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    "Donate for APP"? I don't see anything like that on AK main page.

    Where did you make the transaction? Are you sure it was an Aeriagames site?

    Donate as in, purchase. Probably English not main language ^^

    Did you purchase via Steam? Could you try and log into website?

    Most likely your account has been suspended and your AP is on hold due to security reasons.

    You need to send a ticket for them to unlock your account again and be able to get your AP.

    Pd. I will move the thread to "Questions" since this is not a technical issue.

    I just find hair glitches funny uglyyyy




    When you just feel like walking underwater


    And okay this is technically not a glitch but still fun to share :AK9:


    I just feel like you guys keep making guides for the so called "whales" and okay I'm glad you can afford getting all your super gears by spending money or cashing but you need to offer alternatives too.

    Not everyone can spend and this is a F2P game in the end where you can access all the content for free, so just making guides focused on "get high end gears +30 and nuke everything" is not a guide a newbie needs.

    Also as Daybreak and Suuran said, we moved old guides here for a reason. They were the best back then and mechanics haven't changed (a few things like PEN etc should be added but the basics of it don't change).

    So reading this guide would be beneficial to not only those who are new to this game, but as well to those who wish to lead others in a right direction.


    Point is, you're a player with +30 gears right?

    Easy solution while XL brings new dungeons: go back to sniper +20 and lv80 weapon, then try to solo highest ones doge

    Someone stop me.

    So as the title says, this thread is to share funny (or disturbing) glitches our lovely game gives us from time to time.

    Go ahead and let's have some fun!


    Locking this, please guys check the forums before opening threads that already have an answer cat1

    So, what's the suggestion exactly? More difficult dungeons? They already have stat reduction.

    What do you propose to solve the issue?

    And are you talking about a PVE rank? How would that work..?

    Ah, I see. Wow, I didn't know that the GMs for the system are less than they used to be. Now it makes sense why in comparison to the past few times I had sent a ticket to Aeria Games, it's taken five days and counting (if they do fix the issue today, since it's a Sunday and national holiday on Monday) from the past-tense: same day-two days to reply and/or fix the issue. :)

    Thank you, Sairaphis for responding to my question. :)

    Update: Just purchased some $10.00 USD AP worth to see if the glitch was still happening. The new items have been delivered, but the red pending remains the same. :/ .. Very strange. The connection on the official website is still having issues. It took me roughly a total of six tries to redeem and select an item to purchase with the new AP. The connection with the servers keep kicking me out and I had to re-log back into my account in order to complete transactions/selections. Often the redeem page, tiered spender and various other pages would not load or complete in loading their content.

    I guess you are still waiting for you reply to the ticket regarding the "pending" issue. The portal instability probably left your items like that even if you recieved the new ones. So please be patient for the response, and lets hope they can solve the issue as soon as possible :AK1: