2018 Ravager Pve Guide/Awakening guide

  • Aura Kingdom 2k18 Ravager Guide

    Table of Contents

    - Overview

    - Gears

    - Masteries

    - Envoy

    - Weapon Mastery

    - Subclasses

    - Rotation

    - food

    - Future updates to Ravager / Awakening System (TW content)


    Ravager is my personal favorite class in the game and I have been playing it almost exclusively since the game came out. I played on AK US server from when it was released to when plus 30 was just introduced into Taiwan server. English is my 3rd language so sorry for it not being perfect. Anyway getting into the overview, Ravager is a melee class its main element is flame. It requires moderate to lower ping to play to its fullest due to how important auto attacks are to the class’s overall damage. Since of course higher ping makes it harder technically to jump cast. Id rate it probably the 3rd best dps only behind Lancer and Shuri (yes i know all you holy sword mains gonna get butthurt but consistent damage>inconsistent zeal class imo). Anyway back to the actual guide.


    Levels 1-79 pretty much take any gear coreless sniper is good if you can be bothered to farm it (not recommended since you will be moving on from those gears really fast) so just grab any blue Nocturnal weapon and get to 80 as soon as possible, but if you choose to this is the set




    Levels 80-90


    ^This is the weapon you will be using until level 90. The core that i recommend is Destroyer. The effect of said core is 20% chance to reduces target's Defense by 10%. Element should be Flame since your main DPS skill will be Flame Slash.


    ^Should be your sub weapon it provides the same bonus in boss damage and pen as your main weapon and also provides a core. The core you should be going for on this is Nocturnal (3% damage dealt is converted into HP



    Full Lordswrath will be the ideal/best set to use for any dps until level 90. To give a quick rundown of why, it provides alot of detail dmg to bosses as well as Crit dmg to bosses and speed,Crit,Speed and flat dmg as well.

    As for what cores to use, 3% move speed (Imperial is HIGHLY recommended, you can use bestials 1% hp/Dmg but i can't stress enough that move speed is important in this game)



    ^Next we have bottom set as with the top set full Lordswrath bot set its bonus is detail/dmg to bosses crit dmg to bosses and a DOT effect that's more or less useless but it’s still the best set .

    Again for cores, still 3% MS unless you can’t afford it then next alternative is bestials.



    ^Next up is trophies as with the other gears you will be using this trophy from level 80 all the way to level 95. The trophy as show provides Dmg/Crit/HP/Dmg along with Dmg to bosses 6% and Dmg dealt 5%

    So in total its 11% detail dmg this is VERY important and I can't stress how good this is as before with 3% move speed ( Imperial core ) is a must on this trophy


    ^The next trophy we have is Theory time Travel this will along with Guzigla’s tooth as shown above will be what you use up until level 90/95

    As with Guziglas tooth it provides Dmg to bosses 7% but this trophy has a neat effect of having a 8% chance to increase all stats by 3% stacking 3 times so 9% in total. This will help with countering dungeons -stat reductions. This trophy though does not need to be imperial since when you are not on a boss you will be swapping it to the next mentioned trophy so feel free to use any core you would like.


    ^This is the next trophy we will be talking about as it may seem very apparent its stats are nowhere near as good as the above mentioned ones. This is because you will only be using this when you are running between bosses or doing anything that's not killing bosses move speed is a important stat in this game learn to love this trophy it is in fact life in Aura Kingdom. This core however NEEDS to be Imperial as the whole point of it is movement speed to help you get around faster as its natural effect is 5% move speed and thats 5% more than the previously mentioned trophies above ( not make sure your Tooth trophy is on the bottom slot and Theory time code is on the top as when you swap them it replaces the top trophy not the bottom.

    ^Next mention we have, I wont go into a lot of detail but is the level 65 Elemental trophies in my opinion are a good swap at this level if you can fort them to plus 20 but these are again OPTIONAL bassically what these offer are 20% dmg to the respective element and 10% dmg of what ever ele the trophy is for for most players these are a luxury.


    Now with this there are 2 sets to consider both are almost the exact same actual damage so pick whatever one suits you best or is cheaper. We also now have them purchasable with Golden DP.

    Perfect war: this is the most common set to be found at this level since it provides Dmg/Crit/Speed and 20% elite monster dmg along with flat dmg from the set bonus, its a solid choice to use at this level. As you will notice, this keeps coming up but Imperial cores are a must.



