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    I started when we still chose between US/EU/Ect servers.... Now after I come back and servers are merged half my inventory was missing and now I can't wake up early enough for an event to save my life. I would literally have had to be awake at 5 am just to finish out floors 20-40 of Sky Tower. The later entries never seem to go passed the first 20 floors. Now I see for things like this I will NEVER get my Adventurer Medals, let alone see what bosses are even in there.. Meanwhile poor misguided little me, comes back from a yearlong hiatus and decides to put money into the Item mall assuming that this stuff isn't all... entirely... *chance* items.. But of course, it still is... So.... Thanks a TON... for the $70 of fortification scrolls, Dragon Points I can't actually use for the items I need because I don't have *Sky Tower*/*Sky Realm* badges... Again, because I can't wake up at 5 in the morning for this... I think I remember now what sort of things made me stop playing before. Bye the way, your skill bars constantly roll when you press the keys yet the skills won't actually execute..Yet they will go through the skill cool down just as if they had. So death in seemingly easier dungeons is a bit constant because skills won't execute but boy do those mobs just not seem to care..3 years and 2 PCs later, I know that it's nothing wrong with my hardware.. I think I'm going to take another hiatus and see if any of this changes to a schedule that fits for all players of all time zones. Or if the deadly skill glitches are ever repaired, Or if maybe you change your Item Mall so that buying 25 chances boxes for ONE costume still doesn't just give you a ton of stone randomizers, and anvils I can't even sell on the auction market. I think I'll mosey on over to Closers Online and see what that's all about for a little bit.

    1. Sky towers have always been at the same times, separate EU servers exist for Germany, France, and Spain. Two of the US servers still exist, Siren and Hydra just merged.

    2. The fact is that no one runs 21-40 because it's not worth the time or effort. If you wanna do it you have to wake up or you're not gonna find a guild to run with. They're barely worth doing when there is a special promo, so naturally no one wants to do them with no rewards.

    3. I don't know what kind of mystery boxes you were buying but, the ones in the online item mall actually have really good drops, the LP and RC is really nice. It seems like you bought the really bad ones in the in game item mall, so that's more on you than anything.

    4. The bug you're facing is something on your end most likely, and it more than likely has something to do with your connection to the server. Generally when there's a lot of delay or something your skills can't cast well but you still lose hp, etc.

    DPS Setupsnapshot_20180609_125932.jpgMovespeed setup. (Missing atleast 10% move speed still from forts and GK's) snapshot_20180609_125034.jpg

    legit question but:

    Why use 95 top set? I don't really see the worth since it's only zeals on your 3rd basic attack. Also, do you hit your cdmg cap on GS with that set?

    Awakening is when we finally realize that stats are 2stronk4us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I wrote this guide more as a warning to players letting them know that at some point +30 basically becomes a necessity to cap your stats. It's also a heads up to Aeria telling them to actually make +30 accessible since apparently they refuse to listen to the whole community.

    Finally doing the QnA:

    1. What about S5 accessory sets?

    The 150% cdmg set in theory seems amazing, it's 3x the cdmg cap that the 90 set gives! In practice though, only two classes can really use it well. Lancer and Rav are two of the only classes who can actually use this because (if you're running sub HS) you get 60% boss cdmg from weapons compared to most classes getting 30% or 0%. I'd highly recommend not using this set, you already have so much cdmg you shouldn't be worried about trying to get 80% more from this set (it also gives no cdmg to help hit this value unlike the 95 set).

    2. What is the best elemental gear going into the future?

    In a perfect world, you're going to want to use hats, trophies, and mounts. Hats can roll 8% boss damage in the future, making you only lose the 10% card. The 95 trophies are amazing damage increases, only problem is forting all of them. Mounts because they give the most by a lot. In Aeria's world though, I'd probably say don't bother forting every ele trophy at this point and just fort the one you need and use hats, emblems, and mounts.

    3. Is *insert your favorite class here* good after awakening?

    The tier list is incredibly similar, except the classes that rely heavily on shuriken sub sink a lot. Lancer is still the top of all DPS, and classes like bard, guard, and gren remain at the bottom forever. Anything that naturally struggles for cdmg and can't use sub HS or Lancer also struggle a lot. Overall though, classes changing is based a lot more on class rebalancing that awakening.

