "post your stats" thread and i can hit the 400% Krit-dmg against bosses the only problem i have is i can't use a lvl 95 staff or sub bard

    yeah thats kinda the thing i dont like about it, i wanna be able to use bard sub from time to time and/or use the 95staff without worrying too much about cdmg. still a good bot set for shuri sub.

  • its ok sylvie, its only a minor mistake and its still a viable bot set for shuri subs. still an awesome guide!

    yeah thats kinda the thing i dont like about it, i wanna be able to use bard sub from time to time and/or use the 95staff without worrying too much about cdmg. still a good bot set for shuri sub.

    I guess if one had the ability to min-max with a Move Speed set you could potentially place two different Ancient Revelation enchantment cards on your weapons and get those procs up from mob before switching to DPS set for boss? 15% each would cover the 30% missing from 95 staff, or one card plus Conflux buff (personally don't like using this especially for debuff-heavy dungeons), or +30 bottom set if you had the funds to do that might as well go full HS. Not sure how super important cards like that will be once Awakening is out or if anyone would feasibly do that given timed duration (if I remember right it's 15 seconds?) and cutscene impact but for right now with those who have finished Sundering bottom sets then the cards might have some use? In boss-only dungeons like Vault though, you'd have to get lucky spamming self-cast skills to get them to proc..

    And/or two CRITDMG7% + DD cards on both weapons assuming you're not picky about boss combat MS but given their way early release via paragon that's just $$$ until the actual dungeons that drop them come out

    Love it when XL rebalances and gives all other classes at least something interesting but for Wizard it's just "mOrE CDMG cAp!!1!1 oh but we aren't really giving you any extra means to achieve it have fun saberr"

  • I use Magic Sundering bot set as a wiz like shown in the "post your stats" thread and i can hit the 400% Krit-dmg against bosses the only problem i have is i can't use a lvl 95 staff or sub bard

    Using the level 90 staff and not being able to use the level 95 staff is a sacrifice. That's like saying you can cap crit damage with an eidolon with 40% crit damage. Sure you can... but you're making an otherwise unnecessary trade-off elsewhere.

    I haven't looked at it, but right now, thinking about it, Magic Sundering is only worth it after Awakening (which means after level 99 as well) for classes that can us the overcap crit converted into crit damage. That's a ways away, but Wizard is going to find itself hard to be in that criteria anyway as it already slightly struggles a bit to cap.

    Otherwise, even if you're capping with the proc right now, you're still losing out on 2% detail. Sure, it's not huge... but it still makes Holy Spirit better. There's more to it though; I'm trying to look forward with my guide as to not recommend bad sets and make people waste gold getting them. The upcoming level 95 accessory set (which is HEAVILY going to be recommended, and not just for Wizard but all classes) will grant 30% crit damage and a 50% crit damage cap, meaning you need to be overcapping by 20% today to make full use of that. Many other classes can do that just fine, but Wizards? You're probably going to want Holy Spirit to do that, so I've removed Magic Sundering as a recommendation UNLESS you can cap to bosses RIGHT NOW entirely without the bottom set proc. Only then is it better, but will again get worse after Awakening when Wizards will want to strive for 510% (!) crit damage. With all that crit damage missing from a bottom set, good luck. D:

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  • Hello!

    Sorry for my bad English. I'm Argentine... and i only speak Spanish, but the Google translator helps me a little... ^^

    I want to ask something about the wizard. I'm a fan of the ice wizard. (4ever haha xdd)

    With the envoy tile, the wizard has the advantage of increasing the wizard's abilities with 20% main damage when active.

    I need your opinion ... Do you think it's important have that 20% main damage active? Have a total of 32% main damage on detailed statistics.

    It's a big increase in damage in my opinion. But I'm not sure, I want to know what you think about it.

    Would it be profitable to use a skill rotation new that manages to activate that 20% main damage in offensive statistics? Using the 35% CDR of envoy, for skill meteor shot.

    That is, for example, the next new rotation, in a confrontation against a 1vs1 boss.

    Ice Storm+Meteor Shot..... And when you manage to activate the main damage bonus of 20%.... change the skill rotation for your preferred skill rotation of max dps, for 12 seconds to take advantage of 20% main damage. (Totally 32% main dmg)

    I do not know ... I'm not sure if this new rotation (and envoy change) will be profitable to increase our DPS.

    Thanks for the guide! :thumbup:

    Very complete. It helped me to compare your wizard with my wizard (lvl 90 limt, unfortunately, we are very slow in the ES-Server)

    Again.... sorry for my bad english :c

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  • Hello!

    In my opinion, no it's probably not worth using a hybrid Meteor and Ice Storm rotation on bosses to try and maintain that boost, although you do have an interesting question. I used to use such a rotation before transitioning into full ice way back when, and then noticed Ice Storm and Storm Curse gave me more damage even with a flame element staff, although that envoy change wasn't yet in place back then. Still, I wouldn't recommend it because you lose to much damage compared to not using it. Like the ice etch buff, it's just a bit of hope with the RNG I suppose.

    I would use Meteor while mobbing to try and get it before bosses. You can use Instant Thunder too (as it has a chance to activate this as well), but this actually slows you down slightly compared to just running once your move speed is high enough, so I wouldn't use it if you're struggling to keep up with faster players.

    Edit: By the way, on your server, you would ideally want to use this envoy for now.

