• selling crafting mats instead of try your luck with 50:50 chance though, you can get gold without the risk of losing it

    if you craft and get bad core = bye gold

    but if you get good core you can profit

    as new player, its better to sell material instead.. hey opinions kappaa

  • As mentioned, you can try selling your crafting materials (less risky than actually crafting). You can also sell food ingredients. Search around the auction hall and see which ingredients sell for a decent price and then head out and start gathering. I know you're not here yet, but one you reach lv 85 you can gather up saffron head, which sells for a decent amount per stack.

    Rolling paragon is another way as someone else mentioned, but it's all a game of luck so only use the "free" weekly ruby coins from the loyalty shop.

  • Sell good stat lv80 greens, a high % judgment armor gives decent money, or correct element and good % weapons.

    And yeah, gatherables also sell for decent money. Doesn't have to be lv80 ones, remember some people do alchemy too and would like things like giant egg.

    Selling lv80 (and some lv70) materials also gives money, assuming it's in demand.

    There's also obobo dailies, do the solo at least, then maybe ask for carry for party mode ones.

    Then of course, regularly buy RC and play good para.

  • Running low level dungeons works as well.

    You could run dungeons get some gold and try you're luck on the Shuriken secret stone vender for the rare but highly valuable Crit dmg 6% DMG 2% secret stones. Those go for quite a bit. However you may drop tens to hundreds of gold trying to get that sweet proc which sells for QUITE a bit. I've seen 3k but I've also heard 10k

    For the good stat 80 eqiupment you want something around 115-120% on judgment (that builds into lordswrath)

    For the level 80 green weapon Shuriken wants storm. Tachi wants storm. Lancer was dark. Duelist most run ice but there is an upcoming buff to duelists that buffs holy (which is what I am running) a more risky investment is going for the level 70 gaia emblems the dmg against element tops off at +15% against that element. so something like 15% DMG against dark would be nice.

    Also DMG +8% emblems are good as well. (that buffs all of the Extra % against X ) However those emblems are 7g a pop.... and you usually get something rubbish.

    I run OW60 often (farming endora and vermiillion) and salvaging the level 60 greens (kind of pointless now unless you are doing crafting for achivements)

    I get alot of level 60 crafting materials those go for a bit.

    Analysis of Zeal and Extreme speed are the most sought after masteries. (Orange 65 drop from sky tower) Sky tower normal is open on the weekends then there is sky realm on thursday and elite sky tower on friday. (higher level stuff)

    The Gold version can be found in vault of eternity however you need something like +20 5 star crafted 80/90

    A sky tower clear with good gear takes roughly an hour.

    I wish you luck in getting gold to do stuff.