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    In Holy vs Evil the match will end after 20 minutes or when one side loses all three of their bosses. Bosses start getting spawned at around the 10-12 minute mark and when the first boss dies the next one will spawn almost immediately, so the match can end alarmingly early if the bosses get killed fast (which can happen easily for various reasons: the player is laggy or inexperienced, or if they don't wait for team mates to protect them before charging into battle, of it the enemy mob happens to be passing by spawn when they come out).

    Sometimes people are altruistic enough to stay in the spawn area when they get spawned as the boss so that they can't die, but this is really too much to expect of people, especially now many more people are interested in playing pvp for the new rewards. If you get spawned as a boss you naturally want to come out of spawn and kick some ass.

    tldr: HvE should last 20 minutes regardless of boss deaths because they often die very quickly.


    I could only find two on each map, is that right? Let me know if there's any I missed, I will update this, thanks. :AK1:

    Edit: Found by checking AK-DB today that the cocoon also drops Apostle's Eggs as a secondary drop and the snake dragon egg also drops Snake Dragon's Scale. Pic updated.

    Don't mean to necro this thread, but I've got some info is OP is interested. It seems that all skills have a set amount of durability that they consume (whether it's over time or x durability per # of casts). Doesn't seem like this value is public, but in the class/skill revamp patch, for sorcerer one of the changes is for flame impact in which the durability consumption on the skill is being decreased. Just a fun bit of info, so I guess all skills reduce at a different amount/rate depending on their consumption value

    That is very interesting to me! So they are not all one. I wish we had that list.

    PVP is not for me. I swore I would never complete my pvp medal. When I was occassionally persuaded by my friends to enter an arena, I would run around like a headless chicken until someone one-shot me in an act of mercy.

    But that was before the new Holy vs Evil mode. In H v E everyone is equally bad because our stats are equalised. There is no need for gears, you could enter naked if you wanted to and you would be no weaker.


    You will be randomly assigned to either Team Evil (commanded by the beautiful Delfonia as seen here) or Team Human (lead by Anya). Evil is naturally superior because you get to be a monster. :evil: Badger is bestbadger. On the human side you can be one of a few familiar classes such as holy sword, katar, warbow and others, but their skills are adjusted a little so they will present a different challenge from what you might be used to. Whenever you die (which will be often) you respawn as a different monster/class but on the same side you started on.



    If you're lucky you might respawn as a boss such as Winston, Euronyme or Keres (or Alex, Odum or Victoria) and can lead your minions into battle. You're quite important when you're a boss because if the other team defeats all three of your team's bosses then the match will end early! ;( Otherwise, it will end when the timer runs out (about 20 mins after lobby).


    Holy vs Evil is technically a 'capture the tower' game so we occassionally do this. Mostly we ignore the towers and go in search of real blood.


    We found real blood. Whether you are monster or human, you will only have three or four skills to choose from, so you don't have to know what you are doing. You can spam skills at random until you either 1) die or 2) find yourself standing amongst a pile of corpses.


    A last word of warning: Beware your friends and guildies who will brutally murder you and then run away as if they had nothing to do with it. <3

    Holy vs. Evil is on every day at 17:30 game time (EST).
    Hope to see you there, I look forward to killing / being killed by you~ :saint:

    I went to a Keres spawn once, just to say that I had done it (I had already seen the loot and knew it was of no interest to me). Unfortunately someone was there resetting Keres whenever she came close to death. After the third reset I gave up and left.

    After this discussion and others on discord, I understand that the common knowledge is that durability loss stems from individual hits and that classes who lose a lot of durability are classes whose skills or playstyle require a lot of hits. But sometimes this explanation doesn't quite add up to me, because as a Ravager I typically lose the least durability in my parties and yet Ravager does also have skills with many hits (bouncing Flame Slash and Spin). That is too anecdotal, but it makes me curious: what if different classes lose different durability from individual hits?

    I did a test on the totem pole in Candeo where I intended to find out if hits lose equal durability across classes.

    I took off gears except for a lvl1 weapon and auto-attacked the totem 100x on my Ravager and then did the same 100x on Necromancer. My Rav lost 3% durability and my Necro lost 2%.

    These were very small numbers so I started to do the same test on a bigger scale. I auto-attacked the totem 1,000x on Ravager... which lost 3% durability, the same amount as 100x. I haven't yet done it again on my Necro because I'm so flummoxed by this result on its own. How can I lose 3% both for doing 100x or 1,000x? I may have missed something. Maybe my test was invalid in some way that I have not thought of, but I can't imagine how. I stripped my gears down, I counted my hits very carefully.

    Any thoughts you guys have would be great because I am out of thoughts! xD

    Weapon durability goes down per use, although I don't know if these uses are determined by how many targets get hit, or merely by skill use as a single hit regardless. I also do not know if the amount it drops is static, or if it goes down more or less depending on certain factors (such as being weaker or stronger than the target(s), as one example). I wouldn't think any class directly loses durability more or less than any other class. However, certain classes that get the same results with less skill uses or players with greater gearing and damage done (not damage stat) will lose less durability compared to others, of course, since less "uses" are required. Without gathering more information than you are, I feel like you might get incomplete and incorrect conclusions from this.

    The only input I can really give is that back in the Titan Root and Cadilla Felwood times (the original level 66 dungeons), I, as a Wizard, recall having to repair my weapon much more frequently during runs than a Ravager (by far the strongest class at the time) I was running with. The gearing between him and I wasn't too far apart, although he may have been a bit better geared than me at those times as well.

    I'd expect the easier or stronger classes that get the final results with less skill uses (Shurikens and Holy Swords, but also Lancers and some others, namely, would be my guess?) to lose less durability than the others. A very highly geared player will of course lose less regardless. Without knowing gear and damage (not damage stat, but actual damage being done), this wont be a complete comparison though; class and time taken to complete alone isn't enough

    I think you're right. Others have also pointed out to me what you say here. I designed the survey whilst having assumptions that I didn't realise I had, so the results might not be very useful after all.

    I'm the leader of DoomBringers and also part of the Guildleader Alliance, where we had a discussion about the event, so I don't have much to add that Cookie hasn't already covered. :>

    DoomBringers is a bit smaller than Immortals, we've had around 14-16 people online for summonings and in total summoned about 284 of the event summons. Despite being half the size of Immo's, we also considered the event a success overall and would love to see the event return in future. Some of us were disappointed that the quests were gated behind a higher level requirement than the dungeon itself, which prevented some keen members from contributing as much as they wanted to, but as Cookie points out this is unlikely to be as much of an issue next time due to the new exp curve. Still, why have that restriction at all?

    About making the event fairer on smaller guilds, the only way I could think that that would be possible to achieve is by making the special summons be scheduled spawns instead of summons, so that they aren't affected by the number of guild members or the amount of effort those guild members are willing to go to. But this would remove all effort or challenge from the event and I think make it much less engaging. Maybe the next event could have a few special scheduled spawns alongside the quest summons, so that the very small guilds who have few active members do not feel as left out.

    I am commenting to express demand for the toe/trial quest event! :D I would love to see this again in future.

    I think it's great that it's a limited time event and you can change the eidos featured in future to maintain interest. I was quite relieved to take a break from grinding toe/trial after it ended, whilst looking forward to the next one.

    A lot of people I talked to were disappointed that the quests were gated behind a higher level requirement than the dungeon itself.

    Also, I wonder if next time the quests for Light and Dark could instead be a single quest for completing Light or Dark? There was always the worries that either 1) I could choose the wrong path by accident and fail the quest of everybody in my party and 2) we might recruit a troll who would chose the wrong path on purpose.