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    The advanced part + Deeper analysis:

    Advantages of Shuriken.

    1, Shuriken has Highest burst dmg for 2 seconds, and also nice DPS.

    2, Move spd.

    3, Inflicting dmg frequently (making debuff on targets quicker)

    Analysis of Main Skills/Masteries/ Weapon Mastery


    Razor Wind:

    basic dmg coefficient is 1.5, and it will keep hit this area 15 times in 5 seconds(3hits per sec). Per hit has 0.4 coefficient, so total is 1.5+0.4*15=7.5.

    Envoy:16% skill dmg on Envoy's path( Idk why us serve translate it to crit dmg, but it actually is skill dmg),

    Right Weapon Mastery: Umbral Ambush has a buff that Arcane skills(which cost chakara) make 20% more dmg for 3s. 14% skill dmg .

    Left Weapon Mastery: More chakaras


    1, More dmg.

    2, More hits.

    3, Debuffs


    1, Cost more chakras.

    2, Need 5 secs to do the whole dmg.

    3, So, Ninjutsu: Destruction (Envoy) and Buff of Umbral Ambush only increase it a part.

    4, You cannot use it after just use it, cuz you only have 5 chakra.

    Great Fireball:


    Blue chakras: 1.9

    Red chakras: has 2 parts of dmg, 2.9+1.5=4.4.

    Envoy: 10% skill dmg.

    Right: Umbral Ambush's buff (Arcane skills +20% dmg)+ red chakaras.

    Left: 20% skill dmg, more chakras.


    1, Only need 1s to make dmg

    2, Ninjutsu: Destruction (Envoy) and Buff of Umbral Ambush can buff all of it's dmg.

    3, You can use it after razor wind.


    1, Only has well dmg when red chakras

    2, Gcd is longer


    1,When you can break def, def-12% is always better than 18% dmg taken.

    2,But there are some case: 1, break def is meaningless, eg, dungeon OW toa or sfl. 2, You can -def in another way. eg, teamate, or vicki accessories. In these case we don't need to use -def.

    3, No matter 12% -def, or 18% dmg taken, they are both debuffs, which means:

    a, Your teammates will enjoy it. If no Guardian, Malice always depends on who makes highest dps, debuffs make your teammates's dmg higher as well, but Ballad only buff your self.

    b, Some targets does not receive debuffs, like box in the Sky Tower.

    Conclusion: -12%def is for common case, +18%dmg taken is for you don't worry about -def, Balled is for Print you name on every st bosses&boxes! Malice.

    III: Analysis of Sub Weapon.

    1, Holy Sword: Hs is a good sub for shuri. Dry bones for -def, combo skills, and you can also play hs sub shuri. But if I can kill target by storm+fire, why I use dry bones? And if you are geared, do you need combo for survive? So I use hs for sub before +30.

    2, Bard(is what I suggest): Print you name on every st bosses&boxes! Per red tune+4% dmg dealt, so at most 12% dmg dealt. You can use Bard's healing skills before fighting. Bard weapon has MOVE SPEED! So you can kill bosses before your teammate see them. Storm song can -14%def with mastery( but it decrease 1 red tune, if you use dmg skill). Strom song 14%+ Break Defense 25%+weapon core10%=49%, so you can use 18% dmg taken for Razor wind.

    3, Bow: Similar idea with bard, but cd is longer, and no move spd:(

    Many good guide is old for current version now, and people want to see the guide for normal players. So I am going to make this guide.

    In this server, +20 is not a big deal even for F2P players. A smart +20 players is possible to be better than +30 players.

    If you don't pay money, don't pay your time, and don't use your intelligence, nobody can save you.


    1. skills

    2. Gears

    3. Sub weapon

    4. Weapon Mastery

    5. Envoy path

    6. Eidolon

    7. Skills combo and tips

    1. Skills:



    Shuriken has 5 chakras, Razer Wind, Great Fireball, Shadow Assault cost chakras. You can get one chakara every 3s, max:5.

    The skills you will use: Razor Wind, Shuriken Storm, Shuriken Toss, Blood Corruption, either Crimson Thirst or Umbral Ambush. and Buff

    The skill you may use: Great Fireball, Shadow Assault.

    2. Gears:

    All Lords+ Arcane + Tooth + Time code + 2 orange weapon

    This bundle is for under level 90, very easy to get.