    4. How are story dungeons?

    I personally believe that soloing these dungeons, if you're average gear, is going to be incredibly hard. The debuffs start to become insane, and in both s1 dungeons mobs can hit for about 300-500k. These dungeons are also incredibly punishing to parties/individuals who can't burst. Mobs in the castle have potential to wipe the entire party, the second boss stacks damage reduction and defense every hit, and the second boss of the mountain dungeon goes super sayan and starts 1 hitting everything in sight. If you can kill things quickly, these dungeons will be a breeze because at first glance they're incredibly basic dungeons. It's a conditional statement: If you can burst the mobs/bosses then you'll have no problems with them; If you cannot burst, clearing will be really hard.

    5. Where do I get all those cool borders from?

    Pvp in the future gives a border for every class you have 1k kills on, and getting professions to rank 10 gives panels.

    6. How much crit do I need to have good overcap?
    So with awakening, the crit to crit dmg overcap because a pretty big focus. At S10, you need 42000 base crit to cap. 50,000 crit is about 30-35% over cap depending on how many crit tiles you have on envoy. Your goal is about 50k crit at awakening, you'll be set through debuffs and all. Obviously any crit over that is good, just as long as you can hit your cap.


    I'm a gunslinger players and a sorc player from Phoenix. I'm here to tell you what Awakening is and how to not be scared by it.

    What is Awakening?

    Awakening is what X-Legend decided to make after you hit level 99. Instead of becoming level 100, you get to do a special "Awakening Trial" that requires you to kill three bosses in a row to gain access to Slvl. 1. Awakening is also the introduction of a lot of new stat mechanics and a lot higher stat caps.

    The Trial Itself:

    The awakening quest itself isn't actually that bad compared to what happens afterwards. Think of floor 12 from time library and then triple the evasion of the bosses. Your nocturnal still works, but the question now becomes can you hit the boss or not. Put accuracy points in spec if needed, swap to sub bard for more survivability, and make sure before clearing this you're actually ready for what happens when you come out of the quest. It is perfectly clearable in +20 gear, just don't shy away from using tonics and things if needed.

    New Stats and Stat Caps:

    When I say "new stats" I don't mean things magically appear on your main page. I mean this:

    Overcapped crit becomes crit damage cap

    Overcapped eva becomes "true evasion" - still useless

    "Awakening Coefficient": Basically level difference, like a 4% damage increase

    Quick Maths listed below.sket21W.png

    What These New Stats Mean and Don't Mean:

    The new meta at awakening essentially becomes a game of balancing how much crit dmg you have with how much crit damage cap you have with how much crit you have. The hard cap for bonus crit damage cap is 50% (which requires an insanely large amount of crit). On average, an achievable ratio for this is having about 50-55k crit (roughly 36%-40% crit damage cap). What this means is that spec on crit is absolutely worth it. Spec crit gives so much crit that it's just dumb to not take. What this doesn't mean is that crit is your only priority. What's the point of getting a billion cdmg cap without being able to hit it. Don't go putting 99 points in crit along with a crit mount, crit costume enchants and crit transforms on all your gear, then you'll be sacrificing too much for the sake of cap.


    Going forward, and I cannot stress this enough PEN IS ACTUALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT IN THE GAME.

    Basically what this means is, craft your S1 weapons and get dmg/pen enchants. A Damage/Random Stat/Pen enchant is infinitely better than a Dmg/Dmg/No Pen.

    The only case where this really isn't worth is your weapon cards. The order goes: 5% DD with no pen < Random card with pen < 8% DD < Pen + DD.


    Magic Sundering Top is not worth it. The 2k crit that you get from it is essentially useless in the long run when you look at Magic Sundering Bottom (10% crit and 20% cdmg > 2k crit).

    S1 tops are pretty much the only real "upgrade" out of the S1 gear, significantly higher base stats, and flat dmg as a set bonus make the set incredibly worth. 90 tops still work fine at S1-5 if you don't feel like spending all the money.


    Trophies are also a big thing to consider. Guzi still reigns supreme as your bottom slot trophy. As weird as this sounds, Winston's Sword Fragments is actually the best trophy in the game if you need crit. The stacks from it are really amazing. Also, with the next set of story dungeons, the defense shred crowbar drops, which again, is another amazing trophy. Best combo is probably going to be Winston's Sword Fragments + Guzigla and make sure you have noripan leaf until you hit Slvl 5.

    Screenshot (56).png

    Some players with really high prayer/story/achievement score might not need this trophy because their stats will be naturally higher. At this point, I'd recommend sticking with Delphonia + Guzigla tooth or going Crowbar + Guzigla depending on your ability to stack things.

