[Guide] Comprehensive guide to the Wizard

  • Thanks for the clarification regarding the weapon masteries.

    Regarding the trophies. I already have the ice one and was wondering which one should i try to obtain next of the element trophies. I know I cant control the drops but if I can get one from the AH which one is the second most useful one?

    But is the Fatimas Thunder Bracelet OK to use pre-awakening until I get a better alternative?

    Im only lvl 94 so got a long time until Awakening

  • I would recommend to do Hall of Philae every day, as this will drop both the level 95 trophies and the accessories. Farm it, get most of what you need, sell any duplicates, and/or buy the rest. As for priority, again, just get them all, but priority does more or less match elsewhere, so get dark first I guess, and then whatever else in any order really.

    Until then, if your eventual plan is to swap, I wouldn't worry too much about temporary measures. If you need one though, to be honest, I'd recommend to get and/or just stay with Guzigla until S.Level 5 when you can start using Fatima's Thunder Boost. It's still a great trophy and has a long range of levels where it is useful.

  • Mini (not so mini?) pre-update

    I want to outline some information on upcoming future content. There is a lot to go through here, and this is to help Wizards with their preparations for the transition in gearing. In the future, once S10+ content comes, and especially when the new enchant cards that require S.Level 1+ gear comes, you will want to be on entirely different stuffs than what you are now/is available today, perhaps besides the level 95 elemental trophies (although more on that later).

    Now, don't fret, as there's still some months before this all occurs, but some starts coming earlier (and soon-ish), and you will want to be as close to, or at, the current level cap before the S10 content comes (at least S.Level 5, as that is the level requirement for the dungeons that drop the stuffs for the weapons and armors). I believe a level curve comes shortly before the new content, maybe with the Guitar class.

    So, here's a rundown of the categories of some of the new content.

    Weapons: The new weapons are more or less as you'd expect. S.Level 10 weapons provide more damage (and more other stats), the usual 10% boss damage, 35% crit damage to bosses, and so on. It keeps the "weapon skill level +2" that all crafted weapons have had since the level 90s (gold have had +3). They also raise the provided penetration to 18%, so you're going to want these for both your main and sub-weapons. S.Level 15 weapons have not yet come, but even if the effect is worthless, they will most likely be a worthwhile upgrade if they follow the trend of offering more primary weapon damage (if only damage to bosses on crafted weapons scaled to balance these out instead of always making gold weapons better ever since level 75 or 85...).

    Here's another mention; all classes now offer 35% crit damage to bosses with the S.Level 10 weapons. There is no more "crit rate to bosses" or "less damage received from bosses" or whatever, so feel free to get it back for those of you on Shuriken sub-class, or rejoice you now have it for those on Bard sub-class. It'll open up other options, too (basically, "pick what you prefer" now), although Bard, Shuriken, and Holy Sword (not necessarily in that order) will likely remain the three best and recommended sub-classes. Oh, and one last thing about them; they are visually level 90 weapons, recolored. *sigh*

    As for the core, Destroyer will still probably be best, but Deadly is an option too. If you're rich and can afford +30 and have a Bard sub-class, you can possibly think to even forgo the Nocturnal core and use two Deadly cores or one Destroyer and one Deadly. When you're that geared, Nocturnal is less a necessity for most content.

    Armors: Armor is, again, sort of what you'd expect.

    The desired top set will offer 15% detail damage, 35% crit damage to bosses, and some flat damage, along with the increased stats (defense, damage, crit, and speed) of the set itself. So it's an expected but worthwhile upgrade over the level 90/S.Level 1 top sets.

    With the bottom set, you'll have some choices. You'll want to move on from whatever level 90 set you've been using, due to the upcoming enchant cards that require S.Level 1+ gear. You can go with the matching S.Level 10 bottom set, which will give you the following; 12% detail damage, 35% crit damage to elites (yes, elites, not bosses), and an effect that grants your attacks to have a 10% chance to give you 15% crit rate and 15% crit damage. The other option is to go with the S.Level 1 set. It'll grant 20% more crit damage, but 2% less detail damage, and less stats (damage, crit, speed, and defense). If you need that 20% crit damage, the S.Level 1 set is an option, but otherwise the S.Level 10 set is nicer. Keep in mind that when S.level 15 weapons come, you'll lose the 35% crit damage from the crafted weapon. Although that will be much later, and you'll want the S.Level 10 weapon before then anyway, keep it in mind.