    When you get 90,

    1. Change is weapon. 90 orange weapon.

    2. Magic bot is a good choice, especially in Eternia Library. If you only plan to change half 90, I recommend magic bot. But I don't like magic top. use 4% dmg dealt to change several crit, not worth. I prefer still using lords top.

    3. If you are going to use all 90, just all Holy spirit.

    4. For+20, Splendid, For+30, Ultimate.

    Enhance cards:

    No pen cards < 1% Pen, no dmg<1% Pen+dmg

    5%dd < 2% Pen, no dd < 8% dd < 2% pen+ dd


    All dmg2%/dmg to dark 7%

    Holy chest (Very important):

    (3*Nazrudin +3* Zaahir ) +15

    8 Custom hats:

    Dmg to boss + dmg to elite+ 6* dmg to x

    Switch for different target.


    8 dmg dealt ≈ 14 storm skill. So, like 11 storm 3 dmg dealt, its little bit better.

    4 Mount:

    Storm skill dmg+ dmg to Lightning, Storm, Holy

    Because we have too much dmg to dark, fire, ice due to holy chest and ss. So we keep using Storm dmg for them.

    Make some potion of dmg to x. They are not expensive, if you make them by urself.

    Foods :

    Latte + Heaven.

    3. Sub weapon

    1. Holy sword. I will focus on this sub hs in this guide. Combo skills+Dry bones+smite 10% more dmg dealt are very helpful for shuriken.

    2. Bard. 12% dmg dealt, 14% dmg. But the most important is a lot of move spd. The other of my guide is focus on this one.

    3. Lance: This sub can make your burst very high. Same idea with my other guide. Dark skill act Destruction, to let the first part of Razor wind enjoy it. But it really hard to make a comment of this sub. For+20 and using left mastery, sub skill an also help you to have more chakras. But if you are going to combat in a long period time, you will be attacked, no combo skill is dangerous. And for +30, I don't even need to use sub weapon. Combat in long period time + no danger = AoL or Boxes.

    4. Staff: This one is only for have some fun. If you wanna make a video to show nuke. This is a good option. Have a ice glyph first. Then record the video. Because it cost u 0 time to do -def during the combat with boss. ONE MORE TIME, only for fun. The rate of ice glyph for sub makes me sooo grateful.

    4. Mastery

    Left for long period: 3 or more Razor wind.

    Right for burst: 2 or less Razor wind.

    30dmg+15 ms+ 20dark+20 ice+20 fire +20 lightning+15 storm.

    Better in Eternia Library:

    No need 15 ms and 20 fire. 5 in strom, 30 in crit.

    5. Envoy Path


    You can change some point if you need. Like -one move spd, + one combo.

    6. Eido

    I recommend Cyril.

    Reason:1. Easy to get 2. 900% Storm Ult 3. Stun.

    Ult may help you kill the target in one combo. Eg. The last boss in FR. If you cannot kill it before it using skill, it will be annoying.

    Until now, there is no the best eido. You can choose others if you like. My advise is: at least, a stun skill.

    7. Fighting skills combo and tips.

    Everyone know throwing wind when they have enough chakras.

    How if we don't?

    Toss, Shuriken storm, Toss, Blood Corruption It can be a circle. No need to charge Shuriken storm.

    For sure, different case use different combo. Eg, don't use Dry bone to the target cannot be -def. When hp is low, use Blood Corruption.

    Measuring the time you will spend on the target first.

    Right Weapon Mastery:

    Umbral Ambush before start.

    1s: Razor Wind

    2s: Razor Wind, Great Fireball

    3s: Dry bone, Razor Wind, Great Fireball. Or : Razor Wind, Fireball, Charge Smite. Depends on if you need -def

    4s: Razor Wind, Dry bone, Toss, Razor Wind. Or: Razor Wind, Shuri Storm, Charge Smite, Razor Wind.

    5s: Dry bone, Razor Wind, Toss, Shuri Storm, Razor Wind. Or: change Toss to Smite.

    6-12s: 5s+Eido Ult+ Razor Wind.

    13s or more: Go left Mastery.


    There are some new feature after lv60. When you use the skills which dont cost chakras, you have a chance to recover 1 chakra, and Crimson Thirst recover 3 chakras.

    Priority: Dry bone(case: if need -def) > Crimson Thirst(case: if less than 2 chakras)> Razor wind> Toss> Shuriken Storm > Smite >Blood Corruption



    Stun 4s, 3*combo=6s. Eido ult= 6s. Total is 16s.

