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    FYI this is actually a complement.

    are you a reporter or sth lol

    you write fairly well =D

    They're in process of removing <Superior Ability Transfer Scrolls 1-30> in-game, making them really expensive and pretty much exclusive to whales.

    This is gonna backfire badly GJ making everyone unhappy except your pockets, this move is so aggressive and needlessly greedy

    where can I find info abt it?

    Unfortunately, the continued happening of the game becoming inaccessible more and more and over time has really hurt the state of the game itself. It's such a sad story to see what happened and what it is today compared to what could have been, especially since it was one of the few that was good at not doing what the entire genre as a whole always did to keep my away (requiring both big spending and big time commitments for progress compared to any and every other genre).

    well ya, but what can we do lol

    Aeria is highly unlikely to listen anyways bc whatever we want, probably also is gonna impact them in a negative way.

    otherwise, +30 forti package would be cheaper and superior scrolls would be avail along with those packages a while ago

    my whole point is just trying to say ENJOY THE MOST OUT OF IT right now before the last bit of the fun dies out bc of Aeria

    I am quite certain that fortification insanity is probably the best way for Aeria to make money...

    highly doubt Aeria will make +30 available to the masses unless u spend real money

    CAPITALISM - profit is everything, can't blame it