    Accessories: Oh, yay, here's the fun part that will make Wizards especially cry. In short, this is similar to the level 95 accessory set that's recommended now, but furthered. It raises your crit damage cap by 150%. That's it. That's all. No proc to make it happen, and no 30% free crit damage along with it. Good luck!

    All being told, with this set, your minimum crit damage to ideally aim for, to make full use of this new set, becomes 560% compared to 460% from before with the level 95 accessory set (and this is not accounting for increased crit damage cap from overcap crit, although that's a luxury so it's absolutely fine to aim for having 560% and not more, especially if your crit isn't remaining overcap in dungeons anyway).

    These will also be the first of the upcoming content to become available, and will come from new Sky Tower floors.

    Here's some slightly comforting news. I used the word "ideally aim for" above, and for a reason. Even if you don't utilize that cap to the fullest by meeting it, the set still instantly becomes more worthwhile as long as it lets you get as high as, or higher than, the level 95 set (actually, the break even point will be a bit LOWER accounting for higher stats and enchant cards, but lets keep this simpler). Keep in mind that the level 95 set currently gives 30% crit damage on its proc. So, in short, this means... if you can overcap your crit damage, while using the level 95 accessory set, by around 30%-ish or more, today, the S.Level 5 set will be better for you.

    For a visual example...


    Adding my innate crit damage of 330% with my boss damage of 100%, I am at 430%. With the proc from the accessory set (30%), I am at 460%, which is the minimum of where I'd want to be (to make full use of the accessory set). So, right now, I am fine. I would want to be overcapping by 30% or more to consider changing to the S.Level 5 set though, and I am not, so it would not be worthwhile for me to swap to it until I can get more.

    Moving on...

    Trophies: Lastly, let's cover trophies. There's a few interesting ones to cover, two or three in particular.

    The first will likely become what you will want to main. It is a craftable S.Level 10 trophy. Also, remember those things you needed from Gaia Chronicles to craft the level 80 trophies? If you want, start farming those, as they will be needed for these also. They will also drop in new dungeons when the trophy is introduced (which is after the weapons and armors). The trophy gives a lot of offensive only stats, especially crit, and gives 25% crit damage to bosses. It also has an effect that grants your attacks an 8% chance to grant you 10% crit rate, and 25% crit damage (not exclusive to bosses).

    The other two trophies are both S.Level 15 trophies, but one especially is more of a luxury, so don't fret too much over not being able to use it.

    The more important one is as follows. Like the above, it focuses on offensive only stats, especially crit. Being S.Level 15, these are really high stats, too. Like the above, it offers 25% crit damage (this time, not exclusively to bosses). Its effect grants your attacks a 15% chance to reduce a target's defense by ~3.4k, and increasing its received crit rate by 10% (meaning this is a bonus to everyone, and not just you, against that target).

    With these two trophies, you can get a lot of flat crit, a lot of crit rate, some defense shred, and 75% crit damage (50% flat, 25% against bosses). These are very nice, especially for crit damage seeking Wizards! You can either simply main these two, or main the one, and swap the top with the level 95 elemental trophies, using the other for defense shred/stats.

    The last one, which is pretty much just an awkward luxury replacement for your level 95 ice trophy, is as follows. It focuses on offensive only stats, mostly damage, and offers 5% detail damage. It's effect grants your attacks an 8% chance to increase all stats by 10%, and damage against ice targets by 10%, and it stacks up to 3 times. Think of it as an offensive, higher stat version of the Theory Time Travel Code-esue effect blended with damage against ice targets. It is better than the level 95 trophy for that purpose, although it has to stack, so in shorter fights, the level 95 trophy may be better. I would not use this a general purpose trophy for it's all stats effect. I would use it PURELY as a luxury upgrade over the level 95 ice trophy.

    One honorable half mention is that there's another trophy that grants an effect that has a 20% chance to decrease the target's defense by 20%, although it's on a trophy with undesirable stats, and it's hard to fit in with the above. It's nice if you want more defense shred to supplement yourself with.


    This... was a bit longer than I thought it'd be at the onset. Sorry for the mini-guide. This will, of course, be incorporated into the guide proper as the stuffs releases, but until then, I hope this helps anyone's planning in transitioning.

