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    The only reason why I made a GS guide was because none existed, literally any class with a good guide written already i.e Shuriken (raynee), Guardian (Phil), etc. don't need a new clown to rewrite them, just stick to the classics written by the best players.

    Forums aren't all sunshine, cupcakes, flowers, and nice people.

    I'll admit this guide has some helpful things but in reality the don't part is kinda useless.

    Also it provides no envoy, spec, etc.

    While it's not as bad as the shuriken one just leave Eternity alone and Rio too. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if you ever saw old forums you probably have a heart attack from what people didn't delete. comfy

    I wrote this at 2 am I'm sorry

    I added in everything that you suggested. Thank you, even the rotation part. :AK19::AK20:

    I take storm cause at this point what's left to take? nothing is holy and ice and flame have holy chests

    I don't recommend players using feather unless you're capped prayer and stuff and don't really have use for time code

    or in other words

    Just cause I use it doesn't mean everyone should

    Hi, my name is Chris (Daybreak), I'm a gunslinger on Phoenix and this is my quick guide on how to play Gunslinger.

    Keep in mind this is for level 90/95+ (end game content).

    Basics of Funslinger:

    Gunslinger is a storm based ranged damage class.

    The cooldowns of the class are incredibly short making it very fast paced.

    The Attack Speed cap of GS is 67%.

    The party buff is a massive speed buff.

    Sub Classes:


    High burst (Storm element also making it match your main element)

    Pvp shurikens/snowflakes give movespeed

    Shadow Assault is one of the most powerful and efficient movement skills

    Useful dmg buffs




    Rhapsody - best party buff

    90 Harp gives a lot of movespeed + can put a 9% movespeed card in the harp

    Good subclass for more under geared players because it definitely helps survivablility

    Con: Not much damage, and overall just lacking in all departments but movespeed

    Holy Sword:

    Strongest defense shred skill

    Detailed damage buff

    Gap closer

    Crit + Crit DMG buff

    Con: It's a melee class. It makes you play at close range to actually use it and that doesn't work amazingly with how squishy GS is.


    There are two very crucial eidos that you want to roll for Gunslinger

    1. 25 Attack Speed/ 45 Storm dmg

    Best options: Yumikaze/Yarnaros/Cyril/Diao Chan/Hel

    With 4-Star Eidos being released:

    I'd still recommend using these same eidos. The only eido I might recommend instead would be Alice or Alucard since their 4-Star buffs are 16% damage.

    Eido Explanation: Gunslinger is a class that lacks an innate stun, so naturally you would want an Eido with an ability to stun. Most dungeons are a horrible experiences (especially in the future) with no stun.

    2. 15% Movespeed

    Best options: Tiger/Cleo/Ayako

    With 4-Star Eidos being released:

    Aelius, Quelkulan, and Kotonoha all naturally have 15% movespeed from 4-Starring. If you can't afford to reroll one of the three mentioned above, these 3 are amazing alternatives.


    80+ - Lordswrath full

    Accessories: Perfect War or Arcane Frost

    Trophies: Guzigla Tooth/Time Code

    Imperial Cores for all of it except time code, that can be bestial.
    Core Choices: Imperial is a natural want in this game, if you're running in a well optimized party people are probably going to be hitting 250%+ movespeed (without eido buffs or anything). Time Code can be bestial for the fact that it's mainly only used versus bosses. Meaning that if you swap it with leaf while running the 1% hp and 1% dmg work better than the 3% movespeed.

    Trophy Note: Imperial Noripan Leaf (yes the little level 40 crafted trophy) is probably one of the most important trophies to have in the game. Even if yours is +0 the 8% movespeed (natural + imperial core) is amazing.

    90+ - Holy Spirit top set/Magic Sundering bottom set

    If you are either lacking crit damage vs bosses or damage vs bosses, fully Holy Spirit is an option.

    Looking towards future content, Magic Sundering is a whole ton better than Holy Spirit bottom because of how much crit it gives.

    Weapons: Destroyer/Nocturnal Guns (Storm Element is an ABSOLUTE MUST)

    95 Guns: These actually give a surprising damage increase. While you have to use Aimed Shot to get the full use of them, the pure amount of primary weapon damage these give is really really good. I'd highly recommend you to use these instead for more damage as long as you still hit 90% boss damage minimum. The guns give about a 15% damage increase comparing 95 to 90 in a vacuum. Applying actual dungeon reductions, it's about a 10% damage increase.

    Note: These are obviously the last thing you should go for, it's a 10% damage increase but if you have no gear and rush a 95 weapon you're adding 10% of 0 to 0.

