How to Survive as a Squishy Guns

  • Hi peeps! Today I'm gonna share with y'all how to survive as a squishy guns (like me), especially if you have no carry. I hope these tips can be of some use since most guides teach you how to be OP, but not how to survive the in-between state where you grind (and keep dying).

    For all you non believers out there:


    1. Use your right weapon mastery - Strategist (purple one) (Only 60 and above)

    Now, before anyone says ANYTHING, I'll admit: left mastery (green one) is a lot better in terms of damage. However, damage is useless when you get one-shotted, or keep dying every time you run party dungeons. This is an issue when you run dungeons, especially since not all carries are gonna wait for you to run back to them. (Or in the case of (elite) Sky Tower (ST), you get kicked out once you lose all your lives). So, how to deal damage while being a squishy guns? TRAPS. By using your purple mastery, just select boss, and set trap from afar. There! You deal damage, but you aren't close enough to get nuked. Plus, you’ll receive a barrier that reduces damage taken by 15% if you are a main guns. Ofc, make sure to avoid red carpets.

    To increase your damage even more, I’d suggest using mastery “Exploding Wolf Trap” which will increase the level of your dark flare trap by 5 levels. If you get it up to orange, the level goes up by 15. (So even if you’re only 70, you can still deal damage to 95 mobs XD)

    2. Skill 'Taunting Eidolon'

    Ok, I've no goddamn idea if anyone actually uses it, since I don't see it in guides (so far), and all my friends don't use it. It's not exactly a super useful skill, given it doesn't work in PVP and ST/SR, but it is pretty useful for squishies. Now, guns are obviously NOT close range, but we don't have many useful skills (think CCs/stuns/debuffs/tanks). We are more mid-range, meant to evade damage. (But as you know, that doesn't always work out.) So, how? I use this skill to keep the mobs away. Set a frost trap under boss, use 'taunting eido' and nuke from afar! Of course, your eidolon has to be tanky (Sigrun, Gigas, etc) so that it doesn't die too fast under the boss's attacks (cough Eligos cough). Plus, tanky eidolons will have taunting skills of their own that generate aggro, which makes it a lot easier for the skill to work.

    Don't assume that just because an eido’s tanky it wouldn’t die. You MUST level up and fortify your eido.

    3. Skill 'Decoy'

    To be honest, among all 3 tips I've provided, this is the least useful skill among them all. It's useless in PVP, and has very limited usage in PVE. In fact, I won't recommend using it at all unless you are soloing a dungeon (do that in a party and the nukers will be pissed off cuz you prevented them from nuking that last mob). It is most useful in Otherworlds (OWs) since there's plenty of mobs and elites around. Basically, what this skill does is that it shifts aggro off you onto one of the mobs attacking you, so that you can run away. However, the mob must actually be attacking you for decoy to work, or else it will just stand there while the rest of the mobs continue attacking you.

    Of course, all the above are a cumulation of my experiences playing as a gunslinger, and are just some tips to help you along on the grind to OP-ness. If you find it uncomfortable to use, feel free to try other methods. After all, we play games to have fun, so it’s meaningless if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

  • Nocturnal Sub weapon + Left ISde masteries = immortal cause Cyclones op huehue

    But in all seriousness tho good ideas here most slingers dont have the luxury of nocturnal weapons above 85 since the blue weapons dont have Pen % on them

    What all guards wanna be :AK19::AK19::AK19:

  • This game allows you to if you are ranged class shoot/cast on the move so KITE AND KITE AND KITE AND KITE.

    Gaming wiki quote


    Kiting is a term primarily encountered in MMORPGs referring to a popular method of killing mobs (monsters) or other players by staying at a distance, using ranged attacks, and running whenever the enemy comes near. Similar tactics may be used in other computer and video games."

    Have fun