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    Remember when the supposed reasoning for this was because fortification scrolls would be more accessible? I'd say, my oh how the times have changed, but even back then they were made inaccessible too, so really it's always been like this even during the supposed early golden years (just, you know... the pay-walled period of time did eventually lessen and end after, what, four to six months, and didn't instead linger for what's going to soon be two and counting years only to be followed with signs they're removing other features to monetize it even more).

    But is it even a surprise?

    I have to say, the loss of ALL my things makes me not want to play anymore. The lack of action on the behalf of AK only adds to my nervousness..It shouldn't take over a week to reply to an issue like this.

    The ticket queue may just be longer than usual at the moment, and with this kind of issue it may take longer

    The think is : I played a lot of games over the years and yes there were some games where the adminds tolerated it if they saw whales using bots to make their life easier but i never heard in any game that whales are guying ingame currency. Normally as whale you have everyting ingame, your like a semi-god, there is simply no need to guy gold.

    So Aura Kingdom must be so expensive, that even whales can't afford everything and must cheat (guy gold) to have it all. So it always comes back to bad business decisions.

    It's not because the game is so expensive, it's because buying through 3rd parties tends to be cheaper on average. So the whales cash for the sake of getting exclusive things such as eidolons, and buy gold for their gear and other non-premium needs. I've seen this happen in quite a few games since people tend to view it as easier.

    As I heard from trustful sources they're going to add another Ability Transfer Scroll 21-30. This item can will be like These Superior one except of one thing: Your stuff can lose up to 10 fortification. If this is going to happen, it'll be so annoying to fortify your weapon again.

    What's your trustworthy source because I've never heard of that

    If we just look ahead to the future at gears:

    At minimum, people need the 95 crit + crit dmg cap set, for normal people that's not so much of an issue because most people kept their accessories +20 cause the scroll 3 bug doesn't work. For +30s however, this either means that they have to 1. Give Aeria more money to re +30 a full set of accessories, or suffer the stat loss of non-+30 accessories for the cdmg cap proc.

    If we go into more details, looking at armor; we know that at this rate a lot of people have a set of holy spirit, either full or w/e but most people +21'd it. This means that for awakening, when you need moonlight bottom, a casual player with +21 is going to have to re +20 a full bottom set or waste all the gold on transfer scrolls. Same idea for +30 people, they either have to fully refort a whole set to +30 or just suffer without +30 or waste the 45k-60k on transfer scrolls and then re-+30 from there.

    In the extreme future, people won't be able to use new ele trophies because no one will want to drop that much money to +30 a full set, most people will still barely be able to afford 1 at this rate.

    It's just a really shitty change because it doesn't just screw over f2p people, but it also makes whales suffer. This change helped literally no one, even if they fully revamp the LP mall to try and help the f2p's it's pointless unless they make unlimited scrolls for 1 lp a piece, because at that rate that's what it's gonna take to save people.

    We'll just be getting more fort insanity promos to justify it in order to show that it's not that bad without transfers, or they'll tank the superior prices with more paras like during poc. Whichever comes first. Either way, 100% agree that it helps no one

    It's perfect timing with awakening not too far away

    Hello! How do I maximize my crit damage? I noticed that my crit damage is still at 167% which is pretty low for a lancer, but I dunno what to put in my gears to maximize it?

    I have also noticed people using SS 2%dmg/7%dmg against element, but still manages to maximize their crit damage to 200+. I'm so confused. Hope someone could shed light on this matter. :(

    What weapons/armor are you using? All of my cdmg comes from my gear + the 2 tiles on my envoy so it's possible to cap it just with that. Also, you can gain 30 stacks of cdmg from your passive every time you get hit while in combat. Don't rely on this to cap since reaching 30 stacks takes a bit of time, but it can help if you're really stuck

    And how long will it take to get those? Those are not free by all means. You have to pay your real time for it, a lot. And as someone who spent a lot of time for them, I wouldn't recommend it as a good source to invest your time in for those stats, at least not with the current patch. It's fun to do at first but soon will become boring before you reach to lv6-7 for each of them.

    That's the same for every aspect of AK though, so I don't see the argument. I'd say 4 or 5% mspd is 100% worth it. And all of the other bonus stats will add up in the end

    Don't mean to necro this thread, but I've got some info is OP is interested. It seems that all skills have a set amount of durability that they consume (whether it's over time or x durability per # of casts). Doesn't seem like this value is public, but in the class/skill revamp patch, for sorcerer one of the changes is for flame impact in which the durability consumption on the skill is being decreased. Just a fun bit of info, so I guess all skills reduce at a different amount/rate depending on their consumption value

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40009
    2 No
    1 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    1 13315
    Red Star Firework
    2 No
    1 45018
    Advanced Weapon Fortification Scroll 3 3 No
    1 45593
    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points
    1 No
    1 40393
    1-Star Weapon Fusion Stone
    1 No
    2 40451
    Gaia Fragments x500

