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    Hello everyone!

    After only five months since my return to Aura Kingdom, it's now my time to move on, again. Not because I don't love you, because I do.

    Big up to all the Game Sages for doing what they do. Thank you! And I'm absolutely confident that CM Lottus will take good care of you all; and much better than I did!

    Be nice to her and remember, she will ban you if you post spoder pics in the Discord.

    Wishing you all the best!!

    Love Adri

    On the 18th of July we had a maintenance , applying fixes to the patch 43. The following was fixed:

    - Achievements: Some achievements were displayed as incomplete, even though they were already completed.

    - Missing images on the teleporter for the new areas and instances.

    - Adjusted ore spawn speed in Frigga Peak.

    - Eirene skill issues.

    - Green Sappling.

    - Dressing Room / Preview: Gender issues.

    Main rewards (except for the football costumes) and the participation reward (1.000 RC NT) will be sent out today! Sorry for the delay.

    For the football costume winners:


    Ladii (sent)

    Corpionse (sent)

    Eumyiana (sent)

    Yorihime (sent)


    Please send us a ticket to the EN - Aura Kingdom queue ( and let us know which Foootball Outfit of Choice you want. You can see in your Item Mall collection/costume archive which costumes are available. The male costume names are 'Soccer Jersey' and the female costumes are named 'Cheerleading Uniform'. Make sure that you send your ticket using the same email that is registered on your account to confirm that you're the owner of the account.


    Hello Envoys!

    The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and even Azuria can feel the hype that comes along with it. Time to place your predictions!

    We welcome you all to join the Aura Kingdom FIFA World Cup 2018 betting event!...

    Wait, is it really betting? Well, not really because you place your "bets" for free and you can win massive rewards.

    It's a totally bad business idea for a betting company but as a player you have nothing to lose except your pride.

    Here's how to join:

    Open the Google Form and start selecting the teams you think will end up 1st and 2nd in each of the groups after the group phase is over (it plays out between the 14th of June until the 28th of June). There is a total of 16 questions plus the bonus question of which team will be the world champion.


    16 correct predictions: 3 GM Wishes

    15 correct predictions: 2 GM Wishes

    14 correct predictions: 1 GM Wish

    8 to 13 correct predictions: 1000 Ruby Coins (Non-Tradable)

    Rules and guidelines:

    • You must submit your predictions before the 14th of June. We won't accept any more entries after 23:59:59 EDT/server time on the 13th of June 2018.
    • Joining with multiple accounts will get you disqualified.
    • Accounts created on or after the 1st of June 2018 can not win.
    • GM Wishes are non-tradable, will be sent only to the winning account and can't be gifted.
    • GM Wish items must have been officially released in our own sales before the 1st of June 2018. New releases in the Preview/Fantasy Voucher shop doesn't count and Muramasa is off limits). Basically the same rules as with a regular GM Wish.
    • These rules are subject to change (eg. as a counter-measure if we notice fraudulent activity).

    All your base are belong to us Best of luck to you all!


    Personally my favorites are Tsubaki and Uriel (ship them please). I really like Alucard too!


    But Bealdor always wants his attention...


    And he gets it.


    On the 30th of May 2k18 maintenance we added the following fixes:

    - Eidolon EXP curve has been adjusted

    - The Muramasa and Izanami Eidolon wish achievements are now visible (they were working before but were not visible)



    Patch 42 is applied the 23rd of May 2018!


    New Eidolon: Hebe

    Adjusted XP curve

    Eidolon Oath System

    New events


    Hebe is not only the Goddess of Youth but also a talented musician. The sound of her harp can touch your very soul. She spreads her youthful vitality wherever she goes. She decides to go and see the Envoy of Gaia in order to understand mortal coil better. Hebe's Harp is also pretty useful in combat. A few notes from her harp can freeze her enemies and leave them completely unable to move. She can also choose to tune a different melody that decreases the enemy's attack. Finally, Hebe's music can also heal her allies and restore their HP.

    Stars buff:

    • ✩ Max HP +10%
    • ✩✩ Damage taken -5%
    • ✩✩✩ Damage taken -10%
    • ✩✩✩✩ Max HP +20%

    Skills of Hebe:

    • Snowflake Storm: Stuns target for 3 sec.
    • Sounds of Nature: Target’s DMG -10 for 6 sec.
    • Dynamic Music: Nearby party members recover HP per second for 6 sec.


