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    now that i am doing dungeon. i cant even get past 2nd boss. when the boss spawns, i hit, the game stops. Titan's Root second boss. the game graphics is super low yet it crashes in a good GPU. sad. hahahaha

    like i said the client is very poorly optimized so doesn't rlly matter too much what hardware you have at the min you'll have those freezes

    i have +20 LW and +20PW with +20Weapon.. regarding my prayer its only 400 crit ^^ but compare to my other character Brawler and Tachi Both lvl 83 (which is in the same account with my Guardian) both has crit 85% with out any CRIT in weapon mastery i was just wondering whats the problem though.

    Then its your prayer cause i have less then that and can still cap it or close to cap it with buffs in sn cc

    Do any grens use Plasma cannon? I hate the animation, gcd and it's targeting so unless I've run out of skills to use, I barely even touch it.

    I never ever touch it on mine. I'm sure with envoy boosts and mastry can give it a nice boost but still the animation, gcd and travel time makes it pretty bad and you're better off waiting for your ice and fire nade while AAing

    its not a dot the old tile caustic venom was replaced by it and its a zeal. Caustic venom was added back in with 60 wep spec during purple lightning. Dont know if out behaves the same way the old one did as in not a duelist.

    these is sooo true... somehow AMD doesnt fit well with AK even with latest driver update. They should do something about this since many are using AMD including me :D

    It freezes every time when teleporting to Navea or while partying... while in solo its pretty much lag free...

    the problem isn't just with amd tho the sane exact things happen with both cards. Now I'm not denying that some fault goes to amd because it very well does and not just with ak, BUT the game at its core is the root of the issue no matter your hardware

    I guess everything influences when we are talking about the game performance.

    My old PC has an AMD card and it's complicated to run dungeons on party + potato screen loading. Fortunately my game doesn't really freeze (just so you get an idea, I'm moving the game with an ancient i2 processer and 8GB RAM).

    The i2 is probably the biggest reason for potato loading on top of the bad optimization.

    As a side note the game actually very well when on you're own but the second someone else loads in it freezes and starts lagging which is the reason behind the complication and why its poorly optimized.

    Exactly and that should be a clear indicator that the game is poorly optimized. I can do the same thing and play Triple A games on max that are much more demanding then AK yet you still get stutters which is again due to the poor optimization that the game has. The problem isnt just AMD cardsa rnt good for AK its AK itself that the issue is stemming from

    Hmm okay thats really weird because i also used to play on PCs with Geforce cards and everything was fine there :(

    I only enounter game freezes with the AMD Card :(

    dunno if it helps at all but you can try setting affinity and unparking your cores. You can also try reducing your settings, i personally play on min as i dont really notice the difference and the extra performance is nice. Also you can try doing the usual like updating drivers etc

    Also how can grens deal with tanks in PVP? especially those with reflect damage, I just try to ignore them but when they focus me, I die. It's just ridiculous that tanks have very high hp and def and still deal good damage plus the reflect. lol

    What do you mean by tanks? if you mean guard then dont hit into the big blue white shield thing. If they have mirrored shield which looks like a blue ball around them and they are way more geared then you then chances are youll 1 shot yourself because at that point they can literally auto attack you and drop you. If you just mean people with general reflect then again chances are they can drop you with an auto attack.

    PVP is 95% gear

    well for PvE (dungeons ST etc) you use DPS gears grab a nocturnal sub weapon and try and aim for high Damage on bosses and Elites so you can either oneshot bosses or melt bosses before they can kill you since in dps gears your hp and defense are low and you gotta fall back on the safty net that is Nocturnal effects like Koto and Tsubaki when doing Twilight Forest vs the twins

    For PvP its different story most people say full tank some people say Dps some people go half and half and toss on a Quel or Cyril for the -Crit damage taken and use the system to get as high Crit damage to players as possible (max being 600% i think from both base C-dmg and Player C-dmg) thus letting you live while being to kill other players

    last i checked quel/cyril did absolutely nothing because people's cdmg was way too high Which was back with+20 80 gear so imagine now.

    You explain it quite well but I think you should word it better because your hp and defense is always low when just gearing. As you progress you cap def and can get lots of hp from other good sources thus it's not entirely correct to say "your hp and def in dps gear is low"

    A lot more worth it than the shield tile. The CDMG tile increases maximum cdmg by 15%, while the shield requires you to use 5 skills that charge marks, and then have the shield be destroyed in order to gain the dmg and mspd buffs. Really, you shouldn't be getting hit that much and all stats 10% isn't a very impressive buff once you're running end game gear. This is all while you could be increasing your max cdmg by 15% which is great due to lancer's passive which builds cdmg by 2% and stacks up to 30 times while in combat

    I see that makes sense but to that i say if you're running end game gear and are already melting bosses in like 2s that 15cdmg is hardly noticeable no? There's that and say a situation where theres lots of mobs as that's how dungs are done now then the ms and stats would have a much bigger effect no? This is looking at specific situations like f30+st or being hit by certain bosses attacks (Fatima lift plus spiny thingy of death, time library f3 etc.)

    how worth is that +15cmg tile? I'm skeptical about it as I don't think the dps increase is that big. I'm considering the 15cdmg vs the shield tile one case.

    Hmm, do you think it would be better if instead of using "" to show envoy path, you could use an actual snip of what it looks like. Just so the reader doesnt have to open another tab. Also there are still a few errors with like capital letters, spelling (mirroed shield) and apostrophes. Its not a huge deal but I think it will make the guide look more professional.

    For the subskills, you didnt say much about which skills they should mainly use. You can prob add it to the skill rotation section. You wouldnt want beginners to be using skills that arent helpful to them. Also I think you can add a note about bard sub(since its kinda popular-ish-maybe-idk--mighbewronglul) and how its not very ideal to use for a dps guard.

    Can also put a note about swapping leaf for extra ms in dungeons.

    Looking prettier now tho frostie

    Ah missed those, originally wrote it on my phone during a break so i expected a bunch of mistakes, looks like I underestimated lol. I wanted to do that but im not sure how with the limit, is there a way to do that? Still getting used the forum as I normally dont write such lengthy pieces of text and still learning formatting and such

    Nice guide with more or less all the basics a guard will need to know. A few typos and lacking some pictures but I'm happy to see that you will be making it look prettier in the future frostie

    Appreciate the feedback. I do admit it was a tad rushed as I do not have much spare time especially to write super in depth guides in a timely manner. I will slowly improve it and try to make it look a lot better

    Sadly due to the move we've lost the old forums and the posts associated with them. We were unable to move over everything within the time span. Hopefully players will get some new guides posted soon :)

    Well looks like i best get to work. Just coming back and love the new fourms. Shame we lost the old stuff

    How much was lost? Was anything salvaged?