Elemental % vs DMG % Chart

  • Written by: Lionstaring


    I recently found this calculation that someone did in TW forum and thought it'll help.

    Basically it shows how much more damage you will do under the circumstances of 90% reduction dungeon.

    Such as, if you have 60% detail damage, and debating if you should switch some gears off to replace with elemental damage, you will need to have at least 68% elemental damage + 40% detail damage to make sure that you deal more damage.

    I'm not quiet sure what the number represent, what I assumed is dealing x% amount more damage to the target monster.

    P.S. Forgot to add, the light blue part means (extra 10% damage). I think it was put there to compare sub weapon 10% boss damage vs blue weapon, or 10% boss damage hat enchant vs 18% elemental enchant.


    Written by: Kyodok


    The elemental column shows the values for:

    - Elemental head enchant

    - elemental trophy

    - elemental subweapon or accessory

    - head+trophy

    - head+trophy+sub/accessory

    - head+trophy+sub+accessory

    - head+trophy+sub+accessory+armor SS

    The numbers in the fields represents the multipliers to get the total damage output. Pink fields shows when your damage will be higher by replacing your boss damage subweapon or boss damage head enchant card for elemental damage