    Arcane frost: the 2nd set you can use, it's roughly about the same overall dmg as perfect war as it gives dmg/crit/speed and its set bonus is flat speed and its other effect being crit dmg to elite monsters.

    **Note: (this is the set i always recommend most new players as speed is VERY important to cap so if you are low prayer is is almost better than Perfect war)

    Levels 90-95

    Next level set we have is Levels 90-95 for the most part armor/accessories are pretty agreed upon but now with trophies this is the level range it starts getting more down to opinion and class variation. I'll only be talking about what benefits Ravager the most. By now I will assume you have red thru the level 80 sections so things like mentioning what cores imp/Bestials/noc/Dest will be a given.



    ^This is the main weapon you will be getting as soon as you get level 90 no substitutes at this level more dmg more pen core effect

    As with the level 80 make sure the core is Destroyer for this


    ^This is the sub weapon you should be using at level 90 for reasons already stated with 80 weapons

    ^This is the next mention I should’ve put with 80 gears but basically it’s the same idea as imperial nori leaf. Put a 9 ms card on it and swap it when not hitting bossthen swap back to the 80/90 shuri wep when dps’ing a boss, pretty simple


    <-- This top set should be your goal it’s the only set worth upgrading at level 90 DO NOT USE MAGIC SUNDERING TOP I REPEAT DO NOT USE THAT SET. Now you might be asking, why not since magic top gives crit and it’s cheaper and you only lose 4 detail dmg and with future content over cap crit=crit dmg cap? Yes that last part is correct BUT most people say that without knowing how it actually works and how bad it scales with flat crit increase. From my personal tests on TW server the 2k crit from magic top since its Flat only gave like 2% over cap Crit dmg, hence it’s not worth using Magic sundering at all. If you cant afford this top set, stick to the above-mentioned Lordswrath.



    Next we have to talk about bottom sets. Unlike top sets these are actually what you prefer, as in it’s based on stats/personal pref/situations/future proofing. Pre-Awakening this is the better set slightly ASSUMING your crit/crit dmg is fine in my opinion if you want slightly better performance NOW and your stats are all up to par this is the best set




    ^Next we have Magic sundering bottom. Unlike the top set this is actually good. Depending on stats and future content the main selling point to this set is its effect being Crit rate/Crit damage. This will probably be better and alot cheaper for most players in AK US/OS current content but I can't stress enough, ONLY magic sundering BOTTOM set is worth it. The top set is trash tbh.


    Pretty much the 1st 2 sets are basically improved versions of perfect war/arcane honestly go either it makes too small a difference. I won't really talk about them alot since its legit just higher stat 80 set for both dmg and speed sets but here they are anyway


    Ok so this next section will be focusing on 95 gold accessory sets one that is currently in AK OS and one that will be coming in the future the sets are as follows:

    This is is currently at the time of me writing this the best set for damage in the game since its just a % chance to proc 10% dmg to all elements if you would like to use this for sky tower for more dmg then go ahead but you do lose movespd from craft Imperials so xd


    The next set we have has no OS name currently, so I’ll just refer to it as the 95 crit set without going into it too much. After awakening it becomes crit/crit dmg meta and this set just helps that its effects are a % chance to proc 30% crit dmg and 50% crit dmg CAP. As you can imagine crit dmg cap is a good amount of dmg boost so once this set is out I recommend using that (I will explain awakening etc later) but TLDR 95 crit dmg set > Feyna’s for overall highest damage


    ^At Level 95 is when you will be swapping your Time theory code for this since its higher base fort stats and that proc effect is really nice in terms of damage. Note its a boss dmg/dmg dealt proc on the next hit and has no cool down so with Shuriken sub you have the chance to proc this trophy alot

    ^Is a fine choice if you really want more -flat def shred in sky tower/tryhard party but overall still recommend Delphonia’s

    ^Pretty much same thing as the trophy above but this one has 5% dmg dealt and can have a Imperial core

    Pilot 95 Ravager

    Inha 95 Lancer

    Thonking 95 Wizard

    Garbage 95 Holy Sword



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  • Weapons ( again 90 vs 95 comparison)

    With the release of 95 gold weapons on OS it is my firm belief that 95>90 despite the trash effect on the 95 wep. Some reasons/comparisons are as follows

    95 Axe Pros

    -10 primary weapon dmg

    -12 pen

    - higher max base damage

    -looks cooler imo

    90 Axe pros

    -Core effects ( mainly destroyer)

