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    The whole first floor feels like an insult for something called " good game design".

    Boss is bugging and porting around in the room, shield goes istant up again, you get random stuns even with single target skills, reseting the 2nd form boss will reset the whole floor, the golden buff for the killable cat is nearly invisble.....

    I like a good challenge, but this is only a challenge because obviously an intern at xlegend designed this floor.

    Well, so it seems increasing prices is not a problem on the international server. On the german server we have a 20% inflation every month in ruby coin prices.

    Farm-items? How about the Advanved Secret Stone Potions, the Secret Stone Box for Weapons, the Mastery Box III, the 95 SR Boxes. Apart from the new 95 set there is no point in farming at all because its much cheapter to get it in the paragon.

    I think the last months were a great success:

    - As soon as the new content is out, Aeria is able to triple the prices for every +30 item

    - Population decreased about ~ 66%, Aeria is able to rent cheaper servers and the PM has less work to do.

    - Nearly all ingame farm-items massivly pushed thorugh paragon: Players have much more free time, because there is nothing to do ingame.

    - Ruby Coin prices up about ~ 20% every month, so entry barrier is getting higher by the month. Keeps anoying noobs from playing the game. Less work for GS.

    Well in my understanding the most damaging about the bot usage is the fishing and seller the gold and diamond fishes to the npc right? so would be no problem (and no disadvantage for anyone) to take these fishes out of the game - in higher maps the orange fishes won't drop any of these gold/diamond fishes, so why keep them in the low ones? just attracts botting and has no use for fai players.

    The botting is probably the biggest thing killing whatever was left of the game for me, and it doesn't help that accessibility is so bad that it drives this (keys for eidolons are so expensive, it leads people to buy one, then bot link for the rest, that lovely idea of an experience curve before it was rightfully abandoned was so horrible that it lead to the rise of dungeon botting, the last two level races were heavily determined by botting on the first few pages of the leader boards, etc.). Now, I'm not justifying the use of such means (more the opposite; I personally don't get it, because if it's so bad that you have to bot, why not just walk away?), but I DO, at the same time, see what motives can push the use of such things for others. Now, botting is a complicated matter, and while it's better to err on the side of safety to avoid false positives, botting is so rampant that seemingly the majority of long-term and end-game players, including spenders, do it. Aeria knows it, and yet Aeria can not make a mass effort against this, because they'd be cutting out a huge part of their financial support, so they are forced to pseudo-tolerate it and be a bit more lenient regarding it (I've seen people who bot and even buy gold get unbanned). I don't know why there was never a captcha implemented (or rather, why it was removed) or why they couldn't do more checks on the side of the server for these things (I have no idea how this works, so forgive me), but the thing is, while nothing may be fully preventable, Aeria has made seemingly zero effort to even try it, and it goes a long way to me, as a player, to show that they do not care about the state of the game at all anymore (which is awful), and only for profits. It's not sustainable.

    Well I really don't care if people do link-botting of eidolons, it doesn't affect me and my experience in the game at all.

    What really affecting the game is the enourmous gold buying in the game - on the german server: any offered quanity of ruby coins is nearly instantly sold (nearly at any price), there are people shouting "i am buying up to 999k ruby coins". No way in hell they got so much gold without gold buying... This is really killing the game, because it is extremly driving up the ruby coin prices and frustating everyone who tries to play the game without massig gold buying.

    Well that is not entirely true:

    Aeria has a cerain control. They can set the prices in the Loyality shop, and i'm pretty sure on TW the potions are not in their shop with 500 LP.

    Also they can tell TW to change drops (like they are doing it in SR from time to time), so they should be able to change worldboss drops or dropsrates in general too.

    And the "new" Worldbosses is a element exklusive for Aeria (in TW they don't have them), so I don't think TW would mind if they tell them "please reduce HP of theses bosses to 30% or remove de-buff blocker" - of course Xlegends isn't motivated to do changes which require a lot of work (like bugfixing them) but minor changes they regularly.

    I think the real problem is the change in management, 1,5 years ago you could give feedback and they tried to make the game better. They adressed good ideas to Xlegend (they even visited them in TW) and tried to keep the cash part of the game balanced.

    But these days they clearly show they don't care about their customers at all, they just try to make as much money as possible with as less effort as possible.

