Posts by misha hrafn

    Row Item ID amount stopper
    1 7day crystal 40081 1 no
    1 florescent beads 40194 5 yes
    1 10 voucher points 45593 3 no
    1 Timekeeper pack 60723 1 no
    1 super treasure charm 40501 5 no
    1 Megaphone 40009 3 no

    2 Faust key fragment 11362 1 no
    2 super treasure charm 40501 5 no
    2 20 slot backpack 40210 1 no
    2 5000 lp 40280 1 no
    2 prism crystal 31705 1 no
    2 advanced treasure charm 40021 3 yes

    3 bouquet of dreams 40532 10 yes
    3 obisus mount 51293 1 no
    3 yumikaze key fragment 40627 2 no
    3 emerald shard 40289 5 yes
    3 2 star eidolon scroll 40459 1 no
    3 superior armor scroll 40641 1 no
    4 3 star eidolon scroll 40461 1 no
    4 advanced lucky charm 40026 10 no
    4 5 star evolution equipment stone 40397 1 no
    4 superior armor scroll 40641 3 no
    4 tyr costume 51428 1 no
    4 advanced xp card 40029 5 yes
    5 lvl 80 enchantment box 17803 1 no
    5 5000 LP 40280 1 no
    5 megaphone 40009 10 no
    5 2 star eidolon scroll 40459 1 no
    5 mount upgrade stone 40743 1 no
    5 pandora key fragment 40735
    1 no
    6 superior weapon scroll 40639 3 no
    6 verdandi key fragment 40755 2 no
    6 emerald shard 40289 10 no
    6 100 voucher 45594 1 yes
    6 sky tower chest 18651 1 no
    6 4 star eidolon scroll 40463 1 no
    7 bouquet of dreams 40532 2 yes
    7 muramasa key fargment 40775 1 no
    7 emerald shard 40289 20 yes
    7 assault otter mount 18858 1 no
    7 super treasure charm 40501 10 yes
    7 customer prayer costume 51749 1 no

    first of all , thank you very much for your detailed post, and the hardworking you did on this build guide.

    im a level 86 Crusader sub shinobi. because of my work and other reasons , i cannot play often more like 2 days a week.
    and i been 3 months without play for privat reasons. so , i forgot a bit why i did something or did that in aura.
    i remember i choosed to go lightning crusader because i saw somewhere a dps build for crusader guide.
    and the friends around me recomended me to go that path.

    now reading your guide, makes me wonder if is holy stronger than lightning. you said that "if you are looking to optimize your damage this is not guide for you" but i still want to ask you somethings if is okay.

    first a introduction of how i would like to play or be : i like dps and a huge damage(i dont know if this combination is even possible but wanted to tell you , so you can advise me better) i would like to do 1 hit , or lets say with few hits kill the boss. but on the same time i like set bosses or enemies into traps, thats why the dps, or cage them into the dragon like star on the fire skill , and the shuriken storm while hitting them with evil smith.
    (sorry to describe it like this haha... i dont have my computer right now where iam and i cannot take screen shot of my stats or say the right name of skills)
    if you want after we talk more i can send you my stats.

    other things: a friend who is a high level than me and quite old player and stronger. told me to get more speed (even i haveit cap) and get thunder skill damage on eidolon , and low my crit dmg because is too high.

    i want to re roll my eidolons buffs, but you know is costy the re rolls and right now dont have much time. but would appreciate your advise.

    eidolons: i dont know if they are good but i use Hel without any reroll. Cesela with move speed buff and the damage ones like it is. then uriel with skills at is is. zepherine with crit rerolled buff, move speed. then harmonia with thunder damage skills 30% , and her hp buffs as it is.

    i also have yumikaze but is only one star, and about tsubaki 3 stars but without re roll.

    now questions:
    you said muse is good, but you said about holy skills buff. does it mean with lightning skills buf fis not good?

    your ediolons advise looks like (if i didnt read wrong, if i did sorry) looks like focused on holy matter, does it mean that for lightning build you would recommend another eidolon? (im quite lost to know what eidolon to pick)

    do you recommend more holy buidl than lightning ? and if possible why?

    do you think the way i want to play picking lightning was better or should change?

    i would like to send you my stats , and if possible please guide me. because i feel quite stuck. just doing eidolon wishes and weapon mastery to cap it to make me stronger.

    im sorry for so many questions and troublesome , but on the same time thank you for the time to read my post.
    i forward to hear from you .

    thank you.