    Screenshot (58).png

    With recent addition of 95 elemental trophies, this changes. These trophies are basically the 65 gold ones but on steroids in terms of stats. They increase damage by a lot, and in certain cases for certain classes, they should be your bottom slot (lancer dark, guns/shuri storm, etc.)

    download (1).png

    The dark trophy as an example.

    At S5, the best trophy is Storm of the Abyss, it's basically an upgraded version of Delphonia's Earring. It also gives 25% crit damage and a lot of crit. With this trophy and ele trohpies, the end game S10 trophy for violent is Storm of the Abyss + the appropriate ele trophy.

    DO NOT USE SYNETAR'S SHARD. NEVER USE FROST HORN. The trophy itself gives 0 in terms of useful stats, and the miniature zeal that it gives is equally useless. The way this trophy works is you have to get both of the 20% attack speed procs, then with those procs stacked you then have another % chance to 50% zeal on your attacks. It's in no way, shape, or form worth the investment.

    Screenshot (57).png


    Accessory Set. Our lord and savior, the level 95 gold set that gives crit and cdmg cap. You will use this set past 95, all the way up to S10. This set is actually the best thing ever invented in this game. It gives 30% cdmg and 50% cdmg cap on a proc. What more could you need?


    Just to summarize the gears:

    Top Set: S1 Oranges (If you lack cdmg) / S5 Golds (If you cap your cdmg)

    Bottoms: 90 Magic Sundering (Tons of crit, crit rate, etc. what more could you need)

    Accessories: 95 Golds (Cdmg cap, and cdmg to help reach the new cap, also gives crit on every piece)

    Trophies: 95 Elemental trophy (for your class since OS forting is still too expensive) + Storm of the Abyss (S5 Delphonia)

    Before those release: Tooth + Agate (You're gonna need the crit especially if you don't have prayers done)

    Weapons: S1 are a must, the pen is too important to not have

    S5 weapons are also a must for every class, they're too high of a DPS increase to not have (However they won't make or break your clears, if you're a +30 lancer that extra dmg is like a .1 second difference between how quickly you 1 shot a boss.)

    Crafted Gear/Gold Gear:

    S1 set as a whole is a really meh upgrade. The top set gives more flat stats and the set bonus is flat dmg. It's more stats, but 90 tops work well.

    S5 Gold tops are a really really good set if you don't need crit damage. Some classes meet their crit dmg caps incredibly easily, some don't. This top set is very comparable to S1 tops but it's better if you don't need the crit dmg.

    Next, let's look at S5 gold weapons. These things are possibly the biggest damage increase you can find in the whole game. Total, they give roughly a 25% dps increase over an S1 crafted weapon in a vacuum. They even have really good effects (except sorc, sorc never gets anything nice.) These are naturally the most important gear upgrade you could make.

    S5 Lance as an example.

    download (3).png

    S1 Crafted Weapon Stats:

    Finally, S1 Crafted Weapons. These weapons are X-Legend's attempt at forcing you to diversify classes because some of these weapons are actually awful. They give 15% PEN though, so you're kinda forced to use them.

    Crit DMG Taken -15% + Boss DMG 10%: Guard

    DMG Taken from Bosses And Elites -8% + Boss DMG 10%: Bard

    Crit DMG Against Bosses 30% + Boss DMG 10%: Wizard, Ravager, Lancer, Holy Sword, Tachi

    Damage Against Elites And Bosses 8%: Bow, Sorcerer

    Crit Rate Against Boss 20% and Boss DMG 10%: Gunslinger, Grenadier, Scythe, Shuriken, Duelist, Katar


    In the future there are 2 new kinds of rerolls that come out. Firstly, purple secret stones. Purple secret stones are both amazing and a huge scam at the same time. First, in order to upgrade them, the stone needs to be level 70, and you need 10 of an item called Mysterious Rainbow Gems. These gems drop from OW field dungeons (i.e OW SIF), and are super rare. You also need them to craft the rerolls. When you upgrade a stone to purple, the stats get completely randomized, meaning that unless you're rolling in advanced rerolls I'd highly recommend not upgrading them instantly.