    -10 boss dmg

    - you can use the weapon sooner

    - easier to obtain

    This whole comparison comes down to for me the fact Detail damage sources are plentiful these days. As in, we’ll have 4% dmg SS’s coming to OS at some point, detail damage from Eidolon Archive, as well as detail drink (Latte) if you choose to use it. Now you might be asking what about destroyer cores -% def is important. Yes you are correct BUT 95 weapon has more use since as we know in TOA/SFL/OW TOA/SFL -def (destroyer cores actually is worthless) so 10 primary weapon damage suprasses it by alot. As well as you don’t need destroyer core to cap -50% def shred on Rav/Shuri.

    -25% from gold break defense

    -8% from envoy

    -8-10% from Eidolon Accessory

    -12% def from Storm (adv mastery)

    And you total -53% def shred with no destroyer core assuming you have a -8% eido accessory. Orange break defense is only 5% less putting you at 48%, but that 2% gap from cap isn’t game breaking so you’ll be fine.

    So destroyer becomes really pointless so higher base dmg+primary weapon becomes better IMO hence 95>90

    Secret Stones

    Basically main weapon is run 2x Lava SS’s with 2% dmg+ dmg to any element; Dark/Lightning is preferred


    Now Armor is odd since you need to have 6% attack speed from Stones in total. With that being said it is 100% NEEDED to get 3x 2% dmg/2% attack speed. RAV NEEDS ATTACK SPEED CAPPED no exceptions. Rest of the SS’s can be +2%dmg/Crit dmg or element dmg it depends what you need. If you cap crit dmg (cap being 310% on left spec), go with ele damage; if not go get 2% dmg/+4/6% dmg to X ele target


    So this is another thing i cant stress enough how PEN CARDS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THEN NON-PEN CARDS. 1% pen/2% dmg blue cards are better than dmg/dmg orange cards. Even 1% pen/random stat is better then dmg/dmg orange cards without PEN. PEN layers are just another annoying reduction Xleg put into this game and actually removing that reduction layer being given will always be more dmg since basically gaining 1% pen just makes the reduction 1% less. Kind of a given but TLDR for this Pen > card with no pen

    Weapon enchants

    As with armor/acc cards, PEN weapon cards with no DD % are BETTER than 5 and 8% DD cards with no pen. Now of course Pen+DD5/8% is the ideal one but just remember

    Pen card with NO DD > 5 and 8 % DD with no pen


    This is pretty simple ideally you have the following eidolons

    -15 Move speed/ 25 Attack speed

    - 45 Damage of flame skills/25 attack speed

    - 45 Damage to X ele (dark lighting fire ice storm holy) /25 Attack speed

    Eido emblems

    Ideally have all of the following

    -14 move speed emblem

    - 14 Damage of flame skills

    -14 damage to X ele (same as eidolons)


    Pretty much same as Eido embs/Eidos will list anyway

    30% dmg of flame skills

    30% dmg to X ele (dark Lightning flame ice storm holy)

    If you dont have a Ele mount, 10% detail dmg dealt mount is fine until u get a 30% flame skills

    DO NOT USE ALMIGHTY MOUNT 20% all stats/20% dmg mount this mount is so bad compared to the other two choices. Only use if you have no other choice.


    General/Attack/Defense/tactical masteries never change, only Adv/Special masteries change depending what you need. Damage Taken storm ( the one you see in the above picture) should only be used in TOA/SFL/OW TOA/SFL, other situations use the other Storm mastery called Shadow Wind ( -8/10/12% defense).It is worth mentioning that the dmg taken mastery (one in the picture) can/is usually better when you run in a party since you probably cap -% def shred already, but for solos -Def% > +dmg taken unless in TOA/SFL. Special mastery can be Deep Blue ideally or Best Defense if you don't cap DEF in dungeon. but Deep blue if you

    dont need best def



    You can use 2 different Envoys


    Weapon Mastery


    In my opinion this is the best setup for mastery as we can see it hits all the needed parts 20% dmg to Dark, Lightning, Ice, Fire, 30 dmg 15 move speed. Now the other points can go where YOU need it will vary on person to person if you need speed dump the rest into speed and same thing with Crit. You don't need hp/ele resist/Crit dmg since why do you need resist to ele in a game that's DPS focused. HP just looks nice but no dmg increase so I don't care about it. Crit dmg on rav you dont really need.