    In 30s, you could have 16s that you won't receive dmg.

    So, if some dungeon is hard for you:

    Turn you eido's stun off first.

    You need the Lightning Combo, cuz it has stun.

    Razor wind, Lightning Combo(stun start at the end of gcd) , Razor, Dry bone, Ult, Razor wind, Flame combo, Violate combo.

    In this whole combo, you almost receive 0 dmg.


    There are some boss receive no dmg at the begging in Eternia Library.

    Use Flame combo during that time. When it can be fight, directly-12% def with masteries. And more dmg.

    If you still have time, hold the Shuriken Storm until it can be fight.


    Use Toss and Corruption to normal monsters for buffs.


    Don't hit anything before fighting boss. Because pasted-from-clipboard.png

    5. Switch Hat + Mount for dmg to x


    Details makes big difference. +30 have 2 times of dmg that +20 have, it is only 2 times.

    If Both of them are facing a ice target,

    +20 has Holy chest 51% +Weapon Mastery 20% + Potion 20%+ hat 18%=109% more dmg to ice.

    +30 has 0% dmg to ice.

    +20 can already make more dmg than +30.

    If +20 know how to use Destruction, and +30 doesnt.

    +20 can nuke some bosses that +30 can't.

    If we say Math skills +Rich=100%

    Rich only at most= 50%.

    Math skill can help you to get 75%

    I really hope this guide can help some people

    Power creep does happen and some classes get very very powerful while others are struggling to catch up.

    (shuriken for example its powerful. holy sword powerful, something like a duelist they need time to optimize)

    after duelist has 95 gold... after katar has lv60 mastery... things are changed. This 2 classes have totally same idea: support sub skills.

    Why are you mentioning defense shred in the first place, from the point that I quit defense shred had become inherently useless due to the innate defense buffs of a boss, whats the use in defense shredding if its base defense in 3 times higher than cap. This is the core reason why most JPN AK players use 95 gold weapons instead of 90 crafted because destroyer cores actually become worthless. However, I could be entirely wrong, I haven't played in over a year and a half now and I don't intend to again. You clearly misunderstood my point though CatSaysMeow. It has nothing to do with how good your guide is or how much knowledge you have. This is a fundamental truth of the internet and life in general: Regardless of how knowledgeable you are, and how good your points are, unless you can convey them simply and succinctly to your targeted audience and that your targeted audience actually reads and understands it, it is a waste of time. Getting ridiculously technical with the math behind every minor optimization only serves to clutter your guide and dilute the important information that most people are there for which to put simply is: Basic Gear Choices, Envoy, Stat distribution (HAHA NICE MEME 99 DMG 99 HP 2k18 lul), Simplified Rotation. Once someone cares enough about optimization to go looking for answers they will eventually just message someone they know is knowledgeable on it, but most people don't care about optimzation, once they can reliably clear they are happy.

    I thing I agree with you. I will make and change something first. Then make it better and better.

    Post both Geared and those for newbie guide.
    For Geared i wan't to know how wiz uses elemental skills with the effect of items, eidolon, costume, elem mount and emblems. etc. :AK2:

    1. there was a guide for beginner in the forum, although it is too old.

    2. "Geared" is not the terminate station.

    2. I am working on changing them.

    Real question, why post a guide when people wont actually read all of it.

    Every guide I've ever posted on this forum has had at least 50% of the comments on it asking questions answered in the guide. The single greatest impact you can have on this game's community is finding people on your server that want to learn and helping them out one on one and tailoring your responses towards them specifically.

    Many reasons, like lazy to say how important the dmg to x. Like teach them what is marginal benefit.

    I DIDN'T want to do those. What I wanted to do is showing +30 is not the terminate station, you could go further. Then proving +30 is not everything, you can use your economic knowledge, you math skills, your intelligence to make dmg higher.

    Like when people say def shred 50% is the cap and vicki is useless, I was considering how can I do 50% in shorter time, so I have vicki. And now golden break def is sooo expensive. And I am trying not to break def, just like the video. There are many information behind this video, I had this idea and discussed this to TWAK players last year, can we give up the -def? No one agree with me. But, I made it, then they rethink it. Here, people only can see I have all+30, and they think if they have +30 they can do it as well. You know what? just today, A hk player with all+30 hs asked me why he has such a little dmg.