    Next, we have the new costume rerolls. These are incredibly broken and make costumes incredibly important (you might actually have to commit to an outfit with them).

    download.pngScreenshot (59).png

    Final Remarks:

    While awakening might seem intimidating, and this is a lot of information, just remember that at the end of the day, if you have +30s and decent prayers you'll be fine. The awakening quest is the first reality check because it's a solo with decent stat debuffs. If you can't clear that then you don't want to be awakening (unless Aeria releases the quest skip item for AP, then a bunch of people are going to be complaining about their stats). Hopefully this is a wake up call for Aeria to make +30 affordable and make transfer scrolls available. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on here or on Discord Chris.#0404. Enjoy all the nice new pictures and stuff.



    I feel like the other problem is that the new team is just completely in denial. You saw a few days ago when Scarface said that the old PM was the one who almost killed the game. They constantly claim that the game is too active for a server merge when it takes about 30 minutes to recruit for a 3/1 run of 90 content. They say that they won't give a proper level curve because it's too harsh for new players, but in reality most veterans would rather have high level players with no gear to be able to fill their parties than low level people with max gear that can't run most content.

    The game will just continue to go down at this rate, Aeria needs to start listening to the vocal minority because they're being vocal for a reason.

    It was strange to see the redone eidolon UI (which I feel is a bit worse now, especially in terms of eidolon prayers) but not four star eidolons, since that seemed to be one of the major reasons it was redone.

    Experience curves will probably be kept "harder" under the excuse that "it's too easy even with these changes let alone without them" to try and milk more money out of a player base who hasn't realized Aeria let the state of the game become horrible for the vast majority of what used to be their active and numerous player base (the majority of which have walked away or, if they are still around, don't actively "play" at all really anymore).

    The only reason they can get away with making horrible curves is because apparently ONLY AKUS complains about it, and even at that "only the people on forums complain" and by that logic, Aeria thinks it's fine to treat players like this.

    i have +20 LW and +20PW with +20Weapon.. regarding my prayer its only 400 crit ^^ but compare to my other character Brawler and Tachi Both lvl 83 (which is in the same account with my Guardian) both has crit 85% with out any CRIT in weapon mastery i was just wondering whats the problem though.

    Guardian has really



    REALLY low crit, my prayers are really high, I forget numbers but about 10.5k dmg and stuff like that.

    I'd say something is better than nothing but this isn't something.

    Hopefully there will be more content in the future cause these past two patches have just been sad.

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40029 Advanced EXP Card 1 No
    1 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll 1 No
    1 50434 Pearly Fox Hairband 1 No
    1 40209 15-Slot Backpack 1 No
    1 40323 Guardian Sprite of Gaia (1-Day) 1 No
    1 40021
    Advanced Treasure Charm 2 Yes
    2 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    2 40545 Premium Headgear Enchant - HP 1 No
    2 50603 Custom Witchy Garb (F) 1 No
    2 40422 Fantasy Gift Voucher 5 No
    2 40635 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll 1 No
    2 40010 Megaphone (Non-Tradable) 10 Yes
    3 40633 Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll 1 No
    3 40209
    15-Slot Backpack 1 No
    3 51310 Luminous Angelic Halberd 1 No
    3 40479 Diao Chan's Key Fragment 1 No
    3 40289 Emerald Shard 4 Yes
    3 40021 Advanced Treasure Charm 4 Yes
    4 40289
    Emerald Shard 5 No
    4 51161 Custom Beach Pajamas (M) 1 No
    4 40633 Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll 1 No
    4 40590 Alice's Key Fragment 1 No
    4 40025 Advanced Lucky Card 2 No
    4 40438 Profession Guardian Sprite 1 No
    5 40021 Advanced Treasure Charm 6 Yes
    5 51354 Custom Tousled Hair (M) 1 No
    5 40635 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll 1 No
    5 40629 Zephyrine's Key Fragment 1 No
    5 51226 Faye's Lunar Tachi 1 No
    5 50354 Chubby Bird Pacifier 1 No
    6 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 1 No
    6 40289 Emerald Shard 6 Yes
    6 40494 Superior Mastery pass 1 No
    6 40627 Yumikaze's Key Fragements 1 No
    6 51412 Sweet Seal Bubblegum 1 No
    6 40457 1-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 1 No
    7 40210 20-Slot Backpack 1 Yes
    7 45217 Guardian Sprite of Gaia (3 Days) 1 Yes
    7 51529 Celestial Silver Hunter's Pistols 1 Yes
    7 51273 Custom Imperial Alchemist's Garb (F) 1 Yes
    7 40475 World Piece VIP Guardian 2 Yes
    7 40210 20-Slot Backpack 1 Yes

    I'm not sure what the price would be for this one, probably 200 or 400.