    Like i said in the producer live stream thead : Patch notes are getting worse everytime, no producer letter anymore - just a crappy live stream, loyality shop gets zero updates, total useless ggp since 1 year, nobody thinks about how new game element will work on the server (for example the new secret rainbow crystal can be farmed, but they forgot to implement a vailid way to farm to potions), fixing existing problems like the world bosses....

    There is a lot of things Aeria could improve without much assistance needed from Xlegends, if they would really care about the game. In my opinion they will probably lunch a new game soon and want to make Aura as bad as possble to move the players to a new game.

    Huge thing is happening: since this whole producer livesteam thinggy the german server is totally dead. at 8 in the evening you think from the whole activity you see it must be 8 in the morning. currently nearly nobody is activ, i don't know if someone organized it but seems that this livestream had a real impact.

    The think is : I played a lot of games over the years and yes there were some games where the adminds tolerated it if they saw whales using bots to make their life easier but i never heard in any game that whales are guying ingame currency. Normally as whale you have everyting ingame, your like a semi-god, there is simply no need to guy gold.

    So Aura Kingdom must be so expensive, that even whales can't afford everything and must cheat (guy gold) to have it all. So it always comes back to bad business decisions.

    I am not activ on the international server, so maybe things are here different as on the german server, but i don't think these scrolls are part of the problem why the economy is hurting. They are just a pain in the ass for Aeria because without them they think they can make more money.

    First: These scrolls were available nearly since the beginning of the game, they were part of the original game design. Before +30 you always had the choice: transfer or redo the item from the beginning. It was a bit cheaper to use the scrolls but you lost your precious item you could have used on your twinks. So i had several items upped to +20. It was not very cheap to up to +20 but it was affordable (because you could use +10,+15,+18, +18/19 and +20 scrolls).

    After they implemented +30, they never released the +25 and +30 scrolls and kept the whole thing behind a huge paywall (same goes with other things: it takes more and more time before eidolons are getting accessable in the paragon tables and the rates are getting wrose with every new eidolon , also the points you need to buy them in the shop are now 1000 per fragment, a year ago they were 500) .

    The only way to get to +30 are the Superior Scrolls. And the rate to get with them to +30 is insane (most of my items were at 100 potential on every step of the way), with these scrolls Aeria basicly robbed the community blind.... Also from time to time they had these limited shop-offers to buy enough scrolls for +30 - they gave you 300 of them, so even Aeria said "To get for sure to +30 you need 300 scrolls". On the german server thats 1 goldcap per item.

    So know they are saying : well you invested hunderts of € for every +30 item, wouldn't it be a shame if you have to redo this every time we release new content? But we like you guys soooooooooo much, thats exactly what we will do.

    And now they are wondering why a lot of people won't (or even can't) play this game anymore?

    Aura Kingdom was always much more expenisve as other games and for a full geared +30 character with the newest eidolons you had to invest enough money to buy a very nice car. But now i think this is a breaking point for the game, people just can't afford to put in extra 1.000-2.000 € very time new equipment will be released (in other games you normally have the possiblity to sell your old stuff, but here nearly everyting is non tradable).

    Also i think is is simply not true that the economy is not controllable with 1-30 scrolls out there, it was controllable for the 1-20 scrolls, also the PM controls the probablity in the paragon tables, so of course he can control how many of these scrolls are flooding the market.

    I think whats killing the economy are some other decission which were not very clever:

    - Gold-Buying is a huge problem and nobody is doing anything against them. On the german server there a people willing to buy up to 500-800k ruby coins, and evyerbody knows where this gold is coming from. So ruby coin prices are 100-150% more expensive as 9-12 months ago.

    - Also there are more and more premium and deluxe paragon tables, and the items in these paragons are more and more like normal items with normal rate. So not only the prices for ruby coins are doubled , you also need at least 100% more coints for the same output as before.

    - The are destroying systematicly the prices of rate items (like the mastery box or the 95 secret tower boxes).

    - Superior Scrolls in the sale are not tradeable, nobody is in the mood to invest a lot of money for things he can't sell

    - They give us the impression that the don't really care about the game. For example the loayality point shop has no update since at least 18 months, (as example 25k loyality points for 1x L85 orange potion every week - even seeing this is giving me cancer), you can guy nothing with for gold dp , or that they are doing a crappy stream instead of releasing PM letters as before, buggy world bosses with crappy drops are not fixed since at least 12 months....

    I could go on for hours, but add all of these points together and you understand why a lot of non-spenders quit the game and also a lot of big-spenders are playing now other games. And Aerias solution? They make everything even more expensive...