    You know the feedback, I know it's my fault. And Cookie says there are may new players, I am really glad to hear that. And I do want to make some useful things for them. No one likes repeat and repeat, if someone want to discuss with me, I really wish they know the basic knowledge. So I am going re remake my guides. Combine with all comments. I think a good guide should have several factors: 1. Let people interested in this class. This is what I focused too much. 2. More details of skills combo. 3. Shorter. To be better in this game, not too much depends on how you understanding this class, It depends on how you understand his game. So, I am working on a pve guide. I really wish this one will be useful.

    It's funny, I exacly said this to guildies regarding this topic, like 1-2 hours ago hehehehe

    Before the forts were affordable. I thought it's fun. When you have had better equipment, but you don't use, that not so fun.

    It just like I enjoy my work, but if everyone around me are playing games, then I don't want to work anymore.

    I think the game is bad itself, nothing we can do about it. BUT GM should just ban all the players like you so that the community will be better and people want to visit forum. ;(:D

    I don't think your wish gonna be real. But I have reconsidered myself, I need to be consider the normal players.

    For this game, our sever already have some new feature, like pasted-from-clipboard.pngthe 123 here.

    My suggestion is some thing like a harder mode than hell. I am not asking let every dungeon harder.

    If +9 players cannot pass, then just don't go there. Any problems with more pain more gain?

    Point is, you're a player with +30 gears right?

    Easy solution while XL brings new dungeons: go back to sniper +20 and lv80 weapon, then try to solo highest ones doge

    Then you should suggest that delete +30 and 90 gears.

    And, I have tried it by katar sub hs. Still not a problem. But since 60 weapon mastery came, katar was changed. Learning,calculating and practicing the primary skills, is worse than using Frantic Lotus + Razor wind.


    Excuse me but on earth would re-roll 6 Eidolons to have ele dmg + dmg to all elements x_x (also it's going to be a casher thing either way so eeeeh yep.)

    He asked something about 45%dmg to x, not I suggested. Even though I have 4 45holy+15% for my hs.

    Tbh i dont even feel a differences anymore when i change my lvl 90+ trophys. I tried the feather+delphi and even delphi+stone it is nice to have the bonus -def for your team because most of the german server has the trophies like i have in the picture. rudecat4

    I tried delphi+fatima's thunder bracelet too but the bracelet is cancer because i cant hold the 3 stacks as a mage.

    The bosses dont live longer then 3 sec in any way so i go for some flat stats and solid boss-dmg.rudecat4

    3s is long enough.. if 2 hs in a team, only 1s. if 2 shuri, my has even cannot charge my smite.

    When I say better in group, means in group you don't need -def. Malice always depends who made more dmg. -def and debuffs make every ones' dmg higher. But Delfo only buff yourself. It helps you have a higher dmg than your teammates.

    And some target does not receive debuff: sky tower boxes.

    so. for group: Tooth+delfo

    Or for move spd: tooth +feather

    For solo (if -def works): feather+stone.

    I really didn't knew there are many new player. But I have another question. When I was new, I could find many guides for beginners. So in my view, basic guide is enough. And, we can know many information from database. There are just too many guide for new players, and not too many for more advanced players. A holy sword players said to me 700k dmg stat cannot solo trail. And I have met many similar speech like that.

    Thx for the reply, it may helps me to improve those guide. I think I have an idea now. I am going to separate the class guide. There a l lot of information is same for all classes, like ss or gears. I am going to put those things out from class guide, and make them to be several guides. And make class guide in to 3 part: feature, basic,advanced.

    I made some guides in the forum. The most feedback is I shouldn't focus on the people has already geared.

    I totally understand it.

    But I think there are not too much new players in this game. Everyone has known the basic idea of the game. Like the how important that dmg dealt, dmg to x are.

    Who is the audience of guides? I think most of them are the players who want to try another class.

    So my idea is showing the specific feature of the class. Like shuri's 2s burst. Hs' smite or lightning. Wiz's -def and critdmg and dps for longer time.

    But there is no feature without good equipment. Like wiz, 400 critdmg is a challenge for even +20.

    So what guide do you think is a useful guide?

    Katar was my favorite pvp class, and I liked to use it to solo dungeons as well. There were many valuable skill before, like jump cast 2 skills , but for now, ALL USELESS!

    Well, let's start. Due to many people let me consider the players cannot have perfect gears. I will make a "extremely detailed guide" this time→_→.