    I tried to balanced out the good items with old items/not as good items in lower tiers but in the higher ones I went for better rewards.

    There's a good amount of stoppers that are actually worth while and won't make people sad.

    Chubby birds are the best.

    If anything needs to be moved around, I tried to keep some sort of shape to the paragon but I think I gave up on it half way through but if the stoppers need to be moved around that's what I'd change.

    Made some revisions working on getting to 90 for those stats and still rocking tank gears huehue


    I'm just gonna be honest here ...

    Imperial Zenith is a really really bad overall accessory set, for tanks included. I find it provides very little in terms of utility, and I think that overall PW or Arcane/90 sets are probably better. Your other option, since I don't think you care about movespeed too much, is the 85 tank set which is actually pretty good for tanks. Other than that you're fine I think, just try and find external sources of movespeed.

    so whast is the lowest possible MS people sohuld go with since not all classes can move at the speed of Shuri

    depends on who you're running with.

    Minimum for running with like a full shuri/gs/bow party is about 250

    Minimum for a normal party is like 190-200

    Way back when the earth was flat, movespeed was probably one of the least important stats. People focused on being able to survive over being able to run fast. Now though, what's the point of trying to survive when people one shot a boss. It's been tested idk how many times by people to prove that overall imperial provides a faster clear time than bestial, so most people just follow off of that logic. Also, when you really think about it, besital provides like 0 in terms of stats. If you have it on every single one of your cores you're getting a grand total 10% of your base hp and 10% of your base dmg. When you think about it there's not even a comparison there.

    About Guardian

    - Melee Class

    - 77% Attack Speed Cap

    - Party buff is + defense

    - Main damage comes from Violent/Lightning element abilities

    Sub Classes


    High burst

    Detailed dmg/life steal

    Makes up for the suboptimal damage of guard

    Movespeed from pvp shurikens

    Holy Sword:

    Flat defense shred

    Detailed dmg

    Gap closer

    "Lightning element burst"


    Detailed Damage from ballad


    Low damage sub


    Really fast




    In my opinion, guardian should use a 45 lightning eido. However, if you cannot afford this, a 24 dmg eido still works very well.

    1. 45 lightning (better by a lot)

    Best options: Hel/Bel-Chandra/Yarnaros/Yumikaze/Tsubaki/Kusanagi

    2. 24 Damage

    Best Options: Eligos/Yumikaze/Bel-Chandra

    Eido Explanation: Since Guardian has a natural stun, really any sort of eido works. Depending on your play style, a 900% eido ulti might be more worth than defense shred, or a nocturnal eidolon might be the most valuable to you. Use common sense to figure out what you need and roll that if you have the money. If you're planning on using a 24 damage eido, don't waste the money to reroll. Yumikaze and Eligos are perfectly functioning eidolons.


    90+ - Either full Holy Spirit or Holy Spirit top set/Magic Sundering bottom set

    Weapons: Destroyer/Nocturnal Sword and Shield (Lightning Element is an ABSOLUTE MUST)

    Destoryer/Nocturnal (Whatever the sword and shield isn't) Shurikens (Storm Element is also an ABSOLUTE MUST)

    Accessories: Either 90 set works depending on what you need

    Trophies: Guzigla Tooth/Time Code/Delphonia's Earring/Feather

    Feather Note: I only recommend this trophy if you wanna be a dank meme, I think time code is better especially for guard, but still the flat defense shred is nice.

    80+ - Lordswrath full

    Accessories: Perfect War or Arcane Frost

    Trophies: Guzigla Tooth/Time Code

    Imperial Cores for all of it except time code, that can be bestial.

    Core Choices: Imperial is a natural want in this game, if you're running in a well optimized party people are probably going to be hitting 250%+ movespeed (without eido buffs or anything). Time Code can be bestial for the fact that it's mainly only used versus bosses. Meaning that if you swap it with leaf while running the 1% hp and 1% dmg work better than the 3% movespeed.

    Trophy Note: Imperial Noripan Leaf (yes the little level 40 crafted trophy) is probably one of the most important trophies to have in the game. Even if yours is +0 the 8% movespeed (natural + imperial core) is amazing.


