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    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40633 Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll
    1 No
    1 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll
    1 No
    1 40501 Super Treasure Charm 10 Yes
    4 40635 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll 1 No
    4 40773 Cesela's Key Fragments 3 No
    4 40501 Super Treasure Charm 10 Yes
    7 40632 Dante's Key Fragment 3 Yes
    7 40529 Uriel's Key Fragment 3 Yes
    7 40392 Michaela's Key Fragment 3 Yes

    what is the point of asking from players when it will be programmed to go to the stoppers or those useless stuff like 99.97%?

    anyway, where to generate the paragon? i feel like submitting one.

    now that i am doing dungeon. i cant even get past 2nd boss. when the boss spawns, i hit, the game stops. Titan's Root second boss. the game graphics is super low yet it crashes in a good GPU. sad. hahahaha

    i am using rx560 and the game crashes a million time and needs to restart.


    this is a good gpu but why does it have to crash the game even with the fact that this game's graphics is low quality compared to dota2 that i can do ultra high settings


    but let me test when i have a case to fit my gtx 1060