Aura Kingdom Launch Schedule

  • Written by: gm_kiko on Nov 26, 2013



    Hi Everyone!

    We know you’ve all been eager to learn when Aura Kingdom will be available, and we’re finally ready to make the grand reveal! Since this is the biggest title we’ve ever launched, we have a very ambitious schedule in place with several phases of beta access.

    Because this plan is different and more detailed than any we’ve ever done in the past, we want to explain each phase to you as clearly as possible. Without further ado, here are all of Aura Kingdom’s beta phases and how to access them:

    Founder’s Beta

    Founder’s Beta begins on December 16th and is accessible exclusively to those who purchase any size Founder’s Pack. Our Founder’s Pack sales begin on December 2nd, and they will continue to be available throughout each beta phase (even after Founder’s Beta is over). In addition to all of the exclusive items, every Founder’s Pack purchase includes access to both Founder’s Beta and the subsequent Closed Beta phase.

    Closed Beta

    Closed Beta will commence shortly after Founder’s Beta concludes, and is only accessible to those players with a CB key (as previously mentioned, a Founder’s Pack purchase also includes CB access). Players can obtain keys through our Facebook page, where we will open a unique app a few days before CB begins. Keys may also be delivered through our CB sign-up list and on various media outlets, but will not be guaranteed.

    Stress Test

    Stress Test will begin following the conclusion of Closed Beta. This phase does not require a key for access! Just download the game and invite your friends to play with you—the more players we get for Stress Test, the better! Please note that there will be a single server wipe after the Stress Test concludes (this is the only server wipe that we have planned for any of our beta phases).

    Open Beta

    Finally, Open Beta will begin after the Stress Test phase concludes. Like the name implies, OB will be available to anyone who downloads the game, and all characters will keep their progress going into the official launch of Aura Kingdom. Founder’s Pack items will be redelivered to all Founder’s Pack owners, and they will be able to permanently save their character name from the previous phases!

    We hope this sheds some light on our plans for launching Aura Kingdom, and we look forward to seeing you in the game with us very soon!