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    Name Amount
    1 40009 Megaphone 4 No
    1 40257 Costume Restructuring Solution 3 No
    1 17041 Serena's Pet Rabbit (White) 1 No
    1 40457 1-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2 No
    1 40039 Auction Card
    1 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone 1 No
    2 40009 Megaphone 8 No
    2 40011 Secret Stone Randomizer
    3 No
    2 40235 Aura Kingdom Coupon: 2000 Points 1 No
    2 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 3 No
    2 17044 Cheshire Cat 1 No
    2 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) 3 Yes
    3 40009 Megaphone 12 No
    3 40740
    Advanced Pet Improving Potion
    3 No
    3 40459 2-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2 No
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 4 No
    3 40519 Auction Card 50 No
    3 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone 2 No
    4 40009 Megaphone 16 No
    4 45816 Lv.90 Rudimentary Equipment Restructuring Solution 3 No
    4 30756 Vulture's Vale Medal Case 5 No
    4 45594 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 100 Points 1 No
    4 18562 Unique Capybara Pet
    1 No
    4 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) 3 Yes
    5 40009 Megaphone 20 No
    5 45818 Lv.95 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Purple) 3 No
    5 18377 Unique Electric Jelly Crystal 1 No
    5 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2 No
    5 40519 Auction Card 100 No
    5 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone 2 No
    6 40009 Megaphone 24 No
    6 45819 Lv.95 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Gold) 3 No
    6 18376 Unique Gold Jelly Crystal 1 No
    6 40463 4-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 1 No
    6 30757 Blizzard Berg Medal Case 5 No
    6 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) 6 Yes
    7 18651
    Unidentified Sky Tower Legendary Weapon Chest
    7 16196 Swift Hornwolf Little Fenrir 1 Yes
    7 60743 Eidolon Purification Scroll Lucky Pack (Non-Tradable) 1 Yes
    7 18762 Weapon: Zanotas' Horrifying Trembler 1 Yes
    7 40280
    5000 Loyalty Points
    7 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone 3 Yes

    RNG para weirdooo Want to make a new alt but don't have the right mount or eido buffs so you're discouraged from doing so? No prob! You can gamble for them now. Still using blue best defense on that 10th alt you made and too burnt out to grind VV/BB? Or are you a new player who completely flew over those maps and now you're stuck with lowbie masteries and can't afford (read: too lazy, like me) to do BB/VV because you've got a busy life? No prob! Just gamble your soul away :AK19::AK20:

    This paragon is mainly to benefit new players, so they can reroll their gears/pets/mounts/eidos so they can finally stop asking for carries and be the carry, AND/OR the extremely rich end-gamers who wanna keep rolling for their favorite class' level 95 weapon with the correct element or just anyone who loves gambling since there are a lot of different types of rerolls and RNG involved. I added the eidolon purification scroll lucky pack because it won't flood the market with purification scrolls, but it can be extremely useful to newer players who need better eidolon buffs or just veteran players who want to reroll their favorite lolis eidolons and make them useful. And I put the cute pets, fenrir mount and zanotas stick because I want them, but please make rates LOW AF so they aren't easily obtainable, especially Fenrir and Zanotas stick, preferably 200k RC+ for those two. Whatever the rates were for "Green-eyed Silverdrake" in the previous paras, make Fenrir and Zanotas stick that rate if you choose this para please.

    P.S. I would LOVE for this para to be 200 RC per roll but I adjusted the amounts of each thing assuming this para (and all PoC) will be at least 400 RC per roll to 600 RC per roll. If these are not the final amounts, depending on the rates, it will butcher this para and make it not worth rolling at all. If you choose this para, please don't kill amounts, and if you do, then please give decent rates for profitable items! Thanks in advance

    The eidolon summoning stones are a great idea. However, the fact that you can't store them in shared warehouse makes this a huge PITA not only to gather them, but also summon them (having to log into multiple chars each time you want to summon whatever amount you collected). The load screen looks dope but thats imo. I just wish you guys would release the eidolon packs along with the patch, not 2-3 months after the patch.

    And although any patch is a sight for sore eyes, this patch didn't really have anything content wise, still same old same old grind fest. Please at use Taiwan's EXP curve for the coming level-cap increase instead of a custom one thats barely any different from out current rate. Grinding to 90 takes like 1 month of full runs, forget hitting 95 lol.

    For the Sunday/Monday paragon, I was the creator. I honestly feel apologetic even though rates/major changes weren't my fault. My original paragon was MUCH better than this and yes, i said to make it a 400-600 RC para but i also asked for rates to be decent or to triple keyfrags. If you read my post on the POC thread, you'll understand my reasoning behind the items that are on it. For anyone who markets hard, the vouchers were the main focal point on this paragon, i originally had 30/40/50/100 vouchers scaling from the top to bottom row. Assuming 200 RC costs 100g (the previous ratio for RC in Chimera), 600 RC per roll is about 300g. Landing on ANY of my original voucher amounts resulted in either breaking even OR profit. You could purchase eidolons or costumes that you like.