    Get ready for what? To grind high end dungeons and ……!?!?

    A new XP curve adjustment hit the server! But that’s not all - new Mirabelle quests came along with it!

    The new set of Mirabelle quests is for level 86~90.

    All you have to do to unlock them is quest Lv86 The Ever Shining Light.

    Happy leveling!


    • You can oath to any Eidolon to evolve it to 4 ✩
    • Each oath requires 1x Eidolon Oath Ring
    • Prerequisites for the oath:
      • Eidolon needs to be level 80
      • Eidolon needs to be 3 ✩
      • Eidolon needs to be fed until all 3 ✩ are activated
    • All golden Eidolon accessories are now called Eidolon Token
      • Each token can only be equipped by the correct Eidolon
      • All Eidolons can now equip 2 orange Eidolon accessories and their Eidolon Token


    • Eidolon Guild Hall Event has ended

    There is the possibility to bring it back (even with different Eidolons), if the demand is high enough

    • Elite Sky Tower and Sky Realm Drop event has started (will end with the next patch)

    Lot’s of different items can be dropped - even items relevant for the 4✩-system!

    • A special boss on Viridian Steppe (X:556 Y:389) will spawn every 12 hours after death (until next patch)

    Upon death you will receive a mail with goodies!

    • Gaia Chronicle Event

    Each special stage has a chance to spawn a chest to drop all kinds of Eidolon tokens


    • Movespeed by transformations in Centurion Battlefield and Good vs Evil has been increased by 25% for each transformation
    • Car mounts are now driven correctly and not ridden like a horse
    • Items Custom Noble Evening Gown (F) and Custom Winged Guard Suit (M) are now dyeable

    We hope you enjoy the new patch and its content!

    Happy gaming!


    This is the patch notes for patch 41, applied on Aura Kingdom US server on the 18th of April 2018.



    Izanami, Lady of Styx, appeared before the Envoy of Gaia in all her glory.

    Izanami is constantly escorted by her fellow demons that aid her in battle. Their sharp talons can quickly cut through any enemy's armor and decrease their Defense. Wounds from these attacks bleed constantly and cause continuous damage. Hellfire from the Abyss boosts the motivation among your allies.

    Izanami is a great partner to have by your side in battle.


    This event will last until the next patch hits the server! (But who knows, it may return~)

    What does it mean? New Eidolons in the guild hall!

    Henrik (Crescent Hill - X: 251 Y: 544) has now new daily quests. Each daily quest is for one mode of the Gaia Sanctuary.



    Upon completing a daily quest you will receive an Eidolon’s Soul Fragment.

    Fuse 4 of the same Soul Fragments to a new shiny summon stone and then join your guild hall.

    Now you can summon it!

    Eidolons featured in this event:


    Meet Zephyrine and her ghostly behaviour!


    But if you fear ghosts Zashi will play with you too!


    Or rather listen to Uriel’s Rock’n Roll?


    You can also simply pet Lassie, Pandora’s dog!


    Valley of the Glorious Battle has been revamped!

    Now you are fighting as Good vs Evil ~ the battle deciding the fate of Azuria:


    Slay Enemies! Conquer their Statues! Win the deciding battle of Azuria’s fate!


    • Tons of changes for the dressing room! New items added and lots of items are now cheaper!
    • The Party Search font is legible again!
    • The bug with Eidolon Archive 3* effect of Dante and Michaela has been fixed.
    • New Loading Screen - Izanami
    • Some Loading Screen Tipps have been changed
    • Eidolon interface was revamped!

    Have fun!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Hello everyone,

    I'm super excited to announce my return at Aeria Games as your new (old) Game Master!

    This one sure does bring back the memories and I can't wait to get involved with your community again.

    To those of you that doesn't know me yet: I started out as a Game Master for Aura Kingdom in late 2014. About a year and a half later I joined the Twin Saga team to work for the launch in 2016. I remained in the company until early 2017 and now after a 1 year hiatus I'm back in Aura Kingdom rudecat3

    I look forward to getting to know the new players and if you remember me from before then feel free to share a story or just reply-a-hi so I know who's still around :)

    As usual, you'll find me in the official Discord channel, here on the forums and lurking around in-game.

    Hope you all had a sweet Easter!

    GM Adrivian