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    There's a lot of magical and mythical places in the land of Terra and Pandora trusts you, Envoy of Gaia, to make a travel guide for her to see which place is the best to visit when Dante told her off to go somewhere~


    ✔ The contest is open to all envoys interested whether you may be from Phoenix or Chimera

    ✔ Make a travel guide of any map of your choice in written/text or image format only (digital or traditional). Come up with activities to do there and show why it’s a place that’s a must to visit!

    ✔ It must be in a form of a brochure, a guide book, or anything from simple to fancy, as long as it can catch anyone’s eyes! Get creative!

    ✔ Be historic! Make up your own lore, your own legends, your own history, even your own story about the area. Make it interesting, spooky, thrilling, joyful, anything that comes and goes in your head

    ✔ Use in-game screenshots of the locations themselves and make them look pretty and attractive! Don’t be afraid to use your hands to draw too though~

    ✔ We don’t have any given themes either!

    And we most certainly don’t have Dante’s undergarments!


    For written/text guides, make a forum thread in the Stories Section and

    For image guides, make a forum thread in the Fanarts Section showcasing your work and only reply your thread’s link on this post.

    ✔ You can only use one (1) map or spot! No exceptions

    ✔ The deadline will be on August 28, 2018, 11:59 PM EST! You have 2 weeks to make and prepare your guides~

    ✔ Your guide must include at least 3 screenshots from the game OR for traditional artists, 3 hand-drawn images related to the game. It can include anything that can fit your guide. There’s no maximum amount though so get wild!

    ✔ If you edit your guide after the deadline, it will result to minus points on your score card!

    ✔ Follow Gamigo Group's Terms of Service. If you don't, you'll be disqualified

    ✔ Posting your IGN and server on your thread is optional. Otherwise, if you don't post it and you've been chosen as a winner, we will contact you through forum messaging regarding those details

    ✔ Questions? Feel free to ask below!



    "How unique is your work compared to others? How derived or original is it from the original content in-game? etc."


    "Is your guide fun to read? Is it enticing and easy on the eyes? Does it have a lot of lore or self-made history? etc."


    "Is it simple yet straight to the point? Is it complex yet an adventure to read? etc."

    Overall Content

    "Will Pandora buy this guide?"



    Pandora will bless you with rewards if your's is one of the best three guides submitted!

    There can only be three (3) winners regardless of what format you chose to do or what server you are from.

    First Place

    Pandora’s Key of Gaia x1 + 4000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship

    Second Place

    Pandora’s Key Fragments x5 + 2000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship

    Third Place

    Pandora’s Key Fragments x3 + 1000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship



    May the Cube of Gaia bestow you enough luck to convince Pandora that yours is the best guide there is, Envoy of Gaia!

    Winners will be announced sometime after the deadline and contacted via forum messaging for details regarding IGN and server.

    Well, you're always free to contact the support team about it and maybe, a big maybe, they still have your character's data. There's a very small chance, but only the staff would know that.

    Although, purging inactive data/characters is normal in all MMOs to actually let new users make use of space that's been left aside for years. It's disappointing, but it's a common and normal thing like how food rots when you leave it and it's uncertain whether or not the owner will return to tend to it. So they just clean it up.

    The hiding and deletion of characters was an incredibly messy process that some characters that had been inactive yet beyond the mentioned level has also been hidden.

    Everyone was given the grace period to recover them. If you were one of the unlucky ones who had their character hidden by mistake during that time and wasn't able to send a ticket during the grace period, then that's probably why it got deleted.

    Is there a chance to recover it? Unfortunately no- all deleted characters back in those years were permanently deleted. Although, leveling is never an issue anymore and thanks to the latest experience curve, you can easily reach level 70 in a day while casually playing (or even 80; some even go try-hard with all the exp buffs to reach 90).

    Also, thread has been moved to Questions category.

    Also aren't you the same person who claimed losing items? Assuming you can still log into your account, how do you know they hacked you?

    I'm assuming they can log in through Steam since anyone can still login to their account even when their Aeria accounts details have been changed.

    I reported my account hacked a week ago, is it going to ever get fixed? Does anyone else have experience with this sort of thing?=O

    I'm assuming you sent your ticket last Wednesday or Thursday based on your post before. Replies can take up to 72 business hours not including the weekends. If it's still not replied to by Thursday next week, feel free to PM any GS your ticket number.

    Also yes, people who fell for the fake scam links and phishing sites or those who shared their account information experienced them and may have successfully recovered their accounts. Recovering the items, however, is a different story. If you really were hacked and you lost items/gold/characters/etc, you, as a user, is still liable for any losses that could happen cuz it's still your responsibility to not fall for any scam attempts or phishing sites. We made sure to deliver the message clearly about them too.

    Please be careful where you put your account details and always make sure you're logging in to the correct and real Aeria Games website.

