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    Here are some stats from a friend of mine rudecat1

    Eidolon: 25% Aspd 45% Fireskilldmg 16% Dmg

    Gear: Everything +30

    Mount + Emblem are Fireskilldmg

    I think these stats speak for themselfs rudecat3


    Tbh we wanna get some life back into this forum rudecat4

    After a long time there's an update from my side. :AK9:

    Since I've reached SLV10 i thought "lets make a little update for the forum"

    Eidolon: 25% Aspd 45% Iceskilldmg 40% Critdmg

    Gear: Everything +30

    To prevent confusion my subweapon isn't nocturnal and i only rely on Eternia LL and it works great for me

    Mount + Emblem are Iceskilldmg

    All entchants are lvl 80 except one (lvl90)

    Eido-wishes are good with over 10k dmg now

    Eido-archive is really bad but im working on it *caugh* 50/73 eidos *caugh*


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    Then like Rio wrote wait a little

    Really? O.O

    I always thought it is DMG to Auto Attacks because the detail dmg is not shown in detail stats.Maybe i should done some testing :D

    Can a GS confirm this?

    For this one its detailed-dmg for all the other drinks with this it's only auto attacks

    Hey good stats.

    Just a quick question:

    Why people tend to use Food like +12% DMG To Auto Attack DMG over Zeal(Jelly) in classes that charge most of their skills?

    I see it so often from Veteran Players...for Holy Sword...Bow...

    I just wonder...maybe i oversee something but for classes like Bow/Holy Sword who do burst with charges wouldnt be another Zeal food better instead of a Food that increase the Auto Attack DMG by 12% per hit?

    The 12% DMG are actually detail-dmg

    so its better in general unless you have godlike procchances

    the E-mail that you show us looks like 3 others that i saw.

    Those 3 with that exact reason got a ban for security reason because they got scamed in this forum.

    So to you the same question

    Did you have a convo with some like "aeria games" and they send you a link with text like "if you login you get the daily loginbonus" and you tried to get it by login into the given site?

    Sorry for my english but i tried my best :AK15:

    Tbh i dont even feel a differences anymore when i change my lvl 90+ trophys. I tried the feather+delphi and even delphi+stone it is nice to have the bonus -def for your team because most of the german server has the trophies like i have in the picture. rudecat4

    I tried delphi+fatima's thunder bracelet too but the bracelet is cancer because i cant hold the 3 stacks as a mage.

    The bosses dont live longer then 3 sec in any way so i go for some flat stats and solid boss-dmg.rudecat4


    • Lvl90 weapons +30
    • Delfonia's +22, Guzigla's +20
    • Lvl95 Accessories +20 (Sanctified Holy Sword set)
    • Armor +21
      • Top set Lvl80 Lordswrath
      • Bot set Lvl90 Magic Sundering
    • Eidolon and Mount are Ice-Skill dmg

    Just because i like the cat so much rudecat16