    When I saw that they changed the para but made it 200 RC per roll, i realized it was still pretty good. I made 100kg within the first hour of rolling AND got Harmonia, Lumikki and Verdandi's key (via vouchers, got 5k vouchers in 2 hours). But after they changed the rates, it practically killed the para. Barely anyone rolled for the next two days. Sad.

    All the criticisms above are valid but I think its too hard to please everyone, in terms of content, at least. What I think would make everyone happy though are better rates. Better rates means more peope get things to sell or use and more people will want to roll. And thats when more people will also want to buy RC. It also gives cashers the perfect time to top up. They can sell RC for inflated prices and they can be assured it will sell. Aeria will also benefit since more people will be inclined to cash.

    I'm not saying to give godly rates, i know ultimately you guys are running a businesss and you want to profit, but i think the deprivation approach you guys are taking is hurting you more in the long run. More players are feeling less inclined to cash and leaving or feeling cheated by crappy paragons and ultra late promotions/lack of bonus tiers. You've gotta give the players a few more pieces of carrot, and less stick.

    P.S. Aternalia, the para with Diao and Shira frags wasn't PoC. Also it wasnt very profitable (^:

    I recently bought a golden version of Beebis' Holiday Sleigh and attempted to shuffle it because I'd like an Almighty Beebis :D but I noticed that when I click on the shuffle menu and attempt to add Beebis, it doesn't appear at all. All my other mounts appear just fine but Beebis is the only one missing. I had thought I locked it by accident, but that was not the case. I attempted to log out and log back in but the issue persisted.

    I did notice that instead of the usual "Move SPD +120% while mounted.", it simply states "Er:65026". Not sure if that has anything to do with the bug but I hope that in the (hopefully near) future, I can shuffle my Beebis ;(

    ID Name
    Amount Stopper
    1 idk : ( Fantasy Lucky Star! 1 Yes
    1 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 No
    1 14314 Evolution Ritual Chest 5
    1 40201 Brilliant Evolutionary Beads 1 No
    1 40194 Fluorescent Bead 50
    1 40475
    World Peace VIP Guardian
    1 No
    2 40289 Emerald Shard
    1 Yes
    2 40715 Lumikki's Key Fragment 1 No
    2 51506 Lumikki's Crystal Scepter 1 No
    2 50178 Custom Magical Girl Outfit (F) 1 No
    2 50175 Custom Magical Girl Headpiece (F) 1 No
    2 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 2
    40289 Emerald Shard 1 Yes
    3 40679 Harmonia's Key Fragment 1 No
    3 51408 Custom Harmonia's Outfit (F) 1 No
    3 51402 Custom Harmonia's Hairdo (F) 1 No
    3 51252 Harmonia's Divine Harp 1 No
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 3
    4 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    4 40719 Tyr's Key Fragment 1 No
    4 51453 Tyr's Blitz Pistols 1 No
    4 51428 Hand-dyed Clothing. Tyr (M) 1 No
    4 51422 Hand-dyed Hairstyle - Tyr (Male) 1 No
    4 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 4
    5 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    5 40632 Dante's Key Fragment 1 No
    5 51239 Dante's Pure Darkflame Tachi 1 No
    5 51210 Custom Dante Outfit (M) 1 No
    5 51216 Custom Dante Hairstyle (M) 1 No
    5 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 5
    6 40289 Emerald Shard 5 Yes
    6 40545
    Premium Headgear Enchantment - HP
    6 40559 Premium Facemask Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    6 40547 Premium Costume Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    6 40553 Premium Back Accessory Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    6 40565 Premium Weapon Enchantment - DMG
    7 40289 Emerald Shard
    10 Yes
    7 40457 1-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2
    7 40459 2-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2
    7 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2
    7 45594 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 100 Points 1 Yes
    7 40280 5000 Loyalty Points 1 Yes

    So my thought process behind this is helping players get some of the rarer eidos but not the super new ones. Not only that but you can cosplay as (most) of them! Poor Lumikki.... but anyways there are decent costumes, there are worthless ones, and there are vouchers for those who want some other costumes or eidolons. With the 6th row you can also enchant any new costume you've acquired without breaking the bank (hopefully) and with the final row, you'll also be able to pick your favorite eidolon and reroll their stats to your liking or start over from the bottom to try your luck at some key frags/costumes/vouchers!

    Don't know about the rates or if this should be a 400/600 RC table, but if you do up the RC amount required, I do hope the rates for key frags/vouchers aren't like 30k RC per frag. But if the rates are fairly low, then double/triple key frags would be appreciated :D.

    "Edited due to font color"