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    It feels like GMs are on vacation tbh so good luck with the wait.

    Also aren't you the same person who claimed losing items? Assuming you can still log into your account, how do you know they hacked you?

    Well, whoever "they" are spent all my fantasy vouchers, RC, and LP as well. I do not give out my password, or any of my account information EVER.. and I rotate my password on a monthly basis. So it isn't like a magical elf came in and stole all my stuff. And since being hacked means I'm basically screwed, and put all that time and effort into this game for it all to be be taken, there really is no point in having reported it at all is there?

    Uhm.. Has anybody else logged in after maintenance today to see ALL of their Paragon items, Fantasy Vouchers, Gold, Frags, and Archived Costumes totally GONE?! I have random items missing from the Guild/Personal/Shared banks on my char as well. I know for a fact a fellow guild mate wouldn't have done it, because I am in a 1 person closed guild. I've never given out my password, and it's not the type of password some one could just.. guess at. o.O:cursing::cursing::thumbdown:

    I can't even tell if this is in the correct thread, I searched for info on this thing and for some reason couldn't find anything. Is it like tiered spender? Because I just spent a very unsettling amount of money on your web mall and it didn't unlock it at all. And a lot of the in forum links I click for web mall info just takes me back to

    2 months in a row i bought 20 of the same mystery box item for a costume and only got charms, and like 45 fantasy vouchers... Im just throwing my money at you for no reason at this point. o.o And I can't find an explanation on this Punk Rewards thing.. I spend money today, isn't it supposed to load up for redemption? 'Cause, it didn't..

    I started when we still chose between US/EU/Ect servers.... Now after I come back and servers are merged half my inventory was missing and now I can't wake up early enough for an event to save my life. I would literally have had to be awake at 5 am just to finish out floors 20-40 of Sky Tower. The later entries never seem to go passed the first 20 floors. Now I see for things like this I will NEVER get my Adventurer Medals, let alone see what bosses are even in there.. Meanwhile poor misguided little me, comes back from a yearlong hiatus and decides to put money into the Item mall assuming that this stuff isn't all... entirely... *chance* items.. But of course, it still is... So.... Thanks a TON... for the $70 of fortification scrolls, Dragon Points I can't actually use for the items I need because I don't have *Sky Tower*/*Sky Realm* badges... Again, because I can't wake up at 5 in the morning for this... I think I remember now what sort of things made me stop playing before. Bye the way, your skill bars constantly roll when you press the keys yet the skills won't actually execute..Yet they will go through the skill cool down just as if they had. So death in seemingly easier dungeons is a bit constant because skills won't execute but boy do those mobs just not seem to care..3 years and 2 PCs later, I know that it's nothing wrong with my hardware.. I think I'm going to take another hiatus and see if any of this changes to a schedule that fits for all players of all time zones. Or if the deadly skill glitches are ever repaired, Or if maybe you change your Item Mall so that buying 25 chances boxes for ONE costume still doesn't just give you a ton of stone randomizers, and anvils I can't even sell on the auction market. I think I'll mosey on over to Closers Online and see what that's all about for a little bit.

    I just spent an embarrassing $70 for your new promotions and got nothing but LP and like 20 fantasy vouchers. If I could, I would ask that all the purchases be redacted and you take back the garbage that is now flooding my inventory.:cursing::thumbdown:

    I just realized you said that negative comments would be removed... So I'm rewriting the entirety of my post and moving it somewhere else. I'm just going to say... Stop the mystery boxes. I spend ridiculous amounts of money and constantly get just the LP ...

    Most of us have long since discarded Harvey's Shrouded Scythe/Tachi/Bow/ect ect from the old lvl 40 quest to make that weapon. Since this is a main story quest, how are any of us supposed to complete it in order to move forward?:thumbdown: