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    Hello there fellow reader and everyone else checking this topic! I'm referred to as Sarmus, and I shall be joining the Game Sage team as <gs>Sarmus. I'll be here to help out the staff as well as my fellow team members and you fellow reader with questions regarding the game!

    I've been playing the game for five years as of February 2020, so I do know a thing or two about the game. While I do play a wide variety of classes, I have the most experience playing Sorcerer, but I have been extending my knowledge of other classes so I'm not completely reliant on a single class.:AK19:

    Currently, I am living in the United States, or I should say I've been living there all my life. I am usually on the game fairly often as well as checking Discord occasionally for your questions, comments, and/or concerns. If you have questions to ask me, you are more than welcome to send me a message to me on Discord at Sarmus #1107!

    With all of that stated, I sure can't wait to see all of you soon!

    I swear I'm not late posting this. Here's to a (hopefully) great time on Olympus though!

    But most importantly as part of our small family's tradition, Thank you for the raid u w u

    IGN: Jackuu / Sarmus

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    Slightly more updated and slightly more trashy like me

    Switched 90 crafted weapon for 95 gold weapon

    Switched from Shuriken sub to Lancer sub

    Switched Time Travel to Delfonia

    Tooth forted to +30

    Switched Arcane set to Wild Howl set

    Switched 45% dark skills Dorito to 45% dark skills +16% DMG Wonhwa

    Switched SS's to 3/4% DMG with DMG to dark targets partially since game sux with my rng

    Rest is pretty much the same.


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    90 gear in gdp is next next lvl cap so the S stuff after 99, i think

    If memory serves me right, even 90 crafted recipes still aren't available to be bought for GDP even in Taiwan's server. So you might still want to farm for those if you haven't got them yet or buy them if you have the money.

    As a current vice of the guild Snow, which isn't the most active guild out there. We usually have around six to seven people on weekdays and around ten to twelve on weekends, as well as my own personal guild in which we had myself and two others partake, I could say we had a really positive outcome from these Limited Summons. One thing I definitely took in this experience from farming it on 10 characters (Those who are in the Guildmaster Alliance server on Discord have probably seen this as Websterz mentioned me to discuss about it the previous Sunday haha) in the course of 33-35 days, which includes disconnecting from servers once or twice due to sporadic internet issues, it was definitely both an amazing time and also a nightmare to some degree spending around 2 hours each day to farm soul fragments.

    Personally, I do have three points of criticism. The first point (Particularly the one I'm half and half with) being is that we required a total of four fragments to make one summoning stone, albeit we only had thirty-five days of these daily quests, which only made eight stones with three left over at most. If this were to have been a thing in which it required five fragments instead of four, those who farmed who break even with seven stones exactly without any left over. The second point (The one I'm most ehhhh with) would be with the level requirement for these quests. Especially with the one for Gaia's Sanctuary Trial Party Mode. While the rest were mostly fair being 70, 75, and 80 respectively, having the last quest being doable at Level 85 and beyond seems a bit daunting before we received our recently implemented level curve which now makes hitting 95 relatively quickly. Due to this during my time farming mostly for my personal guild, this hit me hard as I wasn't able to farm summoning stones for Pandora as all of the characters I farmed with on there were between 82 and 83. Nonetheless, we had a plentiful amount of stones for Zashi, Zephyrine, and Uriel during this time! My third and final point (Being the one I'm pretty sure is just my opinion and my alone) is referring to the Eidolons that partake in the events. Yes I'm aware for future limited summons that if we do have another one of these, different Eidolons will take part of this as well. While this is just me personally, I do believe that for them is that this should exclude Eidolons that are already able to be accessible via spawns in dungeons or Gaia's Sanctuary/Gaia's Sanctuary Trial. Such as one of our spawns was Uriel, who can spawn in several dungeons already and can be fought in Gaia's Sanctuary Trial as well. But then again, this is only MY opinion. If people still needed to get Uriel through these summons, that's fine with me and I'm completely for it if that's the case.

    Overall, I'm all for having another round of these Limited Summons 110%! It's definitely a new and interesting experience and I'm a bit more ecstatic to do it again when the time comes!

    +29 126% Main Weapon

    +21 119% Sub Weapon

    +21-25 90 Armors

    +20 Imperial Arcane, Bestial Time Travel, and +24 Imperial Guzigla

    45% Dark Skills Dorito

    30% Dark Skills Mount

    And some other necessary gears and all that jazz.

    Prepare to judge me ladies and germs.