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    Hi hello hey kirbyheart

    It's almost Valentine's day & I thought many players would appreciate an access to the following items that have been in game for way too long:

    vday items.png

    There are many more items in game that would fit the theme just perfectly!
    Maybe create a Valentine's special paragon to celebrate the event? Just an idea. moogle
    Hopefully we will be surprised with very nice things this Valentine's day! kirbyheart

    Hi there! 🔔 Happy Christmas everyone! 🎅🎄


    Zoe here from Phoenix~ I hope you all are having a very good time with your friends & families! 👪
    I am planning a small Christmas event in game that may or may not  hehehehecontain a couple of rewards 🎁 & anybody in Phoenix is invited! 🦌

    As for the time of the event it is not final yet, but it should be during Christmas day or later this week. (I will make sure I notify in game & maybe discord)
    Until then, I wish you all a very merry & jolly Christmas, whether you were from Phoenix or Chimera...or anywhere on this planet. 🌍

    Happy holidays! kirbyheart

    Seasonal events have always brought a unique atmosphere to any game at different times of the year. For instance, Valentine's Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...Having more of them in AKUS would be pretty refreshing.

    We have all witnessed the special Halloween event, and the new decoration around Navea, which is really great. The thing about these events, however, is that only a very small number of players benefit from them, and even a 5,000 RC wouldn't be enough to reward the rest of the talented participants for their hard work. Allowing other players in game to enjoy any seasonal spirit would actually be great.

    Making special seasonal paragon tables can be a very nice method to bring joy to everybody in game. I know that it can be "hard" to create paragon tables all the time, but putting thought and effort into paragon tables to support any joyful spirit is, what I believe, what players deserve in AKUS. Creating a special Halloween themed paragon table, for example, shouldn't be a problem. Many items already exist in game, but other than paragon tables we really have no other way of obtaining them, unique house items, furniture, costumes, Eidolons...etc.

    halloween item.png

    and there is more.

    I'm pretty sure other players have more creative suggestions for events in game, not that we're greedy for more, I just think we need more fair, fun events that suit every player in game, not only part of them.

    I wish everybody a very spooky and happy Halloween, and hope everybody enjoys any holiday they celebrate, wherever you're from and despite your different beliefs, whether it was in game or in real life. kirbyheart

    To be honest the game has turned to the better after you came back to AK, things were really bad.
    I hope things only keep getting better from now on, and for you to pass by again in the future, not only when we need you. kirbyheart

    Best wishes~<3

    OMG :love::love::love::love::love::love:

    After three days of annoying gaming experience something great happens!
    A somebody who loves helping (trolling) the players, enjoys & supports their fan-arts, always works for a better game, & appreciates the game as much as we do is finally back!

    You have been missed, greatly! kirbyheart

    While I love the changes you guys made in the new tier spenders in April's rewards, I strongly believe today's (Monday, 4/2/2018) paragon is not worth the rc...Or yesterday's (Sunday, 4/1/2018). It's like "hey guys! Take 1+1 rc sale & fixed paragons that require you using double the regular amount of rc, which were created by you, so it's not really on us"...Pretty much, yea. Also this is not the "community complaining", this is an honest criticism. I personally prefer the classic PoC that uses everybody's vote in making its content, not a result of a somebody or two players' ideas of what a "paragon of choice" should be, even though it is, basically, still called paragon "of choice", & we're not the ones to change the rules. But we're still customers, & this method only suits a small part of the "community". It is what it is now, thanks for the effort. Personally, however, I can't even pretend to enjoy those "paragons of choice". This is obviously not what we have been asking for, we simply asked for something that we used to enjoy before, I didn't think it was too much to ask, since we were presented this event more often in the past.
    Also the paragons' content is not bad at all, they're simply not worth the double value of rc, nor the triple value, since the ratings were obviously bad, & most of those items have already lost their values in game.

    Muramasa - from facebook's art conest (leaving it here as well)


    "I'd follow you to the great unknown"

    In this work I wanted to portray the relationship between the two characters that appear to be inseparable, in their most innocent form, making this innocent moment eternal. (Since I have noticed that her face has been portrayed most of the time in game as flat, stripped of all positive emotions, not that she is not allowed to experience other emotions & not that she should be looking happy, cute, or pretty for her presence to be enjoyed or valued) I was also listening to "Tightrope" from The Greatest Showman which influenced the sketch greatly...