    1. Create a Katar character.

    2. Finish the main quest to get level 80

    3. Seduce a carry to help you to get level 90

    3. Select left Weapon Mastery and get level 60+.

    4. Put the skill: Frantic Lotus in the slot.

    This is the only one skill you need from katar!


    5. Go to fine a basic guide of Hs, Shuri (recomanded), or Lancer.

    6. Before you start you sub weapon's combo, use Frantic Lotus for 0.8-1s first.



    The coefficient of the combo is the freaky 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't have to stack 10 times, only 1 is ok. Because all you need is EXTRA COMBO!!!

    So what is Katar now? It is Fake Shuri or Fake HS or Fake Lancer. No matter who buffed who nerfed, which one is op, and choose which for the sub weapon. Similar idea with Duelist has 95 gold.

    Katar's core: pasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.png

    That is the whole idea of pve Katar.

    Oh hi Mika. I have some question about lightning one. I know it was nerfed alot. But it still higher than Hs, right? So I have an idea of build a Lightning one.

    I know how dark skill works, but only consider the dmg in 1 sec. I think light is higher. If I am able to nuke in 1s, lightning's dps is higher. So do you think it works?

    Some people run into problems running dungeons.... Either A not having good enough gear or B needing forts or C Both.

    until people get optimized with forts which takes quite awhile and good equipment (which AGAIN takes quite awhile if farming) dungeons take awhile.

    I am not asking let all dungeon be harder. I am asking some more harder dungeons. Geared players can pass and ungeared players can also pass, that is not fair to geared players.


    1. I am not gs, have no time...

    2. Phoenix.

    3. -critdmg is not so well after 90 pvp came out. Not hard to have 600 critdmg for geared player. Unless u are using ahse bot+ 150eido.

    4. critdmg is only for primary weapon. Tbh, half of whole dmg comes from razor wind. So try to get cap crtdmg without Envoy.

    So, what's the suggestion exactly? More difficult dungeons? They already have stat reduction.

    What do you propose to solve the issue?

    And are you talking about a PVE rank? How would that work..?

    1, More difficult dungeon, not only stat reduction. I like solo party dungeon, but I don't even know what skill they have. Because I can kill then in 4 seconds, but eido stun is 4 seconds.

    2, Yea just like pve rank. Every dungeon, every boss, record how much damage that each player deals. Let people know who made more dmg, who did nothing.

    1, Dungeon are so easy now. one geared players can kill most bosses in Hell dungeons in 2 seconds. The dungeons for multi-players should be meaningful.

    2, We need a damage static. Just like the game Maple Story 2. Compete with other players in pve is fun.

    This is the video that showing the dmg from hs main weapon. I know I made many mistakes, I even forget to change back the mount for the last boss.

    I made this video just after fortified 95 holy weapon. If I have time, I may make a better one.

    My Holly Sword is the DarKn1ht in Phoenix. I played many classes. My first one is Rava. My first lv85 and play pvp is Katar. My first lv90 is Shuri, and the first lv 95 is Hs. And others are staying lv85 right now.

    But I think HS is my true love now.


    This guide is for the players who has already had the fortified gears. There are many guides for beginners, and there are tons of video on youtube that a +30 hs is playing with a boss more than 10s. So I am trying to make guide for helping people understand the power inside the sword. So I will not show too much basic information, but if you have question, I am happy to answer.


    I: Feature

    II: Gears

    III: Eido

    IV: Holy VS. Lightning.

    V: Combo

    I: Feature

    Someone asked me that why my id is DarKn1ht, was I forget a 'g' before 'h' ? Actually, for me , 1ht means 1 hit. And this is the feature of Holy Sword. Kill the targets in you burst time, that is the main idea of Hs. Just like a APC in LOL.

    II: Gears:

    Weapon: orange or, I prefer 95 gold.

    Holy spirit all + 2 -def trophy for solo / tooth+Delf for the targets no need -def/ tooth +feather for Move spd

    Acc: Ultimate or Vicki


    dmg2%/ dmg to dark 7% for all


    Hats for all elements


    elemental dmg for 1,no elements 2, dark. 3, ice, 4,flame

    dmg to elemental: 1, storm. 2, lightning, 3, holy

    III: Eido

    The most helpful skills from eido is stun ( before the freaky 100%dd coming out) . Back hit is extremely important! 50% more dmg!!!

    Coefficient 900% Ult is also helpful. Razor wind, Simte, Ult. has a chance take the 12f bosss away directly.

    So, I play holy in pve and I use muse. 45% holydmg +5% dd. When I need atk speed, drink shadow hand.