    Destoryer/Nocturnal (Whatever the guns aren't) Shurikens (Storm Element is also an ABSOLUTE MUST)

    Accessories: Either 90 set works depending on what you need

    Trophies: Guzigla Tooth/Time Code/Delphonia's Earring

    Feather is actually a really good trophy believe it or not. Looking towards dungeons past SFL TOA, the flat shred is actually really nice. If you don't need the extra stats from Time Code and feel like being useful, use the feather.

    S1+ -

    I've mentioned this in my Awakening guide but here's some more specifics:

    If you never upgraded from 90 top set to S1 top set you would hardly be missing out. It's just a few more stats but it's a lot of gold to sink into a top set. Worth it? Up to you. If you're going to make it just keep in mind that S5 top set also exists. In theory S5 top set is actually a pretty good damage increase compared to 90 and S1, it has significantly better flat stats, and the 4k speed as a set bonus is always really nice, even on gunslinger. However, and I cannot stress this enough: If you don't hit your own crit dmg cap without the S1 or 90 top set do not use this set. It's a sever loss of dmg if you don't cap your crit dmg.

    Abyssal bottom set is still going to be your best friend, the crit and crit rate are unmatched by any other bottom set in the whole game.

    Trophies: S5 Fatima + 95 storm relic (when released) is going to be your main setup for damage. S1 ring is also a really good contender for a trophy as dungeons start to need flat shred, especially since GS doesn't have any. S5 Wing is also good if you need even more cdmg but find Fatima isn't really doing much. In the end it's up to you, what you find you need. Your best bet now is S1 ring + S5 fatima and then later on when storm relic is released, switch whichever one you don't like.

    Envoy/Weapon Spec/Masteries

    (Attached at bottom)

    Envoy Note: Things highlighted in Red are optional things to take if you need them.


    Basic Rotato (Rotation)

    Gunslinger has a very static rotation due to the fact that sonic bomb has a 1.6 second CD (with azure stone) making it incredibly spammable.

    Ice/Dark Flare trap > Razord Wind > Bombardment > Sonic Bomb > Shuriken Storm > Sonic Bomb till boss ded (Lace in some Bombardments when you need to reapply the -def or the proc from level 60 Weapon Spec)


    Head: 3% HP + 10% DMG vs Boss

    Face: 3% DMG + Ice Trap Skill Level +5

    Body: 3% DMG + 25% Crit DMG vs Boss

    Wings: 3% DMG + 5% Move Speed

    Weapon: 3% DMG + Dark Flare Trap Skill Level +5

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink:

    Pet: 3% movespeed/4% Dual Drive - either of these + some random stat

    Secret Stones: 2% dmg/ 7% dark dmg stones - MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE AZURE SONIC BOMB BELT STONE

    Stone Note: If you need Crit DMG to hit 320% versus bosses, take either 2% dmg/ 4% Crit DMG or 2% dmg/ 6% Crit DMG

    Keep in mind that with the Revolver of Doom proc, gunslinger's CDMG cap goes up to 320%. If you're using 95 guns it goes up to 340%.

    Foods: Golden Latte/Misty Heaven

    If you have enough boss damage feel free to use Jelly Tea for the additional zeals

    Beef Noodles for movespeed

    Mount: Depending on if you use elemental mounts or not, a damage of storm skills mount is highly encouraged for use.

    Final Notes:

    Holy Chest: Nazrudin + Zaahir are a must have - the amount of elemental damage these give can't be passed up

    If you're new or just starting to make a holy chest, I'd start out with Nazrudin since I personally find it to be much more useful than Zaahir

    Elemental: Mounts + Hats is the best - Mounts + Emblems or Hats + Emblems still works though

    If you have any questions/comments/concerns pm me at Chris.#0404 on Discord


    Leave your comments below


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    I wasn’t planning on explaining the sub classes on a detailed level. Only the important basics. I do agree though about not affording 45 Flame, so I’ll change the wordings on that one /o/. Thank you~

    also sorry if i said the wrong number, i forget rav bar, but I think you know what I mean

    Also, quick thing you didn't mention:
    The main reason why shuriken sub is like extra super good for rav is that fact that tornado can proc TF4, meaning that you get a billion procs of TF5 on tornadoes. So, 24 dmg eido is still really viable because of this in case you're too poor for 45 flame.

    I agree here. I also use the same top and bottom sets. And not only is it less expensive but it's worth it considering we'll eventually get the overcap crit converted into CRIT DMG, which would serve very useful. And base DMG doesn't really mean much.

    Ok, not gonna lie, I thought that magic top gave completely different stats,

    I thought it was against elites for cdmg not bosses