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    Welcome to the WanderingHearts guild thread!

    ---------- About Us ----------

    We are a new guild looking to create a home for all you Wanderers out there. Our current goal is to be a friendly and active community, where we can enjoy each others company not only in the game, but outside as well. We would like the guild to remain drama free, but I know that's not entirely possible. Bad days can lead to drama, so I am here for you if you need to talk about it. That being said, we are a relatively new guild at the moment and welcome new, returning, and old players alike. We want to help everyone strive no matter their ability at the game. We are quite laid back, and the leaders love to talk. Hope to see you here!

    ---------- Why Us? ----------

    As mentioned previously our goal is to create a friendly and active community. In doing so, we're hoping members will try to remain as active as possible so we can do fun things with each other. Whether it's dungeons, events, or hanging out and talking all day.

    We Currently Offer:

    Discord Server

    Guild Summons

    Self-hosted Events w/ Rewards

    Relaxed and Friendly Community

    Guild Only Guides (Money Making, Class Guides, Etc.)

    Players with Game Knowledge

    Simple Ranking System (In Game & Discord)

    Future Plans:

    ST & EST Hosting

    Dungeon Carry Grinding (Fast Leveling for low levels while we grind mats)

    ---------- How To Join ----------

    We have simple requirements:

    1. Respect other Wanderers.

    2. No Drama (if you need someone to talk to, Dosumunjang is always here for you).

    3. Try to be active. If you know you'll be gone for a long time try to let us know if you can.

    4. English Speaking.

    5. No Bots/Storage characters.

    6. If you join on an Alt, try to be active.

    After you accept those very simple requirements just shoot a PM to one of the leaders in-game or Discord. :AK4:

    ---------- Contact ----------

    Dosumunjang - Leader (Soby#1825)

    Katira - Leader

    I just started Cooking/Gathering/Fishing/Alchemy finally so I have lots of good foods and mats for you all to enjoy. I will update the list after every sale. I'll be giving the prices of everything, they will be crossed out when they are completely sold and the cross out will be removed when in stock again. All prices will be less than auction, and hopefully less than trade chat, that will depend purely on the Market to be honest. Will occasionally message on AK official discord when I am available. You can find contact info above and below what I am selling. ^~^

    In-game: Dosumunjang (Hit or Miss on Speed)

    Discord: Soby#1825 (Fastest)


    Heavenly Vanilla Macaroon - 4 gold ea (46 left)

    Gourmet Creme Brulee - 5 gold ea (20 left - Still Crafting)

    Cheesy Tomato Ciabatta - 10 gold ea (10 left)

    Gathering Mats (for your own cooking :AK13:):

    PM for what you need


    Out of Stock

    Costumes (rare, but when I have doubles I sell):

    Custom Argentina Cheerleading Uniform (F) - 700 gold (1 left)


    Conjunction of Sanguine Blade - 10 gold (1 left)


    Lv.95 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Gold) - 100 gold ea (6 left)

    Requests (Have a request for something specific that I am not selling? Leave a detailed mail or PM for me :AK13:) :

    These are the only request you can make. Please stop spamming me with requests that are slightly unrealistic.

    Gathering Materials - Ask for price (Depends on Mat)

    Fishing Formulas - Ask for price (Price diff. each Formula Set)

    Foods - Ask for Price (Different for each food)

    Vouchers (191 Vouchers Left) - 1:8

    Please remember that if it says "offer" please throw any offer out there as long as it's not a trolling offer. Please keep in mine that I am leveling everything I can, while getting everyone some more stock! So if you have a question send a PM. :3

    I will accept the following as trades for now (no longer accepted when crossed out):

    20-Slot Backpack

    (Really only when I have more expensive stock)

    Pandora's Dimensional Axe

    Weapon: Undine Water Sprite Lance

    Custom Costume: Big Yuppie Coat (M)

    Custom Plush Coat Outfit (M)

    Custom High School Winter Uniform (M)

    Custom Ghost Hunters Outfit (M)

    Custom Cool Cat Outfit (M)

    Custom Templar's Onyx Ensemble (M)

    Custom Drifter Outfit (M)

    In-game: Dosumunjang

    Discord: Soby#0001