    I'm going to make this as simple as possible for the sake of not rambling on. If you're Shuri sub just do this---

    Soaring-->Storm--->Flame slash--->Shuriken/Soaring/Frenzy Slash--->Flame Slash then just flame slash as soon as it’s off CD and use storm whenever you can/Shuriken storm

    If you're Holy sword sub it's basically the same thing:

    Used in everything thats not TOA SFL/OW TOA SFL---

    - Dry bones--->soaring--->Flame slash--->Frenzy/Soaring-->flame slash repeat

    Used in TOA SFL/OW TOA SFL---
    -Smiting edge--Soaring---> flame slash--->Frenzy/Soaring---> flame slash


    Best choice - Shuriken

    The reason Shuriken sub is so strong is because with Storm arts skill, each Tick will proc TF4 procs and that’s crazy damage. Shuriken Storm has 10% detail dmg boost, and if you are not flame slashing then Bloody Corruption is good in case you need emergency noc/hp.

    2nd best Holy sword

    Holy sword is the 2nd best choice since Smiters Edge when combined with the mastery in dungeons like TOA /SFL is really good with all its dmg dealt boosts. Dry bones is a really good def shred and you have Divine sunderance since rav is slow, having a huge gap closer is always nice

    Other subs

    Dont even really bother anything else is pretty bad lol…

    Note: ( bard sub is only good for move speed so if you’re in a high geared party that needs no damage then its ok)


    Starlight platter+royal jelly tea


    Dreamy Haven/Golden latte


    Dreamy Haven/Royal jelly tea

    If you need speed use the 2nd food combo or for whatever reason you have low detail damage

    Pilot 95 Ravager

    Inha 95 Lancer

    Thonking 95 Wizard

    Garbage 95 Holy Sword



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  • Future updates to Ravager /Awakening

    So with upcoming class rebalance, basically using Soaring Slash gives targets a mark/debuff. Using a skill when said mark is on a target will give some effects to said skill as listed below:

    Raging slash = Gains a double hit/zeal effect

    Horizontal slash = gains -flat def shred

    Aftershock = 10% dmg taken from rav skills

    Really the only useful one is Raging/Horizontal since having Raging hit 2x times is super nice for bursting bosses, and the -def from hori is good if you wanna try hard def shred sky tower bosses. You don't really use Aftershock so its meh

    Now we come to Awakening…

    Awakening is such a cluster of things. Alot of new things come with it, I'll do my best to explain it based on my XP from the Taiwan server.

    1st lets start with what most people think of when they think awakening. Over capped flat Crit becomes crit dmg cap. Basically over cap crit = crit dmg. Now if you read my brief spiel on Magic sundering top/bot and why the top set is worthless, it’s similar to speed overcapping where crit to crit dmg has really bad/poor scaling once you start to reach higher amounts. But on the flip side, stat caps raise as well. Meaning you need more of a flat stat to = 100% or 50% depending if you mean speed/Crit. So what I can tell you from my own char pre awakening on my Ravager I needed 27k ish crit to reach 100%. But post-Awakening, i needed around 35k to reach 100%. As you can see this is a large difference so stacking crit from spec/doing prayer is really important, not to mention dungeons debuffs for - stats become larger and larger. And that same thing applies to your speed you need more speed to cap its 50%.

    Now moving on to how the crit scaling works. I dont have the formula off the top of my head but to give you a rough idea of % crit vs flat crit, % crit is always better in terms of increasing your over cap at higher flat amounts. Example being, say you're at 52,000 Flat crit; if you add 2,000 flat crit from Magic sundering top it's like roughly 2-3% overcap since, at that crit amount, you are roughly about 30/31% from over cap. Now compare that to 10% crit from Magic sundering bot: it's roughly 7-9% more over cap according to my tests. Since with how % crit works after awakening it basically decreases the over all flat crit you need to reach 100%. Since i don't know the formula exactly i can give you a example something like this : say you need 35,000 crit to = 100% and you proc a 10% crit proc from magic bottom, it makes it so you only say need 32,000 crit to =100% hence making the scaling better. Hence why when people say “ use magic sundering top since over cap etc” it's not worth since it's just making the scaling number higher and higher as in like you will need even more Flat crit to reach 1% more over cap as to where % lowers the scaling/Diminishing returns. Hence, Magic top is trash since you gain a lot less from it then magic bot. So TLDR of this is % crit from Magic bot is better than Flat crit from Magic top. If you're still confused on what i mean by scaling/diminishing returns just look at speed it has a similar type of formula but i will give an example to this as well. ( edit found the formula thats being discussed on TW forums)

