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    At least get it right


    >trusting aeria translations

    Maybe YOU should get it right. I have magic sundering +30 and I tested it. You only get 4% flat crit % per piece, the translations are wrong. The rest are just % increase on the crit value, which are good if you are extremely undergeared but still not worth since the crit damage cap increase from them is barely noticeable. Pre-awakening you don't need that much crit chance and post-awakening you'd be better off with Abyss Roar set (20% crit against bosses) or Forest Wound set.


    what about the fortification bonuses on the sundering top just out of curiosity. At +30 you get 16% crit while you get 0 on holy spirit. Is this the same as the 10% crit from the sundering bottom buff?

    You get 4% crit per piece at +30 (2% from +20 and 2% from +30), so Magic sundering top would give 8% + 2k crit. You get 12 + 10% from the bottom set. It's not really worth losing 4% detailed damage over that

    So you mean it would be any element XD thank youuu ^_^

    It all depends on what you're doing (1v1, 5v5, etc). Lightning is the best weapon element since you can rack up way more kills and points in arenas than any other build. With frantic lotus you can kill almost anyone, but it takes 8-9s to have all the stacks on your enemy. With a geared enemy team, if you don't heal yourself for 10 seconds you are dead, and if you didn't, you are wasting so many points by doing tunnel vision on the tanky one