    IV: Holy vs Lightning:

    Coefficient of Holy:

    1.7 basic *(1+ 100% charge + 20% from the main Envoy + 20% from the top right of Envoy+50% from the left Weapon Mastery)=4.93

    Holy flame= 8% of Simte *6 = 0.3944 per hit *6

    Coefficient of Lightning:

    1.6 basic* (150% charge +20% from the main Envoy +16% from the bottom of Envoy +50%+16% from the left Weapon Mastery )=5.632

    Holy has a buff, 10% dmg dealt. The buff is before the dmg. Don't tell me Lighting can use small holly, I have no time to use that. Even I play lightning, Razor wind + Light, and next one.

    So, how much the 10% dmg dealt increases?

    If switch hat for elemental boss, I have 115% boss dmg dealt before the buff. For the dungeons now, generally, they have -60%

    so, 10%/(1+115%-60%)=6.5%


    Smite: 4.93*106.5%=5.25

    Holy flames: 0.42*6

    Unless you kill the target with only 1 hit, Holy will be better than Lightning

    Also Considering the next path:

    Weapon mastery will be buffed.

    Hs left:

    Ice skill has a debuff : receive 20% more dmg from hs lightning skill

    Jump has debuff : receive 20% more dmg from hs holy skill.

    Looks fair to both, but see 95 gold! For holy, jump directly has 35% for holy. Light need jump+ice.

    But 105..... Damn it! Bye holy. Duelist, take care of holy, its ur duty now.

    But why pvp Lightning?

    Firstly, I know someone are playing ice. Ice doing better in solo. But if I focus on solo, I will go play wiz, katar, bow. What I want is just kills.

    But why not Holy? Cuz players are smarter than npcs, they won't stand on you holy flames (some ice hs may like to do it).

    V: Combos

    2s combo:

    1, Jump, Divine Smite for showing dmg of Smite in group.

    2, Razor wind, Smite. For more dmg.

    3s combo:

    1, Jump, Divine Smite, Lightning ----------------when u wanted to show dmg of Smite, but boss didn't die.

    2, Razor wind, Jump(/Shuriken Storm), Divine Smite --------------For more dmg, if u have 95 or after patch, use jump, else, Shuriken Storm.

    3, Razor wind, Divine Smite, Lightning ----------- Same idea with the 1st one.

    6s combo:

    Divine Drybones, smite, Razor wind, Shuriken Storm, Toss, Divine Smite.

    Still not die? Eido Ult

    Still not Die? Change a class. Dps of hs more than 6s is realy bad. Just like Lux in LoL.

    rate pls

    General dmg reduction is too less. 75% is the cap, but it can be decrease by the debuff like razor wind with mastery The book of shuriken.

    How serious?

    75% reduction mean others' dmg * 25%, and 40% means other's dmg *0.6. You receive 140% more !

    I am playing lightning Hs now, and my lightning skill deal 100k to -75% without any dd and back hit. If to you, it will be 240k.

    80 pvp: -critdmg is the core of tank.

    90 pvp: The growth of cdmg is more than -cdmg. -elemental dmg is a way to be tankier.

    Function of -elemental dmg:

    a skill dmg *(1+ elemental dmg - target's elemental resist) *( Weapon 20% - element 20% if same elemental targets)

    Simplify, a Hs has a 30% lightning mount, and u have a -30% lightning mount = both of you have no mount.

    Where u can get elemental resist?

    Weapon mastery 15%+ House level 1% +mount 30% + pet 5+7 = 58

    but normal pets are 3+5, so 54.

    For get to say Eido and Mount and pet.

    1, If you are always killed by Hs' lightning or Shuri's flame directly, check you general dmg reduction. Normally, switch edio like Vermillion or Zeta + Warrior's Soul+the 5% potion in pvp =30% general reduction. If those still cannot help you to get 75%, then use 10%- mount.

    2, If you are not worry about general dmg reduction, and u still want to be tankier, use 20% all elemental resist. Before the pvp start, u can check the names that who joined the pvp, u might know some names. Like a three was a flame shuri, others are just pve or +9, then u can choose -30% flame dmg.

    3, Only for high dmg, 45 flame eidio+ 30 flame mount, if u knew someone using ashe bots, then 40 cdmg mount and 45 flame 20cdmg eido.

    Pet: dd, or specific -elemental dmg. pets can be switch in pvp, so prepare more.