    I want to mention that the accessories come first, the weapons and armor second, and the trophies come last. I believe the enchant cards for S.Level 1+ gear come with either the weapons/armors or trophies.

    However, many Wizards will probably be needing to rely on the crit damage the new trophies offer to hit as high as will be needed to get most of the worth of the new accessories. 75% collective crit damage, along with a whole bunch of offensive stats, especially crit, also crit rate, and some defense shred is too good to pass up when you need the crit damage anyway. If you can't grind to level cap to use the one that is S.Level 15, you can at least get the S.Level 10 one for 50% of it, and either swap level 95 elemental trophies, or use your choice of another (like Fatima's Thunder Boost), as the other until you eventually get there. So I'd get weapons and armors first, trophies when they release later, then work on accessories.

  • Hello Sylver_Aura, first of all, thank you for such a helpful guide, my first and main character is a Wizard, and thanks to this guide I could set her the best I could.

    I have a question. In one post, you said Wizard/bard has a combo skill that grants invicibility for a few seconds. Which one is it? I've been trying myself but I didn't notice if I made it or not :AK2:

    Server: Olympus

    IGN: Teshya                    Level: 97    Class: Witch/Bard                      Guild (friendly): The_Lovers (Leader and Founder)

    ING: Kiyomasa (Kiyo)   Level: 48    Class: Ninja/Holy Swordman   Guild (friendly): The_Lovers

  • As far as I know, it is standard, so all of them for all classes should offer this. What differs is that some require a target, and some don't.

    That being said, it's up to preference to even take one, and if you do, the only one really worth taking is Electronic Music as it's the only one not out of the way (but may still require a small trade-off given it needs the point to get).

  • In my case, I do have Electronic Music (it's a huge damage dealing skill) plus the Ballad of Rock-'n'-roll.

    My question is focused on the Awakening quest, which is being a huge pain in the first boss. It has an attack that one-hit me (and I saw some other players too), so if Wizard has a skill that would protect us of all attacks, even just for three seconds, maybe I could use it.

    You said Electronic Music, so I will try to use it when I see that awful attack is being casted :AK2:

    Thanks again for everything! :AK13:

    Server: Olympus

    IGN: Teshya                    Level: 97    Class: Witch/Bard                      Guild (friendly): The_Lovers (Leader and Founder)

    ING: Kiyomasa (Kiyo)   Level: 48    Class: Ninja/Holy Swordman   Guild (friendly): The_Lovers

  • It sounds like you may need to gear (and/or possibly fortify) more. The rule of thumb is, if you can survive that one hard hitting skill (and heal up afterwards fast), you can pass the Awakening quest. It'll merely be a matter of how long it takes you, depending on how much damage you do (and how often you land it, as one of the bosses in particular has a bit of an evasion stat). While the combo skill may save you, it can only be used every 30+ seconds, and the boss may use the attack much more often. It wouldn't hurt to have it (I take it), but keep in mind it should be a bonus with a fallback, and not the only defense you have against it.

    I would change your mastery to the Storm Curse -Defense one, or the Bard +Damage one.

    When I did Awakening, I used this (these were stats inside the instance with the debuff in place, and the only buffs I used here were food and drink, party buff, and class potion). With the exception of the Guzigla Trophy and sub-weapon (which were each about +25 at the time), everything else was +20/+21.

    This was enough to defeat the three bosses in a bit under a minute each on average. Level 90 armor (which i had misplaced), and the level 95 accessories/elemental trophy (which I did not yet have as I came back, as they either weren't around yet or I hadn't gotten them) would be better, and I'd basically suggest something like that at around full +20 for most players to have a smooth quest. Don't skip on accuracy and don't skip on penetration stat (with level 90 cards being rather cheap and plentiful right now, this one should be easier to get a lot of).

  • You said Electronic Music, so I will try to use it when I see that awful attack is being casted :AK2:

    The immunity frames from class combo spells won't really help if you're getting oneshot from the spell. All class combo spells have a cooldown of around 50 seconds which is enough for a boss to go through 5+ spell rotations. Try capping your def to 80% when you're doing the awakening quest and increasing your hp as much as possible.

  • Aren't they all 30 seconds at cap speed? Every one I've ever taken has seemed to be. Some (I know Electronic Music) can also be furthered lowered (to 18 seconds at cap speed) through masteries, not that I'd advise it, as it would mean skipping out on either Best Defense or Deep Blue.