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    I second those house items!


    I take full joy in decorating my house, and I redecorate it depending on the season or holiday.


    Having seasonal items to use is always a joy. Yet seeing those items in the preview but never having a chance to use them. Makes me think that they will come out in an event, limited daily quest, or paragon.


    Though when they don't, I can't help but feel disappointed as an avid house decorator. For each player their own when it comes to enjoying the game. For us house designers, no mater how few. When even one furniture comes out for us to get. I think I speak for most of us, we get super excited! Then need to go in design mode!


    I'd love to see them used more often!

    *Reserving 2nd spot in line*uwulewd.png

    EDIT: You mentioned posting the art on your art mediums of choice

    Do you happen to have a public insta page or anything like that?

    I'm kinda interested x3

    I don't have an insta page, I didn't think instagram was place you could post art. comfyy
    I do have a DeviantArt and Tumblr. You can find the DeviantArt in my signature.


    Hey there guys. It's Sara! Creator of that Azuria Realm fan fiction. I thought it's about time I create a Commissions forum so here it is!


    I am a Phoenix Artist.

    I can't do to many commissions at once since I'm pretty busy.


    I draw both female's and male's.

    My art commissions can range from chibi's to wallpaper.


    When I finish your art I will give you a low quality version of your finished piece, to show its completion.

    Once you have paid me in full, you will get the original art in full quality.

    If you can't pay me with gold, I do accept items with equal value as a substitute. Such as Ruby Coins.

    My work is pretty pricey, but I put a lot of time and effort in getting every detail correct.


    By commissioning me you will abide by my rules.

    1st. You will understand that I am busy so it may take time to finish your work

    2nd. If I accept your commission and am rushed to finished your work. There will be extra fees.

    3rd. Since there is no upfront payment, I am allowed to put your work on hold, or stop it all together if problems arise, (which are unlikely)

    4th. If you wish to see my progress with your work you are allowed to within reason.

    5th. I like to take my own screen shots. So I can get precise detailed information on your characters outfits.

    6th. I am allowed to post the finished artwork on one of my art site mediums.



    Chibi's 6,000g (1 person)

    1,000g per character added

    1,500g wings added (wings are a pain to draw but I can do them)






    Simple proportioned Character Art 6,000g (1 person)

    1,000g per character added





    Character art sketch 1,500g (1 person)

    1,000g per character added

    1,000g wings added (wings are a pain to draw but I can do them)





    Wallpaper which includes background 20,000g (1 person)

    -8,000g if you no background

    5,000g added per character added. (character or eidolon)

    1,500g added special request for animals ect

    2,500g added wings added (wings are a pain to draw but I can do them)

    5,000g added for weapon request.






    "Commissions are now open!"

    O.O Just read the update! Seriously like sitting on pin and needles waiting to see what happens as the story goes along

    I'm happy you are enjoying it! cat3
    Though I am sorry the updates aren't that big, but working on two comics at once, takes a lot of time.
    And I can't stop one to work on the other by itself. Since I want to work on them equally as much.
    Maybe I'm bitting off more then I can chew, but eh! I can't help it! chamsey
    Though luckly when it comes to this comic, you do have a basic idea of how things will end.
    So some of the edge of waiting is taken off. That is if you payed attention to the storyline.
    but yet the only thing you don't know, is how I'm recreating it. birb2

    Which I put a lot of thought into!

    pacayeyMewcats no problem!!!! hehe, like you , i love designing and renovating my house ,too. It really relieves your stress on a long day of running dungeons and also have some fun time with your friendsrudecat15 hehehehe!Not to mention the fishes , cute pets and food crops we can get on our ESTATErudecat16 I'm really happy that Aura Kingdom made a cool forum like this!chamsey So that even you're on the other Sever (Phoenix) , we can still share stuffs like this and it somehow feels like we've been on each others houses by our simple screenshots or like your cute video tour of your house :AK3::AK13:
    I really Thank AK for that! and of course make NEW friends!:AK9::AK13:

    cat3 I completely agree with all you said! Though I myself am not much of a dungeoner, so I mess with my house after a long day of working.cat2
    saberr It really puts the mind at ease, and its a good source to revamp your creativity! comfyy

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo cute!!!!!!!! pacayeyyou really toured us with your video of your home, i like it !!!!!kirbyheartyou look badass with your Justicia statue at your back hehehehe! cool! #LikeABossninjacat Thanks for the fun tour Mewcats !!!!!moogle

    chamsey Thank you so much!!! I truly love designing/redesigning my house. It's so fun! I did the tour for those not in my server, or those who don't have time to take a peek!!!cat3

    I have two options you can try

    1st option:

    .unclick "Remember my login"

    .login to you account.

    .let load screen fully load

    .exit out of game

    .open launcher again.

    (The info should have been reset to nothing)

    2nd option:

    .login to a different account

    .make sure "Remember my login" is clicked

    .Again let load screen fully load

    .exit out of game

    .open launcher again, now log in to main account.

    I hope this helps comfyy

    Here are some old art I have done.
    Which all can be found on my Deviant Art.

    This of my character (which is the water) and my friends character on the Navea fountain

    Date finished: November 19th 2017

    This is of my guild members character. (both are her) It was drown as a Christmas present.

    Date finished: December 21st 2017

    This is my guild leader. I tried to draw her elegant but dangerous.

    Date finished: January 10th 2018

    And the last one I'd like to show are these two. Which is my character and Alucard.

    Date finished: January 27th 2018


    Understand. This comic is based off the story that takes place in Aura kingdom. I have altered multiple aspects of the story. For better entertainment, and reading. So the story will match, but not be 100% accurate. After I post chapter two. Depending on how many ask for more updates. The update speed will be very low. Not only cause this isn't my only project, but drawing this takes a lot of time. Due to how much detail I put into it. Aura kingdom backgrounds, costumes, and characters in general. Has high detail. I feel if I don't put in that detail. I'll be taking away from the beauty of the Azuria world.

    I hope you enjoy my comic, and please tell me what you think. I'd love to know! <3


    The shadow knight is gathering up the demons of Pandemonium.
    To attack the innocent? To destroy the church? Or to attack the Templars?
    Maybe there's a deeper meaning to what he's planning.
    Word is he's searching for the cube of Gaia.
    Could that be related?

    Well, all of this has nothing to do with Sarata.
    A Skandian Garrison member. The only troubles she has is keeping the chief's children safe.
    But those darn kids keeping trying to mess with the kings of the woods.
    When will they ever learn.

    ninjacat Start reading, by clicking the first image!

    <3 Or click here! <3

    I also got this message as well.
    If I was already logged in on the main site, and this tells me to log in again?!
    Already knew it was fishy when it said "beginner" on its tag, but the log in, just made it more fishy frostie

    Don't fall for this!!! <X