    Let’s say speed cap is 17,000 speed to = 50%. Assuming you have exactly 50%, your over cap speed converted to zeal is a good ratio lets say like 1,000 flat speed =1% zeal (at 0% over cap) over cap. But with every 1% over cap zeal % you gain the speed needed to gain the next 1% doubles per say. (of course this is a example and is not the actual formula, just showing how diminishing returns works etc) so now you need 2,000 flat speed to reach 2% over cap and 4,000 speed to reach 3%, 8000 to reach 4% and so on. See how the flat speed needed to reach 1% over cap zeal keeps getting more and more? This is why stacking flat speed is not good. You naturally hit 8-9% and that's what I found to be the sweet spot for speed. Basically crit over cap works the same way every 1% over cap crit needs more flat crit then the last this is how scaling works. Hence why at higher values 2k flat is really bad due to diminishing returns and 10% is superior. Since it lowers the scaling/diminishing returns of all your flat crit already. So you get more value per each flat crit you have. ( 20% overcap zeal from speed is 50,000 flat speed pre awaken so)

    Awaken stat Formula's based on TW forums/research and testing



    Crit procs given from say things like Magic bot increases the effectivity of each point of crit you have and lowers the scalings diminishing returns. On the other hand, flat crit from magic top only just makes all other Crit less effective and makes the diminishing returns higher.

    Next we have Eva over cap = absolute Eva. This is kinda meh since stat caps increase, it’s just the chance to dodge something 100% and things like accuracy won’t counter it.

    Last we have the skill dmg coeff’s boosts and change in Damage Calcs but those are something more technical, just know they exist and once you awaken all that slightly changes.

    Ok thanks for reading if you have any questions PM here on discord Chick#8435

    Pilot 95 Ravager

    Inha 95 Lancer

    Thonking 95 Wizard

    Garbage 95 Holy Sword



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  • Excellent guide on a lot of the points, but the lack of foxes makes me sad. D:

    The only thing I am wondering about is the level 75 shuriken sub weapon. I'm not too familiar with shuriken weapons, but is there a reason you suggest that one? Wouldn't the PVP weapons give a little more move speed (level 80 is 10% and level 90 is 12%) and is arguably equally easy to get just through farming Subterranean Ruins for a few days on a few characters or whatever and not require an enchant card at all?

    Edit: Oh, I see, with fortification bonuses, the level 75 shuriken gives 6% more move speed. I still think it's worth mentioning you have to +30 this to see it become better than the level 90 PVP weapon unfortified at all, and since most players can't afford to +30 their entire set I don't think 99% of players will be able to do this on just a move speed swap, so maybe include the PVP weapons and situations where either is better maybe.

  • update with more awakening info from what we have tested on TW/JP the awakening Coeff i mentioned about is about

    15% more dmg against non-awakened enemies (when you are awakened your self)

    15% less dmg from them

    but that also might be wrong but meh w/e

    Pilot 95 Ravager

    Inha 95 Lancer

    Thonking 95 Wizard

    Garbage 95 Holy Sword



  • what about the fortification bonuses on the sundering top just out of curiosity. At +30 you get 16% crit while you get 0 on holy spirit. Is this the same as the 10% crit from the sundering bottom buff?

  • what about the fortification bonuses on the sundering top just out of curiosity. At +30 you get 16% crit while you get 0 on holy spirit. Is this the same as the 10% crit from the sundering bottom buff?

    You get 4% crit per piece at +30 (2% from +20 and 2% from +30), so Magic sundering top would give 8% + 2k crit. You get 12 + 10% from the bottom set. It's not really worth losing 4% detailed damage over that

  • At least get it right


    >trusting aeria translations

    Maybe YOU should get it right. I have magic sundering +30 and I tested it. You only get 4% flat crit % per piece, the translations are wrong. The rest are just % increase on the crit value, which are good if you are extremely undergeared but still not worth since the crit damage cap increase from them is barely noticeable. Pre-awakening you don't need that much crit chance and post-awakening you'd be better off with Abyss Roar set (20% crit against bosses) or Forest Wound set.


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