    Until the change which makes Icy Curse worth using, you should rotate Ice Storm and Storm Curse, so boosting storm skills damage by 20% is worth dropping the damage 2% and crit damage 5% tiles for. Once you get the next class change, then the envoys in the guide above are more appropriate.

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  • I fall in love 7u7

  • I made a few small grammatical/typo fixes, as well as some small additions to make it better prepared for edits as future content comes along. I couldn't touch one post though because of the silly character limit, so I still need to do that. D:

    Namely, one future addition that comes along is that level 95 elemental trophies very recently released in Taiwan! These are very good, even after Awakening where things become the crit and crit damage meta. Unfortunately, as they are that much better than other options, it is going to make things that much more expensive. Again, thank Aeria, as this is becoming more of a theme and problem only on their servers until they stop being overly limiting in accessibility to the year and a half old +30 feature. To give you an idea, the existing level 65 elemental trophies even beat out Delphonia, but it's by a relatively small gap that doesn't warrant fortifying six extra trophies. The much higher stats of the upcoming level 95 ones, however, will likely only make them that much better (especially since the trophy these will likely replace is another 95 trophy anyway).

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  • I made some updates. Now that four star eidolons have arrived, I've changed that section a bit, and made a few other changes regarding the upcoming Awakening (mainly some small tidying up, but added a third recommendation to subclass since the bonuses of weapons after Awakening get changed, and the high defense meta we are currently in at least in regards to a few dungeons drops back down to more normal levels for all dungeons). The rest was more typo/grammatical corrections, but I also vastly simplified and clarified the enchantment card section (penetration is the new detail damage). I still can't change the gearing section much because it's over the post count limit, but it's still fine until I need to update it more when Awakening comes.

    If anyone has any input of their own, corrections, feedback, etc., I'd love to hear it still!

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  • yea i agree, 40% cdmg buff is way to go if we think about future-proof. Awakening give us max +50% cdmg(?) and on the current content 16% dmg or storm skill dmg still do good. with CDMG to boss costume enchant, we can reach 450% with the upcoming new lv95 gold acc (+30% base & +50% cap right?) but i kinda hate if we have to stuck with 20% wizard buff but ow well.

    and Purple secret stone will likely arrive on next patch.. Aeria accidently put advanced SS re-roll recipe on alchemy npc (but later removed?) but RNG troll tells me that getting 8%cdmg/4%dmg won't be easy.

    as for high defense meta, i still don't have any idea whatever def shred 'flat' from HS sub is better than def shred %. there's Jp player who goes Tachi sub on awakening, and as far as i can tell from skill hotbar, she use gold Rond -def mastery along with orange storm curse mastery (can also do the same with bard sub i think)

    the Wiz-Tachi JP player channel can be found here for those interested --> https://www.youtube.com/channe…mQHfdDcepQnj_0cYXg/videos

    buuut anything can goes right if +30 everything right? :AK9:

  • Yes, the cap goes up to a maximum of 50% more from overcap crit after Awakening, although reaching that is likely outside the scope of most classes/players as you will need an amount of crit most players (especially on this class) won't reach, so it'd probably be more feasible to say trying to get somewhere in the upper 400% range would be fine (no point in having more crit damage than your own cap allows for, regardless of the theoretical maximum, right?). Keep in mind that with the level 95 accessory set, and the later change to the party buff, this is a theoretical 510% the class should try for. Without access to the 30% crit damage that armors fortified at +30 provide, most players will be needing to make a number of other trade-offs just to meet close to the cap and will therefore not realize the full potential of the class. It is, quite literally, the most expensive class to play to it's potential.

    Storm Skills damage is only a good option for Shuriken subclass users (I just wanted to clarify that because not everyone has gone with that subclass). If you're using anything else, 16% damage would be better, although if you have to restructure for this... goooooood luck! On that note, restructuring for crit damage will be equally as rare, so it might be most efficient and easier to plan around an eidolon that has crit damage 40% as either it's three or four star buff.

    The "high defense meta" is pretty much ending. That mostly refers to Otherworld Sarpa's Forbidden Lab and Otherworld Tomb of the Ancients.

    The likely reasoning for Tachi post-awakening could be many. The crafted weapon is one of the few that gives crit damage to bosses, which is the most likely reason. The S.Level 5 Tachi weapon has a zeal effect (identical to the level 95 Duelist weapon, although then you're likely forced into a crafted main weapon with Nocturnal unless swapping is involved, but I'm mentioning this as I've witnessed it being done at least partly because of this weapon). I'm a bit unsure of Soaring Slash for defense shred, as this forces you to be in melee range, and although you'll likely be close to it most of the time, you may not necessarily always be. I already found it a bit rotation disruptive to use Song of the Full Moon for the same purpose (and yes, both Bard and Gunslinger can and often did/do this), and it was at least ranged. Different people have different preferences though. I've also heard of using Iiado for the damage buff, although this would not be able to be kept up due to the cooldown of the skill as a subclass, so I'm also a bit unsure of that.

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  • With the release of Eirene, The eidolon section has been updated!

    This is a very good eidolon for wizards, and if there is any confusion involving how her skill works, I hope I clarified it. A later eidolon comes which is an attractive option as well, so I also included it, and compared how they differ (and thank you to the other players who informed me of this to begin with, and I hope I understood it correctly), to try and give players the information to make choices about what they may want.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)