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    I'ts always helpful to have either Quelkulan/Cyril as Defense Eido and an Eido (please Rav Mains correct me)

    a +45% Flame +25% attackspd eido +25% attackspd with +24% DMG as DPS eido.

    *runs back to forums I've actually knowledge from*

    for 90 pvp, unless u want make full tank with Ashe bottoms, just don't use cdmg-150. Really useless. It's not too hard to have 600+ cdmg for full geard.

    All dps purple gear.

    Trophies: 95 Enous ( 85Keres befor 95)+85 Twin heart

    Secret Stone: Dmg receive-2%/ Critdmg +6%

    Weapon Stone:

    Use +10% -2% , reroll a -2%


    head: heal 2% +player dmg4% +heal3%

    face: dmg receive -2 +whatever +dmg receive-3

    body: dmg receive-2 + player crtdmg +dmg receive -3

    back and weapon : same to pve.

    Weapon Mastery:

    Rava's Left Mastery

    30 dmg, 25hp, 15 elemental resist, 15 move spd, 20 crit dmg, 20 heal, 15acc,

    Sub weapon:



    1: Stun

    2: Zeal

    3: dot of Flame or Balled +4%

    4: Courage or Speed or Unyieldingness

    5: Def or Eva.


    What I wanted to say is trash 80 cards > dmg%/dmg 70cards. Just talking the dungeon CC or SN(hell). Reinforcement:75% . We can at most have 39% pen for this current version. Let's calculate the benefit of the last 1% pen. When 38% pen, we do 1-75%+38%=63% of other total dmg. The benefit of the 1% pen now is 1%/63%=1.59%. which means 1% pen at least increase ur dmg 1.59% in CC or SN(hell).

    Then we calculate the benefit of 3%/dmg. Due to we already have a lot of dmg%, plus some parts of dmg cannot be buffed, like eido wish. So it generally divided by 3.2 . If you want to test a specific target, just switch Divine Power to test how much that 1% dmg increased. So, the 3%/dmg only increased your whole dmg about 1%.

    Next, Calculate the benefit of DD cards. DD cannot buffed DD, eg. your atk did x dmg, and has 2 dd which are golden zeal and weapon card.

    The function is X*(1+110% zeal+80% card), Not X*(1+110%zeal)*(1+80%). So we normally multiply the rate and coefficient of dd, then divided by 1.4(the sum of other dd's benefit). 1.4 is the basic number, the classes like bow has more dd.

    So, 8% dd:

    8%*80%/1.4= 4.57%



    Result: 5%dd no pen< 2pen no dd< 8%dd no pen< 5%dd pen<8% dd pen. But the move spd from 70 gold cannot be replace the by others...

    1% pen > 3% dmg+dmg

    So I suggest normally players just but trash 80 card, trash pen weapon card, CP value is extremely high.


    Cuz you use magic top, so I guess you like the crit from it. It's true that cap it easily, but how about in Eternia 9-12F ? I know some people would like to compete the speed of pass this dungeon, and they use magic bottom or Splendid accs. So I think u are the people that care this dungeon.

    Etenia 12F:

    that boss is so annoying, If you don't kill it in one combo, you have to touch + and - one more time. this is the reason why I suggest have one 900% ult flame eido. really helpful in this case. I know the boss from other dungeon is weak. Like SN and CC, my HS can kick those bosses without any -def.You can search Hs solo SN on youtube

    That’s true, but not as secret stones. I’ve increased some of my attack SPD in my Envoy Path. What I have already is good enough. But I guess it would be your preference to use atk SPD secret stones. rudecat3

    The spd from Envoy is just normal spd like the points. Only when u don't have 50% spd, it helps your atk spd.

    Hi, thx for the guide. I have something want to discuss.

    1, Gear: top magic... 4 dmg dealt+ 4 cdmg( if both +30) +dmg stat for crit chance, I don't think it worth to trade.

    2, Masteries : no need elemental resist, unless even cannot +20

    3, Cards: Pen is extremely important for new dungeons, 80 cards help a lot.

    4, Eido: I noticed you worry about crit. Try Nazrudin in Eternia. It's 3rd skill is debuff that receive 100% change of crit.

    And for 12f, if u cannot kill it in one combo, that will be annoying. So I suggest one more eido for 900% flame ult, like Aelius. Razor wind, Flame, Stun, Flame, Shuriken Storm, Flame, Ult. and pray ult has some double cast.

    5, SS: For the dungeons now, most of boss are dark, ice , lightning, fire. We have holy chest for ice and fire. And dark is more than lightning. So I think 2/7 of dark is more comfortable. Or make 1 or 2 for lightning.

    Hey, also remember ravs need 81% attack speed because their wep attack speed is 2.6s (pref 3x 2% attack spd/2% dmg secret stones) :D

    Yes, but you dont have to get those atk speed.


    1, when u want to racing, take shadow hands.

    2, bosses are soooo weak, atk spd at most let you hit 1 more time.

    so, I think 25% from eido is enough, and we will have another 95 trophy which has atk spd.

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    I suggest some pvp event. It has not to be a p2w event( although I prefer to use my pvp sets). We can make rules like pve set only or white and blue gear only. Or try to kill a tanky person together.