    It was such a short time yet one of the most memorable. I'm hoping you can cope with what you're currently facing and be better + healthier! It was great being in the same team with you Ladle, I'll make sure to continue bothering you even though you've stepped outside of the basement now kirbyheart

    I love you Nana

    1. Is the game active enough to warrant coming back?

    It's not as active as it used to but imo, it's at an acceptable state.

    2. Whats the difference between this and the mobile app?

    A lot of things except the story. Mechanics and such too as well as the publishers. The game and the mobile app aren't linked at all and are played differently.

    3. when i last played the max level was 65, im seeing guides for level 90 now? - if i do come back should i just start over?

    You can do whichever since leveling from 1 to 95 is very easy now with the current exp curve. You can just repolish your character or freely make a completely new one.

    4. hows gunslinger now? absolutely loved that class back in the day

    It's still fun to use; has a spammable skill + shuriken sub makes it a double storm trouble; still one of the top tier dps classes.

    She will be removed after next patch anyways, so what.

    Well this is for the team to know what people think about it for possible future content improvements regarding patch bosses (i.e. make bosses have updated loots and/or worth the time + not buggy bosses like this etc)

    Overall I think my opinion about this has already been expressed by others. Time killing it =/= loots for older players at least. Newbies would prolly kinda benefit from here somehow. Moreover, it's very glitchy and resets a lot (already said) but yeah... Most of em have been expressed :AK18:

    At the very least, it's not like one of those 1-hour almost broken bosses with also eugh loots and x500 kill achievement

    I wish that's a feature uglyyyy

    For some people, imo, it kinda just bothers them to think that they're in someone's FL (someone they either learned to hate or did not know cuz was a nub and accepted cuz why not) or some other reason from outright small ones like simply wanting to be out of someone's FL to strong personal hate / issue / drama / privacy matters / etc (Even tho you can block them, the other person can still see when you last logged out). It's like asking the reason why Facebook unfriending exists when you can simply block them.

    Hello! Your experience is very relatable and understandable. Here're a few things I must point out tho:

    half my inventory was missing

    Have you checked your inventory's tabs? If yes and they're really missing, you're free to send a ticket here to inquire about them.

    Bye the way, your skill bars constantly roll when you press the keys yet the skills won't actually execute..Yet they will go through the skill cool down just as if they had.

    You might be experiencing latency lag here and has nothing to do with your hardware. We all know AK has a naturally laggy server so it's something everyone has to deal and adapt to. One solution would be using a VPN or proxy connection to reduce your ping, another would be getting a somewhat better ISP (even if your internet is already good), then another would be using cabled net instead of wifi (if that's what you're doing). The worst solution is moving to US itself :D

    Overall, Chris mentioned most of the others but your feedback is very much understandable. As someone from SEA, my timezone for Sky Tower/Sky Realm is the exact opposite of my time so I also struggle; thus effort must be inserted if I really want to do them. It's troublesome, we know, but not everything in life is easily given and/or spoon fed.

    For the EU servers you're referring to, you're free to join the other AK servers such as DE, ES and FR if the times for US is very much conflicting with your schedule. This might also reduce your ping problem and less lag somehow. Although I'm not aware of what language you can speak, language barrier may be a problem.

    LOL as I stated above "Here are the Proc Sources". "Sources" "Sources" "Sources" Just in case you missed it.

    I didn't say use it, I didn't say what is better than the other, I didn't say what should be used with each other. If you want to be in detailed with every single proc chances and what damage does go make one yourself. My intetion for that post is to only list the Procs and the terminologies in the battle window, pogchamp.

    Raynee's just suggesting for you to improve your post by listing the additional dmg the procs you listed tho so it may help and provide more info for the newbies reading the guide and to not just blindly follow like what they usually do. Even though you didn't say follow it, newbies will tend to follow any guide which they think or what looks essential and/or useful regardless of recommending it or not.

    Hi there! The solution was posted in our Discord Server:

    This appears to be a potential fix for the server login issues. However, it's not a guaranteed fix. Thanks to mouser for figuring this out

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Tools
    3. Internet Option
    4. Advanced
    5. Security Section
    6. Enable Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 Use SSL 3.0
    7. Apply

    Hope it works!

    Although it's a convenient emergency one-time way of logging in, it really isn't recommended unless you have already patched the game completely or you just really have to do it (out of desperation or your launcher is stuck at downloading that irksome GameDataFileList.txt)

    Otherwise, it's never and will ever be a recommended method.

    Press 'Enter' while in the Launcher.

    This will open the Auth Window, Login and Start the game. (The Launcher is still open and will download game files.)

    [Warning]: "The method is not recommended, Your Client might will absolutely get rekt, you will see invisible and pink/fuschia models(chara's buildings skills, etc.) Ofcourse if you did this you'll get LAG, because the Launcher is downloading in the background."

    I literally will never recommend this. You'll crash in-game if important files (i.e. configuration files) weren't downloaded properly

    Yeah some are taken from actual dances so I'm guessing it might be a license thing. License thing is one of those stopping us from getting the good stuff muchfeelsbadman