    2 40394
    2-Star Weapon Fusion Stone
    1 No
    2 13945
    Dried Yellow Mushroom
    2 No
    2 45016
    Advanced Weapon Fortification Scroll 1
    2 No
    2 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    2 40492
    Mastery Pass
    1 No
    3 40027
    XP Card
    2 Yes
    3 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    3 45030
    19th-Order Weapon Fortification 1 No
    3 40587
    Expert Equipment Restructuring Solution (Lv.75 Gold) 1 Yes
    3 40395
    3-Star Weapon Fusion Stone 1 No
    3 17310
    Transmog: Cesela 1 No
    4 40253
    General Ability Transfer Scroll 1-20 1 No
    4 40021
    Advanced Treasure Charm 1 No
    4 40396
    4-Star Weapon Fusion Stone 1 No
    4 40209
    15-Slot Backpack 1 No
    4 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    4 40451
    Gaia Fragments x500 1 Yes
    5 45819
    Lv.95 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Gold) 1 Yes
    5 31705 Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    5 40009
    Megaphone 10 No
    5 40197
    20th-Order Weapon Fortification
    1 No
    5 45593
    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points
    1 No
    5 15684
    Thunderous Secret Stone Lucky Pack
    1 No
    6 45821
    Lv.90 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Orange) (Non-Tradable)
    1 No
    6 40213
    20-Slot Backpack Fusion Scroll
    1 No
    6 40397
    5-Star Weapon Fusion Stone
    1 No
    6 40021
    Advanced Treasure Charm
    1 Yes
    6 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    6 18651
    Unidentified Sky Tower Legendary Weapon Chest
    1 No
    7 40705
    Auction Expansion
    1 Yes
    7 31705
    Prism Crystal 1 Yes
    7 40021
    Advanced Treasure Charm 1 Yes
    7 40634
    Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) 1 Yes
    7 40057
    Superior Ability Transfer Scroll 1-30 1 Yes
    7 40009
    Megaphone 10 Yes

    The thing is there is little to no real reward for maxing them all, unless you're going for the very top of the Achievement leaderboard.

    In all of them, I find the Gathering is the easiest, fastest and most efficient to max out with useful perks that add a bit extra XP to other Jobs as well as the valuable 3% mspd in the final level. And some of the things you gather can be sold for gold if you don't need them. Thus if you're going to do it, try max out the Gathering first before being serious with the others.

    A side note for Card duel because you can get some LP every 2 weeks which is nice and maybe worth investing: Check out the guide for card duel, I'm not sure if it's here in the new forum but it should be. In general: Build a full lv99 deck by dueling easy NPCs and maybe duel their easy-medium level for lower dueling time so you can do other things.

    Free stats is little to no reward? I'd beg to differ on that. 2k dmg and hp here and there will always add up in the end.

    The main way is to farm the highest level thing for each profession afaik. So cooking, cook higher level foods, housing craft the high level furniture, so on and so forth

    if i cap cdmg should go for SS with 2% dmg 6% cdmg or 2%dmg and any elemental dmg ?

    and how i get move speed mine is 214 with food ??(

    dmg and element.

    You can get more mspd through imperial gear, accessory/trophy fortification levels, lv 40 crafted Noripan Leaf with Imperial core, 14% mspd eido emblem, mspd eidolon (tiger, cleo, ayako), mspd cards on gear


    Welcome to the Fable thread! We're an old, but newly revived, guild on Phoenix.

    My ign is Sairaphis (and Sair) and I'm the current leader and founder of Fable.

    A bit about myself. I've been playing Aura Kingdom since December 2013 and have yet to be able to escape it's chains. I'd like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the game and about Aeria Games itself. I'm an ex-Senior Game Sage on Phoenix, so feel free to ask me any ak related questions. I'm also Aura Kingdom's worst leveler :)


    Our current goal is to build a friendly and active community. We're currently lv 8 and growing. We don't care if you're a veteran player or brand new, we'd love to have you join our community and AFK in Navea with us. We are mainly a social guild, however we would like to move into pvp and raids. Our guild is quite laid back and we don't have level restrictions nor leveling quotas, we prefer to enjoy the game with the company of other guild mates and avoid drama.


    What we can offer you

    • A fun discord server
    • Weekly Sky Tower raid
    • Monthly guild summons
    • Events
    • Relaxed guild community
    • Older players with a lot of game knowledge
    • Simple guild rank system
    • Only the dankest memes



    • Preferably English speaking
    • At least lv 60+
    • Friendly & active

    If you're interested in joining please contact Sairaphis / Sair

    Interesting, maybe I'll try to do some testing between classes.

    Something I've found while searching around is that different tiers may reduce at different rates? So white vs blue vs green vs orange vs gold vs purple, although I can't confirm it. I'm also wondering if the actual amount of damage done affects the rate of decrease. Maybe it decreases faster in dungeons than in the field?

    I believe Ballad shouldn't cost you any durability because you're not attacking anything. At least, if you stand there and use Ballad endlessly you will notice your durability never drops. You likely had to repair more because it's not as strong a class and takes more skills (requiring more hits thus costing more uses/durability) to get the same results done that stronger classes will in fewer skills.

    I only ever played my bard in parties, never really solo'd with it. So idk if healing other people affects it?

    I can't test it at the moment, but I recall having to repair my bard's weapon much more frequently than my lancer/bow/necromancer. Most likely from ballad spamming.

    Not sure if this helps at all. I do recall a similar thread existing on the old forums and there was a decent discussion going on in it, but sadly, it's gone now.

    I wrote this guide more as a warning to players letting them know that at some point +30 basically becomes a necessity to cap your stats. It's also a heads up to Aeria telling them to actually make +30 accessible since apparently they refuse to listen to the whole community.

    I'm not sure if TW ever actually made +30 available to the masses, but hopefully aeria is able to do something (at least the EST stuff is a start)

    ^^^^ In regards to this

    Please don't move your def points as of yet. Unless you can reach 80% def without any points, leave all of the points in there. However, you can move the 10 points out of eva and put them into HP. If you can, increase your crit somehow (gear most likely)

    For mastery points, 15 mspd, and then you want to cap damage to dark, ice, lightning, flame. Then get 30 DMG