Easter Kingdom ~ Poem

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    Hello Envoys!

    Here you can post your Easter Kingdom poem's!

    Easter Poem ~ Forum event

    • Write a poem about your Easter Kingdom
    • Maximum of 200 words
    • Include your character name and your server in your forum post
    • The best 3 will win the following items: Serena's Moon Emblem and 2000 Non Tradable RC

    Event period for ALL events:

    • 29.03.2018 until 03.04.2018

    Full Easter Kingdom News: HERE

    Happy writing!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • In the land of Easter Kingdom

    Where all the bunnies live,

    There lies a magic little hollow

    Where special eggs are made to give.

    All the bunnies lend a paw

    To color the eggs so bright.

    From blues, pinks, and greens

    To the color of sunlight.

    A few adventurous artistic bunnies

    Try new patterns and scenes

    To liven up this Easter egg hunt

    With eggs the best ever yet seen.

    Young bunnies skip and hop

    To hide eggs here and there

    For kids young and old

    To find everywhere.

    Bunnies too old to do this task

    Talk of Easters gone past

    Giving the young one tips

    On how to make the hunt last.

    “Hide them high”, “hide them low”,

    “Hide them in the flowers and trees”,

    “Hide them in the tall grass”,

    “Hide them so well no one sees”.

    The bunnies all enjoy

    This coming Easter night

    For they love the laughs

    And squeals of children in delight.

    They silently watch, hidden oh so well

    To see the young children run and look

    For all the hidden eggs

    In every cranny and nook.

    So if you are good and quiet

    And peak out the window sill,

    You may see the little bunnies

    Hiding eggs for your baskets to fill.

    Server: Phoenix Character: Acheri

  • What is Easter Kingdom, you say?

    A day where nothing is ever grey;

    glistening daylight and anticipation...

    It's Easter, oh what a day!

    Bunnies skitter and scatter about;

    "We shall infest the streets!", they mischievously shout.

    Gifts of wealth to all who rejoice

    Easter Kingdom with a boastful voice.

    What about Navea... who knew?

    Colours of rose pink, yellow, and sky blue...

    a rainbow; vigorous and boundless

    adorning Navea in every hue.

    Serena and her abounding charity

    to those who find her in prosperity.

    Eggs hidden who knows where...

    Behind Andre? It's always unfair...

    What about me, you inquire?

    'Twas never about animals to admire

    or eggs with exquisite finery;

    I, Aternalia, have one desire.

    What about those who only behold rain;

    those who Easter find as a pain?

    What about the penniless; always in need

    or those left out because of greed?

    My Easter Kingdom is endowment to all;

    warmth to those perceived as small;

    gifts to everyone, especially the outspoken;

    love to all people no matter how broken.

    Help me in this quest

    beyond bunnies and eggs at their best.

    Give a gift to all who pass by

    Easter Kingdom with curiosity or a mournful cry.

    IGN : Aternalia.

    Server : Chimera.

    Aternalia. [Ravager]


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  • [This is not a poem post!]

    I have no idea if my post meets the deadline or not but hopefully it does o. o

    Also I saw this contest last minute so I was rushing to write a poem.

    Anyways, to many people, Easter is just about eggs and bunnies and trolling people around Navea with scary bunny hats.

    To me though, I would like to do something different this Easter! I would like to spread cheer to those who don't really consider Easter as an "exciting holiday", or just to someone who hasn't received a gift yet.

    Just wanted to say that.

    If you're in Chimera, stay tuned!

    It includes an abundance of gifts. :)

    - Aternalia.

    Aternalia. [Ravager]


    Use the tag #summondabomb on your thread if you need me!

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  • Fluffy as a bunny's tail,

    Colorful as the funny eggs children hope to find,

    Wonderful as the surprises hidden inside them,

    Easter Kingdom is full of mysteries for us to unfold,

    Eggs hidden all around its main city,

    It awaits its lovely citizens to join in the laughter and delight,

    Some citizen paint eggs to show off to others,

    Some bring their thoughts through in their poems,

    Some might even brave the counting of the eggs hidden for them,

    Each enjoying the day in their own special way,

    Long live this wonderful Easter Kingdom,

    And may its citizen continue with their festive hearts year round.

    IGN: LadyAelynthia

    Server: Chimera

  • A newbie joins the server

    His game is fully patched

    He levels up with fervor

    A Beebis egg is hatched

    To town this lad is riding

    His mount has just got swift

    This lady here's abiding

    to give the lad a gift.

    Here also eggs are hiding

    How many can he count

    Just twenty he's deciding

    Is that the right amount.

    He is not one to beg.

    yet wants to grow so soon.

    he'd rather paint an egg.

    and add Serena's moon.

    Another man is writing

    this poem you now see

    he hopes it is delighting

    though silly it might be

    Now this was just one story

    One Easter come to pass

    Enjoy this Easter’s glory

    Be you a lad or lass.


    Server: Chimera

  • (Hope I make it lol)
    A pleasant day! Hopever (whoever) is reading this

    I am Mr Egg, and I thought you might miss

    I can only speak in rhymes so please bear rabbit (a bit)

    invitation to my kingdom, hop (hope) you could make it

    I have sent 3 billion eggs, each with a name on it

    this will be your ticket, please don't eat it

    ask the lonely guardian right below the mushroom

    and say the secret password "Dwarves have short legs"

    By now, you should be transported to West Agoir

    *insert music:

    where it is always easter, and never noir!

    here, the sun is a big egg

    and the ground is soft cushion for your legs!

    In East Agoir, do not be late either

    we still have a lot of room

    so we can share our snacks together

    before the Cherry tree blooms

    just a little to the west

    right beside the nests

    just follow the path of eggs

    they will tell you the rest

    may you hop around

    I wish you the best!








    *as you face the west

    and you followed the eggs

    you did not hesitate..

    for you knew what lies ahead

    An easter kingdom, you will be led

    IGN: AshStein
    Server: Phoenix
    credits to Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm for the song
    might not be allowed but just wanted to add a twist >w>

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  • Hello Envoys!


    Your poems were awesome and the team had a hard time to choose the winners, but here the list:

    Top 3

    • Acheri
    • Aternalia
    • LordEdeiran

    But we decided that everyone else will also receive 1000 NT RC for their effort! fakebanana

    Runner Ups

    • LadyAelynthia
    • AshStein

    The rewards were already sent and you can find them in your item shop cart by pressing 'i'.


    Your AK-Team

  • Thank you very much Wolf, Dem, and Angel. Love you guys for your support!

    Also thank you Scar for the wonderful event. Long live the Lion King.

    Congratulations to my fellow winners and participants as well; I loved reading all your poems. In their own way, they were very unique.

    May life bring all of you happiness!

    - Aternalia

    Aternalia. [Ravager]


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