    Attached Below

    Mastery Note: Now, you may be wondering: "Why not use best defense since the one envoy node 75% of defense to damage?" and well, that's because Best Defense actually doesn't affect that mastery. Deep blue still beats it out and allows you to still hold aggro. Obviously if you need best defense to reach cap, use it.

    Basic Rotation:

    Thunder of Divine Judgement > Shield Bash > Tornado > Sword Slash > Thunder Cut >(In party mode) Terrifying Roar to make sure everyone gets drops as the boss is about to die

    (make sure you keep the % dmg from Thunder of Divine Judgement applied)

    Don't worry: I didn't forget that Mirrored Shield and Phalanx exist! If you choose to use these, keep them up while running from boss to boss/clearing mobs. They don't really affect damage and just take time away if you cast them during a boss, so they shouldn't be part of your normal rotation.


    Head: 10% Damage vs Bosses + 3% Max HP

    Face: Really any enchant works here + 3% Max DMG

    Body: 50% Crit Damage vs Mobs + 3% Max DMG

    Back: 5% Movespeed + 3% Max DMG

    Weapon: Any card + 3% Max DMG

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink:

    Pet: 3% movespeed/4% Dual Drive - either of these + some random stat

    Secret Stones: 2% dmg/ 7% dark dmg stones -

    Stone Note: If you need Crit DMG to hit 300% versus bosses, take either 2% dmg/ 4% Crit DMG or 2% dmg/ 6% Crit DMG

    Stone Note: While Guardian needs 77% attack speed to hit its cap, it's perfectly fine to only run 75%. You can run the 2/2 stone if you feel the need, but it's really optional.

    Foods: Jelly Tea/Misty Heaven

    Food Note: Since Guardian is a melee class, the zeal is more beneficial than the detailed damage from the Golden Latte, feel free to use it if you feel like it suits your playstyle better.

    Beef Noodles for movespeed

    Mount: Elemental Mounts + a 30% lightning mount or a 20% dmg mount, or some stat of your choosing depending on what you need

    Eidolon Emblems: A set of elemental emblems is close to a must have at this point in this game. They're a staple part of elemental damage.

    Along with your elemental ones, you should have one for movespeed and one with either lightning skill dmg or damage versus bosses.

    Final Notes:

    Holy Chest: Nazrudin + Zaahir are a must have - the amount of elemental damage these give can't be passed up

    If you're new or just starting to make a holy chest, I'd start out with Nazrudin since I personally find it to be much more useful than Zaahir

    Elemental: Mounts + Hats is the best - Mounts + Emblems or Hats + Emblems still works though

    If you have any questions/comments/concerns pm me at Chris.#0069 on Discord


    Leave your comments below

    (Tsu let me write this since Phil's guide is super outdated)


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    For PVE, you should get 30% dmg against X element. I've tried a 30% dmg of skill element and it pales in comparison.

    depends on class, like Lancer, the more dark dmg the better cause like 99% of your dps is from 1 thing, same with shuri/gs but like katar gets dmg from a lot of elements. Idk what class this person is so I just gave the general suggestion.

    sub bard on rav in pve is less than optimal compared to shuriken. If you're gonna run a 24 dmg eido, the only way to make it really worth is to run sub shuriken for the dmg of TF4 procs. If you're set on going sub bard, go a flame eido since literally ALL of your damage is going to be from flame slash. I'd run one of the tornado masteries, otherwise I'd just run dmg ballad, rav advanced masteries kinda suck.

    can i see your envoy for grenadier pve?

    I'd probably run this.

    The two gray tiles on top aren't amazing for pvp since range does almost nothing and reducing speed/dmg is also pretty bad. The bottom right chunk (box of tiles) on the envoy is the most important because flat dmg + a bunch of useful procs + movespeed is always good.

    A lot of people choose to not release pvp builds purely for this reason, but my guess would be that they're probably level 95, double - dmg taken trophies, full dps set, tanith, standard pvp weapons (sub bard), either -2/6 or -2/2 stones and full +30

    A few quick notes with some recent stuff:

    Overcapped speed now turns into a zeal, wow so useful. Don't go out of your way to focus on speed, the zeal is good but it's not worth spec points or anything of that sort.

    Penetration is now a stat, more pen = more damage = faster clear, simple as that (pen cards > dmg cards).

    Envoys and weapon spec allow some classes to hit above 300% crit damage, how nice, make sure that at least your crit dmg against boss hits what your cap is whether it be 315, 320, etc.